Christian Bale & Gary Oldman Talk ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Dark Knight Rises Batwing Video Christian Bale & Gary Oldman Talk The Dark Knight Rises

While fans have been treated to a teaser trailer and amateur set photos galore over the past six months or so, it’s only now that we’re getting a full and (genuinely) polished look at exactly what co-writer/director Christopher Nolan and his creative team are aiming to deliver with The Dark Knight Rises.

Recently-released official Batman and Bane imagery and plot details concerning the film’s setting has encouraged speculation, anticipation, and (mild) controversy amongst moviegoers eager to see The Dark Knight Rises. Buzz concerning the project should only become all the more pronounced before 2011 is over, what with both a full-length trailer and the movie’s prologue slated to begin showing in theaters in a matter of weeks.

Two staples of Nolan’s Batman movies – actors Christian Bale and Gary Oldman – have been busy promoting and discussing their latest starring efforts (The Flowers of War and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, respectively); so, naturally, reporters have been particularly keen to get the pair to also discuss The Dark Knight Rises, given the (slight) uptick in attention being paid to the film as of late.

Here is what Bale told Inquirer Entertainment, with regards to his having completed work on Dark Knight Rises:

“I wrapped a few days ago so that will be the last time I’m taking that cowl [Batman hood] off. I believe that the whole production wrapped yesterday, so it’s all done. Everything’s finished. It’s me and Chris – that will be the end of [our] Batman era.”

On the topic of how the Oscar-winner views the Bruce Wayne/Batman character:

“We always maintained from the beginning that if you wanted to break it down, there are three personas – Batman is sincere, the private Bruce Wayne is sincere. The public version of Bruce Wayne, the playboy, is a completely fabricated performance.”

Lastly, Bale provided nothing but praise and support for three new additions to Nolan’s Caped Crusader saga: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Tom Hardy as Bane, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Gotham cop John Blake:

“When Chris [Nolan] watched the screen test, he agreed that Anne did a wonderful job. In many ways, she has the hardest job. There are a number of people who feel that the Catwoman role has been defined previously. So, I always saw Anne’s role as being the toughest job of any of us…

“[Tom Hardy is] a phenomenal actor. I like working with him a great deal. He goes the whole hog. I know that Bane has been seen in movies before. But, in my eyes, Tom is essentially creating Bane for the first time so there’s great freedom for him to be able to do so…

“Joseph [Gordon-Levitt] is a very intriguing guy. I would see Joseph’s performances in other films while we were filming. He’s somebody who truly seems to love acting. He’s a good, smart guy. He did a very good job in the movie.”

Gary Oldman teases The Dark Knight Rises

gary oldman commisioner gordon Christian Bale & Gary Oldman Talk The Dark Knight Rises

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon

Gary Oldman is (of course) remaining tight-lipped, when it comes to the secrets of The Dark Knight Rises. However, that doesn’t mean the actor isn’t willing to tease certain matters, be it that of how the film brings Bruce Wayne’s character arc full circle – or how his Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy costar, Tom Hardy, will fare as Bane, seeing how his villainous on-screen counterpart is bound to be compared to the late Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Here is what Oldman had to offer MTV, with regards to the ending of The Dark Knight Rises:

“There’s a conclusion. [Nolan] brings and he touches on the first [film, ‘Batman Begins’] and he weaves it in and it resolves and I think it’s a trilogy, but it’s just great. The story is terrific. I mean, it’s just epic.”

With regards to how Oldman thinks Nolan can possibly “top” Ledger’s (now, iconic) antagonist and his reign of chaos against the citizens of Gotham City in The Dark Knight:

“I think it was smart of Chris to go with a lesser-known villain. Instead of going for the Riddler, instead of going for Penguin and all that kind of you know, he’s gone a slightly different way with the story, and I think he’s got enough smarts and enough class. I know this much about Chris Nolan: he wouldn’t make a third for the sake of it.”

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Inquirer Entertainment, MTV

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  1. Still, there will always be that part of my brain that wonders what kind of sick, amazing vision the Nolan bros could have had for the riddler’s riddles. there’s a poster online somewhere that shows what guy pearce would have looked like as the riddler..i’ll just say if i were in limbo there would be a fourth installment.

    • I’ve kinda been thinking that as well lately…
      When TDKR was first announced, fan-made movie posters immediately popped up online: one if which teased David Tennant as the Riddler… I just can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that I’ll never see how that would’ve turned out.

      • michael sheen as the riddler, and no one else.

        • The Riddler would not have been the best choice to follow up after TDK Joker. Riddler & Joker are not exact but there are similarities in that they are both a mental challenge. Im glad they with a physical threat instead.

          I still think the Mr Reese is somehow tied to the Riddler. Mr Reese -> Mysteries

          • “The Riddler would not have been the best choice to follow up after TDK Joker. Riddler & Joker are not exact but there are similarities in that they are both a mental challenge.”

            – Very good point, I didn’t think of that…

      • Fan-made poster for this film have been popping up ever since The Dark Knight was released. I remember there was a really good one with The Riddler, The Joker, and Harley Quinn.

  2. Woah… I definitely can not wait I trust Gary Oldman. Im kinda sad theres only 3 Batman flicks from Nolan :( But I hope it ends on a high note. Looking forward to it so much 😀

    • yeah sucks that nolan wont be making anymore batman movies if he were it would be frikin epic

  3. I think the prologue Will be bane breaking batmans back. With the movie after being batman retraining with flashbacks to Liam neeson and his preparation/search for bane over the next 7 years.

    • i couldnt agree more. I mean idk how long it takes for someones back to heal, but if its picking up 8 years later, it would make perfect sense. Hence, how Gordon says “a new evil rises….the batman has to come back…”

      Wayne probably gave up on Batman and is trying to live a more normal life, but Bane is terrorizing and only Batman can stop them…

      • Okay you guys, does that sound like a good movie? Cause it doesn’t to me. Luckily, this isn’t true. 😀 Nolan confirmed that the prologue will be set in the present day of Gotham that we will see for the remainder of the movie. Bane will be the intro, but all indications show batman won’t even be in it. As for Gordon’s quote, he’s referring to how the Batman persona has been abandoned, and how he must return to savwe the city. I do agree with the training thing however with Liam Neeson flashbacks. I’m sure Nolan will add in new flashbacks.

  4. Does anyone know if Nolan is taking the approach that Bane has been in the works behind the scenes since Batman Begins..under the control (or not) of the League of Shadows?

  5. Maybe we’ll see some movie magic in TDKR and see a flashback of Bane releasing the inmates of Arkham..especially Joker..

  6. I wonder what this movie would have been like if Ledger hadn’t died. I know Nolan was planning on bringing the Joker back

    • My thoughts exactly BMW

      • I kinda think it would have been a simliar story but Joker would have been involved in a small capacity like Scarecrow. But damn it woulda been cool tosee again.

  7. In Bale’s eyes and most every fan of Batman, Hardy is creating Bane for the first time. Batman and Robin (and its version of Bane) is one of those films that should have never existed.

  8. Despite all the hype, I have this lingering feeling that the inclusion of Catwoman in this movie is going to ruin it.

  9. I am very much looking forward to the conclusion of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. I am disappointed it is Nolan’s last film, however I am also looking forward to the development of his future projects whatever they may be.

  10. I hope Warner bros learn there lesson from the last Batman franchise is dont let a different director make any more sequels, just reboot the series again.

    • What I would love to see is Warner to wait 3-5 years then bring Bale back and do Batman Beyond, with Bale playing older Bruce Wayne.

    • They should do both, new director and cast but continue the story with another self contained trilogy. Totally skip the origin and go straight into a Gotham city populated with villains.

      • Absolutely

  11. We’ll see if it’s actually the last. I wouldn’t be surprised if a good few years down the road everyone wants to do another one. Wasn’t Last Crusade supposed to be Harrison Fords last outing as Indy?

    • Ugh. It’s over, Bale said it, Nolan said it. Deal with it.

      • Only money talks in Hollywood. If the price is right, they would all come back.

      • Nothing is over! Nothing! You don’t just turn it off!

        I am not begging for a fourth movie, but plenty of people have said “It’s over” when it wasn’t. Money speaks like popco said. That’s all I was saying.

        • Like when we thought Star Wars was done and we got the prequels? Or when we thought Indiana Jones was done and we got Crystal Skull? Anything is certainly possible, but more isn’t always better. If we look at every superhero movie series to date, they have all either A) started out good, then ended up sucking (Spiderman, Superman), B) started out good, but got dragged on too long (previous Batman), or C) sucked from the get-go (looking at you, Hulk and Daredevil). At this point, there is no superhero movie series that tells a complete story or doesn’t start sucking. Right now, Chris Nolan is in the position to complete the first superhero movie series with a definite beginning, middle, and (hopefully) a satisfying conclusion. Personally, I hope this is their last one. As much as I would love to see more movies in the Nolan-verse, I am more excited about the possibility of having a complete story (that, at no point, sucks). As I read on several other message boards, “you either die a trilogy or live long enough to see yourself become Batman & Robin.” Here’s to me hoping that Nolan and Bale end on a high note, and let someone else come in and reboot it fresh.

          • Hahahahaha wow, I haven’t seen that one. That’s hilarious.
            That is a very good point there sir.
            I was thinking it would be cool if Joseph Gorden Levitt took over the cowl, but I am kinda eager to see what DC has in store for future films.

  12. Oops, typo in the email address, sorry about that.

  13. I hope this one will be the best in the series but I still think it might not because it’s going to be hard for this film to top up The Dark Knight, that movie is the greatest comic book movie ever and Ledger’s performance made that movie big.

    I really hope Tom Hardy does a great job as Bane.

  14. As long as the film ends with him saying….I’m BATMAN. im all good lol…

    • Hey! No one can steal Iron Man’s thunder! 😉

      Just imagine it though: Bale saying “I am Batman” — t’would be so lame

      • And then Black Sabbath plays and they dub Bat over the Iron. Lame or totally awesome?

        • LAME! 😉

  15. I am interested to see who else besides Catwoman is holding down Gotham city d for the time Bats is recovering….i know it won’t happen but it would be nice to have a hint at a Robin/Nightwing incarnation.

    • I totally disagree. I am so so glad there still appears to be no hint of Robin anywhere near this version of Gotham. It seems anytime he’s around the Batman character gets soft and/or goofy. Also glad they didn’t use The Riddler. I’ve always felt he was a b-grade Joker. I’m a little disappointed they went with Catwoman, but I’ll give Nolan the benefit of the doubt on that one.

      • I agree about the Riddler. He’s less sadistic, less dangerous, and less interesting than the Joker, and I think it would be a bit of a step down from TDK. I’m not saying Riddler isn’t a great villain (because he is), but Riddler could avoid getting caught 100% of the time if he didn’t willingly give Batman the clues to catch him. Nolan’s Riddler would be sick, but I don’t think the Riddler is the terrifying and fascinating villain that everyone is acting like he is.

      • Actually I think a nolan Robin would be great but you would have to pretty much dedicate the entire film to him ti do it believably and correct. It would be more Robin Begins than Batman 3.

        You have to devote the time showing training as it took Bruce years to attain his ninja skills. I think it would take two films to actually get Robin done if you are still tryin to keep it a Batman film. The first film you have the angry Dick wanting revenge. Maybe a prototype Robin near the climax & the film ends with Bruce sending Dick overseas for “proper” training. The Second film starts years later with Dicks return as Robin or Nightwing fully capable.

        • @Wendell, Look at Robin in Arkham City. Not so goofy anymore, huh?

  16. Could bane break batmans back and Gordon-levitt is a night wing type/ batman stand in while he heals….

    • That is what I suspect.

  17. I’m really pumped to see this. Each of Nolan’s Batman movies have been absolutely amazing. Ledger’s performance as the Joker still blows my mind. I will be sad to see this series end. I kind of hope they don’t reboot it, but find a director who won’t cack it up (like Shumacher).

  18. I would love to see them start a new trilogy in another 4 to 5 five years with christian bale back in the role maybe chris nolan staying on as producer and wroting the scripit and get the director of black swan on board, I would love to see the new trilogy start off with the riddler and the penguin, maybe have johnny depp in the role of the riddler, he would be great as much darker version of the riddler

  19. i m guessing WB will totally reboot for Batman, so that they can make their (dream movie) Justice League movie and introduce other superheroes in their own movies or the JL movie. Since the end of Harry Potter movies WB has turned its attention to DC and will hence start investing heavily there.

  20. i am the fan of batman comics,really i enjoyed the dark knight rises,it is really awesome movie i ever seen.

  21. So Christian bale won’t play batman/bruce wayne in batman 4? I’m disappointed. Damn