Christopher Eccleston in Final Talks to Play Villain of ‘Thor 2′

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Chris Eccleston Thor 2 Christopher Eccleston in Final Talks to Play Villain of Thor 2

Earlier this month, we learned from a stuntman on the set of Thor: The Dark World that the upcoming superhero sequel would likely feature the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim as one of Thor’s villains. Now, we have learned who will play their leader, Malekith the Accursed.

After Mads Mikkelson passed on the film due to scheduling conflicts with his new TV show Hannibal, Marvel Studios has turned to British actor and former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston for the part. Eccleston is no stranger to playing bad guys, having assumed villain duties for a number of films including Destro in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eccleston is in “final talks” for the role of Malekith, who is one of Thor’s most powerful foes from the comics. As Screen Rant Senior Editor Kofi Outlaw explained in our previous coverage, “Malekith can teleport, shape-shift, cast illusions, and fire energy blasts” and he only has one (fairly laughable) weakness: a vulnerability to iron.

Interestingly, while the confirmation of Malekith in Thor 2 indicates that we’ll be seeing the realm of Svartalfheim, it doesn’t answer the question of what other realms the Mighty God of Thunder will visit. A recent casting announcement suggested that Surtur’s fire giants of Muspelheim would appear in the movie as well, which would make sense if the plot follows the Casket of Ancient Winters comic arc.

Thor Muspelheim Concept Art 570x275 Christopher Eccleston in Final Talks to Play Villain of Thor 2

As Screen Rant’s Rob Keyes recently explained:

Malekith – in the comics – is a bad dude who wants the Casket of Ancient Winters (the blue glowing box from Thor) to use as a weapon to freeze the nine worlds. He was exiled by Odin but later freed by big bad Surtur who sends Malekith to use the casket on Earth, creating a massive winter snow fall – this ties into previous rumors which had some enemy faction trying to invade Asgard and to get to Thor, they attack Earth (and Jane Foster), knowing its importance to him. Surtur also had Malekith meet with Loki and make an agreement to have him help with the Asgard invasion – this is where Loki’s redemption can come into play as he deceives Malekith knowing Surtur intends to destroy Asgard.

Assuming that Thor 2 does go with the Casket of Ancient Winters story as its base, it has the potential to be a very entertaining story that introduces the broader cosmic realm of the Marvel movie universe while still being entirely focused on the Thor character.

Thor 2 boasts a strong returning cast, including stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, and Stellan Skarsgård, and Eccleston will undoubtedly be a great addition.

What do you think of Chris Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed? Would you be happy if Thor 2 revolved around the Casket of Ancient Winters?

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8, 2013.

Source: THR

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  1. Epic choice if it pans out. I keep getting more excited for this movie.

  2. Awesome.

    Chris Eccleston is such an amazing actor. Hope it happens.

  3. But what about Thanos seeking revenge against Loki for failing him in The Avengers? And he needs the Infinity Gauntlet for Guardians of the Galaxy. I do love Malekith and Surtur but they need to play out these other plot points.

    • They will, most likely near the end to set up the Guardians movie (unless they save it for then, who knows?)

    • Im still hoping praying wishing that the entire Avengers Invasion was a ploy for Loki to get back into Asgard and set up a scheme where he can steal the Infiity Gauntlet. It would explain why the “great” alien army was ao easily defeated and give credit to Loki being a master schemer, not a simple minded pawn.

      • I still think that theory is overthinking it…the alien army set piece was just the obligatory ‘big fight’ at the film’s climax, and obviously the good guys have to win at the end of this one.

        Loki’s plan was pretty good actually, but obviously he didn’t quite factor in the Avengers (other than Thor). And let’s not forget they didn’t beat the entire alien army, just enough to send a message before they closed the portal.

        • Yeah, Loki didn’t know about the Avengers (that’s why he got captured when he found out there was a super-powered team starting to take shape – he wanted to break them up because he knew they’d be a threat).
          The aliens’ angle was to invade with massive numbers… the world’s military forces wouldn’t have been able to stand a chance against that many invaders.
          That strategy would have paid off if Widow didn’t close the portal though: Hulk was being outnumbered, Hawkeye was out of arrows, Cap was starting to get tired out/injured and him and Thor were being outnumbered by aliens as well…

  4. Hoping Thor 2 embraces the Fantasy epic that is Thor this time around. Keeping SHIELD, Earth and Jane Foster to a minimum will eliminate the dull.

    • I agree somewhat. I just want an epic movie, around 2 and a half hrs, that travels to at least 3 or 4 realms. I think if earth is the target then they could limit how much they are there. I would like to see a small cameo from some of the other characters. Maybe Hulk since he’s getting left behind.

  5. Well, he is certainly a surprise choice. Not sure how that will go, but hey I’m game for it. Saw him in a modern version of Othello as Iago and he was great in that villainous role there.

    Very much looking forward to this and all the next Marvel films really.

  6. Eccleston is a great choice!!

    And I half agree with Ignur R.

    For me, Natalie Portman is very welcome in Thor 2, but I don’t want her to be the “McGuffin.” That old Save the Girl-Save the World-Kill the Bad Guys cliché. At least give the Jane Foster character something to do besides be rescued. She’d be interesting in Asgard. The tiny (but feisty) NP interacting with the big pompous warriors. Maybe helping Thor figure out what to do about Malekith? She’s this smart scientist right? And Thor is a bit dim. At least he’s been portrayed that way so far.

    • I like that idea a lot.

      • Seconded.

  7. He eerie looks a dark elf. He may be type cast in the Hobbit next lol.

  8. Strangely I’ve never heard of this guy he sounds like a good actor and looks the part so I’m all for it. Really looking forward to this

  9. I really would like to see a love rectangle(?) with Sif, Echantress and Jane. Jane’s compassion and non-warrior ways make her instantly appealing to Thor. Thor fell in love with Sif ‘s honor. Ironically, the same honor that will call her to protect the Jane from the Echantress’ wrath. This would have played out even better if “the-Sif-loves-Thor” sub-plot had not been cut from Thor’s theatrical cut.

    • This even though sounds like a little like Twilight with the love triangle/rectangle would be entertaining to see. The God of Thunder having three girls fight over him? Winning!

    • Looking at it like that, in the MCU Thor might be more of a ladies man than Stark! :o

      • Wait until they bring on Black Panther. He’s a pimp until he marries Storm, and that can’t happen in the movies.

  10. good choice he has the experience as a villain

  11. The weakness of Malekith is IRON, really? Then stay away from earth, we build nearly everything out of iron or alloys with iron in it (steel), even the planets core is out of iron. So our midgard realm is Malekith’s hell.

    I didn’t understand the plot of the comics, where he visits earth to use the Casket of Ancient Winters, how can this work with his weakness to iron.
    Ah, let me guess, he has a magic suit, which protects him from iron :P

    • He might have a different weakness in this movie universe. Remember, these were plots in the 60′s and 70′s. Writers like Stan Lee were great coming up with characters but horrible with actual depth in stories. Not saying Stan Lee created Malekith. I don’t know who did and I’m too lazy to Google it.

  12. He’s one of the UK’s greatest actors. He’s just finished a stint at the National Theatre and had amazing reviews.

  13. kind of sick of eccelston playing villains, not that i don’t think he could do a good job, just me still thinking of him as the doctor, who should always be the ultimate good guy :P

  14. Melekith and Surtur may be a diversion to something bigger.. while Thor and Asgard’s warriors are busy saving the Earth from the Casket of Ancient winters , Asgard and the Gauntlet will be ripe for the taking. Enter Thanos

  15. Yeah the pic is him in Game Of Thrones! SPOT ON CASTING!!!!!!!!!

  16. Actually its not Game Of Thrones but the photo is spot on. The photo is also featured on “Geeks of Doom” website.

  17. thats great, in that way, ghost rider could join the avengers 2.. Hehe

  18. no. no no no. no NO NOOO NO!

  19. Awesome!!! I can’t wait to see Malekith The Accursed – he’s such a cool villain. Now we’ll need a Malekih Army!!

  20. I really like Eccleston and think he’s an excellent actor. My only problem is, he doesn’t have elf features. Maybe in full make-up and prosthetics I will change my mind but that’s my initial reaction.

  21. Cool with this choice. Hope this sequel delivers.

  22. Excellent!!! ( in Mr. Burn’s voice )

  23. Had to IMDB him. He’s Raymond Calitri in Gone in 60 seconds! I’m on board. :)

  24. Sounds good maybe Ulik the Troll will be his side villain, and this film will include Enchantress.

    • Yeah, I’d love to see Thor fight Ulik and Sif fight Amora!!!!!

  25. i think that they will change his weakness against iron. and i don´t know this character well, but i´ve read some thor comics online,i must see if i find a story with him. and the ninerealms story sounds good because they must fit more to the fantastic world of asgard and the nine realms and midgard,of course(but,please no smalltown).

  26. I think this is a great choice, both the actor and the subject matter. Thor 2 is shaping up to be an epic event. I hope the final result will say as much.

  27. I don’t know much about the guy and I haven’t seen a lot of his work, but he could definitely be a good choice for Malekith.
    They’d better just up the stakes this time round:
    Thor 1 had Loki using the casket of ancient winters and Frost Giants, so if Thor 2 has Malekith using the casket of ancient winters and dark elves, I’m gonna be bored…
    If they explore more worlds (not earth), get rid of Dannings, give Portman a smaller role and Alexander a bigger one, introduce characters like Enchantress, Execusioner and Balder, and introduce the prophesy of Ragnarok and Surtur (for Thor 3), or maybe hint at/show Surtur creating an army then I think we’ll be in for a treat.