Bale Will Do Next Batman Movie Without Nolan

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the dark knight1 Bale Will Do Next Batman Movie Without Nolan

People who are dying for Christopher Nolan to come back for another Batman movie need not fret – this isn’t news that he isn’t coming back. But rather Batman himself, Christian Bale, saying that he has to do another one even if Nolan doesn’t come back (which, let’s not forget, is entirely a possibility).

In an interview with Total Film recently, Bale gave his latest thoughts on the next Batman movie, commenting on such things as his being tied to the franchise (for now, anyway), how Nolan might not come back and that the next movie should be just as good as the last one.

Here’s what Bale had to say:

“Will we do a third movie? It’s got to be the right story. You can’t make something like ‘The Dark Knight‘ and then come out with something disappointing.”

“I would like it if people say, ‘You’ll never make a good third movie.’ I say, ‘OK, let’s make a third movie in that case, let’s prove them wrong. But that’s just me. The fact is, I have to! I’ve signed up! Chris [Nolan] doesn’t. So I’m in a bit of a fix if he says he doesn’t want to!”

On a related note, Bale went on to talk about the issue of technology within Nolan’s Batman universe:

“With technology, there’s a balance with everything. In ‘The Dark Knight,’ the triangulation and the mobile phones, when Batman asks Lucius to use it, Lucius says, ‘After this I will quit. I will not have anything to do with this.’”

“It’s like the eavesdropping, the illegal wire tapping going on at the NSA. There are limits… It is technology. But as with anything, it should all be in moderation…”

Even though I’m sure Bale loves playing one of the best superheroes of all time (my personal favorite by far), and loves playing him in this new, more realistic and grittier world that’s been created, it sounds like what he enjoys most is working with Nolan. Using such phrases as, “I have to,” and, “I’m in a bit of a fix,” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the fact that he honestly and truly wants to do another one without Nolan on-board.

However, as he says, he has to do it, because that’s what he signed up for. I think he probably did that thinking he’d most likely end up doing the three with Nolan, but as we all know there’s still that niggling fact that Nolan hasn’t actually signed up for the third one yet, so it leaves the possibility fully open that he may bail (get it?) on coming back to direct.

Which would be very disappointing, indeed. Nolan took a pretty much dead franchise and breathed new life into it with Batman Begins, a movie so damn good that many had doubts that he would be able to top it with the next one. And yet in an almost “Just watch how good I can make it,” way, Nolan delivered us The Dark Knight. Not only a film of technical brilliance, comic book movie or not, but that ended up being one of the most profitable movies in history.

So both fan and studio won on that one…

Do I think Nolan will come back for another one? I honestly think he will, not just because he’ll give in to the pressure (pretty much everyone wants him to come back…), but because I believe he truly loves making movies about the famous dark knight. I don’t have any doubt that a genuinely quality story can be conjured (there were even reports that Nolan and his brother Jonathan actually have the script underway already), an aspect Nolan has stressed on many occasions would be the true reason for doing another one, and perhaps they can even top what has come before.

It’s hard to imagine, though…

What do you think about Bale reluctantly doing another Batman if Nolan isn’t coming back? Do you think Nolan should do another one?

Source: TotalFilm

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  1. Well I think the only reason Bale is saying he has to come back is because he does, I don’t think he’s saying it reluctantly or anything, but it’s fact that he has to. If Nolan doesn’t come back, I am not sure if it will be able to top TDK. I know that’s hard to do at all, but I think only Nolan would be able to do it. How many good movie trilogies have actually gotten progressively gotten better by every movie? I’m sorry but I can’t think of any at all. Unless I am horribly mistaken this is the first movie that Nolan has done with a sequel, which means this would be his first trilogy of movies. I don’t think anyone can do it but Nolan and him not doing it will definitely ruin the series. I’ll go see it regardless because like you Batman is my favorite superhero of all time and Christian Bale is my favorite actor, but unless we have confirmation that Nolan is doing it I know it won’t have a chance at being better than TDK, which is a tough task for anyone, but I think Nolan is the only guy up for the challenge.

  2. he’s signed on but that doesn’t mean if he said, without Nolan, he wouldn’t want to do it that they would force him to stay on as Batman. they want to have a good relationship with him for the future so something could be worked out if Nolan bails. no pun intended.

  3. Man, why to worry right now. I mean, of course he will come back (Nolan), but let’s give him some freedom to make Inception now. If he rushed the third movie into production now, well I’m sure everyone will be disappointed because of the final product.
    I don’t really care that much if we have to wait like 4 or 5 years, because it’s obvious that Nolan doesn’t want to make a crap of it and is really going to try (and ultimately achieve) to top The Dark Knight.

  4. I’m with Iron Knight on this one. After Nolan finishes Inception, hopefully he can start work on a Batman sequel but he needs to have the time to do a proper story. I know a lot of fanboys don’t have the patience but there are a lot of comicbook movies coming out to tide us over till the sequel. “Patience, grasshopper, patience”.

  5. Agreed John. I think Nolan will be back as long as WB doesn’t push him by announcing a release date of 2010 or something like that. Let Nolan take his time, come up with a good story and do it the way HE wants to. I think after making the 2nd highest grossing film of all time WB should give him some leeway.

  6. Guys, I didn’t say Nolan had to hurry up and get on with making the next Batman movie. I want him to take his time so that it can be the best movie it can be. He should do his thing with Inception, which has me more and more intrigued every day btw, and have a break from Batman. I was just saying I think, ultimately, he WILL come back.

  7. @Ross
    I know you didn’t say that; but many fanboys, and some studios, want a rush on highly anticipated films and that’s why I brought that up. Nolan is the man when it comes to Batman and I’m sure he will be back.

  8. bale is definetly my favorite batman, so yeah im glad to here this

  9. If Nolan wants a break with Inception, give him a break, it’s not like the fan-boys are going to be starved over the next few years.

  10. I’ll say the fanboy in many wants it rushed so I can hurry up and see it though the majority of me want him to take his time so I can see a great film. Either way I’m still worried to a certain extent. I mean Nolan hasn’t officially signed on and he gave a few interviews where he said that he doesn’t know if he will come back. Still I always thought for sure he would come back despite those thing, but I think this shows that even Bale is worried Nolan might not come back and if he is worried that worries me a bit. I honestly don’t blame Bale for being reluctant. I think we can look at his body of work and see Bale usually does great movies he seems to be kind of picky about his films and he doesn’t want to get stuck with some new director that makes him be in the new batman and robin.

  11. I would point out that Bale is probably passionate about playing this character, too. I say that, because it was a part he actively sought. Ironically, I think the story is that he discovered his interest in the character from reading a novelization of a storyline from the comics, not from reading the comics themselves. If he has any reluctance, then it probably has more to do with him acknowledging Nolan’s part in making these films successful. Directors make a huge difference in the quality of a film. I don’t believe Nolan is the only one who could deliver a fantastic third Batman film, but I would also acknowledge that the film itself would probably not seem to fit as well with the previous two films with a different director calling the shots.

  12. I mostly agree bill but I will disagree on one part. I do think Nolan is the only one who can make a great 3rd film. I don’t think Nolan is the only one who can make a great Batman film, but in my opinion he is the only one who can make a great 3rd Batman film in this current franchise that he established. It’s his world it’s his vision and I don’t think any director can step in to it and do great.

  13. My main hope with film three is that it will examine what makes a crime a crime… what makes Batman a hero and not a vigilante. To me, that’s the best way to use Catwoman in the third film, and it seems a logical step given the way “The Dark Knight” ended. I just hope they don’t take the “Batman Returns” route and have Bruce Wayne fall for Selina Kyle all ignorant of her being Catwoman and vice versa. I liked it for that version of Batman, but I’d hate it for the Bale/Nolan one.

  14. I read somewhere that Nolan might do another film after Inception before he returns to the bat franchise.
    Anybody else hear that?

  15. @Gary

    LOL, scroll up to the related articles section on this post. :-)


  16. Oh wait… my bad – another film AFTER Inception? I haven’t heard THAT.


  17. I actually didn’t think Nolan did as great of a job on The dark Knight, too many up close fast cut scenes, didn’t think the directing was incredible. There will be a third movie regardless if story is right or not.

  18. Nolan should come back. I’ve known better to assume anything though.

    WB has a ontract in place with Bale, so if Nolan decides not to do it, WB has the “upper hand” in weather or not forcing Bale to do the movie without Nolan. While relationships are good, they wouldn’t let Bale walk away and get some new actor to play Batman, it won’t work. Bale is now Batman, and like it or not box office receipts speak extremely high, so I’m sure Bale will be Batman and would have to give a lot of change to WB for them to let him out of his contract.

    If you’ve known anything from the previous two movie hypes, then you know that what is is said isn’t always what is happening. the fact that IMDB has placed even a rumored speculation of Nolan directing the third Batman film strengthens the bond and lowers the curiosity a bit. In fact the creditability of IMDB is so high, that they may have placed the “rumor” tag per studio or Nolan’s wishes.

    Warner Brothers, I guarantee you is doing EVERYTHING in their power to keep Christopher Nolan behind the camera. However, should Nolan decide not to do it, what about his brother? Sometimes screenwriters make the best directors because they know the story, and in this case I think that would serve them well. Jonathan already knows the story. I think if Nolan decides not to do a third film, then WB’s next choice should be Jonathan Nolan. Yes, its a possible risk, but wouldn’t you rather have a “piece of the puzzle” move up the ladder so to speak than bring a brand new person?

    I can tell you that since they are making a third one, the script more than likely has already been written and its now just tweaks, and stuff, and Principal Photography should start soon.

    I just looked down to think what I wanted to say for a second and noticed I’m wearing my “The Dark Knight” T-Shirt! I hadn’t noticed until now!! I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

  19. The thought of someone else doing Batman 3 is bugs me a LOT. I REALLY hope Nolan comes back for the third film especially after the success of BB and TDK. Personally, I’m more than willing to wait a couple o’ years for the third film only under the condition that it’s directed by Nolan.

  20. While I enjoy Bale as Batman, I believe he has been out acted in the first two films, first by Liam Neilson, then by Heath Ledger. Hopefully, he will make Batman stand out a little more in the next, and possibly final film in this new Batman series. I just hope that they use a previously unused criminal character, Please, NO Penguin, Riddler, Mr Freeze or God Forbid, Bane! How about Killer Croc, Catwoman, or how about Soloman Grundy??? Maybe even a guest appearance of a fellow Justice Leaguer, maybe Green Arrow or even the new Green Lantern! Just a thought!

  21. um, xfringedivisionx, im a tad confused by your statement at the end there- you say they should have villians not used yet, but you mentioned catwoman, who was in batman returns. And im assuming you were including the former franchise considering you mentioned not having penguin, riddler, freeze and bane, so- theres my confusion. Nolan based this newer franchise on realism, so im not sure if you will see characters like solomon grundy and freeze become a reality at all- unless you are a very skilled writer.

  22. THey confirmed the release date for 2012. The other day they were shopping around the 13th of July. But today i hear the 20th of July. Doesn’t really matter, but funny how within a couple days of announcing it there’s a discrepancy of the date.

    And everyone should know by now, Nolan IS the director in what they are calling Batman 3. Kind of funny the didn’t even bother with a cover name for the script at least to the public. Anyone out there know what the code script name was they are sending to actors of if it just has “Batman 3″ on the title page. As a screenwriter though, I’ll start: I challenge us Batman fans to come up with the title. YES, I know its been done before, but we gotta pass the time somehow and until my Batman short fan film is written and begins filming I’m a bit free at the moment.

    As for the villains for Batman 3, I’ll say that the popular choice seems to be the Riddler. Not to mention Scarecrow is out running around Gotham somewhere. personally if it’s the last film of the franchise (WB wanted 5, Nolan was game for 3. I say Nolan probably gets his way) So if it is the finale, then Catwoman has to at least make an appearance. I was trying to find a link to IMDB post I had that I created a while ago about the Catwoman story changes that could occur to make her more ‘believable’ in Nolan’s world and point out and make a stand that She is Batman’s equal of sorts. But I couldn’t find the post. But once I do I’ll post the link.

    I think the two-villain theme in the previous films is suited well and shouldn’t go more than that. If they want to hint at a third for keeping the story arc open for any future films, that’s fine, but we all know what happens we have an over-crowded movie full of superheros and/or villains. Need I remind you of XMen 3.

    I also thought that the idea of brand new villain would ruin the film, but the more I think about it, I think it might just work in Nolan’s Gotham.

    Also there rumors are swirling about the Penguin. If he is in it, the Penguin needs to return to its origins of being a crime lord, and in that fashion, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Those that know only the Burton Films, think the Penguin was always deformed, etc. But those that know the comics know that the Penguin was never deformed or portrayed that way until Burton’s Batmans.

    I wouldn’t put it past to have one the Crime Boss’ from Dark Knight or BB to become the “Penguin.” Which ones you ask? Well, whoever’s still alive. I haven’t seen the movies in while to know who’s still ticking.

  23. i have an idea if nolan comes back i think that he should do two more batman films both has robin in it then in the end make a justice league series that would run for 4 or 5 installments in the end of that in the last installment of the justice league add jokers son heth ledgar style as the main villian where jokers son kills several superheroes but is defeated and sent to prison were he later escapes nolan consider my proposal

  24. I really felt bad when alfred left but I think bruce and blake (robin) should act another movie with or without nolan because after watching the dark knight rises I can’t sleep knowing there is no more man batman or or selina. I really want nolan to come back and I would love to watch 10 more of christopher bales movies acting as the batman.

  25. Movies were and are great i really would love to see another dark knight film

  26. Um well, I honestly think he should come out with one last one. Last I saw Bale said why not do a movie with all the D.C characters. I thought that would be a great idea, because in The Dark Knight Rises, Robin was introduced, so why not bring robin into a movie with Christian Bale. To me Christian Bale is the best Batman ever. I don’t think Christopher Nolan, sadly will not make another Batman movie. :(

    • Don’t worry. If Christopher Nolan won’t do it, then someone else will.