Nicolas Winding Refn Wants Christina Hendricks For ‘Wonder Woman’

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The pilot episode for David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV show reboot failed to impress NBC executives – almost as much as Adrianne Palicki’s costumes failed to win over fans. However, that news was all the more welcomed by those who have instead been wanting to see Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn be given the chance to realize his own plans for a Wonder Woman movie.

A Wonder Woman movie script is already being developed by Warner Bros., but the studio could very well be looking to bring on a filmmaker like Refn, who’s known for handling darker and grittier fare. Plus, with his next picture, Drive, having recently received rave reviews at the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) – and Refn already set to helm a Logan’s Run remake for Warner Bros. – he sounds all the more like a promising candidate.

Vulture caught up briefly with Refn at the LAFF premiere for Drive, where the director was in attendance with that film’s co-star, Christina Hendricks. Refn stated in a matter-of-fact fashion that if he actually is given the opportunity to make a Wonder Woman movie, the naturally blonde (but generally red-haired) actress is hands-down his top choice.

Obviously, no one should get too worked up (in either a good or bad way) about this idea right now, since Refn was casually commenting about a still-theoretical project – the casting of which is very much a big deal, for both studio heads and Wonder Woman fans alike.

On the other hand: As mentioned before, Refn is in a legitimately good position to land the job as director of a Wonder Woman film. Combine that with Hendricks being almost a household name now – thanks to her recurring role as the voluptuous Joan on Mad Men and topping Esquire Magazine‘s Most Beautiful Women in America list for 2010 – and it’s doesn’t seem so far-fetched a prospect.

christina Hendricks mad men renewal Nicolas Winding Refn Wants Christina Hendricks For Wonder Woman

Hendricks in 'Mad Men' form.

Hendricks (who devoted sci-fi fans first knew as the deceitful companion Saffron/Yolanda/Bridget on Joss Whedon’s Firefly) does not resemble the classic representation of the Amazonian comic book heroine to the same degree as actresses like Cobie Smulders (The Avengers) or Morena Baccarin (V) – both of which were said to be potential candidates for the role, back when Whedon had been commissioned to write and direct a Wonder Woman movie.

She is, however, an excellent actress – and it’s hard to imagine a lot of fans complaining about her donning the character’s classic skin-tight costume (or its more modern incarnation). Plus, with the proper use of makeup and hair dye, it seems that a lot of people are more willing to accept a naturally blonde actress tackling the role of a character with a darker complexion (see: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games) – so long as they are not without solid acting chops.

See the above for a counter-example

With both a Justice League and Wonder Woman movie being actively developed, fans can rest assured they will get to see the famous superheroine up on the big screen soon enough. Here’s to hoping her journey proves less bumpy (and the final destination, given a better reception) than that of fellow DC member Green Lantern.

On that note – what are your thoughts about Refn directing Hendricks in a Wonder Woman movie?

Source: Vulture

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  1. …and so do I.


  3. She can be in anything and I’ll watch it.

    • Same here Sully….really loved her in the Firefly episodes she was in years back! And face it, she would definately fill out the costume A LOT better than that chick up there that looks like she was hit by a mack truck.

      • Hell yeah Ants!

  4. I always envisioned WW being like a hardass hot chick, kinda like Lena Heady of Game of Thrones! I know she would never get the part but you can’t have someone ridiculously gorgeous play wonder woman! There is a difference between a beautiful woman and a hot chick. WW is a hot badass chick, Christina Hendricks would be more suited playing the likes of Batwoman.

    • Kind of like Xena. Women in leather fighting, so simple it’s genius…..

  5. Dude the WW costume can’t contain her boobs 😛

    • That was the first thing I thought of as well…..

      There would be a lot of nipple slippage.

    • And thats a bad thing? lol

      • Idk, I’d imagine there would be a lot of jiggle factor as well. Dunno if anyone would be able to concentrate on the movie itself with all that lol.

        • You know, I’m really trying to see your point. 😎

  6. I’m not gonna lie. I will be there to see it b/c shes gorgeous. She makes me feel like a 16 yr old Just plain

  7. Does anyone actually want any live-action Wonder Woman? The pilot that we’ve seen pictures of hasn’t been picked up yet, and if a tv show can’t even make it off the ground when there is crap on television like “Khloe and Lamar”, Jersey Shore, etc, than how do they figure a live-action film would fare any better?

    • If Hendricks was cast as WW, I think MOST people wouldn’t care about story. plot, ect.

      • Count me in that demographic Anthony. Its a lot of good TV and movies left. and plenty in development. But Christina Hendricks is an excellent actress and she is too easy on the So yes, Idc what the story is…

        • I’ve been in lust with her since I saw her in Firefly LOL. I would say it is her eyes, but being a guy, none of you guys would believe that LOL.

          • Definitely the eyes.

      • No, no that would not work. Wonder Womans uniform has to be what it has always been or the complete opposite and we see what happens when they do stuff like that. A girl on her rag that fights crime is not going to wear something a string could dangle out of. Screw the uniform, give her some dignity and make her demand respect, and hard ons. That and the Captain America uniform will make the studio want something different to distance the character. I see her in a catwoman, aeon flux, x men type of suit. It would be disappointing but not if the movie was amazing. Plus if we get to see her without her clothes on we wont be wondering where the ridiculous american flag pin up spandex bathing suit went. They could show her in a bathing suit like her costume and we would be happy. Or if she wore this underneath her normal clothes we would get quite a kick out of it

        • Wonder Woman is an Greek amazon it make more sense she wear that costume instead of the whole star and stripes that never made sense dont care how long it been in the comics it looks stupid on the cancel TV show and it would look stupid on film.

      • I disagree about the costume (the fan made one) it looks a lot more authentic given the fact that Diana is supposed to be of Greek Origin, meaning we’re supposed to believe she’s an actual character from Greek Mythos, an amazon, one of the daughters of Hera, though it does look a little Spartan -ish, I think it’d do a hell of a lot better than the retarded Stars & Stripes bikini she’s so famous for wearing (seriously, why is a Greek Warrior pro American and whomping Nazis?).

        As iconic as it is, it’s NOT Captain America, which Fox has butchered, it’s not even Superman’s costume. It’s Wonder Woman. as long the actress in question can actually ACT, and look fairly decent in an action scene/be easy on the eyes, anyone under the age of forty will do.

        The Script? It’s not Rocket Science, follow the comic book to a T. Story board has been written for close to 70 years now, all you need are the pretty shiny things that can be done with CGI, and some schmuck black framed glasses and a hat to say “action” and “cut”.

        • FYI, Fox has NOTHING to do with Cap. It’s all Marvel’s baby.

      • I wouldn’t mind that costume making the cut. It’s better than the TV one.

        • So damn true!

  8. The most current pics I have seen of Christina Hendricks shows her twice the size of a well muscled and lean fighter Diana was in the comics.

  9. Christina Hendricks is a good looking woman and shes not a bad actress but shes not good for Wonder Woman movie.

    actress Erin Cummings or Amanda Righetti is more suited for the role of Wonder Woman

    • No one would care at this point, it’s all about B.O. numbers and selling eyecandy

      • that dont mean anything cuse she look alright makes B.O. number get out of here lol.

        Christina Hendricks is not suited for the role

      • that dont mean nothing cause she look alright makes B.O. number get out of here lol.

        Christina Hendricks is not suited for the role

  10. There are plenty of naturally raven haired beautiful and highly capable actresses who could play Wonder Woman. You know who I think would be perfect as Wonder Woman? Olivia Wilde from Tron. She’s already got the look and she’s experienced doing action films. I think she could totally pull it off! While I think Christina Hendricks is a great actress she’d probably be more suited to play Artemis (The Amazon who takes Wonder Woman’s mantle from her temporarily) I just don’t see Christina being well suited to playing Wonder Woman. Olivia Wilde already looks tough, has the looks and presence that’s both gentle but powerful which are qualities that Wonder Woman exudes. And of course Lynda Carter HAS to play queen Hippolyta.

    • I LOVE Olivia Wilde (she’s up there with Summer Glau on my shortlist of favorite actresses) and I’d love to see her carry an action movie, but I think even in the shape she was in for Tron, she wouldn’t have quite the sheer presence that a great Wonder Woman would need. She’s just got such a naturally small frame.

      That said, if there are no actresses 5’10”-ish or taller who can act at least as well as Wilde, I would certainly reconsider my reservations.

      I still like the idea of Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker; I didn’t think much of the show, but I liked Regan a lot and she’s closer to the right build.

      • Lynn Collins

    • I couldn’t agree more. :)

  11. She’s much prettier without the glasses- oh, my bad!

  12. Absolute WRONG choice!

  13. I’ll be in the minority here and say I have no real opinion on Hendricks as WW, I think she’s a great actress and I’m sure her and Refn would make a superhero movie that people who actually care about superhero movies would like. Personally I like it when unknown actors play these kinds of parts because then they’ll be in movies that I would be interested in seeing.

    Once again I’m not really a fan of comic book movies because I think they’re mostly the same so I don’t really think my opinion matters too much on this

  14. As much as I love Christina Hendricks, and I do love her, she a woman of comfort and WW is a woman of action. Just running after baddies for two blocks, with her…err…equipment would have her exhausted. Personally, I think if Jennifer Connelly put on a few pounds she’d be perfect.

    • I agree that Hendricks is not right for the role. WW needs to be both athletic and slim but also tall and muscular. Hendricks is “voluptuous” which doesn’t match any of that criteria.

      I’m still for Jessica Beil who DOES match and is a proven action heroine. I hear she was actually offered the WW TV role but turned it down but maybe a movie version with a good script may sell her this time.

  15. Would be a nice touch if Linda Carter played Hippolyta in the movie. ^_^

  16. She is very pretty and is a very fine actress but she is NOT right for the roll. Further more I’m sick of directors casting people so out side the box that they totally disrespect the character. There are far better choices to play WW but leave it to Hollywood to &@*! it up some how.

  17. I’ll watch anything with Christina Hendricks in it. But my personal choice despite her age would be Angelina Jolie.

  18. if he made movie about a litter box I would watch it, especially if it had a nice set of….

  19. No no no ….. I can’t believe it she is the wrong body type and not badass enough . She’s to voluptuous for WW outfit. WW needs to be tall with longer legs than you can imagine!!

  20. I’m in. Boobs. Finally no unattractive stick figures here!

  21. So if WW is unable to age do we want an actress whose in her 30s or one whose in their 20s

    • Irrelevant, as you can’t anticipate how a twenty year old will age in a few years, either. At least with a thirty year old, you have a general idea how she ages. Acting ability and look are still more important.

  22. I’m still going to say Melina Gogvich from Law&Order should be Ww

  23. First of all, Christina Hendricks is a very talented actress and I think that she can play just about any role that comes her way. However, I think her curves and her fantastic body might be a little much for the wonder woman costume.

  24. I dig it. As long as they don’t get the same crew who made Green Lantern. That film was so bad. There will be no sequel.

  25. Won’t work as a movie, it will be laughable.

    but yes, I would pay to see Hendricks in that outfit.

    • Depends on how they do it. It could have a mythological/modern feel. A costume modification would be necessary ofc.

      • Lol they could add a leather jacket and she’d be perfect! (Just joking guys!) But that would be insane and awesome if she was Wonder Woman and I will start a petition for Refn to direct if it means she will get the role!

  26. Natural boobs and not the long pants, yeah baby!

  27. I’m sorry, but she is too thick and doesn’t look like WW. She may be very pretty and all, but not the perfect choice imo. For some reason she reminds me of Adrianne Palicki, worst choice ever. Thank goodness that show never saw the light of day.

    • too thick? She has a perfect body. I wish all women in hollywood were like that. Or maybe I wish all women had her body!

    • Have you ever seen a Wonder Woman comic? She’s one of the thickest heroines out there, even from the start.

  28. Christina Hendricks is easily one of the most amazingly beautiful women in hollywood. In addition she is a fantastic actress. I would love to see her on the big screen…That being said I can’t see her running around with her chest size, it would look silly. Anything short of a breast reduction would make it seem like Barb Wire 2.

    I could see Evangaline Lilly pulling it off though. The character needs to have a slimmer and more athletic build.

    • Evangaline Lilly? Perfect choice!!!