Will Chris Nolan Return For Batman 3?

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will nolan return for batman 3 edited Will Chris Nolan Return For Batman 3?That is the question on everyone’s lips.

The man behind the second highest grossing film of all time (unadjusted) hasn’t signed on to direct a third installment yet, and The Dark Knight‘s producer Charles Roven has said that nobody has even talked to Nolan yet because he is on vacation.

Roven said:

“There are a lot of us who emotionally would love to do it, but it’s really Chris’ call. Chris is the kind of filmmaker who just doesn’t think about the next movie before he has completely finished the movie he is working on. When he comes back, we will see how he feels.”

You bet a lot of people want to make a third film – especially after the amount of coin that That Dark Knight has taken in ($871 million and counting!).

So how will Chris Nolan feel, and will he want to make another film in the series? And if he doesn’t, what would stop him from making Batman 3?

Well one reason not to return is that some believe that Nolan has made the perfect Batman film, and he might not be able to top that. Third films in a series are very hard to get right. The first film in a series is often an introduction to the characters; the second is where the plot develops and the third film often has the thankless task of sorting out the loose ends. It’s quite easy to bring up examples of disappointing third films in a series:

  • Alien 3
  • Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
  • The Godfather 3
  • Spider-Man 3
  • X-Men 3
  • The Matrix Revolutions
  • and some would even argue The Return of the Jedi (although not me).

Nolan strikes me as a director who likes to get things just right and if he doesn’t feel that he can do that maybe he would just walk away. After all, making a film of that magnitude takes a lot of time and effort, and if you don’t think that it’s going to be good why bother?

Another thing that might stop Nolan returning to Gotham City is salary. Few would argue that the success of The Dark Knight doesn’t rest on Nolan’s shoulders and his paycheck for a third film would have to reflect this. Therefore if the director doesn’t get the quote that he thinks he deserves he might move on to pursue other projects. Negotiations in Hollywood are often very tricky and the money men can often get very argumentative, so anything could happen with regards to that process.

christopher nolan batman Will Chris Nolan Return For Batman 3?

If Christopher Nolan does decide to tackle Batman again it won’t be for another three years – at the very least. Nolan will obviously want to make another non-Batman related film between now and Batman 3, much like he did with The Prestige. Any “in-between” project will dictate the time frame of the next installment in the Batman franchise. Let’s just hope that Warner Brothers doesn’t pull an “X-Men 3” and try to rush the film into production with or without Nolan.

I would like to highlight that Nolan is a fantastic director in his own right, away from the Bat-franchise. Memento is a modern classic; The Prestige is a cracking little magical mystery tour and Insomnia is a good (and slightly under-rated) psychological thriller – so I don’t think that we can begrudge Nolan some time away to develop his directing skills on other films.

I have no doubts in my mind that Nolan will be back – but I have been known to be wrong from time to time. If Nolan doesn’t direct the film I wonder who Warner Brothers will hire to direct the next Batman movie? Surely not Brett Ratner? What about Frank Miller or maybe Zack Snyder?

Who would you like to see direct a Batman film if Nolan decided to leave the franchise behind?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  2. Actually I can’t believe I didn’t think Goyer. I’m surprised it never came to mind. I think he could do a great job with it.I would still prefer Nolan, but I think Goyer would do just fine as long as he dosen’t get Blade-itis.

  3. maybe a third installment is not the way
    to go I mean after the success of the
    dark knight it would be terribly difficult to top that even for nolan, and if he
    is not on board for the project you can
    forget about the rest of the cast
    they won’t be in it if nolan is out… so
    wb should think carefully what they’ll do

  4. I still want the third movie. I can’t really get enough batman as long as it comes out to be a decent film i’m happy.

  5. Daniel, Crazy thing is almost no one thinks of David Goyer I’ve talked to and almost everyone of them goes “Oh yeah…didn’t even think of him” lol, but seems like it might be a decent idea if you want someone who may kind of keep with a bit of the Nolan vision for the movies.

    I’m starting to warm up to the idea of David Fincher as well. Just recently watched Seven and that is one good looking gritty movie (not that I didn’t already know that of course). Seriously watch that film and think of it as a story about a couple of cops in Gotham City and it kind of fits, the whole look and feel of the film is awesome, still one of my atf movies with a ending that M Night should watch to see what a real twist is

  6. Edna, money talks and most of the cast would still be on for a non-Nolan batman film…well depends on who the director is. I mean if it’s McG no one would sign on right? Uhhhhh…wait…Bale is working McG on the Terminator movie…so who knows

  7. if Nolan is not gonna do it, they should leave the movies alone…its nolan or no one!

  8. B,

    I think that there might be more to Batman than Chris Nolan!


  9. End the entire franchise just because Nolan isn’t working on the next one? There are lot’s of great directors out there who could still make a good film. Batman has always been one of the most complex characters in comics and to just not make anymore movies about him simply because one director got it right and didn’t come back is stupid.

  10. Shure there a great directors out there,
    but i think that every director has its touch, and in my opinion nolan nailed it, Nolan has taken the movies to next psychological en action level, and i am afraid that if someone else is gonna do it, the series are gonna go downhill, however the afore mentioned david fincher would be second best in my opinion cause he can make very gritty films, and maybe he can take it further down gritty lane..

  11. and if nolan does not come back, and the third movie will turn out lousy, everybody is gonna go : i would have wished nolan did it..

  12. There is no reason to let an entire franchise like Batman go to waste simply because Nolan isn’t coming back. Batman is a huge character you can’t just stop makin movies about him because a director made two great ones.

  13. 2 Daniel : i dont agree with you on that. Batman is indeed a huge character, however Tim Burton’s two batman movies where also very good and fun to watch..but you saw what happened when they changed directors, it really went down the drain!

  14. The third movie in a trilogy is ALWAYS tricky to do well and I think directors are acutely aware of this.

    As far as the Burton Batman movies, the first one was great, but for some reason it seems to be that he made the second one much more campy than the first, I didn’t like that at all. Anyone remember the Penguin remote controlling the Batmobile sitting in a little kiddy ride like you find in front of grocery stores?

    What the hell was that?


  15. # 1, If CN doesn’t return for B-III I’d I would seriously be afraid of where it’s gonna go. I’m not saying some one else can’t make a good Batman movie, but if you’ve got the gold, stick with it.

    # 2, Whatever WB does, don’t hurry the next batman into production. This new string of Batman movies is like a shiny little pearl, would a bad thing to waste the potential.

    # 3, Am I the only one in the world that doesn’t think Alien 3 en The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions suck ?

  16. How can you actually use Burton as an example B? You want to stop if Nolan doesn’t come back however if they decided not to ever make another Batman after Burton would would of never had the Nolan films.

  17. allright. still if there was a third batman film it wouldn’t be as good as the dark knight whether is nolan or fincher or
    the ghost behind ed wood! it just can’t
    i would like to see one though, just for the fun of watching all of the other villains they can play with, still I thinkg it might just end up being a a big dissapointment and none of us are ready for that at least not yet.

  18. How can you know that? I think it’s very possible for it to be better. TDK as great as it was still was not perfect. There is always room for improvement.

    Personally though they could make the perfect film and I would still want to see more. Even if it wouldn’t be as good I just enjoy Batman stories. That’s like saying that The Long Halloween was such a great Batman story they should of stopped writing after it or after year one.

  19. Hell no!! the Long Halloween was perfect!
    so perfect! there was no room for mistake at all! and I don’t know it, I mean as good as it can be it can also be bad or just good not excelent But the same NOlan even said it The Dark Knight can carry itlsef alone wheter you can have a third part to it you cannot and still it would fit. And if we expected a great third film it could only come from Nolan’s hand definetly no doubt about he created it he is the only one who can carry on

  20. I don’t really understand most of what you said. You can’t say that Nolan is the only one who can do a good third film like you know it as fact. For all you know some one could come in take over and do even better than Nolan. We can’t actually know at this point. If a great comic is written or a great movie is made that dosn’t mean you just stop making them because it’s not likely to make a better one. Just like the Batman comics have had other writers the movies can have different directors.

  21. why so serious?

  22. I think Nolan’s hesitation is, he can’t make the third film he always intended to make, due to Ledgers death. The 3rd film obviously was set up for the Joker to return, to make it a complete trilogy. Without the Joker, it’ll be hard to make the 3rd even close to the 2nd. Having 3 films each focusing on different villains is something he didn’t want to do, like the previous films.

  23. that is not true a comic and a movie are two completely different things a film is not just paper is much more than that…
    still whatever Nolan decides to do its up to him and still we’ll all be there front seat watching and stuff so ultimately is the same thing isnt’?

  24. I take that as a great insult as should comic fans everywhere not only that writers everywhere. Just paper?

  25. Sure after Burton’s and the rest off the batman movies was The Nolan interpretation of Batman, But Nolan brought the series a giant leap further, so that should not be brought down by another director, and it is gonna happen, when someone else is gonna direct, and as for the joker, there will be workarounds so the joker is not really essential for a next movie, but Nolan certainly is…and my thought is he is gonna do it..so we’ll wait and see.

  26. I didn’t mean to offend anyone
    hey i love comics too and writting I’m just saying you can’t compare the making of a comic to the making of a film that is why I said they were completely different with a film you can’t just erase away what you’ve done wrong its a completely different process that involves everything people money loads of money I mean … that was all I was trying to say I’m sorry if I offended you or any writter or comic lover around the world.

  27. Before it’s on film it’s just a piece of paper. That’s how a movie starts off. Before they actually film it everything can be changed hell even after it’s been filmed you can still change things through editing.

  28. Allright lets focus on the film allright! the film forget about the comic!
    I meant the comic! a film and a comic! are differente…allright COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! that was my whole point! yes they can change it I know it! they can do all they want to it…still the reception from a comic and the reception from the film are entirely different as well…
    Iknow there is a script that is on paper..I know it and yeah it can be changed it often is..changed by producers more than by the writers themselves…
    plenty of what we see is not even there because the writers wanted it that way but because that’s what production told them to.

  29. I think the circumstances make the 3rd Batman movie a very difficult situation. First, they killed off one of the most obvious choices for the next super villain, Two-Face, then they set it up for the sequel to see the return of The Joker, and we all know that can’t happen now.

    I say the only thing to do is either somehow bring Two-Face back, like say that him “dying” was only symbolic, as in the dying of Harvey Dent but not Two-Face, or invent a new villain that could fit in this new dark Batman universe. Most of the other established villains are too corny to do. Scarecrow are already in it, but he’s always been a pushover, so I doubt he can portray the main super villain. Penguin and Riddler, no, don’t see it happening. Bane, MAYBE.

    I’ve always thought it was a huge mistake to kill off Two-Face so fast when he’s always been one of Batman’s main villains…

    So I understand his hesitation to announce being part of the 3rd one. But if they absolutely have to pick someone else, I think the best suggestion I’ve heard so far is David Fincher. Alien 3 was definitely pretty bad, but it was his first movie after all. He really came together after that. My favorite being The Game.