Christian Bale Says He Won’t (& Shouldn’t) Return For ‘Justice League’

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The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

Bad news for those who thought that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale’s take on Batman in the pair’s Dark Knight trilogy was the definitive live-action version: it seems we can finally put to rest hopes of seeing the star suit up on screen once more. Although rumors of a Justice League film being planned by Warner Bros. and DC Comics refuse to die following the success of Man of Steel (2013), Bale has again spoken on the likelihood of ever returning to play Bruce Wayne.

Expressing the same opinions he has in the past, the star sees Nolan’s take on the character as a finished story. From his point of view, the team was lucky enough to tell every chapter of the story they had hoped to, and with the trilogy now finished, it should stay finished. Meaning his time with the character is over.

Going solely on facts and quotes – not rumors and gossip – Bale has consistently made it clear that The Dark Knight Rises was his last time playing Batman. The only exception, he claimed, would be Christopher Nolan finding another story to tell; a notion the director has rejected at every turn. Yet with endless money awaiting his return in particular for a Justice League film, some have maintained hopes that a large enough paycheck could lure Bale back to the cowl, even if it was a long shot.

dark knight rises running time comic con Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

Speaking with EW, Bale made his position as clear as ever. Apparently, time out of the limelight hasn’t made the idea of ‘undoing’ the trilogy’s ending any more attractive:

“We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three. That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy…Chris always said he wanted to make it one film at a time. And we ended up sitting there looking at each other, saying ‘We’re about to make the third.’ We never really knew if we were going to get to be there, but if that was how it was going to be, this was where it should end as well.”

Anyone who sought out the deeper themes and undercurrents of trauma in Nolan’s trilogy – and how they were resolved in The Dark Knight Rises – can understand Bale’s position on letting sleeping dogs lie. In essence, Nolan and Bale told the Batman story they wanted to, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Some blockbuster fans may have taken the closing moments of TDKR as leaving the series open for yet another sequel, but supporting actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt claimed it shouldn’t be taken as such.

For reasons that don’t need to be explored in-depth, calling on Bruce Wayne to once again sport the cowl and bear the responsibility of a city, a country or planet doesn’t just undercut Nolan’s ending, but goes completely against the final message of the trilogy as a whole (“Batman could be anybody”). Fans will forever wish that Nolan and Bale had taken advantage of their success and made as many films as possible, but as Bale explains, they knew a legendary trilogy was more than seemed possible in the beginning; with an ending that left fans wanting more, not realizing the series had run out of steam.

christopher nolan michael caine1 Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

Besides delivering what we expect (and to be honest, hope) will be the final word for those demanding Nolan and Bale return for another sequel or spin-off (an idea neither have ever seemed interested in), Bale’s sentiments imply that the film’s universe is just as separate and complete as his role in it. In other words, all those rumors about WB having Bale and Nolan locked into a Justice League reprisal were baseless. Besides Bale, his on-screen successor also seems as unlikely a solution going forward.

Just because Bale isn’t looking to return to the cape and cowl, that doesn’t mean a plan isn’t in place without him, or that he hasn’t already been contacted by WB and been forced to let them down easy. Unfortunately for those who thought the studio was merely being secretive when claiming they’re taking their time, all evidence supports that position. To date, Bale claims he has yet to hear anything directly about a DC team-up:

“I have no information, no knowledge about anything. I’ve literally not had a conversation with a living soul. I understand that they may be making a Justice League movie, that’s it… It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.”

Morgan Freeman Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

This is certainly bad news for all of those who thought that Nolan and Bale’s Batman ‘got it right’ compared to the versions which preceded them, but as we’ve stated before, a new Batman would be needed for a Justice League universe. With Bale’s blessing, perhaps even his supporters will be tempted to look to the future, and which actor will portray Bruce Wayne next. We still don’t know if that will be in a reboot film or in Justice League itself, but we’re confident that’s a question Warner Bros. might already have an answer to.

Just because Bale is hanging up his cape doesn’t mean some elements can’t be continued, of course; the latest Alfred (Michael Caine), for instance, has stated his interest in portraying the role in another series, and it’s hard to see a reason why he couldn’t. And with Nolan’s continued role with DC’s biggest stars, there’s no reason to think he may not be attached in a minor capacity. However, only time will.

At least now we can say with certainty that there will be a new Batman in the coming years, and as was the case with Man of Steel, he’ll have a lot more riding on his shoulders than the fate of Gotham. If a rebooted Batman film can succeed standing on its own two feet, the prospect of a Justice League team-up, or even a Batman/Superman film first becomes far more promising from the studio’s standpoint (that plan has Henry Cavill’s blessing, so who are we to doubt it?).

Superman Versus Batman Movie Christian Bale Says He Wont (& Shouldnt) Return For Justice League

Does this make your hopes for future DC movies soar, or fall flat on their face? Most importantly, does this open the doors between the world of Man of Steel and the heroes around Superman that Nolan’s Batman may have kept closed? Share your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll keep you updated as more news on either the new Batman or Justice League arrives.


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Source: EW

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  1. Good for him.
    Batman is not invincible, unlike John McClane.

    • Bruce Willis for the NEW BATMAN reboot!

      • Heck Naw we gotta get George Clooney back

        • Clooney actually could have been a decent Batman.
          I would not have him back for the role, but if Batman and Robin had not been what it was, Clooney may have pulled it off.

          • That is exactly how I feel about the entire cast of Batman Forever. If things were written better, everyone could’ve been perfect. I still quite enjoy BF to this day, actually. Except for Two-Face

  2. Very disappointing news! My hopes for an Epic Justice League franchise just went up in flames. Reading between the lines it seems as if Warner Brothers did not even approach him about reprising the role which if true will go down as yet another blunder for Warner Brothers right beside Batman Forever (1995), Batman & Robin (1997), Catwoman (2004) and Green Lantern (2011). How do you NOT combine your two most successful Superhero franchises to hyper launch a Justice League movie? Both franchises are compatible to one another. They just blew dozens of millions of dollars when invariably critics and fans will reject the next version of Batman. What a shame!

    • Come on man, it’s not the studio. Di you read the article at all? Nolan and Bale are done. D.O.N.E. They won’t do another Batman ANYTHING. so don’t blame the studio. and honestly, it’s a good move, The Dark Knight Trilogy deserves to be left alone.

      • True, it’s not the studio, it’s Nolan and Bale, they’ve told their story and want to leave it at that. If Warner Bros. ends up throwing money at them for their return, and they still reject the offer, hats off to them for sticking to their guns.

        AGH I just can’t help but think what a team up between Bale and Cavill be like though, can’t help it.

      • Bale states that no one has talked to him about it. It would be one thing if WB approached him and he said no, but to not even bring it up to him says to me it was a studio decision and he is basically just saying he is fine with it.

        I am now officially against a World’s Finest movie!

        • I’d still love a World’s Finest film, I’d just need some time to adjust to the new Batman.

          • The batman that appears in a World’s Finest movie will be a complete mystery to people…and don’t tell me people already know the history of Batman. Bale and Keaton both played the same character with the same history but their take on it was markedly different.

            • That’s one of the things that will be up in the air for me. What’s the Batman in a Justice League or World’s Finest going to be like? That’ll be a deciding factor for me, already like Man of Steel’s Superman so now it’s Batman that I’m looking at.

    • you don’t need to speak on my behalf, as i welcome a new version of “The Worlds Greatest Detective”.

    • Well from statements from both Nolan and Bale it’s clear that they won’t do it based on artistic integrity as any continuation of their self contained trilogy would errevocably diminish and actually undue the very central themes that ran throught the trilogy.

      From a business standpoint, of course its seems crazy WB wouldnt at least try to convince them but perhaps they respect Nolan and Bale a bit to much to even try. Nothing wrong with fresh interpretation of Bats.

  3. Good.


    • His growl thing did not really bothered me until parts of the final film.
      He was intelligible in the first two, but by the third it was just comical and parody ready.

      “Where’s the trigger!!!”

      I liked Bale in the role and consider him the best to date.
      I am ready for another take.

      • I feel exactly the same Archer.

        Bale starts the trilogy as ‘comic book Batman’ in Batman Begins then steadily morphs into ‘Nolan Batman’ as the trilogy progresses.

    • SWEAR TO ME11!!!!!11

    • … And hopefully goodbye to hockey pads batman suit as well. Hehe

      • …this citttyyyy…. jusst showwwed yooooou…. that its fulll of peopllle… ready to believe in goooood…..

  4. Good. Hire another actor, simple as that.

  5. This is good news. As much as I like those films and Bale’s performances in them, I don’t think his Batman is the right Batman going forward. I think they need to take another look at Armie Hammer.

    • Karl Urban.

      • Armie Hammer? Karl Urban?…WB has ruined yet ANOTHER franchise!

        • Hey! Karl Urban ain’t that bad!

          • Chronicles of Riddick says otherwise. Okay, okay though, Star Trek and maybe Dredd (haven’t seen it) do speak otherwise.

        • Ruined it with what? Nolan’s trilogy?

          TDKR left a bad taste in my mouth, to be completely honest. The Batman I know doesn’t become Batman because his parents are murdered and then stops being Batman to sulk about his girlfriend dying…

          • Actually he stopped being Batman because there was no need for him, crime was almost eliminated. Maybe you should re-watch the film!

            • That’s an even sillier idea…

              … eliminating one crime family just makes way for the next six. There is no end. The mafia is the true Hydra of the world- cut off one head, two more take it’s place.

              • Dude watch the movie…it states they locked up 1000 criminals in Black Gate prison…that is not just one crime family!

            • Crime was eliminated for the time being is my guess. The whole trilogy revolved around making Batman relateable and showing that anyone can be Batman. It’s sort of the symbol behind the Bat that lived on, not the Bat itself.

              • Crime is never eliminated as there is always a threat. Doesn’t take 7 years for a villain to try and do his or her villainy activities.

                • Oh I meant after Dark Knight Rises. Plus during the 7 years, for sure crime wouldn’t have been eliminated, but threats like Joker or Bane may have not happened. Or anything that will immediately need Batman involved.

                • Exactly… those 1000 criminals being locked up makes room for the next 1000 to replace them.

                  Crime doesn’t stop because you lock up the ‘bad guys.’ Other ‘bad guys’ see those bad guys aren’t in the way anymore and they go and take their place.

                  In fact, eliminating all of those criminals all at once could possibly stop crime for a few months at best, before it returns 10 times worse than it was before.

                  That’s all the Harvey Dent act would actually do for criminals: eliminate the competition all at once. Some family would rise to power QUICKLY in that situation, and then you are back to square 1.

          • Actually Bruce stopped being Batman some various times. Not for a lengthy period of time but he has. Usually after the death of Jason Todd. Many stories actually paint Bruce Wayne into wanting a normal life.


            Personally while I may not necessarily agree on it, I kind of understand the context.

            Batman feels responsible for the death of Rachel, Harvey’s transformation and death, and the death and trouble he seems to the cause of.
            He seems to have inspired criminals such as the Joker and escalated the war of crime to new heights.

            Batman sees himself not as a vigilante but rather an extension of justice for the greater good- not himself. He was ready to turn himself in if he thought he would stop the Joker’s killings. To Bruce Wayne the Batman was a symbol, a tool, to stop crime and corruption. By the end of the film, the symbol was corrupted to the public, and thus no longer effective in his mind.

            Batman may not answer to every law but he does answer to the people.
            “Who elected the Batman?”-Bruce Wayne
            “We did. All of us who stood by while scum took over our city.”- Harvey Dent

            It was not considered an honor, but rather a public service.
            Batman felt Harvey Dent could be the face that would truly inspire and save Gotham. In a way it did. The Dent Act.

            This is where my specific problem with the final film lies.
            We should have seen the effectiveness of the Dent Act rather than be told it worked.
            We should have seen Bruce trying to turn his public face into a symbol just as his parents, and fail when his fusion reactor posed as a major threat to the city.
            We should have seen hung up the cape and cowl but is at unrest- both his identities were useless.

            This was present in TDKR but was not presented in a dynamic and compelling way. If we as the audience would delve into the success and controversy of the Dent Act, and the trials and failures of Bruce Wayne, we as an audience would have fallen in deeply into the moral and ethical themes that supported the first two films with great visual dynamic.

            • That is an interesting perspective. I think it shows the movies were very layered in that some people got things out of it that others may have missed.

      • Nice. After Dredd that man can do no wrong to my eyes. Hed be awesome. A movie where he’s just Batman the whole time. Yess.

    • Agreed to bad Disney locked him down for a terrible lone ranger sequal (unless it doesnt do well). I think he is the perfect choice since its been said they want to keep batman and superman around the same age.

      • Disney does EVERYTHING for a reason, UNLIKE WB which has absolutely NO Plan or reason for ANYTHING THEY DO!!

        SOOO SAD that DC is run by that circle jerk we call WB!!! WHAT A SHAME.

  6. Bale is my favorite batman growl and all I loved it. He is a fantastic actor who can now focus on winning a 2nd oscar. Just cause a new batman comes along doesn’t mean ill forget the one I love most.

    • +1

      Awesome actor and I’ll def miss him in the Batman films. Guess I’ll be watching the trilogy over and over lol. Either way, bring on the next actor!

    • Michael Keaton will always be Batman to me. I remember having a bad case of croup when I was 7 and they played Batman ’89 on their TV when I was recovering. That was the first Batman movie I had ever seen and it got me through the night.

      • …that’s an intense movie at 7 years old…

        … I know this because that’s how old I was when I first saw it too!

        • 1 was married and 3.5 weeks from turning 22 when that came out. i have to admit, i was more than a bit skeptical, i mean, Mr. Mom is gonna be batman? dafuq?

          • Lol at mister mom. Forgot a out that one.. Prob a good thing.

      • Good reason for liking Keaton and his Batman! Batman Begins was the first movie I ever bought on DVD, and the movie that really got me into films and comic books to be honest.

        • I saw Begins opening day with my dad, that was about 3 years since my first encounter with Keaton. I had watched all of the original 4 by then, but Begins was a great experience. It was one of those movies where I didn’t care if there was a sequel or not. It was, and still is, that good.

          • I think I’ve seen all of the original Batman films but only remember flashes of Batman Returns. Hard to forget that freaky Penguin, especially when you watched it as a kid.

            Luck man for getting to see it in theaters, let alone first day. I was only around 10 or 11 in 2005 so I couldn’t watch the movie until it came on TV, which was 2 years later. The wait was worth it.

            • I was 10. Wasn’t really into superheroes aside from Spider-Man at that time thanks to Raimi (but I LOVED the DCAU). Begins just looked like a good movie in general, we saw it our of pure curiosity because the first trailer was INTENSE.

      • Much like you ACW my first batman film was Batman Begins. Hence why Bale will always be Batman to me much like Keaton is Batman to me. There doesn’t need to be a better or worse version (except Clooney) anyone can love the version they like.

        • keaton to you not me

      • I like MK’s portrayal of Batman (not BW) better than CB’s.

  7. Throw enough money at someone and they tend to change their minds. Just ask Bret Farve. I am all for a new Batman, but I hope WB learned their lesson with Clooney.

  8. Good. No more cookie monster Batman. For the next Batman, no more reboot movies please. It’s just tedious. Just make him like Hulk in The Avengers, just hangin’ around and showed up as a cameo or whatever…

    • That’s what they did with Val Kilmer and George Clooney. The recasting part was fine; the other parts of the movies were a problem.

      Batman is like James Bond: we get it. Enough with the origins, already!

  9. Karl Urban would make a good batman but terrible Bruce Wayne

    • Just make him be batman all the time. Dont focus on Bruce at all.

  10. The Nolan trilogy is not that good! The third one slapped the face of everything that made the second one so awesome! You fanboys who claim to love comics so much didn’t even get a comic-based film with the third one! Batman isn’t batman for eight years?! and then quits?! Robin has a different name and he’s a cop?! Sacrilege, if you like the third one you should get your head examined!

    • TDK didn’t do as much damage, but it is still a reckless and simple minded Batman. The one in Begins was perfect, but it went downhill after that.

    • Huge comics fan, and I thought the third was a masterpiece. they nailed Bane and Catwoman, and Talia, and added that really cool prison element. Idk why you didn’t like it. But Batman Begins will always be my favorite of the 3. 3 was the weakest in the series of course, but it was still incredible. so what if he’s not batman for awhile, they did stuff like that in the comics. and yes, it’s okay for the definition of “awhile” to be 8 years.

      • +1000

      • Agreed. I am a HUGE fan of the comics and TDK trilogy consists of my favorite movies of all time. They took the characters and settings, did them justice, and told good stories with them. They aren’t for everyone of course but just because it isn’t YOUR cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s crap. I am not the biggest fan of Tim Burton’s movies, but they ARE good movies. They just aren’t for me.

        But, the story Nolan wanted to tell is finished and it’s time for a new and fresh take.

        • +1

          It’s all just different interpretations of the character.

      • +1

      • @ Cole Silver

        I’m sorry… did you really just suggest that TDKR got Talia al Ghul right????

        *throws rocks*

    • Ahem…
      The Dark Knight Returns would like to have a word with you about Batman quitting for a while then coming back.
      Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character is NOT Robin.
      Dick Grayson was a cop in Bludhaven.
      I think you should get your head examined.

      Rises is the most comic book like. And the trilogy as a whole is very loosely based off the comics, so no one should very much expect too much related to the comics other than names and major roles.

      Also, I’m so happy a new Batman is coming along. Bale was a great Bruce Wayne but a HORRIBLE Batman. All he did was growl and his “Bat-voice” just got worse with every movie. I’d rather not have Bale interrogating Doomsday or Darkseid or whatever going all WHERE IS SUPERMAN IAWBFUNFASJD WHERE IS HE AISOFIUSD HOCKEY PAAAAAAADS

      • “The Dark Knight” is arguably the best comic book flick ever made.

        TDKR was long and boring.

        • Batman ’89>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Dark Knight

          Honestly The Dark Knight is overrated in my opinion. Begins is the best out of the trilogy in my book.

          • The first Tim Burton flick is cool but I actually think BATMAN RETURNS (92) is AWESOME.

            And Michelle Pfeiffer’s CAT WOMAN is the ultimate.

            Put it this way: unlike TDKR, no one was “ashamed” of calling Catwoman, “Catwoman.”

              • +1 to both of you!

                Michelle was better than Hathaway in my opinion, and I loved Burton’s take on the Penguin. (Though Burgess Meredith will always hold my heart!)

                Either way, we all know that the ULTIMATE Catwoman was Halle Berry. :P

                • Halle Berry Catwoman!!!! Haha, very funny!!

                  I’m not dissing Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. I thought she was one of the very few good things about TDKR.

                  But back in the day in ’92, Michelle Pfeiffer was just oozing sex. So gorgeous…

        • you are right. it is arguable.

    • Hey, wil…grow up.

      I am an avid comics reader, and Batman is (and has always been) my favorite comic book hero. I thought the trilogy was excellent, AND I found the third film to be brilliant.

      Instead of insulting those of us who enjoyed TDKR, maybe you should simply have your own head examined for a clue on self control and manners. Go ahead; we’ll wait…really.


    • I am not a comic fan, I havn’t read Batman comics. I have however seen animated cartoon and I still love TDKR. It’s a diffrent take on the character much like Star Trek reboot is a diffrent take on the mythos. You can either embrace it or hate it.

    • Actually Nolan managed to combine most of the sidekick origin stories into one

  11. I figured as much. I’d rather it be this way. I absolutely love the Dark Knight trilogy and I’m happy to see Bale calling it quits after three. As a fan of his acting, I’d rather he continue to do other roles for the remainder of his career. I’m looking forward to American Hustle.

    Warner Bros. could be smart to just be cool right now and not rush into anything. There’s just been a MAJOR shakeup at the studio with the firing of Jeff Robinov and the end of their partnership with Legendary Pictures. They need to get their feet set before any Justice League happens. Do Man of Steel 2 and hopefully by then everything’s fallen into place.

  12. FINALLY! Good grief, that Batman was becoming a complete mess by the minute. Wise move. Now we can have a fresh rogues gallery with more traditional origins AND a chance at making a perfect Batman. They’ve come so close at times

    • I agree a fresh rogues gallery is needed more than the joker he is getting like lex luthor was. The last batman was cool but the 2nd one was the best. i dont mind the real world aspect but dont make it too real and take the fantasy out of it. Thats why most people go to movies to escape the real world. and i wanted Bane to have that stuff to make him bigger and stronger i was urked he didnt but it was still cool. Now they can have clayface, black mask, riddler, or who ever

  13. I guess that’s it for sore throat Batman

    • You’d think he’d of had some fisherman’s friend lozenges in that utility belt of his. Further proof he’s not the right batman interpretation for a justice league movie lol

    • There was some technical issues with the growl, mask, audio production, disguising his voice…

  14. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing against Bale, Nolan or his masterful films but there needs to be a new Batman for a Justice League, DC shared universe.

  15. In the words of Jay-Z.. onto the next!

  16. Michael Keaton

  17. I don’t see why they couldn’t bring Bale back if CHRISTOPHER NOLAN directed The Justice League! *hint* *hint*

    • +1
      Ya think!

  18. Good. Now hopefully people will stop thinking he and Nolan are coming back to Batman.

    • never gonna happen dazz. people don’t give up.

      • Some people still believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and The Tooth fairy.

        So, yeah….

        Good luck with that….

        • Funny how when you’re a kid you think the Easter Bunny, Santa and the Fairy are all awesome. I see that now, I’d freak out and beat Santa out of my house, or attempt, that guy must be huge.

          • “Covered in soot. Red in the face, drunk as hell. In a furry gay outfit. And you let him into your house because HE SAID HE HAD SOMETHING FOR YOUR KIDS!”

            I couldn’t resist xD

          • I really had to clue my kids in on logic. OK, you have a fat man in a red outfit on a sleigh being pulled by flying deers, and he has to deliver presents to all kids on the planet in one night.

            1. How can a fat man get down those skinny chimneys
            2. When did deer all of sudden start flying? Can I get one of those to beat traffic?
            3. To deliver presents in one night around the globe, you would have surpass light speed (the takeoff with obliterate the deers)
            4. And the most important problem: Some guy coming into my house unannounced stealing my milk and cookies is going to get capped


            • It’s MAGIC! Come on don’t they have that on Qo’noS???

              Plus Santa was a lot easier to believe in when your whole world was your town/city.

        • Wait, there is no such thing Unicorns either?!

          I think I am gonna be sick…

          • There “was” up until recently when the last unicorn was killed and their horn taken. That’s why its dark outside.

        • Wait, what do you mean “still believe”? Are you saying they don’t exist??!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!


  19. Like Dyce says, the message of the trilogy is that Batman could be anybody, so let’s give somebody else a shot. And ffs make it so he can breathe properly in the mask.

    • Lol funny line man but that’s actually a terrific point I guess the theme of batman being anybody can apply to the actors who play the character as well.

  20. I loved Bale’s interpretation of both Wayne and Batman and Nolan’s trilogy, and I’m perfectly fine with getting a new actor for the reboot/JLA version of the character. The trilogy was precisely that…time for a new look into the shadows.

  21. Good.

  22. Who ever does it i hope they dont do another origin story do some flash backs and move on to the action

  23. I think I’m with Bale on this one I don’t picture his batman working out well next to Cavill’s superman

  24. Nolan fans have gone really gone overboard with these ridiculous rumors. Its time to put them to rest and realize that darknight rises was a money grab with no further story to tell as evidenced by how they ran out of ideas. Let someone else play the character…..

  25. This is no disappointment to me. I am at peace with the Dark Knight trilogy being a closed story, and certainly that version of Batman does not fit into a Justice League universe. IMO anyone who thinks that Bale should come back for JL or anything other than a Nolanverse film…just doesn’t get it. Time for Batman to be reborn again, hopefully as a character who exists in the same world as Kal-El. It’s the circle of life.

  26. I find it laughable every time a hater tries to dismiss The Dark Knight Trilogy. What Nolan did not only revolutionized comic book movies but it raised the bar period. The Dark Knight will always be the crown jewel. The fact that The Oscars changed it’s best pictures format because of it says it all. There has never been a comic trilogy that has made more money and is more critically acclaimed and no amount of foolish hate will ever change that.

    As For Bale not being apart of this world, its the right thing to do. The Dark Knight Trilogy is part of its own unique world and does not belong in the Justice League world that MOS exists in.

    We need a Batman that is young, good looking and who will be athletic enough to perform some comic book type moves and look good doing it. We need a whole new suit more like Batman Arkham with a true detective approach. A guy like Liam McIntyre could be outstanding. He did great as Spartacus. He has the bravado, looks, great voice, fighting ability and acting chops to play that role well.

  27. Yes!
    U go Bale.

    • I say: Let’s give George Clooney another chance.

  28. Maybe now the WB will get their thumbs out there butts and start asking for scripts to other Comic Book movies they can do another one while there planning MOS2 it doesnt have to be Batman. Give Flash a shot or Aquaman , Green Lantern ( 4get a reboot just get a new lantern and a good sinesto story and go) or wonder woman.

    • Wonder Woman, bro. Wonder Woman!!

      We need her.

      I NEED her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I heard that Bale was a bit of a tempermental stubborn jack-arse to work with, must have thought he was a start or something. I would rather see a rebooted Batman (but with the character as Bruce Wayne) for JLA. All of the batman movies, no matter who was in them, really did not impress me as much as they apparently impressed the rest of the general population. Nor did the Superman movies impress. man of Steel might be the exception, although I have only seen trailers so far since I am waiting for the DVD to come out, which I will take a chance on and buy. So we don’t choke on Supes and Bats the way we choke on several other hero/villain characters (“The Wolverine & magneto Show”; “The Dr. Doom Show”, etc.), let’s leave them alone for a bit and get concentrating on some other heroes: more Green Lantern (RR as Hal Jordan, just make him more serious), Flash (Barry Allen), Atom, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, etc. for instance, if we are ever gonna get a JLA movie off the ground. Give us JLA, or at least give us some of the characters, or just quit giving us excuses and worn out Bats and Supes all reconstituted (MOS again being the possible exception), and just sell your studios to Marvel/Disney.

    • You’re the person that liked the Green Lantern flick right?

      • i didnt think it was that bad he was trying to hard to be funny not bad enough to reboot it did its job told his origin and got to sinestro going yellow so if anything reboot the direcor and writer, get a new actor for lantern and go from there ,( thats what hulk did they on their 3rd banner ) if they keep rebooting they wont get to jl till 2020

      • Three of us, actually (OK, so it was “Me, Myself, & I”…I still stand proud!).