New Details About Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan Film, ‘Moscow’

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New information on Paramount’s upcoming Jack Ryan film, which will star Star Trek‘s Chris Pine, has emerged concerning both the plot and potential title of the new installment in the franchise based off the novels of writer Tom Clancy.

It seems that this new Jack Ryan adventure (which producer Mace Neufield describes as neither a reboot nor an origin story), will pick up with the man in his pre-CIA days, back when he was working on Wall Street as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch in Baltimore.

Events are set in motion, however, when Ryan leaves the U.S. and travels to Moscow to work for a mysterious billionaire employer who eventually frames Ryan as the mastermind behind a terrorist plot to ruin the U.S. economy (yeah, I know, they’re a bit late for that simple smile New Details About Chris Pines Jack Ryan Film, Moscow ).  Ryan must race against time to prove his innocence, prevent the evil scheme, and rescue his wife after she is kidnapped by said diabolical billionaire.

The film is tentatively titled Moscow – for, well, obvious reasons – and will be the first Jack Ryan flick not based directly off one of Tom Clancy’s novels.  The screenplay is being written by Adam Cozen (who is working from a previous draft by Hossein Amini) and will incorporate certain character details and plot elements from the original Jack Ryan books into what sounds like a slightly altered version of Dubai, a script written by Cozen back in 2007, which also revolved around an American citizen out to stop a terrorist plan to devastate the U.S. economy.

Jack Ryans e1271075202937 570x411 New Details About Chris Pines Jack Ryan Film, Moscow

Chris Pine will play the latest incarnation of the Jack Ryan character on-screen.

Chris Pine will join a relatively prestigious collection of actors who have played Jack Ryan on the big screen, including Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October), Harrison Ford (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger) and Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears).  Each of the previous Jack Ryan adventures were fairly well-received and were decent financial hits in their own right, so the added presence of Pine (one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now) should only increase the anticipation factor Moscow.

What do you think of this new Jack Ryan adventure so far?  Excited?

We’ll keep you posted on any new updates on the next Jack Ryan film (Moscow for now), including possible production start dates.

Source: Pajiba, Empire

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  1. It's all fine and fun, but the title is… well… tentative title's a little weak. They're going to need something far more interesting. Moscow? Well, that's not a grand espionage flick. That's somewhere between Oklahoma and Australia, cinematically speaking.

  2. Blech. stick to the books. I really want them to do Debt of Honor and Exectuive Orders. Bring back Ford and Archer and bring that airliner plowing into the Congressional Building!

    With all the Jack Ryan books out there, WHY on Earth are they going with an 'original' story? If anything, this is gonna confuse people with Cardinal and the Kremlin…

    I hate you, Hollywood.

    • I have always wanted to see a screen version of “Without Remorse”. My MOST favorite of Tom Clancy’s novels. That is the most personal story he has written…IMHO

  3. I enjoy reading Clancy. Great books. I also enjoyed playing Splinter Cell (Sam Fisher isn't actually based on a book of Clancy's, but utilizes the same style of character). However, the title does sound weak. Moscow. Maybe it is a reference to the book titled 'The Cardinal of the Kremlin' by Clancy. I suggest they use something more captivating. Being that the cold war is over, the screenplay would need a make over to update it to those ignorant to recent history. (the early 90s and 80s weren't that long ago). Chris Pine as Jack Ryan couldn't hurt if you can put Affleck in the role.

  4. The title won't matter. Taken did well without a flashy title…

  5. Sounds like an origin story for Ryan intended to get him into the CIA at the end.
    Could be interesting .

  6. Yeah your absolutely right about that…….I have Taken on DVD, yet I find myself watching it everytime it's on HBO……

  7. All good points. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see the title change to something more distinctly Tom Clancy-esque and less generic in the future- that way, more people connect it to the Jack Ryan franchise (in theory at least).

  8. sounds lame. a story based on the economy? yawn, wake me when it's over.

  9. This sounds absolutely terrible. Stick with the books, Hollywood. It’s hard enough for you to not ruin great source material, though you have managed to do so (see: The Sum of All Fears), so I can’t imagine how un-Clancyesque this will be.

  10. Not terribly excited. Is Tom Clancy even involved? Why not screenwrite ‘Debt of Honor’ or ‘The Bear and the Dragon’? Some great Ryan stories already exist -sad Hollywood can’t see the forest for the trees. Why not make a ‘Rainbow Six’ or even ‘Red Storm Rising’? Pine may be over extending himself here -the Ryan character drifting outside of Clancy tomes is a dangerous and weak proposition. Not terribly excited, very skeptical.

  11. I would LOVE to see Executive Orders and the book before it made into movies. They are awesome reads and Jack becomes president!!!

  12. Sounds like crap, it states in this release that the director is just manipulating the jack Ryan character after a script he had already written which is garbage, he just wants to put the jack Ryan and Tom Clancy name to it because he knew it was s*** when he wrote it ( the Dubai manuscript ) and he thinks now that he has tossed a brand onto his junk that people will see it, well speaking for myself I love the novel series but I will defiantly not be going to see this piece of trash! Stick with the books Hollywood they made the franchise popular because their interesting !

  13. Its not adapting a Tom Clancy book, therefore its not a “jack ryan” movie, so its just some guy. There is plenty of source material out there they can be adapting but they have chosen not to, which is their mistake. I feel its OK to do that with James Bond, because they’ve literally done them all, but they’re leaving a lot on the table with Jack Ryan.
    Its may be a good tale and a good action spy thriller, and I’m sure Chris won’t disappoint, but to call it a Clancy film seems like just marketing at this point.

  14. Wow first off Chris Pine isn’t a Jack Ryan if you have ever read the books and secondly its stupid as hell that they are making a random story not connected to any of the books

  15. I just finished the second Jack Junior book, Locked On. It was fabulous. It seems a shame to go so far back in time to Jack Sr. and then on top of that to make it an “original”. I don’t get it. There are so many real books to go from…I will still go to see the movie though. And I do like Chris Pine

  16. yeah … they ‘kill’ Dan Murray at the Clear & Present Danger’s movie … I think they’ll confused when make the script Tom’s – Executive Order (a very complicated intrique novel & the best!)

  17. The Jack Ryan character is too tied to Cold War mentality, which was fantastic during the cold war. So trying to make a Jack Ryan movie that doesn’t take place during the Cold War is futile, IMHO. Either make Cardinal of the Kremlin, and set it in the 80’s, or abandon Jack Ryan for other characters better anchored in the present. Red Storm Rising could easily be modernized, and would be great. Imagine a large cast of A-listers… Rainbow Six would be very modern, or you could start that thread with Without Remorse.

  18. Went to test screening last night for this film. It was just OK. Fights were good, with the first big fight the best. The relationship with his girlfriend was terrible. Too many things not explained and she just was too over the top on her reactions to small things.
    Kevin Costner plays a good part as well as Chris Pine being great in his part. Overall the plot was very predictable with very few surprises. The movie was kind of disjointed with just too many things not explained. I would watch it on DVD but wouldn’t choose it at a theater.

    • so sad to hear this cuase I’ve been the director’s fan. Is it worse than The Bourne Legacy?Hopefully they can make it better in next months…….

  19. sounds like the book – debt of honour, the japanese attack on wall street that co-incides with military op by japanese forces, but ultimately the best movies are always taken word for word from a pre-existing book and if they wanted a sure fire hit they should have started by introducing not jack ryan, but john clark with the book that begins before the others. Without Remorse is where it should all start, giving the Jack Ryan character in later movies a solid right-hand man to add substance to multi-plot line stories, which Tom Clancy storylines often are.
    Without Remorse is most definately a story worth telling on the silver screen, the Jack Ryan/John Clark synergy in the books would be a powerful alliance of Jack Ryan’s CIA spook and John Clark’s SpecOp experience.

  20. What a TERRIBLE idea! Clancy has been whoring out his name for years for various substandard projects (Op-Center; Net Force; Power Plays; etc.). He doesn’t even write his own novels any longer. (The last three were obviously written by the “co-authors,” and are totally lame.) Sad to see what was once the premier techno-thriller franchise sink so low…

  21. Wow, really, Ryan is working for the bad guy. Can you say, let’s destroy the whole Clancy/Ryan series in one fell swoop. Did they forget the sequence, Naval Academy graduate, Marine Corp Officer, Disabled Veteran, CIA Analyst, Wall Street Investor and part time CIA Analyst, finder of the Red October, savior of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Assistant Director of the CIA, Director of the CIA, Vice President of the United States and President of the United States?

    And, Hollywood, in its infinite wisdom is going to throw that all away. Lest we forget, they are the same ones, that after “Red October” was such a hit, could not wait for Alex Baldwin to finish a movie he had contracted for, before hiring Harrison Ford (too old to play Ryan even at that time) for the two sequels.

    Oh, and while I am at it, we should not forget that there was another Ryan attempt “The Sum of all Fears” with Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman which tanked right out the gate. But, I guess that they would like for us to forget about that one.

    I do not understand why Paramount finds it necessary to fix something that is not broken. “Red October” was, not the complete novel by Clancy, but it was most of it. Clancy novels are well researched and written. So, why mess with a formula that works?

  22. They need to do another Ryan film with Harrison Ford, was by far the best of the three actors who have already portrayed Ryan… Alec Baldwin was very good too. Ben Affleck… Not so much. Ford is the right age to do some of the more recent Ryan book adaptations like The bear and the Dragon where *spoiler…sort of* Ryan is now President and wields a lot more/less clout/power. I think they are some of the more interesting books about Ryan that TC wrote, less overall action but more intrigue.

  23. Who do we have to email for them to just make a film out of “The Cardinal of the Kremlin”?!?

    Seriously, it’s one of Clancy’s best books, imo. It deserves a movie.

  24. I would like to see another Jack Ryan movie but I don’t understand why they don’t use the Tom Clancy stories that are already written. Are they to long or too complex
    to be made into an 2hour movie?