Christian Bale Says He Won’t (& Shouldn’t) Return For ‘Justice League’

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The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

Bad news for those who thought that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale’s take on Batman in the pair’s Dark Knight trilogy was the definitive live-action version: it seems we can finally put to rest hopes of seeing the star suit up on screen once more. Although rumors of a Justice League film being planned by Warner Bros. and DC Comics refuse to die following the success of Man of Steel (2013), Bale has again spoken on the likelihood of ever returning to play Bruce Wayne.

Expressing the same opinions he has in the past, the star sees Nolan’s take on the character as a finished story. From his point of view, the team was lucky enough to tell every chapter of the story they had hoped to, and with the trilogy now finished, it should stay finished. Meaning his time with the character is over.

Going solely on facts and quotes – not rumors and gossip – Bale has consistently made it clear that The Dark Knight Rises was his last time playing Batman. The only exception, he claimed, would be Christopher Nolan finding another story to tell; a notion the director has rejected at every turn. Yet with endless money awaiting his return in particular for a Justice League film, some have maintained hopes that a large enough paycheck could lure Bale back to the cowl, even if it was a long shot.

dark knight rises running time comic con Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

Speaking with EW, Bale made his position as clear as ever. Apparently, time out of the limelight hasn’t made the idea of ‘undoing’ the trilogy’s ending any more attractive:

“We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three. That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy…Chris always said he wanted to make it one film at a time. And we ended up sitting there looking at each other, saying ‘We’re about to make the third.’ We never really knew if we were going to get to be there, but if that was how it was going to be, this was where it should end as well.”

Anyone who sought out the deeper themes and undercurrents of trauma in Nolan’s trilogy – and how they were resolved in The Dark Knight Rises – can understand Bale’s position on letting sleeping dogs lie. In essence, Nolan and Bale told the Batman story they wanted to, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Some blockbuster fans may have taken the closing moments of TDKR as leaving the series open for yet another sequel, but supporting actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt claimed it shouldn’t be taken as such.

For reasons that don’t need to be explored in-depth, calling on Bruce Wayne to once again sport the cowl and bear the responsibility of a city, a country or planet doesn’t just undercut Nolan’s ending, but goes completely against the final message of the trilogy as a whole (“Batman could be anybody”). Fans will forever wish that Nolan and Bale had taken advantage of their success and made as many films as possible, but as Bale explains, they knew a legendary trilogy was more than seemed possible in the beginning; with an ending that left fans wanting more, not realizing the series had run out of steam.

christopher nolan michael caine1 Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

Besides delivering what we expect (and to be honest, hope) will be the final word for those demanding Nolan and Bale return for another sequel or spin-off (an idea neither have ever seemed interested in), Bale’s sentiments imply that the film’s universe is just as separate and complete as his role in it. In other words, all those rumors about WB having Bale and Nolan locked into a Justice League reprisal were baseless. Besides Bale, his on-screen successor also seems as unlikely a solution going forward.

Just because Bale isn’t looking to return to the cape and cowl, that doesn’t mean a plan isn’t in place without him, or that he hasn’t already been contacted by WB and been forced to let them down easy. Unfortunately for those who thought the studio was merely being secretive when claiming they’re taking their time, all evidence supports that position. To date, Bale claims he has yet to hear anything directly about a DC team-up:

“I have no information, no knowledge about anything. I’ve literally not had a conversation with a living soul. I understand that they may be making a Justice League movie, that’s it… It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.”

Morgan Freeman Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

This is certainly bad news for all of those who thought that Nolan and Bale’s Batman ‘got it right’ compared to the versions which preceded them, but as we’ve stated before, a new Batman would be needed for a Justice League universe. With Bale’s blessing, perhaps even his supporters will be tempted to look to the future, and which actor will portray Bruce Wayne next. We still don’t know if that will be in a reboot film or in Justice League itself, but we’re confident that’s a question Warner Bros. might already have an answer to.

Just because Bale is hanging up his cape doesn’t mean some elements can’t be continued, of course; the latest Alfred (Michael Caine), for instance, has stated his interest in portraying the role in another series, and it’s hard to see a reason why he couldn’t. And with Nolan’s continued role with DC’s biggest stars, there’s no reason to think he may not be attached in a minor capacity. However, only time will.

At least now we can say with certainty that there will be a new Batman in the coming years, and as was the case with Man of Steel, he’ll have a lot more riding on his shoulders than the fate of Gotham. If a rebooted Batman film can succeed standing on its own two feet, the prospect of a Justice League team-up, or even a Batman/Superman film first becomes far more promising from the studio’s standpoint (that plan has Henry Cavill’s blessing, so who are we to doubt it?).

Superman Versus Batman Movie Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

Does this make your hopes for future DC movies soar, or fall flat on their face? Most importantly, does this open the doors between the world of Man of Steel and the heroes around Superman that Nolan’s Batman may have kept closed? Share your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll keep you updated as more news on either the new Batman or Justice League arrives.


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Source: EW

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  1. Bale is replaceable. You could use a different actor, and still have fans “buy” Batman. With iron Man, it is different. I do not think any other actor can “sell” Iron Man like the established Robert Downey, jr. batman is more about batman than Bruce Wayne. Downey has convinced audiences (to his credit) that the Iron Man movies are about both Tony Stark and the armored hero Iron Man.

    • I could not disagree more. Bales batman met with more commercial AND critical success. In fact some people argue that Iron man was influenced by that success. This is why Marvel is now king…they pursued Downey Jr depite all his statements that he would leave the franchise. Yet now you have WB letting their golden goose walk without any effort to persuade him otherwise. I now understand why Disney/Marvel is ahead.

      • Apples and Oranges. Nolan’s Batman films were a standalone thing, including the actors involved. I’m sure WB wishes they could keep milking that cow, but the price of having it was having to let go now. They are moving in a different direction now and recasting is logical.

        RDJ as Iron Man is (a) an anomaly in that other that Christopher Reeve, no individual comic book character has ever been more identified with an actor, and (b) designed to be part of an ongoing 3+ series of films.

        Marvel indeed has advantages in approach over DC, but Bale’s role is not really one of them.

        • OBJECTION!

          Hugh Jackman as Wolverine holds that record as it will soon be 5

          • If First Class is counted along with the upcoming Wolverine, HJ has played Wolverine six times.

          • Jackman has been outstanding as Wolverine.

          • While only a cameo, RDJ has played Tony Stark in 5 movies (Iron Man 1, Hulk (cameo), Iron Man 2, The Avengers & Iron Man 3-chronologically).

            Jackman would technically play the role of Wolverine in 6 movies (he cameo’d in First Class).

            • His cameo in that movie was pretty memorable lol

          • Good point, thank you for calling me on that one, about Jackman. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Bale is not one of the actors such as RDJ or Reeve (in his era) or Jackman, who is virtually irreplaceably synonymous with his character.

      • Bale brought nothing particularly unique to the role. The only standout characteristic of Bale himself was the growl, and everybody hates that.

        The Nolan franchise was successful becuase of all of the elements – more than anything the realism, the stories, and most importantly, the Joker. I didn’t care for the fighting style, I didn’t care for Bale’s delivery – the only scenes that really come to mind as Bruce Wayne are the speech in the penthouse before Joker crashed the party, and when Wayne talked to Catwoman first thing after he returned to Gotham. And maybe the scene before “some men just want to watch the world burn”. In other words, Bale’s Wayne is forgettable and he only has so much acclaim because of association to the series.

        RDJ on the other hand – he’s most entertaining as Tony Stark – both the lines he reads and his *delivery*. The suit and action involved with Ironman are great, but I could watch an entire movie with just Tony Stark walking around throwing smart and funny quips left and right. Downey IS Stark IS the man in the suit, not vice versa. Bale is just the guy inside the suit.

    • I highly disagree, I think both Bale and RDJ are along the same lines as each other. Haven’t seen the third Iron Man yet but I would say RDJ plays both Iron Man and Tony Stark in sort of the same way. For Batman and Bruce Wayne, while not generally better, Bale does give a more playboyish and millionaire feel to Bruce Wayne. I wouldn’t say fully but enough to distinguish both Batman and Wayne from each other.

      • that’s because when he’s being bruce wayne, he’s acting like a jackass on purpose, where he’s more himself as batman. tony stark is tony stark whether he has on the suit or not. everybody knows who he is, so yeah, he’s the same.

      • It’s always amusing when people declare things yet at the same time admit they haven’t even SEEN all of the things they are declaring over.

        That being said, it’s not like RDJ did anything different in 3, it’s just the principle of the idea.


        • I’ve already seen him in 3 movies so I figured that would be enough to have an opinion on it. Will be watching Iron Man 3 though, looking forward to it!

    • But one must remember that there has been multiple actors to play the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. RDJ is the first and only actor to portray Tony Stark in and out of the Iron Man suit.

      Thus, you believe RDJ is irreplaceable because he is the only actor to have portrayed Shell Head. You think Batman can be replaced because you are cognizant that it has been done before, with different interpretation each.

      I would argue that Bale is the most attached to the role of Batman in modern context for playing the character in three recent successful films just as RDJ played his role in four films.

      • Very astute and very well put. The point I was making is that critically and commercially Bale’s three Batman films were more successful than Downey’s Iron Man series. So how do you determine that he is any more accepted as embodying the character as Bale. The fact that Bale has done that in the shadow of prevoius actors who played Batman makes the achievement all that much more.

        • It’s the public opinion about the actors and characters themselves. People like the Nolan series; people like RDJ’s Ironman. Nobody even knows the director of the Ironman movies – that’s because the draw is RDJ. Everyone talks about the latest Batman series as Nolan’s – because it was Nolan’s stamp on it. But not Bales. I’m tired of this association. Nobody has even said what they love so much about Bale’s performance itself!!

          • I don’t think it would have been as successful if they replaced Bale at any point during the trilogy. He is not the ONLY reason why it was successful, but he is in my opinion an irreplaceable part.

          • I find that’s a good thing. There’s only a handful of times where a trilogy is remembered primarily for the director and writer. And as a secondary, the strong actors that deliver the material.

        • Robert Downey, Jr. is more embodying of the character because he literally carries those films with his charisma and charm. He took a B-list comic book character and made him a household name. Those films would be nothing without Downey, Jr. While they haven’t all been great films, it’s him who keeps them from being forgotten.

          Bale is an Academy Award winning actor but I would argue that his Bruce Wayne and his Batman were the least interesting characters after Batman Begins. He did fine in the role but he didn’t really bring anything new to it.

          The reasons the Nolan films are critically acclaimed can be attributed to Nolan’s vision and storytelling, Heath Ledger, and the cast as a whole. Christian Bale is a great actor but as Bruce Wayne and Batman he didn’t really bring anything new to the role. I would also argue that his version was much different than the comics version.

          In any event, no actors can be bigger than the characters that have been around for decades. That goes for Bale and Downey, Jr. That said, it’s my personal opinion that the latter is more synonymous with his role than the other. He literally started and carries an entire film universe.

          • There is a history that we can look at that proves otherwise. Not anybody can play Batman as Val Kilmer and George Clooney, both fine actors but in my opinion just not right for the part. bale was more in line with the comics Batman than Michael Keaton. So he is the best adaptation of the character to date (if you want to compare theri accuracy to the comics). You are right, Downey Jr. is the draw and his Charisma carries the films, but the fact that people are disappointed and the level of it shows that Bale’s Batman is the prevailing version that people have embraced and changing him for no apparent reason is a gargantuan mistake.

    • Is there a way to report this for the obvious gimmick advertisement that it is?

  2. Well there was a movie called avengers that did a oneup on the darknight without
    all the psychobabble of the nolan series. Not only did avengers thrash all of the
    Darknight trilogy in the same summer but also beat titanics original domestic box office run. Nolan lovers do me a favor please, watch your silly dark trilogy until your fanatic eyeballs blowout and stay there!!!!!!

    • Ah, man. Thing is, you “Avengers” lovers are just as bad as the Nolan lovers.

      Adam West for the NEW Batman reboot.

      Let’s get this done!!!

    • Box office argument, nice. It’s almost impossible for some people to grant the same amount of credit to two different films that are trying to accomplish two different things.

    • @rod22

      “…avengers thrash all of the Darknight trilogy in the same summer…”

      The Avengers made 1.5 billion dollars worldwide. The Dark Knight Trilogy took in 2+ billion dollars (mostly from the last two alone). So no, the Avengers itself did not “thrash” the entire trilogy as a whole financially.

      “Nolan lovers do me a favor please, watch your silly dark trilogy until your fanatic eyeballs blowout and stay there!!!!!!”

      I am playing devil’s advocate here. You reacting like this towards a critical/financially successful series reads as ignorant. You may not like them, your choice. However, you are referring to series of films as “silly” when the film you are praising and the films before and after play up and embrace “silliness” and moderate “tongue-in-cheek”.

      Lastly, you are obviously hostile to “Nolan lovers” or whatever, but you fail to see how you are not behaving any differently- just for the other side.

      Thanks for your time.

      • People also forget about the Colorado shooting, which really made an impact on everyone’s thoughts about going to see the film.

        I will say I love Christian Bale to death for visiting one of the hospitals to cheer up some of the injured children, that doesn’t happen very often. A very kind action :)

        • The shootings didn’t detour me from seeing TDKR.

        • Yup.


    • Ticket sales don’t mean s***. Avengers was more family friendly and that will always outsell anything. But that doesn’t make it better than any of the Dark Knight films.

      • Yup. I love the Marvel movies, they are cool and fun as hell. NONE of them are actually a better film than any Nolan bats. They aren’t even close tbh.


        • The Avengers was.

          • Umm, no. 😉 It was however, fun as all hell and cool. 😀


            • +1

              • +2

            • None Of Nolan’s Bat films were perfect neither.

    • The Avengers made more money, sure, but TDKR STILL made over a billion dollars worldwide. And although the overall critic rating is higher for Avengers than TDKR, TDK still got much better reviews (and Oscar recognition) than The Avengers. So no, TDK trilogy isn’t some little thing that The Avengers trampled over. All three movies have made over 2 billion dollars world wide and ALL got very positive reviews. Like it or not, they ARE considered some of the greatest comic book movies of all time. And if Batman Begins and TDK didn’t do so well, Marvel might not have tried so hard with their movies.

    • I`m preety sure the quality of a movie has nothing to do with the profit it makes. What you call “psychobabble” is something that you clearly did not understand (I`m not saying you have to like it, but you could have chosen to be a gentleman and respect it even if it`s not what you wanted, because what Nolan did was quality).

      My take on the box office ratings is that Avengers made more because it was bigger (a team of superheroes, most of them introduced in the previous movies) and it had a different kind of tone than Nolan`s Batman (more child friendly). Both movies are a success and are premium quality, but they are not to be compared because not both are about superheroes. Nolan didn`t make a superhero movie, and that is what got it the hate.

      Looking back, I`m glad Batman and Avengers were so different, got to experience two different great takes on comic personas, and it seems Batman will be recast so we`ll see the Batman haters wanted.

    • @Rod.

      Like Ironman.

      The Avengers came out May 4th. Had a long run before it received any serious threat.

      Had the Avengers come out in June or July, it would have suffered the same fate as Man of Steel as in other movies coming out and challenging it.

      When you schedule a movie to come out in the first week of May, you are assuring yourself of two things.

      1 No Opposition for almost 6 weeks.
      2 Word of Mouth.

      I severely doubt, The Avengers would have had strong competition if it came out in the middle of the summer movie season. The Dark Knight Rises came out in July, right in the middle of the movie season and yet still managed to challenge for number 1 movie for almost a month. With competition.

      The Avengers also had people who saw it more than once, where as Dark Knight had people who saw it once, if not twice.

      Another Key thing people do not put in the equation. The Dark knight Rises was not filmed in 3D, Extrapolate The 3D ticket sales of The Avengers and The Dark Knight rises comes out, with better numbers. So 1.1 Billion for Dark knight Rises to The Avengers 1.5 Billion.

    • @rod22
      Ok lets put this way
      Ironman 1 more successful than batman begins
      Ironman 2 to dark knight (do I need to say anything about this???)
      Ironman 3 to dark knight rises(again do I need to say the same thing??)
      so I guess its 2 on 1 and if my calculation is right , who is winning here??
      and comparing avengers to whole dark knight series just because RDJ is there does not make any sense you are comparing a bunch of superheroes to a single batman, wait for justice league then we will see,and yes I like nolan and his silly dark trilogy and my fanatic eyeballs are not blown out , understand you asshole

      • My god, Iron Man 3 Totally blew. You’d think that what they did with magic in Thor that they wouldn’t have been scared to experiment with Kingsley. When i saw that trailer i was totally rocked. I had pushed my parents so hard to take me to see it, only to be totally disappointed. They made the Mandarin out to be a joke, they traded him in for a a bunch of needless explosions, more CGI, and of course more suits. Im not saying RDJ portrayal of Tony Stark was anything less than great but his panic attacks were horrible. Look it up, the Iron Man Franchise totally followed in Nolans foot steps. I dont really mind but Shane black ruined what Happy hogan setup.

  3. Val Kilmer for the NEW Batman Reboot!!!!

    Make it so.

    • Lol yessss.

  4. Bale is done as Batman. I understand that and why. So I say go ahead with other DC heroes in their own movies. Just put batman in the JL at that time then do another batman alone where you can then mix the universe.

  5. Im really angry now! I’ ll not see JL if Bale isnt in it. We dont need another Batman. General Audiences deserve continuity.

    • It is sad that Marvel (now) seems to get this and after all the success of the Dark Knight WB still has not figured it out.

    • You want continuity? So you want a broken, old Bruce Wayne, who is without his house, secret hide out, suit and gadgets to be Batman in a world where a single man (alien) can obliterate an entire city? What good could Christian Bale’s Batman do against villains who can move faster than sound and light, withstand heavy fire from large callibre guns and explosives? It is time for a new Batman, a stronger, more agile Caped Crusader who is more than just a man in a mask. We deserve a live action Arkham Asylum/City or Animated Series Batman.

      • @ Logan

        Boom. Exactly.


      • No! I want a Bruce Wayne who retrained and honed his body while in the ‘pit” who is rich enough to BUY a new house and still had access to many more gadgetry through his association with the very man who has always supplied it to him.

        What you want to watch is a CARTOON!…this is for a live action movie which the WB already produces. Even the the Burton Batman could not do those things…Why?… because he is human! If they show him moving faster than sound or whatever other nonsense you think he should be able to do it would make him NOT HUMAN! The idea that because Batman can’t move as fast or is as strong as aliens is the EXACT same situation he is in, in the comics, thus it is no different.

        • @ Bayard

          I think you misunderstood his comment about the super powers. Nobody is suggesting that we turn Batman into a super human but the fact is that the comics Batman honed his body and mind from a very young age, not after losing to Bane twice. What Logan and I are advocating for is a Batman who, from the time his parents were killed, went into training, traveled the world, learned all types of martial arts, and honed his body and mind for his entire life just like in the comics and cartoons. Bale’s Batman would need to reinvent himself and reestablish himself. It’s too much weight to put on a new franchise. And by new franchise I mean this Superman universe and the shared JL universe. Watch the Gotham Knight animated shorts that were released as a tie in for Batman Begins. Basically Animatrix but for Batman. Batman is shown doing all sorts of things that Bale’s version was seen utilizing. he takes a bullet to the gut, climbs a good 50 feet getting out of sewer when the wood panel he’s holding on to breaks, falls all the way down, and gets up to climb back out. Bale’s Batman went down from a knife wound. People who are glad that Bale isn’t returning recognize that there’s a better, stronger Batman that could be made. Not that he has to be superpowered but that he is, in every way, the pinnacle of human capability. He’s almost Captain America level but without the serum.

          • OK…first, Bane did NOT beat Batman twice in TDKR and the movie made it a point to show it was because he was inactive…he was not at his peak physical strength. Second, when did Bale’s Batman go “down from a knife wound” If you are talking about when Talia stabbed him…right after that he got up flew across the city, took out Talia and saved the city of Gotham by taking the bomb out to sea. i hardly would call that going “down” But whatever…

            To your other point lets see here…Bale’s Batman:

            Defeated all of rs Al Ghuls men at their training hideout (BB)
            Fought with and defeated four more of Ras Al Ghuls men (BB)
            Took out two SWAT teams AND Jokers henchman – about 30 people (TDK)
            After -re-honing his body beat down a freakishly strong Bane – a man who could punch through concrete pillars.

            Yeah… I don’t recall Captain America doing all of that…

            • Yes he did. Batman put the beating on him initially in that second fight but Catwoman was the one who actually beat Bane by shooting him after Talia stabs Batman and he just sits there while she jabbers on about her father and lets Bane tie him up. He only “got right up” as you put it after Catwoman saved him. he was weak. In The Dark Knight Returns, which Nolan pulled from heavily for this storyline and where he is said to be about 55 years old, Batman is literally gutted by the Joker. He gets repeatedly stabbed in the stomach before beating the Joker, escaping the police, evading gunfire, all while stagger/running through the streets pouring blood from his stomach. He then gets patched up by Alfred, has about a day to recover and then beats the crap out of Superman. You can talk all day about all the nameless henchmen that Bale beat but at the end of the day Bale’s Batman pales in comparison to the comics and could never be believeable going toe to toe with The Man of Steel. That version was not a superhero. There was nothing super about him and that was the point of the story; that it was all about the symbol and not about the skill and ability to actually be Batman. That’s why the ending alludes to some rookie cop with zero training taking up the cape and cowl. Because in that universe, there doesn’t have to be anything special about you to be Batman. You just have to really want it.
              And I’m talking comics Cap and that, like Cap, Batman far exceeds the physical abilities of even the greatest athletes and martial artists. Batman should be able to take on Jason Bourne with no problem and make Bruce Lee look like an amateur. And Cap has only had one movie to himself and he did manage to put the beating on quite a few aliens in Avengers. More nameless henchmen just like the ones you referenced for Batman. As for the punching through concrete pillars thing, you might wanna watch that scene again. He takes off the outer layers of those pillars which are typically plaster. If you wanna see strength read Batman: Year One by Frank Miller which Nolan ALSO heavily pulled from for Batman Begins. Before he even becomes Batman he turns a big stone into powder with his fist and kicks down a tree. Bale’s Batman can’t do that. He never got himself to that level of physical ability. And as for mental, Bale was never a great detective. He was smart but not 5 steps ahead of everyone. He was always struggling and playing catch up.

              • 1) …so bane did NOT beat him in their fight, Talia stabbed him! Those are two different things.

                2)…so you are telling me that if an audience saw in a live action movie, Batman “…gutted … gets repeatedly stabbed in the stomach …. escaping the police, evading gunfire, all while stagger/running through the streets pouring blood from his stomach. He then gets patched up by Alfred, has about a day to recover and then beats the crap out of Superman.”

                That audience will not roll their eyes and wonder who would put this out-of-this-world crap on film. This reminds me of how in Green Lantern Hal Jordan punches someone through a brick wall and we are all supposed to assume he is alright because it is a superhero movie.

                Or maybe it would be believable to a general audience to see Batman “…turns a big stone into powder with his fist and kicks down a tree.”

                See this is the problem, you want to watch a cartoon.

                  • Bane was on the ground dazed and could not defend himself as Batman was punching him in the face. He was beaten …end of discussion! (You cannot count the interference of Talia as part of their fight because if that is the case, the interference of Catwoman still means Batman won that fight)

                    We are going to have to agree to disagree. I did a quick internet search of people breaking rocks with their hands, and while it is something I probably could not do, I was not terribly impressed since they were small rocks and did not look all that solid. And the backflip that Bruce Wayne does in the cartoon clip from a standing position is physically impossible. If he is able to do that then he is not human and that to me is another character. One of the defining attributes of Bruce Wayne as a superhero is that he is human.

                    Please find the article or whatever of Bruce Lee breaking a bat with his abs. I will believe it when I see it!

                    • Why do you think so many of the villains he goes up against say that he isn’t human? It’s because he can do things that people shouldn’t be able to do. He’s not just a guy in a costume. You’re gonna have to let go of the expectation that he’s just a really fit guy. He’s much more than that.

                    • But I think the problem here is that you cannot let go of an animated character and envision how he would be in the real world. It is as if I wanted to make a live action Bugs Bunny movie. In that world you can drop a boulder on a person and nothing happens. If i make something live action doing the same thing will seem out of place in a real world setting. I have seen the kind of stunts you want batman to do in karate movies. But there is a reason there has never been a Karate blockbuster movie. Even if you say the Matrix, the abilities he exhibited were explained away…and when he left the Matrix so did those abilities. If you want to see those things they make animated movies that fulfill that kind of story telling.

            • He did not re-hone his body. His body was beyond repair, he lost cartilage, he had calcium deposits, he had broken his bones which did not properly heal.

              What he did, was go on the defensive with Bane and let Bane commit to all of the fight, he only struck when Bane gave him the opening. He had to fight for his life for the first time against a younger and more powerful foe.

              The body does not replace cartilage.

              • Uh he did Re-hone his body. in the movie it shows him doing push ups, chin ups etc and the guy in jail with him even asks “why build your body?”

                Even in the comics, Bane is characterized as someone who is stronger than Batman. At the end of the movie, Batman is much more elusive and able to avoid his punches (further proving he built up his body).

                Just because you don’t have cartilage in your knees does not mean you cannot be physical (run, jump etc), however over time it will become debilitating.

            • @Patrick.

              None of them head on, except for the 4 in BB.

              He countered more of Al Gaul Men, instead of flat out engaging them.

              Batman used Stealth and Silence to take down most of his opponents.

              None of the people he fought had his skill level, nor his ability to use darkness, and believe he was more a threat if not seen till the moment of attack.

              • Excuse me the fight at Ras Al Ghuls hideout was not head on? I must have seen a different movie.

                I don’t care HOW MUCH ‘skill’ you opponent does not have compared to you, having to take down an (approximately) 30 member SWAT team would be unimaginable in the real world.

                • No it was not head on. It was Point of Attack. He was on the defensive for the most part. He got punches in on members,but not as much as to disable them.

                  Had he gone on a full out offensive assault, he would have incapacitated most if not all of them.

                  Plus it was only a movie.

                • No, because the Fake Al Gaul called the rest of the league of Shadows off and fought him one on one.

                  He sent the fire into the explosives. So no, he did not take on the entire league of shadows at their base.

                  What Movie did you see?

                  • This is becoming an exercise in semantics. The statement I made was that he “defeated all of [SIC]rs Al Ghuls men at their training hideout” That statement is true! But he did not individually fight them he only took on the man he thought was the real Ras Al Ghul.

                    That’s the movie I saw!

            • Peak Physical Condition?

              He never was at peak physical condition. He was far to injured to ever be at Physical Peak Condition.

              • I concede the point…but he close enough to still beat down Bane!

                • He did not beat down Bane as he used Bane to commit to him. First fight he went on the offensive against Bane and Bane Countered him at every point.

                  So, he reversed it, took Bane’s rage and hatred of him against him, made him commit mistakes and leave himself with opening. He Countered Bane the Second time around.

                    • A Beat down.

                      Is what Hulk Gave to Loki.

                    • @ Jeff W

                      …and the difference is?

          • Yeah i get that, but Nolans portrayal was great in that it showed Batman is not forever. If you are just a man then you can be defeated, erego the doctor telling bale that he wouldn’t advise he go skiing or whatever cuz his body was in such horrible shape. And in Batman Begins, before bale starts his training with the league of assassins, you hear Ducard recognizing all of the fighting styles/techniques that Bale is trying out. That isn’t the only place where he trained himself.

      • What your asking for is a superhero which Batman is not. He is a dark knight. Sure he might not be able to go toe to toe with most of the JL but you have to admire his effort (not usually). But for the most part he holds his own

    • I loved Bale’s portrayal and Nolan’s trilogy in general, even though TDKR was crappily paced, but I must say u r an idiot. At the end of TDKR, he has no house, no money in his name, no Batcave, everyone thinks he’s dead. It’s over! Don’t rage just because they’re making the logical decision! It would be ridiculously stupid if he came back.

    • I’ll watch as many Batman films as I can, the more the merrier. Oh geez, I hope they don’t call it that aha.

    • @ DMC

      Im sure TDK trilogy will be remembered for sure. For good & bad things.

    • Spot on! That`s what Batman is all about in JL, that is his strenght (his mind). That`s why Bale is done with Batman and so it should be, because the Batman Nolan gave us was great, but was not a superhero and wasn`t intended to be.

      Batman in JL should be a detective, the guy to “find the way” and outsmart opponents, but in the same time a true hardcore fighter.

      • Absolutely. A new take on Batman is needed for a JLA flick.


    • @ DMC

      The Return of the King, Bourne Ultimatum, Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Sith (if were counting the prequel trilogy separately)

      And yes despite majority opinion TDKR was as good as it’s predecessors. Expectations were just insanely high for that movie.

      • Imo, TDKR was the least good one outta the trilogy. I can’t even finish watching it anymore as whole.

  6. I’m happy that Bale and Nolan decided to conclude The Dark Knight, and not listen to the overly anxious fan girls of the world. I loved the TDK Trilogy, and personally I feel like bringing the Dark Knight into the world of Justice League would bastardize the character. He just doesn’t belong in that world. And I’m glad Bale and Nolan realize that.

  7. YES! I am so glad we will never see Bale and Nolan ruin another Batman incarnation!

    • The greatest comic films in history ruined Batman. RIGHT. pfft.. pass that s***!! You don’t REMEMBER the 90’s?


    • @ Akai

      Im just glad the trilogy is overso we can see more of Batman’s other villains that wouldn’t fit Nolan’s tone in the real world.

    • @ Akai

      Im just glad the trilogy is over so we can see more of Batman’s other villains that wouldn’t fit Nolan’s tone in the real world.

  8. “It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another.
    So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.”

    Classy statement from a class actor.
    Three and out is a good rule to follow.
    Bale is Batman history and film history.

    My choice for taking the torch: Jim Caviezel.

    • I agree.
      He is actually a nice guy in real life it seems.
      While it would have been nice to see Bale and Cavill together on screen
      I am prepared for the new rendition.

      • Genuinely one of the nicest guys in the biz.
        He’d be a great Bats and play well with Henry.
        Jim could make it his own and give it authority.

    • Jim is brilliant in Person of interest.

      Goes to show Christian Bale is a serious actor and gives the role his all.

      • The creator of Person Of Interest is none other than Jonathan Nolan.
        Who is a person of interest to Christopher Nolan who likely will
        have some producing capacity for the next Batman for WB.
        I hope the brothers realize they have the next Batman.

    • Person of Interest IS Batman without the cape. I’ve mentioned this before. He’d be perfect. He will not get the role due to age though, which blows. Caviezel could easily be the animated series Bats, and pull it off too. TBH, he would have been better than Bale.


      • Jim is really not too old but maybe they will go for younger.
        I thought Caviezel could be considered last reboot too
        but he was too young then. Timing is everything.

    • @Robert Palmer

      So, you want Jim Caviezel to play Batman?

      Why not? He already played Jesus.

      • I was on team Caviezel in 2005 for Jim to play Supes
        before Singer came onboard killing any of those hopes.

      • I should add rumor was Singer had an
        issue with Jim just coming off playing Jesus.
        Mark Millar claimed Jim had officially been cast
        as Superman before Singer developed said misgivings.

        • I think Jim Caviezel is the perfect choice for the next Batman. However, he IS in his 40’s. That may not be a problem now, but they are going to want an actor that can play the part for several years. RDJ is getting pretty old and still being Iron Man, sure, but Batman is a much more physically demanding role than Iron Man (who is just CGI half the time). Again, I’d love to see Jim Caviezel as Batman, but in the long run, I’m not sure if that would work out.

          • No doubt if they are thinking of Batman for a decade
            Jim’s age would be a factor to the studio suits despite
            the fact that I think he would look the part throughout.
            His actual age is less relevant than the age he can play.

            • I think it would make sense for Batman to be the older, wiser hero and Superman to be the younger, stronger hero. In either case, seeing Jim Caviezel in the role would be fantastic. For years I thought guys like Kurt Russell and Billy Crudup could portray an older Batman too.

              As for Caviezel/Singer, your recollections are the same as mine. It wasn’t that Singer took issue with the performance as Christ, rather, he wanted someone who had less name/face recognition similar to the way Christopher Reeve had been. Singer got his wishes and Caviezel was fortunate to have dodged the (speeding) bullet that was Superman Returns.

              • I do like the older/wiser Batman dynamic too.
                And you are right, Singer thought Caviezel
                was less the unknown he was looking for
                not that he had objections to anything.

                Plus, all things considered, the way Singer
                took Superman Returns I would not have
                wanted him in that story and like you
                Jim was better off not getting it.

                Yes, Jim would be fantastic.

  9. There’s no reason to redo Batman whatsoever. Nolan and Bale did a terrific version. It would be pointless for anyone else to do so.

    • @ Benny

      Says you & some others who are die hard fans of TDK trilogy.

    • Art is reinterpretation, reinvention. The comics do it all the time, sometimes they can fall flat, sometimes they suceed but typically all add to the characters mythos. reboots will always happen every couple decades (or sooner) its just reality and we are better for it. Many thought the original batman was incredible (with jack nickelson as the joker) what if no other batman was attemtped after that? Sure we wouldnt of had the clooney batman but we would have also not had Nolan’s interpretation. I for one look forward to something new, a batman that is truly the epitome of what I’ve come to see as the cornerstones of the Batman mythos: a brillant scientist/tech expert, a second to none detective, the most dangerous man alive, the pinacle of human athleticism. An established batman that has all the gadgets, that moves like a acrobat and is such a advanced martial artist that thugs etc dont even come close to putting a finger on him. A grey and black suit, with his cape falling forward over his shoulders not like bales version that was essentially like superman. No bulky “armored” suit, cleaner lines. Possibly an actor with a physique that fills and makes the suit rather than previous incarations. Hopefully this will come to pass as we need the best of Bats if hes to be sharing the screen with heroes as powerful as MoS superman.

      • thats the batman i want to see too!!!

        • It seems like you both want to watch a cartoon! For example when you state “…and is such a advanced martial artist that thugs etc dont even come close to putting a finger on him.” That is completely absurd. I have personally studied martial arts and seventh degree blackbelts have taught me that you should expect to be hit…even by people with NO martial arts training. The key to it is the response and how quickly you diffuse the confrontation using some level of force. No martial artist can always avoid being hit. The people who fight in MMA…many are advanced degree martial arts fighters and they get hit consistently.

          • What a whiney pointless point! He’s trying to make a point about just how good Batman is compared to – you know what forget it. You’re taking this way too seriously, way too uber-realistically that I need to go take some deep breaths for a moment.

            • Try taking you medication!

          • Its more than just martial arts it the detective work the gadgets in the jl batman was the 1 telling everyone what to do because he had the best strategy to win. and it worked when there was a problem superman almost always told bats to find a solution. he always had all the information or he was the 1 to get it 1 way or another he would do what the others wouldnt think of he was a leader and he was the only 1 to have no powers. and he could hold his own in a fight. in the new 52 gl and aquaman had a problem following him cuz he had no powers but his way alway brought them a victory so they accepted it. And it didnt hurt he had big money to fund them

            • But nothing you just stated can’t be in a Nolan Batman? He ALSO has gadgets. He ALSO led (read directed) a team of the police and Catwoman when they attacked Bane at the end of TDKR.

              • But the big difference is bale said he does not want to do it. He kind of getting old we need a mid to late 20s batman unless u just want 1 jl movie and he will need a to be more of a detective if Bale was 29 id be all for it. i just want a batman that can compete and fight with the jl not hold their coats but i see what u are saying he was a good bruce wayne they will just have to find another good actor with a a good story to make you care about him it can be done if they dont just pick anybody because of the looks and size. He just need all the aspect of the Batman to be with the JL the smarts, athletic, the ability to out think everyone Plus your gonna go see it anyway we all are if not to celebrate it to complain I hated im3 but if they make a im4 id be there even though i swore i wouldnt

                • Tom Cruise is 50 and he is still making Mission Impossible movies. They can pump out batman films for the next ten years when Bale will just be 50.

              • change can be good ! it can also make crap but hope for the best and if its not you can come here and say I TOLD YALL THEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT BALE. and get your props

                • +1

                  I think there’s always someone who can top the previous actor or at least offer something different. Let’s hope the actor does both these things and yes, change is good. Love Bale, he’s Batman to me and I highly doubt that will ever change. But like Bale says, keep passing the torch. He’s been Batman for 10 years, I say let him continue his career and let another unknown actor get the spotlight and spark their career, just like how Man of Steel sparked Cavill’s career and Batman Begins sparked Bale’s career. I said ‘sparked’ way too many times didn’t I? lol

                  I still wouldn’t say no to a Bale or Cavill team up though, but everything is pointing the other way so I think I’m going to move on just like the studio’s moving on.

                  • If fans show that they want Bale (an already established character that 90% of the public likes in the role), WHY take the chance on the possibility that you are going to find another Batman.

                    Was it not Warner Brothers that was going to cast Armie Hammer in their first Justice League movie… NOW comes word that he is terrible in the Lone Ranger. Not asking Bale to reprise the role is one of the most boneheaded decisions in memory. I PROMISE you all of these people wanting a new batman will be the ones complaining when the Justice League franchise bombs!

      • When they finally get round to a JL movie they need to pull a ‘hulk’. Hulk was arguably the star of avengers and all he did was smash stuff. WB/DC will need to find a way of making Batman an extra awesome human so that he stands out in the crowd of super-powered beings. And at the end of the movie people will be clamouring for another Bat solo adventure (if one hasn’t been made already)

        • +1

          Maybe more screen time though aha. I can definitely can see Batman being the highlight of Justice League, the guy never gets old. Well not for me anyways.

      • I like this.^^^^^

        I envision the Batman “reveal scene” to be the nascent JL in their second scrap with the Big Baddie. They got trounced in the brief, first encounter but the villain inexplicably left (it’s the writers’ job to explain why).

        Now, here they are, with all that power, struggling again, on the verge of losing, when an acrobatic shadow flies across the screen, employs some technology or strategy that turns the tables and sends the Baddie(s) running to retool. The JLers have heard of the Bat, felt he was either not powerful enough or too morally questionable to approach before (again, writers’ need to do the exposition) but now try to engage Batman to their cause. Of course, he disappears after only a couple of words (same attitude as Wolverine in First Class), and despite their efforts to use their powers to track him, is gone like smoke.

        The next time when they are gathered he appears on his terms, again to the surprise of the greater-powered heroes. Now,the team is ready to listen and (as the story progresses)accept their new strategist and leader…

    • In a JLA context, it’s not only NOT pointless, it’s required.


  10. I think what Nolan did was answer a question that many probably wondered if a superhero like Batman could exist in reality and he pretty much answered that by treating us to it theatrically. That being said I think it’s best to leave the trilogy as that without bringing anything more to it.

    I’d welcome another take on the caped crusader but lets not venture into his backstory and let characters reference their past relationship with him for audience to put the pieces together so we can part take in playing a detective in discovering his “secrets”

  11. The justice league could have happened between the 7 years wayne stopped being batman in TDKR which explaines why he was crippled .. and it can be used cause no one really knew what happened between those missing 7 years… 7 years is a really long time and a lot can happen.. it is just like what happened to stark after the avengers he is broken… much like bale was during the TDKR crippled.

    • Doesn’t work at all. Why did Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern stand by and do nothing when ether A. Bane took over Gotham or B. When Bruce went missing?

      • The best way was for it (Man of Steel) to occur after the events of TDKR. There was no story line or plot point in the movie to prevent Batman from returning.

      • Here we go again. Another Batman reboot. It gets tiresome to a point. With the JL movie supposedly coming 2015, I seriously can’t see another Batman being established in-between, and released. Hmmm.. Unless it’s a different Batman, but in the same universe as Nolan’s. The ending of TDKR present tons of possibilities. There’s so much potential.

        • There is NO JLA in 2015. It’ll be a few years.


  12. I Feel that WB is going to do stand alone films with other JL members. then when they bring forth the JL movie, they will have batman in it. We just want get his back story in till after the JL movie. Batman seems like the easiest on to make, so it can wait. Flash and Green Lantern should be great stand alone films.

    P.s. I have not read enough for sure, but is there any way the marvel films that have been announced are for sure about new characters, or can they might be back stories for ppl like Hawkeye, black widow, hulk, S.H.I.E.D. its self, or even Nick Fury? just wondering..

    • Cap 2 is gonna have a black widow back story i dont know about hawkeye or the rest

  13. Only person I find more committed in a live-action hero role is Hugh Jackman. Whether it’s full role or cameo role, he’s there & aslong fans want him as Wolverine & X-Films do good, he’ll keep on being Wolverine. That’s commitment.

    Even though he’s a voice actor. Kevin Conroy just as been that committed as being involved with Batman.

  14. Here’s the deal, Marvel can’t touch The Dark Knight Trilogy. It’s over and done. Nolan’s trilogy doesn’t fit in with JL. Lets move on people. Nolan and Bale are not coming back. You can’t mess with perfection!

    • I don’t see Nolan’s trilogy as perfection.

  15. Christian Bale is one hell of a guy. Sweet guy.
    I enjoyed him as Bruce Wayne and Batman. Each film was something new or a different side to the character.
    He was the definitive Batman for me, especially in The Dark Knight.

    -Such as the start of the film how is watching Dent and other major activities.
    -Using lightly irradiated bills to track down the Mob with Gordon.
    -How small time crooks stop doing deals due to the Bat signal.
    -Bruce forming deals as a front in order to investigate Mr. Lao.
    -Bruce actually designed his bat suit, sleeping in board meetings, owning a series of restaurants, hosting party for Harvey Dent.
    -Batman popping up surprisingly while not alerting anyone and already a head of the cops and Harvey Dent.

    -Bruce pretending to not know much about radar, yet tactfully implements an application of the device on a much larger, city-wide scale secretly throughout the film while also anticipating the most probable reaction of Mr. Fox, along with other consequences, as to also develop a failsafe to deactivate the device.

    -Bruce doing some detective work to successfully track down the apartment of which the ambushed police hostages which were robbed of their uniforms were located at. Sure, it is not what Batman wanted, but he was on the right track and the Joker-so much ever in comic book fashion- was ahead of him.

    These are some of the qualities that were very Batman in personality and action very much in line with much comic book interpretation and the animated series.

    I enjoyed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight equally and very much. The Dark Knight Rises has its moments but is easily the weakest. Not a total bad, but frankly not overly great as the first two. But it does finish the story up nicely in the end.

    • +1

    • I disagree as Bruce was trained by Ra’s Al Ghoul which he wasn’t in the comics because he had multiple teachers. Ra’s really was responsible for Bruce’s parents death even if Joe Chill pulled the trigger.

      He left Ra’s to die at the end of Batman Begins which is the same as killing. If Batman went by his code, he would of took Ra
      s off the train aswell.

      Fox had no problem with Batman using sonar to get Chaow overseas but back in Gotham he protested about using it to find the Joker’s whereabouts.

      Given the time between Batman Begins & TDK, you’d think Batman be closer to getting the Joker or had him already since Dent was dealing with mob.

      He could of saved Gordon’s son & Dent if he didn’t just appear grapple Dent’s legs from behind instead. Only problem is they would have to tell Gotham the truth at the point.

      They made Bane a lacky again in TDKR only he talked w/ a mouth piece which couldn’t undersand every word he said & he was such talker.

      Near the end when The Bat was flying low to the tumblers, One of them could of easily hit Batman by how close he was & still missed. It Catwoman on the Batpod to destroy that one.

      Batman growling at Bane was silly during their first fight. & baffles me how Batman took Bane out with easy the second time & said he had his permission to die. So not Batman ain’t it?

      Not to mention all three films lacked good action of Batman shown fighting. It was fast paced. At the end of TDKR, Batman was glorified with a statue of himself. That’s as bad as him & Robin being treated like celebrities in Batman & Robin.

  16. The most ironic thing about this story ( which is really old news and should come as no surprise ) is that Henry Cavill and Christian Bale would both make a very compelling and formidable team in their respective roles.

    They’d both be great on the screen together.

    Now, it’s time to find an actor that will work well with Cavill.

    In any event, when it comes to the future of the DCCU there’s a new sheriff in town and it happens to be Cavill/Superman.

    And when it comes to The Justice League, that’s the way it should be.

    • True about the Bale and Cavill team up, would’ve been absolutely mind blowing. If I saw that, I wouldn’t need a superhero movie for another 2 decades.

      Hopefully they find a great actor on the same league as Cavill, making the role his own just like Bale made Batman his own.

  17. Eh im fine with this.
    I dont think Nolans Batman would work with the current Superman/Justice League anyway.
    I wonder who will be the next Bruce Wayne/Batman?

  18. So, while I do enjoy Christian Bale performance and the success of the trilogy, I say Bale is smart to pass on while he is ahead. He is very articulate and wise on his stance and viewpoint.

    I would welcome a new take that builds on the elements of ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ while evolving the character further which did not occur in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Sort of how ‘Man of Steel’ was built from the relatable context of the Nolan films but involved it organically and naturally to fantastic levels.

    So I would be glad to see a new actor. Perhaps they can keep some of the supporting cast in the same roles, but slightly updated for the new model. Like Michael Caine reprising the role of Alfred but not necessarily the same role.

    I know I would not mind seeing a more “true to comic book attributes” Liam Neeson as Ra’s Al Ghul and Anne Hathaway Catwoman. They got the essence right, so now build up on those roles and deliver some of the other elements that were alluded to or winked at but not overly shown.

    Keep Batman Begins (and maybe The Dark Knight) somewhat loosely in canon- but take into a new direction.

  19. i get why he’s done. that particular arch ran it’s course to his and Nolan’s credit, they told a well rounded epic tale. that doesn’t mean it won’t start again. my one hope with this and any other popular CBM franchise is they find a way to continue on the storyline, by that I mean pull a James Bond and simple recast the thing instead of totally rebooting it, because quite honestly i’m getting bored with all these origin stories we’ve seen plenty, and now that MOS has planted itself as a future franchise we can see a bigger DC movieverse. hopefully.

  20. Do Justice League. Then at the very very end tease a new Batman.

  21. I disagree with this conclusion that the JL universe always had to have a new Batman. I always knew they would get one, but there’s no reason that Batman could’ve been gone until all the heroes reveal themselves and Wayne comes back because he knows he has the smarts and the technology to think of ways to bring down the supers in case they turn on humanity.

    That being said, I think they should just bring Batman in for either a JL movie or a Superman team up. It’s too soon for a reboot when the last film is barely a year old. We all know the overall backstory to Batman by now and if they were to do a stand alone film them either leave the backstory out or just play it in brief flashbacks or brief character expositions. Also, to the blogger’s point that Michael Caine could be Alfred again, I disagree. He’s a great actor, but to your general audiences they’re going to have a hard time connecting that he’s Alfred but this is a completely different Batman from a different cinematic universe.

    • Finally…common sense! I am nominating you for head of Warner Brothers.

  22. How would a Batman that can age and struggles against two-bit thugs work in a world with aliens and gods and superpowers? NolanBats was always going to be it’s own thing and so should this new Superman. If you want to combine things then start with everything in place first so the movies can come out right after another like the Avengers did.

    • I think you are thinking about it from a false premise…that the Nolan Batman should fit in that world. It should be the opposite…DC characters should be able to fit in Batman’s world. FOR EXAMPLE take Bane. The one in the Nolan universe is a reinterpretation of Bane. The comic version is basically an inflated “Lucha libre” with ridiculous strength. But the Nolan character was convincingly menacing; had freakish but human level strength and was a mercenary and is now probably the most enduring version of Bane in the public’s psyche. That is the approach they took with Superman and $500 million later they are already talking sequel.

  23. And he shouldn’t return.

    The Nolanverse has been established (officially or unofficially) as another take on the Batman universe. If Bale was Batman in JL, then all the non-canonical baggage would come along with it. That, to me, would not fit in well when Superman, WW, Flash, etc. when we all know that their history would follow canon.

  24. This is well known by fans by now I believe. Both Nolan and Bale said a million times that they won’t do any JL film. At first I was sad about it, but then I started to think that actually it’s a good thing. The Batman films are a grant Trilogy, almost a masterpiece in superhero movie, but they have something bad, and that is that they’re closed in their universe. They made it clear that is Batman and Batman alone, and for that, we fans need to put that Trilogy in the past and finally realize that a new Batman will come. I just hope it`s a Batman worth seeing and that kicks Bale’s in his ass.

  25. This needed to happen. No disrespect towards Nolan’s Batman, but we need a more strategic Batman in a Justice League (or World’s Finest) movie. And no, a man whose strategy when fighting Bane is to “fight harder” is not a very strategic Batman. Also, I agree with all the people who are saying we should skip the origin story. Just let him come from out of nowhere, with years of experience, and just be Batman. Simple as that.

    • Agree with most of your comment, except when he fought Bane the second time he focused more on Bane’s weakness’s than just fighting harder. This lead to him breaking Bane’s mask and defeating him.

      • I was referring to what he says in TDKR, when Alfred asks him what his plan is when going up against Bane, and he replies “I’ll fight harder. I always have.” (Not “I’ll think of something”, or “I’ll punch his mask”…)

        • Good point. However, he hadn’t fought such a physical opponent yet. He didn’t know how much of a threat Bane would actually be fighting.

          • Yea but if your gonna fight someone that has a mask covering their nosr and mouth im going to focus on the nose and mouth and im no great detective. but it was a movie so i guess you cant be that nickpicky

  26. I just don’t know if they should just act like Nolans Batman never happened… :S

    • We act like Eric Bana’s Hulk never happened. Comic book studios and artists start new canon and write new stories all the time. I don’t think continuity was lost on the people of the 40’s when the Batman stopped wearing purple gloves like he had in the 30’s. Nolan said he always intended this to be it’s own thing. You don’t have to pretend like it didn’t happen but it’s just not a “canon” story. WB/DC will probably go with the New 52 version of most of these characters including Batman.

      • exactly

    • It isn’t acting like Nolan’s Batman never happened, it’s establishing that TDK trilogy was set in it’s own world. Same with Superman. The Christopher Reeve movies were set in their own reality, and Man of Steel is set in it’s own reality.

  27. Every actor, every person, is replaceable. I’d have enjoyed seeing Mr. Bale take up the cowl one more time, especially for a Superman/Batman film. That said, I respect his stance on the subject and look forward to seeing where both he and the character go from here. My own personal hopes are that the future movie makers find a way to blend Burton’s architecture with Nolan’s storytelling. We’ll see…

  28. This is as it should be. There’s no reason to try and tie in Bale’s Batman and address all of those continuity issues while also trying to make that version of Batman relevant in a shared universe. Now we can also end the needless speculation about Joseph Gordon-Levitt being Batman but not actually being Bruce Wayne but instead a character that never actually appeared in the comics…ever. It doesn’t matter that his birth name is Robin. Robin’s real name isn’t Robin. It’s Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Carrie Kelly, Stephanie Brown (meh), Damian Wayne, or I would have even accpeted Terry McGinnis. However, none of them should be allowed to replace Bruce Wayne as the first incarnation of Batman in the Justice League. Nolan creating an entirely new character is further evidence that it was always meant to be a stand alone story and that the Batman in the JL movie will still be Bruce Wayne and a new iteration of Batman. Again, as it should be.