Christian Bale Might Re-team With ‘Machinist’ Director for ‘Concrete Island’

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Christian Bale is enjoying serious buzz right now for his powerful portrayal of a crack-addicted former boxer in the multi-Oscar-nominated The Fighter. Add that Best Supporting Actor buzz (and almost guaranteed win) with him soon donning Batman’s cape once more in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and it’s safe to say Bale is a “hot” actor in Hollywood right now.

On top of Nolan’s second Batman sequel, Bale is rumored to star in Triple Frontier, a film about organized crime along the border shared between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, which is to be directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker). However, we’re now hearing word that at some point in the next couple of years Bale may reunite with director Brad Anderson for a film called Concrete Island.

Both Shock Till You Drop and We Got This Covered spoke to Anderson while the director was promoting his latest film Vanishing on 7th Street and Anderson told them about Concrete Island. It’s an adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s 1974 novel of the same name and Anderson describes the story as follows:

“The best way to describe it is it’s like an urban Robinson Crusoe story – a guy crashes a car into a highway interchange and is marooned in this weedy lot, injured, and can’t escape and he’s basically trying to survive in the middle of the big urban Metropolis. It’s sort of a crazy, cool Ballard-esque type story, but Christian’s on board to do that when we can fit it into his schedule, of course.”

Anderson himself is the one who mentions Bale as being attached to the project so if you want to air on the side of caution take what the director says with a grain of salt until we get an official casting announcement. But I imagine he and Bale are friends after working on The Machinist together and since he’s the director Anderson is likely to know a thing or two about who’s attached to star in his movie.

Anderson mentions that The Machinsit writer Scott Kosar is the one writing the script for Concrete Island, which would also reunite him with Anderson and Bale (if he ends up starring).

Anderson mentions that Bale’s involvement in Concrete Island all depends on his predictably busy schedule. Bale will be busy for quite a while with The Dark Knight Rises and should he end up starring in Triple Frontier that would obviously tie him up for even longer. Along with being rumored for Triple Frontier, Bale is also rumored an “Untitled Nikola Tesla Project” and is currently filming The 13 Women of Nanjing from famed Asian director Zhang Yimou.

However, if schedules allow it I would very much like to see Bale work with Anderson once more. The Machinist is an excellent film that rarely gets talked about these days, except of course whenever Bale’s dramatic weight loss/gain for roles is brought up (as it was when he lost weight to star in The Fighter). Speaking of which, with Concrete Island being about a guy who has to live on a freeway “island” (described as a “fenced off wasteland in the middle of a freeway intersection”), will Bale once again dramatically change his weight for the role? If so that’s either an indicator of a high level of commitment to the art of acting or a cause for concern (perhaps both?).

The Fighter Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale Christian Bale Might Re team With Machinist Director for Concrete Island

Christian Bale in ‘The Fighter’ – an example of his willingness to lose weight for a role

As mentioned, word of Bale’s attachment to this project comes from Anderson himself, so nothing is officially confirmed yet. But for now let’s discuss the prospect of Bale starring in the film – leave your thoughts in the comments below.

More on Concrete Island as news comes out.

Sources: Shock Till You Drop and We Got This Covered (via First Showing)

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  1. is there going to be a terminator 5? i know, i know im in the minority but i liked salvation….

    • Yea Salvation was a good action flick.. what weighted it down was that there was no single terminator chasing Bale… i read that part five was going to deal with time travel and robert patrick.

  2. This sounds like an interesting film, and I think Bale is a great actor. What I find most intriguing, however, is the rumor of the untitled Nikola Tesla film…Besides the fact that Tesla was a brilliant, fascinating man, it’s also compelling that this would make Bale’s SECOND appearance in a film featuring Tesla (the first, of course, being “The Prestige”).

  3. Am a big fan of the machinist so would be very interested to see how this movie works out if it does of course lol

  4. “…so if you want to air on the side of caution…”

    I do believe you mean “ERR”.

    That being said, I’m pretty much game for anything Bale does.

  5. There was suppose to be a Terminator 5 but since the halcyon company went bankrupt I believe the company Pacifier owns the rights. Also that the movies will be straight to DVD animated movies based on the first 2 films. But I may be wrong, hopefully there’s another one because I really liked Salvation.

  6. Concrete Island is the second part of Ballard’s loosely-connected “Urban Disaster” trio of books – the first being Crash, the third being High-Rise. David Cronenberg was the perfect director to convey the clinical, detached feel of Ballard’s prose in Crash (there were even similarities between the descent into violence of the apartment block inhabitants of High-Rise and Cronenberg’s Shivers). The events in Concrete Island are more internalised and metaphorical. Bale, Kosar and Anderson worked well together on The Machinist, and I can’t think of a better team to handle this adaptation.

    • Additionally, the fact that Bale’s first starring role was in Spielberg’s version of Ballard’s Empire Of The Sun may mean that Bale might have more than just a passing interest in getting this movie off the ground.

  7. I did not care for The Fighter. It was like a made for TV movie.

    • That’s shocking Drsam I thought it was not only best film of the year easily but one of the best films period IMO. I am truly shocked to hear you say that.

      Did you at least think Bale had a fantastic performance?

      • I thought he was the only good thing about it, honestly, it made me enjoy him as an actor again. Compared to everyone else in the film he gave an absolutley brilliant performance.
        And I had no real issues with the film, it just seemed like a daytime soap plot, and not a big film that is getting massive attention. I just thought it was a standard plot with predictable scripting.

        After Terminator I gave up on Bale altogether, and I thought his performance in TDK was poor in comparrison to BB, but I thought he was excellent in The Prestige and The Machinist, So I am intersted to see this film.

        • I loved it I honestly thought it was the best boxing film ever made and prefer it over Rocky. I thought the story was good it was captivating and emotional. Also it didn’t hurt to have Bale’s amazing performance.

          As far as Bale goes I thought his performance in TDK was even better than his BB performance. He was great in BB but TDK he had much more to do acting wise he was able to show a wider range of emotion and I enjoyed him even more.

          I also enjoyed him in Terminator 4. To be fair though I think the film mostly gets bashed by people who love Terminator. As a none Terminator fan I enjoyed the film when I actually disliked the Franchise. The only things Terminator I liked were the recent TV show and the new movie. The only parts of T4 I didn’t really like were the rest of the cast other than bale. I thought most of them were pretty big let down. Sam Worthington probably had his best performance of his carrer but still wasnt very good. Moon Blood isn’t a good actress and unlike most I don’t find her all that attractive either. Do really even need to comment on Common the rapper lol. I found that T4 was much much better with a second viewing on Blu Ray. I watched it in the theater and thought it was an enjoyable 6.5 out of 10. However after a second viewing on Blu Ray I gave it a very solid 7.5 of 10. It just seemed much better and was much easier to get in to. I struggled to get in to it in the theater.

          If your willing to give Bale more of a chance I’d love to suggest you check out 3:10 To Yuma and Rescue Dawn IMO some of his best career performances and to fantastic films both making it on to my top 20 of all time list. He also did very well in Harsh Times which isn’t one of my fave film of all time but still a good film.

          • I’ve seem Rescue Dawn and enjoyed it very much, didnt care for 3:10 To Yuma.
            I don’t hate TS, I did when I first saw it, but having re-watched it recently it isnt that bad, but I really did think Bale underperformed in that one. Strange that home viewing improved it so much.

            You will be happy to hear that, for some reason, I am absolutely aching to watch TDK again, havent seen it for a long time, but with all this talk of the new one, I can’t seem to get it out of my head. I’m not saying I will change my opinion of it but… You never know.

            • Drsam I actually am Happy to hear that. Try to forget all your thoughts on it and watch it as fresh as you can. I’d actually suggest watching BB first then TDK.

              I have a hard time understanding anyone enjoying BB more. The biggest reasons for me is that while BB is good at times it can be a bit to campy and it’s definitely not Batman at times. I think back to the car chase. That’s not Batman he would never put that many lives at risk for a little thrill seeking. Batman would always find another way and would never risk an innocent. Also watching it there is simply no way that no one would of died in that accident. They say no one did, but it’s absolutely impossible. I think in BB Nolan was to focused on making a cool comic book action film and in TDK he focused on making a great film that just happened to be based on a comic book. It stayed more true to the characters IMO and had a much more intense and powerful story. The thing I think the people who prefer BB get hung up on is Liam Neeson he was fantastic in it and who doesn’t love him.

              Sad to hear you didn’t enjoy 3:10 to Yuma for me it’s one of the greatest films. It was some fantastic acting from Bale , Crowe and Ben Foster and the story was strong very gripping.

              • I always think that as well, the cops in the police car he drives over would have been killed for sure!
                And you are right, it is partly Liam Neeson that makes me prefer BB, but BB was a story we hadnt seen before, there are many reasons why I don’t like TDK as much as everyone else, but I have always maintained it was a solid film I just didnt love it.
                What you said about “TDK he focused on making a great film that just happened to be based on a comic book” is certainly true, but to me it distanced itself too much from being a comic book movie, it almost became a thriller that happened to have Batman in it.

                • See I’ve heard that before and I don’t see it was still a comic book film to me. I didn’t think it distanced it’s self from comics just from the campy nature of them. I thought it took comics serious for a chance and showed them more respect that any other hero flick so far. It avoided the campy pit falls of most other comics films and to me it was most respectful move. It still stayed true to Batman.

                  The things i really like about the Nolan films is unlike most comic films they seemed to stay similar to actual batman stories wihle still being unique and original. Begins obviously followed Year One and The Man who fall but at the same time told it’s own story that differed from the two. It was respectful while still being creative. TDK did the same by focusing on The Killing Joke and Long Halloween. It was similar enough to be obvious it was inspired by them but distant enough that that it had it’s own unique story. If nothing else I think comic fans should at least respect Nolan for that. Other films claim to be inspired by something but yet don’t look at all similar to the comic they claim inspired them or they are like Man of Steel and claim they won’t follow any story and then strike a strange resemblance to a very specific comic.

  8. This sounds exciting. I originally read about this over at IGN and I have to say I’m excited as hell about it. The Machinist was an amazing film easily one of the best of the last decade. Not only are the creators and makers of the film very talented, the idea is interesting and if Bale truly ends up doing it there is nothing that will stop me from watching this film.

    • The fact that Bale went from doing the Machinist to bulking up for Batman was one hell of a transformation, I certainly couldnt do something like that.

      • Drsam you don’t know the half of it. He was fit as hell for American Psycho then slimmed for Machinist and then Bulked up for BB but what is really scary is that he dropped all the way back to where he was in Machinist again for the film Rescue Dawn which was after BB and then had to get all the way back up to normal shape for TDK and then back down to super thin for The Fighter and now he will have to get back to Normal yet again. Then if he does this film it will be back down I would assume.

        • It certainly cant be healthy to go between such extremes.

          • His weight in rescue dawn is just scary it looks the moat extreme of his weight losses imo I would hate to be his doctor with him turning up going well doc I’ve got this role what’s the lowest weight I can be without killing myself

            • The machinist was technically worse on him, but the rescue dawn lose was huge as well..

              I was very very impressed with Steve Zhan in that movie he surprised me. I’ve always been a fan of him and he’s fantastic in comedy, but he was very good in this dramatic role. The really impressive thing was that just like Bale he lost so much weight and allowed him self to get so thin. I never thought of him as that dedicated. Then he went and did Sahara sadly lol

              • I like Sahara. I might be the only person. But I enjoyed it.

                • Your not the only one. It was a fun film and I kind of enjoyed it but mostly only because of Steve lol. It’s a fun watch but not good enough for a second or third viewing.

                  • I actually think its gets better with each viewing, reminded me of an old style Bond film. The score was absolutely amazing.
                    Shame they didnt make sequel as there are so many good ideas in the books.

  9. As long as Bale doesn’t have to lose an insane amount of weight for this flick…then GOOOO BALE!

    Congrats to Bale on winning best supporting actor awards all over the place and also for potentially and most likely winning an Oscar!

    Bale is the man!

  10. Bale needs to stop losing weight for roles….as intense as he is, he’s walking a tightrope…don’t need another actor dropping dead from over work and unhealthy living….