Chris Nolan Talks Superman Reboot & Batman 3

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superman batman movie Chris Nolan Talks Superman Reboot & Batman 3

There has been wildfire reporting about the upcoming DC superhero movies in the last few weeks, with the biggest bit of news being that The Dark Knight team of Chris Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer will be bringing us the Superman reboot, which is currently titled The Man of Steel.

While (most) fanboys have been LOVING that news since it broke, people have also been wondering what’s to be done about Batman 3 and how Chris Nolan plans to juggle two superhero properties. Well, Nolan recently broke silence to speak about that very subject (and more), and we have details to share.


Speaking to LA Times Hero Complex, Chris Nolan talked about the Superman reboot:

“It’s very exciting, we have a fantastic story…And we feel we can do it right. We know the milieu, if you will, we know the genre and how to get it done right…A lot of people have approached Superman in a lot of different ways. I only know the way that has worked for us…Each [film] serves to the internal logic of the story. They have nothing to do with each other.”

Apparently, Nolan’s passion for a Superman project arose from a moment when he and David Goyer were (ironically enough) kicking around ideas for Batman 3:

“[David] basically told me, ‘I have this thought about how you would approach Superman…I immediately got it, loved it and thought: That is a way of approaching the story I’ve never seen before that makes it incredibly exciting. I wanted to get Emma and I involved in shepherding the project right away and getting it to the studio and getting it going in an exciting way.”


SUPERMAN BRAINIAC HC Chris Nolan Talks Superman Reboot & Batman 3

Superman vs. Brainiac?

In our own op-ed piece, “How to Reboot Superman” we touched on the narrative gold mine of Superman having his humanity challenged when an extraterrestrial threat (Brainiac?) comes to Earth, insisting that Superman is Kal-El, an alien, and not the human being (Clark Kent) he pretends to be.

So is that the route Nolan and Goyer are going with the story? The rumor mill has been hinting as much…unfortunately Nolan (in his usual fashion) isn’t giving up details. He also wouldn’t confirm the rumor that he is consulting on this Superman reboot as a way instilling DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. with the confidence to let Jonathan Nolan direct the film. And no mention of the rumor that Chris will direct a Justice League movie down the line.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


batman 3 question mark logo 1 Chris Nolan Talks Superman Reboot & Batman 3

From the information provided above, we know that the Nolans and Goyer are kicking around ideas for Batman 3 – but how far along are they? Says Nolan:

“My brother is writing a script for me and we’ll wait to see how it turns out…he’s struggling to put it together into the epic story that you want it to be…Without getting into specifics, the key thing that makes the third film a great possibility for us is that we want to finish our story…And in viewing it as the finishing of a story rather than infinitely blowing up the balloon and expanding the story.”

“Viewing it as an ending, that sets you very much on the right track about the appropriate conclusion and the essence of what tale we’re telling. And it hearkens back to that priority of trying to find the reality in these fantastic stories. That’s what we do.”

So there you have it. Other juicy bits of Superman reboot/Batman 3 info buried in the interview:

  • The Superman reboot is currently looking to get underway around 2012 – likely after Nolan has completed his work on Batman 3.
  • The supporting cast from the first two Batman films will be back for Batman 3.
  • No announcement of what Batman villains they’re playing with, although Nolan promises that Mr. Freeze is out of the question.

justice league chris jona nolan Chris Nolan Talks Superman Reboot & Batman 3

So there you have it – Nolan has officially established that he is indeed the “Godfather” of DC movie universe. Call me a brown-noser if you want, but considering that Marvel has many of its prime properties currently in the wrong hands (Sony, Fox), while DC holds all of its properties and has the talents of guys like The Nolans, Goyer and Martin Campbell (Green Lantern) on their side… This next decade of the new millennium could be the one where DC/WB conquers the superhero movie genre. Marvel’s Avengers project suddenly has some serious contenders to clash with…

Oh well, it all works out great for us super hero movie fans!

Be sure to check out Hero Complex for more of this great interview with Chris Nolan. And be sure to check back with us regularly for updates on both Superman: The Man of Steel and Batman 3.

Source: LA Times Hero Complex

Artwork Source: Superman/Brainiac by Gary Frank

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  1. Personally I'm just awaiting what Nolan will do next. Writing incessantly about the advocation of one rouge member over another is pointless. Almost any of them can be made to serve the purpose intended, although some might entertain more over others, the end result is the same. That being the case perhaps he sees this as well and will produce both properties. So if Jonathan is writing the next Batman script and Chris says he has a “fantastic Story” mapped out for Superman but won't direct Superman, then perhaps he doesn't intend to direct Batman either! Could this be possible??

    I think it would be mind blowing if Jonathan did them both. Wouldn't it be cool if they could do principle photography for both side by side? So close yet so far. Perhaps Superman needs to move much closer to the comics in tone. What does everyone think?

  2. Nope, there weren't at all developed. Harvey Dent(not Two-Face) was developed, but Two-Face was completely wasted, especially when you could have done so much more with that character. He's dead now, so thats out of the question. Maroni and the rest of the mob were just your typical mobsters. Like I said the only one that was developed was The Joker.

    The Scarecrow was developed? I would agree if we were talking about “Batman Begins”, but not “The Dark Knight”.

  3. Why dont they take note of how much success smallville has had.

    Why not get with the guys from the CW and make a Smallville movie Tom Welling is a great choice to play Superman and with all the storylines they have had with that series they could have one killer movie with a studios movie budget for special effects and finally seeing Clark Kent fly would be great.

  4. The reasons run the gamut from he doesn't have the look to he's mired in cheese. I speculate that he's done a screen test for it and the powers that be don't want him despite his small screen popularity. For the money they will end up paying they want a more classic icon look and if that person was a Shakespearian actor and had made a mark in theatrical pictures even recently as a month before hiring him, so much the better. Routh could still be in the running but I don't think he's a shoe in at this point.

  5. Why dont they take note of how much success smallville has had.

    Why not get with the guys from the CW and make a Smallville movie Tom Welling is a great choice to play Superman and with all the storylines they have had with that series they could have one killer movie with a studios movie budget for special effects and finally seeing Clark Kent fly would be great.

  6. The reasons run the gamut from he doesn't have the look to he's mired in cheese. I speculate that he's done a screen test for it and the powers that be don't want him despite his small screen popularity. For the money they will end up paying they want a more classic icon look and if that person was a Shakespearian actor and had made a mark in theatrical pictures even recently as a month before hiring him, so much the better. Routh could still be in the running but I don't think he's a shoe in at this point.

  7. O M G . Will everybody Please quit arguing over whose the better movie maker or writer . just make the movie ! iwas just a kid when the first movie appeared . it floored me ! and it was cheesey as hell lol . but just seeing it gave me goose bumps .the average kid doesnt care , just as long as they get to see it . the waiting is killing me , and others as well. we've all waited before and it took tooo long ! now you all want us too wait some more ! thats why we dont like hollywood now !

  8. nolan wants too many toys. he should take a step back and think about the unfortunate direction of his career towards action blockbusters about men in form-fitting suits and capes. and freeze is a perfectly plausible villain, even for this newly realistic gotham. blech, this is tim burton all over again.

  9. please explain what you mean by unfortunate direction of his career…i'd say getting $200 million from a major studio and free reign over a film is pretty fortunate.

  10. i think they need tp put robin in batman 4 but not batgirl they do not need her in it

  11. The Knight Crusader… The Dark Crusader… The Caped Crusader… Gothams Crusader… Gothams Knight… Gothams Knight Returns…The Dark Knight Returns…

    and my NEW favorite title… ‘The Prince of Darkness’

    Christopher (Nolan) should surprise us all… Berry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan, Unknown, Enemy of The State) might be a good surprise as the Riddler, or maybe someone a tad bit older.

    Please, I say NO to Johnny (Depp) or Robert (Downey).

    Maybe others will agree, I’m just a bit tired seeing them on screen.

    • hate to burst youre bubble but prince of darkness is draculas nickname. lol are you suggesting a batman vampire movie? I wont even go there.

  12. I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT who the main villian will be
    because he was in the Dark Knight
    its the riddler! Anyone remeber Mr. Reece ? He is a carbon copy of the character from the comic
    first of all MR. REECE = mysteries
    second…hes a red head!
    third, he KNEW Bruce was batman but was to scared to try anything (though he was very greedy and criminal like in his intentions)
    The riddler wont be a fighter, Batman we'll spend half the film just trying to figure out WHO the riddler is, there WILL be action but it will more or less be a mystery film

    Oh and remeber how the Joker “created” two face so to speak?
    He did the same thing to Mr. Reece, remeber?
    The joker showed Reece the “ugly side” of Gotham, he showed him people are willing to kill him to save themselves (so naturally he has a grim outlook of Gotham)
    the joker is dead but his master plan was to craft to more problems for Batman
    Dent and Reece
    you just watch, im right, i know i am

    • youre also clearly on acid. just remember the ideas you get on acid are generally not as brilliant as you think.

  13. Reece is not the Riddler. Nice try though. You have a better chance of the bank manager becoming the Riddler more than Reece.

  14. nolan never said he is directing superman just overseeing it and yes there will be superpowers in it and he is smart enough to know superman isnt dark.

    can you imagine seeing a superman film shot on an imax camera!

    could be worth the wait definitely

    • superman returns was shot in imax. lol

  15. If braniac is really a Superman villain then i think that picture of Superman vs. braniac looks fantastic! waiting for both superman reboot+batman 3 to arive. perhaps the best films i have to look forward too. But i need to say something serious, TDK was a bit of a disaster! I would hate to make NoLAN feel foolish but he shouldn`t have to if i know he understands. TDK was too dark! Went too far! And it killed an imporatant character, rachael! This will make no sense having a batman film wwithout her! find a way to bring her back! And please, make a superman film with the right actor! Make the next batman+superman films as great as you CAN.

  16. What ever happend to the wisdom of Superman…I think giving the Movie an almost Cecile B deMille style ,… Biblical edge without .. ‘God bless America’lol…but to give him Prophetesque edge….give it some Class!

    Better still Let me direct it!

  17. finally dc has the balls to step up and make a GOOD superman with the godfather, god bless chris nolan, i am so excited for batman 3!!

  18. it’ll be great having nolan doing it but i really had no problem with singers version, Yeah it was a little slow but i think it worked well and i think routh should return as the man of steel.

  19. Having known Mr. Nolan for dark treatments on his movies,in this case,i was wondering how will he handle Superman in the same way, considering Clark Kent is not in the same fold in character as Bruce Wayne.Anyway i believe ,as always of Mr. Nolan he’ll pull this off. Mabuhay ka!

  20. i think it’ll work.

    The Man of Steel title is a good idea for superman reboot, if Routh stays then he should have build more muscles.

    And to you Mr. Nolan, i am hoping to see catwoman on batman3..

  21. i want tom welling to be superman in the 2011 movie batman 3 the dark knight returns i think he’ll make a great superman, but as superman he needs support, like my sega characters like, tails tailsko,big breasted grown squirrrel girl sally acorn , and big breasted fiona fox, and big breasted mother of tails tailsko,miss rouge the bat,…, in the movie,and
    with big breasted spider-girl in the movie, against sarah michelle gellar
    as harley quinn,and with crispin glover as the joker, all fully white,in the movie, and with hugh laurie as mad hatter, in the movie, and with
    aaron eckhart two face in the movie,

  22. —– Original Message —–
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    Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2011 12:44 PM
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    I thought maybe you would be interested in seeing this. I’ve contact Mr. Nolan’s agent at CAA but they refused to forward it to Christopher Nolan. I’m going to put it out there anyplace I can now. Hopefully, Mr. Nolan may see it and want to contact me directly.

    This is something I wrote in 2006 and was pitched by Front Street Pictures at the 2008 Banff Fest for a drama series. You can do whatever you what to do with it, other than make a drama series or a movie out of it.

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  23. all i know is that superman and batman should join forces.