Bale & Wahlberg Take No “Prisoners”

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 6:53 pm,

Several months ago we told you about The Prisoners (the “The” is new), a thriller with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale attached to star, while X-Men director Bryan Singer was eyeing the directors chair. Well, the film has now been put on the fast-track for a fall 2010 release.

There’s just one problem – Wahlberg, Bale and Singer are no longer attached to the film.

So what does this mean?

With Wahlberg and Bale out of the picture the field is now wide open for casting. The irony being that Wahlberg and Bale are now starring together in David O. Russell’s The Fighter. Maybe the duo didn’t want to re-team (maybe Wahlberg walked into Bale’s eyeline while they were shooting?) or this new fast-tracking didn’t align with their respective schedules (might Bale have Batman 3 on the way?).

Producers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson said:

“This project has created considerable interest in town and we’re moving forward with it quickly. It’s a terrifically exciting project with compelling commercial appeal. We’re seeking top talent for the lead roles and hope to announce a start date soon.”

It’ll be interesting to see who gets cast in The Prisoners because Wahlberg and Bale are big enough names to secure a decent budget and distribution, and their dropping out must have been a blow to all involved with the film.

Producers Alcon Entertainment, who will distribute the film through Warner Bros., paid “mid-six-figures against low-seven figures” for the script from writer Aaron Guzikowski.

“The thriller is about a small-town carpenter whose young daughter and friend are kidnapped. The man starts his own investigation but has to contend with the big-city detective on the case.”

When we have more details on Taken 2 The Prisoners we will let you know.

Source: Screen Daily

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  1. Well, your Bale-joke is not funny.
    Bale is a great dedicated actor and i’m sick of hearing about his rant thing.

  2. I have to agree the whole issue about his rant has gotten old, I mean he has already apologized the guy and to the gerneral public(not that he needed to).

  3. I think its fair to suggest even in a joking manner that their could be bad blood here becuse they have chosen not to reteam.
    Bale has made his temper public , as Russel Crowe once discovered that has consequences to an actors career.
    I hope their leaving doesnt derail the project.

  4. this sucks

  5. But there’s no audio or video to it so it wouldn’t be funny anyhow, just hearing about how a celebrity is a douche bag doesn’t cut it because that’s like a “Duh, thanks Cpt. Obvious!” moment, lol.

    Anyway, no way Wahlberg will overshadow Bale, so his curse of being overshadowed by his costars will finally be over…

  6. To be honest I thoguht that so called curse was BS anyway. It’s really only three movies that he was accused of being over shadowed in TDK, Terminator, and Public Enemies. Bale did a lot more films before that and tended to outshine everyone in the movie with him. Besides to be honest I think in Public Enemies Bale was leaps and bounds better than Depp and I think he was better than Worthington in Terminator. As far as TDK goes we had already seen Batman in Begins and I would of been upset to see him over shadown Heath anyway. I love what TDK did by putting a nice heavy focus on the Joker and changed up the normal forumla of just barely getting to know a bad guy with a crap ton of screen time on the hero for three films. Bale still had a lot of screen time still put on a great performance, but let Heath step in and get a good chunk of time him self. In reality in a sequel you should always be over shadowed because you can’t really do anything new or exciting. The only time I’ve not seen a bad guy out shine the hero in a sequel was when it’s the same bad guy every single film.

  7. Doc Ock didn’t over shadow Spiderman in S2SIlver Surfer?Galactus didn’t outshine FF in FF2:ROTSS
    Rasputin didn’t outshine HellBoy
    The Abomination didn’t outshine the Hulk in TIH

    On and on it goes..I’d say it’s about 50/50

  8. Shhh, but it’s Christian Bale, there HAS to be a logical reason for it, geez greenknight… *shakes head*

  9. Gary the reason they aren’t attached to the project is because the studio wants to fast track the movie and release it next year. If the studio wants that soon of a release date that means they’d have to start filming principal photography in the next few months. Wahlberg and Bale are currently filming Fighter so that means their not available to film the movie. I’m not sure where you get this whole bad blood BS. I’ve seen pics taken on set they look like their having a great time filming together. In regards to the article, the rant comments are in poor taste. Its old news please stop beating a dead horse.

  10. greenknight333 Doc Ock DID out shine Spiderman hell Spiderman was over shadowed by the Green Goblin the 1st movie. Rasputin was in the 1st Hellboy not the sequel and Hellboy was over shadowed by the Prince in the 2nd one. The Silver Suffer was the only thing cool about the the 2nd Fantastic 4 movie.T he other one you mentioned No clue. So you got me there.

  11. I would disagree with some of those. As far as SM2 I think the actor playing Doc Ock did outshine Toby. For the same reason I gave earlier. I had already Seen Toby as Spiderman and he offered nothing new in the sequel however it was the first time seeing Doc Ock in a film and he did an amazing job. I think the Silver Surfer was far more the star of the film in FF2 than any of the Fantastic Four. Galactus didn’t outshine anyone because he was never really on screen unless you count the little storm cloud at the end. So I ask are you more impressed by the same actor playing the exact same role for the second time with nothing new or with a new actor playing a new character?

  12. The logic is flawed. There doesn’t need for “something new” for a performance to be rivetting. We’re talking about acting here, not gimmicks. It can be exactly the same, as long it’s just as good, it won’t be worse just because it’s not new. And not to give Daniel F new material, but a few of these examples it is more the script that made it so the other character outshined the protagonist. TDK was FOCUSED on The Joker. It can probably be renamed to “The Joker: Battle with Batman” and it would have made sense. Although Bale was noticeably stiffer in TDK than he was in Batman Begins, and the Batman voice was just dumb.

    Terminator Salvation is not really a sequel, given that Bale wasn’t in any of the previous ones, so this whole discussions over “nothing new” doesn’t even apply to that even if it was true.

    And I haven’t seen Public Enemies, but just about everyone I know who has and just about every review I’ve read has said that Johnny Depp outshined Christian Bale big time, and again, not a sequel…

  13. I’ve seen public enemies and Bale is the CO-star not the lead. Depp is supposed to shine in that movie, even Bale said that in numerous interviews. But all the reviews agree that Bales performance was dead on in both character and accent. Bale had Purvis mannerisms down so well he made Purvis son cry. Over the top crazy performances always get the accolades. Why not quiet intense performance? That’s what Bale gives you. He gives you real human down to earth emotions not flash and I for one love that. Don’t get me wrong flash is good in some cases but watch the dinner scene in TDK with Harvey, Rachael, and Wayne. When Harvey is talking and the camera focuses on Bale I can read every thought in his face and eyes and there the thoughts of Bruce Wayne not Christian Bale doing a scene that takes talent.

  14. I’m not saying the actors are worse I’m saying when you see the same thing while the performance can still be great it’s nothing new it doesn’t shine in any special way anymore because you have already seen it. I disagree that Bale was worse in TDK than in Begins I didn’t see the so called stiffness that you see at all. Hell the voice isn’t even Bale’s fault. Nolan wanted that voice and that’s not even Bales voice completely they edit the voice after he does it and they have said in numerous interviews that it is not a natural sound that comes from him. I would also disagree that Bale was out shined in Terminator. As far as public enemies goes the film was more about Depp than Bale, but as far as performance goes Bale beat out Depp in my opinion.

  15. I never actually said it was Bale’s “fault” that the voice sucked, I just made a statement of fact that it DID suck… Seriously, no need to get so defensive over Bale man, I’m sure he can take care of himself…

  16. I’m sure lots of actors can defend them selves doesn’t stop their fans from standing up and saying something when they feel like it. Just because Bale can defend him self doesn’t mean I have to shut up every time Ken J feels like talking crap.

  17. Talking crap? Most of what I said pointed to it NOT being Bale’s fault that he was outshined… But I guess if it isn’t “Bale is the greatest actor in the world” it’s talking crap huh? I understand…

  18. Clearly you don’t understand. Oh well though.

  19. Or maybe you don’t… Nah, not possible, sorry I even brought up that crazy possibility… :-P