Christopher Meloni Joining ‘Man of Steel’ Cast [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 11:31 am,

If there are any concerns about Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s attempt at relaunching the Superman film franchise, its cast is not one of them. Director Zack Snyder and co. have gathered a roster of talent to support Man of Steel star Henry Cavill that can be described as nothing short of impressive.

In the last two weeks alone, news broke that Oscar winner Russell Crowe would be taking on the role of Superman’s Kryptonian father Jor-El, with Julie Ormond possibly playing the motherly role of Lara. We can now add Christopher Meloni to the Man of Steel cast as well.

Deadline broke the news yesterday that Meloni, long-time costar of Law & Order: SVU and well-known for his role in Oz, is in negotiations for a “major role” in the Superman reboot which raises some very interesting questions about the film’s story and characters.

To date it seemed that Snyder would be telling another, more grounded origin tale of Kal-El on his journey to becoming the hero and symbol of hope we all know him as. Said story would see Zod as the film’s villain, played by Michael Shannon. So, who will Christopher Meloni be playing?

Deadline doesn’t know but we can speculate that it’s either Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet, or dare I say it, Lex Luthor. After Bryan Singer brought Lex back for Superman Returns, a lot of fans didn’t want to see him as the next villain again for Snyder’s Man of Steel. If however, Meloni were playing Luthor, it would likely be to build his character for a villainous role in the sequel.

Meloni is yet another actor that moviegoers can easily get behind and his looks alone, make him a good candidate for either of these roles. The American-born actor comes to the project with DC Comics experience already on his resume, having voiced Hal Jordan in the animated feature, Green Lantern: First Flight.

The Man of Steel cast thus far (some have to be officially confirmed):

[Update: Vulture is reporting that Meloni is playing a General, perhaps Sam Lane, the father of Lois Lane]


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Source: Deadline

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  1. Perry White, yes

    Lex Luthor, no

    for Lex Luthor, they need someone who is only slightly older that superman and has a large persona. Someone very suave. They need to make the Luthor character more like he is in the comic books. someone thats as strong as he is smart

    • “… someone who is only slightly older that superman and has a large persona. Someone very suave…”

      Jon Hamm.

    • Yes. Lex is a smooth operator, very persuasive and charismatic, with a touch of elegance. Completely wrong for Meloni.

      • I don’t know if he can’t do it. But I’ve never seen him in anything where he had to be anything like Lex Luthor.

  2. Awesome for either one. Maybe my fanboy dream will come true and have Meloni playing a pre-batman Bruce Wayne! That would never happen so I’m going with Lex on this one! Meloni is a great character actor.

  3. Turpin, he strikes me as a cop character.

  4. I know most people would think it’s just trying to connect it to Smallville, but I’d love to see Michael Rosenbaum as Lex again. He was outstanding in the part.

  5. Who?

    • No one of importance DSB. The casting of this film keeps getting worse and worse. Costner will do to Jonathan Kent what he did to Robin Hood. Though I do like Shannon.

      • Anthony I actually like Christopher. I think he’d be a good fit.

        Henry Cavil though is a bad choice. I don’t get the article saying the cast of this movie is great because the star is horribly cast.

        • > “I don’t get the article saying the cast of this movie is great because the star is horribly cast.”

          Yes, that line in the article completely confounded me. What? The star is a horrible actor who looks 19, next to a Lois who looks 30, tossed in with a few washed up stars who grate on my nerves, and Russ, who I love, but is kind of an jerk, and public sentiment has seemed to turn against him. So, yeah, that line boggled me.

  6. In movies, he often seems to play “the other guy” but hopefully he’s not playing the alternate love interest for Lois — sometime “major role” can mean so many different things. I could easily see him playing the complexities of Lex as a scientist.

  7. Hugh Laurie should play Perry White.

    • Agree. Shame he had to pass on the gig for Superman Returns.

      • Yeah, Dr. House as editor in chief. That’d go over like a lead balloon.

    • I’m with you there he’d be great.

  8. Christopher Meloni is totally jimmy olsen LOL

  9. Christopher Meloni is a great actor. I could see him playing Lex Luthor or Perry White.

    • Vince Vaughn as Lex!?!? I guess you might as well cast Owen Wilson as Darseid…sick.


      • haha

  10. I don’t know about Meloni playing either Perry White or Lex Luthor. I am hoping for a police commissioner in Metropolis.

    He’s a great actor though, and will probably be good in whatever role he lands in the movie.

    I’ll admit that I’m starting to be interested in this movie.

    • I can him playing either one, maybe even the President. He does look like a cop, but I’m not sure they’ll use a Commissioner Gordon clone.

      • Sorry, I ment that I can see him playing either one.

  11. Snyder is really thinking outside of the box for casting isn’t he

  12. If he is Lex, I will be legitimately angry. I did not think this movie still had the power to make me angry, since I lost all hope in it. But this would rouse me from my depressed indifference into real anger.

  13. Money is on Lex

  14. Perry yes, Lex I hope not. I was thinking a military general or something along those lines. Or maybe even President.

    • Lois’ dad General Lane?

  15. Regarding the update: Meloni and Adams look about the same age. Why would he play her father?! This cast remains nonsensical and borderline offensive. Dear lord, why does this movie still have the power to irk me so much? I was in a nice cloud of soothing frigid apathy until this news broke.

    • I don’t think Meloni and Adams look about the same age… even so, though, it’s easy to gray Meloni’s hair.

    • They do look young for their age.

      Any Adams is 37.

      Christopher Meloni is 50.

  16. Ah Sam Lane would be perfect for Meloni all right.

    • Phil I just read on Movieweb that C.M. is playing a general but he wont say who.

  17. I could see Meloni as Sam Lane !!

    • Hey Bo. Check out my reply to Phil.

  18. Not Lex Luther, though yes on Perry White

    • Oops Luthor, I can’t spell today, lol


    • I agree. Luthor is my favorite villain by far. But the general public is beyond sick of him. Fanboys always say, “But those were BAD LAME Luthors. Once we tell everyone that we are introducing a COOL Luthor, of course they’ll be happy!”


      Fanboys will be happy with a Luthor done right. The general public won’t even show up to see the movie, because all they will hear is that Luthor is back AGAIN. Fanboy cries of “But this is a different Luthor!” is meaningless to the broad audience. Luthor is Luthor to them. They will go out of their way to avoid the next movie if he is in it.

      • that is absolute nonsense.

        • Apparently you don’t speak to anyone who isn’t a hardcore fan then. The number one thing non-fans always ask me about the topic of a new Superman movie is “Is Luthor going to be in it again?” and “Superman is lame. Doesn’t he have any other villains?” I love Lex. You don’t have to convince me how great Lex is. But the non-fans will avoid the movie if Lex is in it. I have tried telling them, “It will be a different, cooler Lex. A Lex finally done right.” But they don’t want to hear it. Luthor is Luthor to them, and they are sick of Luthor.

    • the only good villain is luthor. his other villains are cartoony and silly. lex luthor is the greatest comic villain second to the joker. superman’s polar opposite, encompassing of all fear and distrust, and blind hate so much of the human race can have against those unlike us, the absolute perfect superman villain. brain against braun.

  20. Heavy brow and granite chin. Darkseid? Possibly Parasite or Brainiac.

    • Snyder isn’t that adventurous.

  21. People get all bent out of shape because the person they think is perfect for a part doesn’t get it for whatever reason. Remember when folks had absolutely NO say in matters like these? When whoever the studio or the director decided would be perfect for the part got it? I’m not saying that fans shouldn’t have a say so, but they should really stop acting like their opinions mattered so much, because they don’t. Get out and make your OWN interpretation if it’s so important to you.

    • Fans have a say in casting now? Good. This fan says fire everyone and start over. And for God’s sake next time don’t hire a Lois ten years older than your lead. Now, where do I register this fan’s say?

      • I’ve always thought of Lois as a good bit older than Superman. She’s already a seasoned veteran when Clark joins the Daily Bugle, and she’s equipped with three or four lifetimes worth of snarkiness and big city snobbery. Is it so hard to believe that Superman falls for an older woman?

    • I think the fans opinion has more sway than you might be led to believe. There is no doubt in my mind that Uncharted was scrapped, in part, because of said fans outcry over its misdirection.

  22. Great Choice Christopher Meloni who starred in “Law & Order” shall make a great casting role playing Lois’s father General Sam Lane great idea. Also, for Lois’s family to be casted:

    Penelope Ann Miller (Ellen Lane; Uncoonfirmed), Amanda Seyfried (Lucy Lane; Uncomfirmed)

    • Thanks Danny. I like the sound of Miller and Seyfried in those parts.

      I was thinking of Dana Delany ( the voice of Lois) as Ellen Lane, Christopher Meloni as Sam Lane, Emily Browning or Abbie Cornish as Lucy Lane, John Hamm or Brian Dennehy as Perry White (depending on what age their going for), Billy Zane (the voice of Lex) as Lex, and Olivia Wilde as Mercy.

  23. I’m loving the casting for this movie so far and can’t wait til it comes out! He would make a great Lex, despite how much people are against seeing him again.

    Personally I don’t think Lex himself is a bad villain for an origin story or any movie honestly, it’s just the way they’ve used him in all the movies that’s been bad. Instead of a serious criminal mastermind they made him into a comical, wig-wearing guy who doesn’t really command that same respect that you gain for the character when you read a comic or even watch the 90s Superman cartoon and Justice League/JLU show. It’s all in how you use Lex Luthor. One of the best Superman stories I’ve ever read, Superman: Birthright, featured Lex as the main villain just using Kryptonite infused robots to attack Superman(much more to the story besides that btw). But it was how they did it and how Superman was able to overcome them with his human will that made that story so great.

    But with them starting out with a supervillain in this film series(hopefully there will be sequels) it would feel like kind of a step down to see Lex throw robots at Supes, but I do hope to see him have an important role in the movies down the line and not just be there doing hardly anything for however many films they make…

  24. Am I the only one that sees the slight flaw in him being Sam Lane?

    He’s only 13 years older than Amy Adams. Unless he plays the General in flashbacks…

    • Man, I see way too many flaws to even pay attention to that one minor one:

      The biggest & most glaring flaw in my opinion:

      Do movie audiences care to see Superman II – The Snyder Cut?

      • Considering Superman II is pretty near a perfect CBM, no, nobody wants to see it remade. With a new origin to suit the lawsuit. Because everyone should remember, the only reason this is being made is because DC are going to lose a lot of Superman’s backstory.

        • I don’t get the love of Superman 2. I found it to be so boring and uninteresting.

          With so much praise going on I wonder if everyone else just fell asleep during the scene where he throws the S off his chest. It’s the worst comic book movie moment I’ve ever seen.

    • Dr, Movieweb has quote from Christopher Meloni that he is playing a general but he wont say who it is.

  25. Liking the casting for this so far.

    DC/WB needs to hit this one out of the park since it’s one of two of their heavyweights that will be onscreen next year.

  26. Lois was always older than Clark so cram that noise. Unless the actors birth certificate is ran across the screen, who cares?

    • The difference being Adams looks like her age, nearly 40, and Cavill looks like a teenager.

        • Um…. No.

          • No you don’t think they will let it look like that onscreen or no you won’t give it a rest? I’m going to assume the latter just going by your history on this site.

            • Why are you always baiting? Quit being so bitter and drop it.

              • Right Suckerpunched….

  27. I’m excited to see Meloni in the movie. I could easily see him playing Lex Luthor or Perry White. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  28. I wont be surprise if this one flops too! I think Snyder needs to team up again with Frank Miller. Those two need each other to make awesome film. individually they both suck!!