Nicolas Winding Refn Wants Christina Hendricks For ‘Wonder Woman’

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The pilot episode for David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV show reboot failed to impress NBC executives – almost as much as Adrianne Palicki’s costumes failed to win over fans. However, that news was all the more welcomed by those who have instead been wanting to see Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn be given the chance to realize his own plans for a Wonder Woman movie.

A Wonder Woman movie script is already being developed by Warner Bros., but the studio could very well be looking to bring on a filmmaker like Refn, who’s known for handling darker and grittier fare. Plus, with his next picture, Drive, having recently received rave reviews at the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) – and Refn already set to helm a Logan’s Run remake for Warner Bros. – he sounds all the more like a promising candidate.

Vulture caught up briefly with Refn at the LAFF premiere for Drive, where the director was in attendance with that film’s co-star, Christina Hendricks. Refn stated in a matter-of-fact fashion that if he actually is given the opportunity to make a Wonder Woman movie, the naturally blonde (but generally red-haired) actress is hands-down his top choice.

Obviously, no one should get too worked up (in either a good or bad way) about this idea right now, since Refn was casually commenting about a still-theoretical project – the casting of which is very much a big deal, for both studio heads and Wonder Woman fans alike.

On the other hand: As mentioned before, Refn is in a legitimately good position to land the job as director of a Wonder Woman film. Combine that with Hendricks being almost a household name now – thanks to her recurring role as the voluptuous Joan on Mad Men and topping Esquire Magazine‘s Most Beautiful Women in America list for 2010 – and it’s doesn’t seem so far-fetched a prospect.

christina Hendricks mad men renewal Nicolas Winding Refn Wants Christina Hendricks For Wonder Woman

Hendricks in 'Mad Men' form.

Hendricks (who devoted sci-fi fans first knew as the deceitful companion Saffron/Yolanda/Bridget on Joss Whedon’s Firefly) does not resemble the classic representation of the Amazonian comic book heroine to the same degree as actresses like Cobie Smulders (The Avengers) or Morena Baccarin (V) – both of which were said to be potential candidates for the role, back when Whedon had been commissioned to write and direct a Wonder Woman movie.

She is, however, an excellent actress – and it’s hard to imagine a lot of fans complaining about her donning the character’s classic skin-tight costume (or its more modern incarnation). Plus, with the proper use of makeup and hair dye, it seems that a lot of people are more willing to accept a naturally blonde actress tackling the role of a character with a darker complexion (see: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games) – so long as they are not without solid acting chops.

See the above for a counter-example

With both a Justice League and Wonder Woman movie being actively developed, fans can rest assured they will get to see the famous superheroine up on the big screen soon enough. Here’s to hoping her journey proves less bumpy (and the final destination, given a better reception) than that of fellow DC member Green Lantern.

On that note – what are your thoughts about Refn directing Hendricks in a Wonder Woman movie?

Source: Vulture

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  1. Do you know how many lead female action movies have been successful in the last 20 years? Not many. Lead female action movies do not work. Then on top of that, you need a lead actress with box office clout to pull it off. As i see, if you got Sandra Bullock it could work. Angeline Jolie’s box office clout is not what it used to be. Make no mistake about it, WW would be the hardest superhero to translate into a successful big screen property.

  2. I could live with Hendricks as WW, but NWR directing…nah, he does get good performances out of his actors, but his films aren’t great….

  3. I think Christina Hendricks the actress who I haven’t heard of before ? She can make a supporting character role for the WW movie as Etta Candy. How does that sound ? I chose Keira Knightley to play “The Amazing Amazon” instead, cause she has the looks

    • Knightly? Dude, she’s WAY too thin. unless they put her into some kind of Superhero boot camp for six months to bulk her up a bit she’d be terrible. She’s good looking yeah, theres no doubt about that but she’s far too thin and frail to play such a powerful (no pun intended) woman. I like someone else’s suggestion of Olivia Wilde, and not just because our last names are similar.

  4. In this Justice League film they got planned, i hope they don’t plan to have actors/actress too young cause thats what its sounding like. Hopfully they will be in their late 20s early 30s. Im not familiar with Christina Hendricks work, she kinda looks like she’d be good for WonderWoman. But early to tell still & id like to see costume design for the film.

  5. Windin Refn would be a great choice to direct a WW film. However, I think a toned up and in shape Emily Blunt would be a better choice for WW than Hendricks.

  6. One name that ha not been mentioned is Taylor Cole, who played the gorgeous ass-kicking ex-CIA agent in “The Event”. Not only is she a perfect choice for WW physically, she already has the fighting moves – AND she can act!

  7. I had to go and see who this Christina Hendricks was after all the comments saying she was too thick to play WW. I have to admit, I’d love to see her in the iconic outfit, running down the street, slowly……what was I talking about? :-)

    (slaps face)Ok, back to reality. No, she would not make a good WW, IMHO. She is gorgeous and is one sexy lady, but WW needs to be athletic.

  8. Christina Hendricks would be a wonderful choice as Wonder Woman. She can act and she is voluptuous and statuesque. Wonder Woman IS voluptuous and statuesque. Look to her comic book images for clarification. She IS a powerhouse. She IS an Amazonian. All the other candidates mentioned as choices are too thin and not as imposing to play this charismatic role. When have we become a society where a person in their 30s is considered to be too old to play a role that will most likely last only 3 movies / six years? Also, when have we become a society where if a woman actually has curves (breasts, hips, thighs) she is considered thick? Watch AMC’s Mad Men. She is a woman and NOT a girl. She is not thick, she just doesn’t represent the majority of what we see on TV day in and day out which are thin little girls.

    As for Nicolas Winding Refn, I don’t know his work but perhaps thinking outside of the box is what we need considering the caliber the majority of the comic book movies that are coming out today.

  9. Bridget Regan (Kahlan Amnell Legend of the Seeker)needs to play W.W hands down she has that presence of playing a strong woman character. Cast the wrong fem as the lead and it will be crap.

  10. I have no idea who they will cast as Wonder Woman I just hope she can act. But did anyone notice in the Green Lantern movie the scene wene Ryan Renolds gives A gift to his nephew. Did anyone notice it was A crystal clear model jet plane. If this was A muguffin in the film I don’t think anyone else got it.

  11. Do you people understand that Christina Hendricks is (to say it nicely) chubby? She’s far from being in shape and those boobs bouncing up & down would be great for Baywatch material but lame as hell (yet enjoyable too, don’t get me wrong…).

    To play WW you don’t need amazing looks, or extreme sexyness (maybe for Catwoman), i don’t think it’s part of her personality, we are talking about an amazonian warrior here. Superheroes movies are all about looks, costumes and cute “i’m a warrior yeah!” poses. It’s lame, maybe for geeks and fanboys, but the rest finds it silly. They need to find someone believable in all areas (charisma, acting chops, character development) to make it work. That’s why the Joker got so much praise and was the core of TDK.

  12. … Bring IT ON!!!
    This is exciting. It’s time Holier-than-thou-Hollywood considered a woman of her physicality for a major role. This is really good news! Of course, she would have to train for the fighting and some of the stunt work… But that’s easy- it’s what actors are paid to do when they acquire such a job; It’s WORK.

    As for the director, I have yet to see Drive, but, again, like the Superman “reboot” this is a revamped character from the annals of comic book history. At least with this film we have nothing really standing in the way of Refn telling a genuine story of the character… Provided the writing is what it should be. From what I gather, this director has a pulp edge to his work. If this is so, WW could potentially be depicted as the Amazonian dominatrix-y pin-up she was from the very beginning.