New Details On The Christian Bale Assault Arrest

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christian bale New Details On The Christian Bale Assault ArrestChristian Bale arrested and questioned on assault complaints.

Ok, I know everyone reported this yesterday, but we decided to wait a day to see what additional information would surface on this story to clarify the situation.

Let’s take a look at a very confusing chapter in the star of The Dark Knight, and upcoming movie, Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale, because this needs a single point of information that up until now, has been scattered about in spurious updates and snippets of news throughout the day since it broke on Tuesday morning, here in the U.S.

Reports say that Christian Bale’s mother and sister filed assault complaints in regards to an altercation that took place at a west London hotel on Sunday.  The allegation of his verbally lashing out at his mother, Jenny Bale and his sister, Sharon Bale, was made at a police station in South England on Monday.  The incident was passed on to the famous Scotland Yard for processing.

Assault of the verbal kind is what mostly took place, and the only other “assault” that took place is when Christian pushed aside his mom to get past her and some think it was more of a brush past than a push.

Out of respect of the premiere of The Dark Knight on Monday, Scotland Yard held their questioning until Tuesday.  Cops with respect for the important things in life, you have to like that!

By appointment, Bale showed up at the police station where they arrested him and questioned him on the assault complaint.

Two quick points:  In England, they arrest everyone for questioning.  Being arrested is a formality and not a sentence or suspicion of guilt.   Additionally, the assault referenced is of the verbal kind.  If you remember the term “assault and battery.”  Assault would be me telling you I am going to pop you (the adjective) and battery is the act of doing it (the verb!).  In England, verbal assault is a crime.

After the questioning, a respectful 10-man police contingent escorted Bale out the back of the Belgravia precinct station, with a later appointment scheduled for September.

At first his mother and sister were doing the no comment thing.  I suspect that until they figured out whatever it was they were going to now say, with the cat out of the bag, as it were.  I’m thinking at this point in the game, it’s a little late for “no comment.”

Later in the day (Tuesday), statements that came from both his mother and sister echoed the same script:  That there was an incident, it’s a family situation, it’s very sensitive and the police are handling it.

Christian Bale’s London-based law firm, Schillings issued a statement denying that an assault took place.

This complaint sure does seem out of place for the Christian Bale we know and seems more in line with his character from American Psycho if anything, yet there are little snippets about that can attribute to the challenging of my own perception of his projected image.

He lost his cool while filming the Terminator 4 film in New Mexico, where Bale screamed at the director that he will kick his a** after Bale thought he screwed up a shot.  It’s been noted he seemed tired.  And it’s been once referenced that he himself told E! Online, “If everyone really knew what a jerk I am in real life, I wouldn’t be so adored in the slightest.”

If this were a Spears or Lohan family thing, I’d suspect the usual need for media and the desire to pad the coffers with tabloid paychecks, but I can’t say that’s been the history of his family.  Yet now that he’s a world wide namesake, who knows what that can do to family.  Money makes people funny, and not in the funny way.  Take it as you may, that’s all the dirt I can dig up.  I fail at gossip reporting.  Sigh.

The latest update from Wednesday, the 23rd, indicates that this all came about from an alleged insult his mother lobbed at his wife, and from there, Bale returned the favor with a verbal lashing.  Ya don’t bash the wife folks.  It’s as simple as that.

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  1. good article, F-ing press blows things outta proportion. One of the radio stations is is that he tussled with the cops resisting arrest…a complete farce.

    I’m also hearing today that it was a neighbour who notified the police, not the mom and sis

  2. This is something that you really shouldn’t be able to be arrested for. Seriously Verbal assault? How pathetic is the world that it’s actually an arrestable offense.

    The way Yahoo News and all the other sites reported this you would think he went Patrick on their asses and maybe showed shades of Ed Norton telling them to bite the curb.

  3. i just hope he doesnt develop the image of a hothead.
    that kind of slowed russel crowes career down a litlle ,
    I dont want that to happen to Christian.

  4. Let me clarify ,
    i am not saying he is a hothead .
    but when most people hear assault they wont be thinking verbal assault .

  5. (Seriously)
    I heard his Mom was ragging on Bales wife ,,,,

    England the birth place of the NWO.
    They prob overheard him through the walls with their NWO listening mics.

    Uptight blokes.

    “Your under arrest for yelling. ??!!”
    Man o man,,,, yet another reason to never leave the country….

  6. Great post, Bruce. I’m glad the good folks here at SR are keeping a cool head about things. Seriously, hasn’t everyone raised their voice to their mum or some other authority figure at some point in their life? Is that such a crime? Gimme a break. :D

  7. Calm down, it’s just the press! Now that Bale’s a success they want to make a mountain out of every molehill.

    On the other hand, British laws have become extremely paranoid and repressive over the last few years, so if someone is shouting at two relatives – especially women – he must be (at least) some sort of “offender”…


  8. Thanks Kel.

    It looks like it might be a money thing, but time will tell, as I always say.

  9. Bale seems too in-control of himself and too smart to ever physically go after anyone

  10. Apparentally, they called the police to “teach him a lesson” aka, suggesting this isn’t the first time he has acted out this way. I wouldn’t put anything past actors making millions, everyone has family disturbances, and his family have never talked to the press about anything like that before, doesn’t look like they are crying wolf, but who knows. Just because he’s a widely adored actor, doesn’t mean he’s not a dickhead, you might love his performances – yes. But he is ‘acting’.

  11. At the same time just because he yells at his mother for insulting his wife dosen’t make him a dick head either. Family fight all the time verbal assault isn’t a bid deal. If he punched his mom I would agree that he is a dick head but who hasn’t yelled at their mom ? and who wouldn’t yell at their mom for insulting someone they loved?

  12. The word assault is often misunderstood, and in Batman’s case, the confusion seems widespread on both the Internet and the street. Recent allegations that “Dark Knight” star Christian Bale assaulted his mother and sister have been translated by far too many people into “Did you hear he beat up his mother and sister?”

    Roughly speaking, assault generally means putting someone in reasonable fear that harmful or offensive contact with them is imminent. For example, in a heated argument, anything from harsh words to a raised fist could lead the recipient to believe that an offensive contact was about to follow, and that they are therefore being assaulted. In fact, no contact need occur at all: an assault charge can stand on its own in most jurisdictions.

    Whatever happened between Mr. Bale and his family, the public must remember two things. First, an allegation, until proven, is only an allegation. Second, the word assault is not synonymous with the words “beat up.”

  13. Jeffrey: Exactly. That’s why I clarified it was a verbal assault. I didn’t want anyone coming away with the wrong perspective on the situation.

    Plus you’ll probably continue to see the generalization of the term.

  14. Realize that this post is 4 years old, so not likely to elicit any response or even be read, but that’s okay. It’s nice to see fairness and decency in reporting. Refreshing and commendable.

    I wanted to say too, in response to some of the comments above, I think that the world would be a far more civilized place if the British treatment of assault was the norm. Verbal abuse is assault and though difficult to decide when the line is crossed between verbal disagreement and assault, would it not be wonderful if people excercised a greater degree of self control in general, especially in public? I’m not condemning Bale in any way, he seems to be a decent guy & kudos to him for defending his wife against his mother and sister if that is the case. Not always an easy thing to do.

  15. This was so badly written, the stupid writer did not even know what an ‘adjective’ was