Will Chris Nolan Return For Batman 3?

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will nolan return for batman 3 edited Will Chris Nolan Return For Batman 3?That is the question on everyone’s lips.

The man behind the second highest grossing film of all time (unadjusted) hasn’t signed on to direct a third installment yet, and The Dark Knight‘s producer Charles Roven has said that nobody has even talked to Nolan yet because he is on vacation.

Roven said:

“There are a lot of us who emotionally would love to do it, but it’s really Chris’ call. Chris is the kind of filmmaker who just doesn’t think about the next movie before he has completely finished the movie he is working on. When he comes back, we will see how he feels.”

You bet a lot of people want to make a third film – especially after the amount of coin that That Dark Knight has taken in ($871 million and counting!).

So how will Chris Nolan feel, and will he want to make another film in the series? And if he doesn’t, what would stop him from making Batman 3?

Well one reason not to return is that some believe that Nolan has made the perfect Batman film, and he might not be able to top that. Third films in a series are very hard to get right. The first film in a series is often an introduction to the characters; the second is where the plot develops and the third film often has the thankless task of sorting out the loose ends. It’s quite easy to bring up examples of disappointing third films in a series:

  • Alien 3
  • Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines
  • The Godfather 3
  • Spider-Man 3
  • X-Men 3
  • The Matrix Revolutions
  • and some would even argue The Return of the Jedi (although not me).

Nolan strikes me as a director who likes to get things just right and if he doesn’t feel that he can do that maybe he would just walk away. After all, making a film of that magnitude takes a lot of time and effort, and if you don’t think that it’s going to be good why bother?

Another thing that might stop Nolan returning to Gotham City is salary. Few would argue that the success of The Dark Knight doesn’t rest on Nolan’s shoulders and his paycheck for a third film would have to reflect this. Therefore if the director doesn’t get the quote that he thinks he deserves he might move on to pursue other projects. Negotiations in Hollywood are often very tricky and the money men can often get very argumentative, so anything could happen with regards to that process.

christopher nolan batman Will Chris Nolan Return For Batman 3?

If Christopher Nolan does decide to tackle Batman again it won’t be for another three years – at the very least. Nolan will obviously want to make another non-Batman related film between now and Batman 3, much like he did with The Prestige. Any “in-between” project will dictate the time frame of the next installment in the Batman franchise. Let’s just hope that Warner Brothers doesn’t pull an “X-Men 3” and try to rush the film into production with or without Nolan.

I would like to highlight that Nolan is a fantastic director in his own right, away from the Bat-franchise. Memento is a modern classic; The Prestige is a cracking little magical mystery tour and Insomnia is a good (and slightly under-rated) psychological thriller – so I don’t think that we can begrudge Nolan some time away to develop his directing skills on other films.

I have no doubts in my mind that Nolan will be back – but I have been known to be wrong from time to time. If Nolan doesn’t direct the film I wonder who Warner Brothers will hire to direct the next Batman movie? Surely not Brett Ratner? What about Frank Miller or maybe Zack Snyder?

Who would you like to see direct a Batman film if Nolan decided to leave the franchise behind?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I agree that killing off Two face is a big mistake. I don’t think he was actually dead they didn’t ever reach for a pulse I know it’s a bit of a stretch but what else you gonna do.

    I would love to See Bane or Black Mask in the next film that would be great. I could deal with Riddler but not at the top of my list. Hell a part of me even wants to see Clay Face, but would be hard to do in Nolan’s verse. I hope they don’t do Penguin unless they just make him some short fat mobster who has the nick name but doesn’t actually carry around an umbrella everywhere and quack. Still don’t really want him.

  2. I really love Chris Nolan’s signature on both Batman films and feel it’s really his baby. However, I have to say, if Nolan was not going to do it, I’d go with David Fincher.

    However, it is my supreme hope Chris Nolan takes the reigns. Of all the Batman films, my husband and I feel Batman Returns and The Dark Knight truly reflect the complexities of Batman and ditched the camp. Batman is a dark dude, and Nolan nailed it in every way.

  3. If Nolan is not diresting it, then Christian Bale is not coming back – for Batman 3, he said so himself. And Christian
    Bale is one hell of a good Batman and Bruce Wayne. He is also a dedicated method actor. However, I think that Nolan has ended it well with the second batman film. The way the film turned out, along with the ending, made it seem that Nolan was not going for a thrid film. He said prior to the release of the film that The
    Dark Knight was meant to be a tragedy, not some cliche superhero movie. So there is no need to go with a thrid part. It would not mattered whether Heath Leger died or not, you can not just keep going with the Joker, in Batman 3, as people that had already seen The Dark Knight would just feel like it was a repeat of The Dark Knight all over again.

  4. The only person who could do it justice other than Nolan would be Michael Mann. No one else could do it right.

  5. I couldn’t stop laughing at the suggestion of Michael Mann.

  6. Mann did some great work in TV, but did anyone see “Miami Vice the Movie”?

    Wow, that film was unwatchable…

  7. Miami Vice was so terrible. Ali had the potential to be good, but he dropped the ball.

  8. I remember watching Miami Vice on dvd, and then (literally) taking out the dvd and throwing it in the trash…

  9. Darren Aronofsky.

  10. forget about michael mann and schumacher for director if nolan doesnt come back. but he should cause he understands the batman character better than any other directer. but if he doesnt i think quentin tarantino could make a proper batman since he briefly worked with frank miller

  11. I can’t believe I’m about to say this. I actually think I would prefer Micheal Mann do it over Tarantino. My god that may be the worst choice ever.

  12. I agree with Daniel 100%. I was drinking a soda while reading this and I almost choked…

    Quentin Tarantino is the most overrated director of all time. His movies are HORRIBLE. The ONLY good movies he did were Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. All those Kill Bill idiot movies and whatever else he did are just horribly horrible. Or terribly terrible, pick one.

    And no, those Chinese movies he plugges his name into he had NOTHING to do with them, he simply helped in importing them to the USA, they were made and released in Asia LONG before he was ever involved…

  13. Seriously no one would be up for Michael Mann directing a Batman movie? Yes Miami Vice wasn’t great (Coming from the only guy in the world who liked it.) but look at the dude’s resume! The Insider, Collateral, Ali, Manhunter, Thief, Heat (Which Nolan himself admitted had a major influence on the new Batman series.) Plus the upcoming Public Enemies (Which co-stars Batman) Like don’t get me wrong, in my mind I can’t imagine anyone but Nolan coming back, but come on there is are worse things in the world then Mann directing Batman (Now if Michael Bay made a trip to Gotham city then I would be worried.)

  14. Is that resume suppose to make people want him on the films? The guy has about 2 maybe 3 decent films and I mean decent not truly great. His style is very contrast to what has been established in BB and TDK. I think there are only maybe 4 or 5 choices worse than Mann. I mean had you said Micheal Bay I would think that you were either kiding or Bay him self because those are the only ways anyone could suggest that name.

  15. Now, I may be over reaching this, but in terms of Warner Bros. being forced to go it trilogy style without Nolan, if they really wanted to keep with the look he created in Begins as well as the mood in TDK, then they’d need to find a director who is as close to an expert in bringing to the screen the frightening reality of where Gotham is without Dent and with the sound of “Haunt him, He’s a murder not a hero” coming from the final choices made at the end of Knight, meaning something beyond twisted and still real…replacing the Joker since recasting sould = death, would mean looking at some seriously messed villians (Riddler is to comic book, Mad Hatter is too soon, Two-Face is DEAD!) they need one of two things: To find a villian that is capable of being “real” or frikin creating a new villian (Which is dangerous)….DIRECTOR is important as much as story, if Nolan chooses to bail on Bale, lol, then there are few that could keep the tone there…SEE the film Taxi Driver, the DeNiro transformation in it, as well as his in Cape Fear (I’m not saying cast DeNiro, unless your recasting Alfred cause he’s like 70 now, I’m talking director)then Pay ANYTHING to get Scorsese or Fincher or someone who is an expert in that kind of gritty filmmaking and realisim….or DON’T DO BATMAN 3! I think when Gothem goes from “Gothem’s proud of an ordinary man standing up for what’s right…we appointed the Batman, all of us who stood by and scum take control of our city.” …TO…”You’ll hunt me, you’ll condem me. set the dog on me…people deserve more…BLAH BLAH BLAH…KILL THE BATMAN! HE’S A KILLER! HANG HIM UP BY HIS CAPE!” ….then really, how long is his “killer” run gonna last? As long as what? The time PEter PArker took to say? “I’m SPider Man no more”…CUT TO 20 MINUTES LATER…swinging away of his webs to a girl…Who is gonna make the harsh world Nolan left up in question in Gothem to make them go…”Hey we need that guy? We screwed up? This guy is blowing up schools, killing people in the streets at random, the cops can’t catch this guy, the last freak who did this, Batman strung up and left him laughing, he murdered our DA and then split…BUT WE NEED HIM!” Who is that villianous? SATAN…who can continue if Nolan says “No”, who? They should not do it unless they know, KNOW, that it can work…am I wrong?

  16. I don’t know, I have always said that I think Nolan really kind of shot himself in the foot in terms of a sequel with the overly melodramatic way he ended TDK. I felt that entire last 20 minutes of the movie was unnecessary, and the constant narrative of “poor batman, he is so heroic, boofreakinhoo” crap was really annoying in my opinion. Combined with them killing off one of Batman’s primary villains in the same film he was introduced was a pretty dumb move too, but that’s part of the last 20 minutes, so my original statement would have taken care of that as well…

  17. I did the idea of saying Two-Face isn’t dead, but I mean, if he’s alive, how would they pull it off? I’d hate to think he (Nolan) mortally wounded himself in that last 20, even 30 minutes, by even bring Two-Face in that late in tha film. I loved the fact that somehow, Dent after becoming Two-Face, was more dangerous then the Joker, I mean they really had something with him total 180ing it from, good natured to…”That’s funny, I’m not sure what going to happen to you either.” The mere concept of that coin ruling him to the point that he really, no pun intended…Double the chaos the Joker enstilled into him…by leaving it ALL to chance, to me that idea could have filled an intense 3rd film, but he effed up by bring dent in and then turning him into the villian in one film, relied that Heath would return, thus leaving him hanging there, saying how they would go at if forever…Maybe your’e right Ken J, maybe Norlan built one hell of a franchise then flipped a coin medaphoriclly, an it landed on the burnt your trilogy to hell side…but maybe he did it to ensure they couldn’t come back, its scary, but if I couldn’t kill a character in my story, I’d set a chain of event up in which even I’d say “I can’t continue…I’ve written myself into a corner, let someone else try to fix this.”

  18. I’m pretty sure Eckhart or Nolan or someone cmae out and said “Yes, 2-face is certainly dead.” Also here is why with no Nolan, there should be no third film:

    Whenver Bale is asked about a Third Batman film, before the reporter can even finish the period on the ? mark he says “Only if Chris does it.”

    Gary Oldman orginally turned down the film until Nolan went to his house and convinced him. So I imagine no Nolan, no Oldman.

    Now you’re left with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. Two classic actors who know a sinking ship when they see one. Bye bye.

    Lastly no Christopher Nolan, then No Jonathan Nolan, and so no script. Don’t get me wrong I like Goyer, he a great writer, but this task is to big for anyone.

    But to be a good sport and play the what if game then, everything mR.InSaNe said. Well put. Its pretty much exactly how I feel. As for people who are still complaining about the last 20 minutes. If you didn’t like it then I have a hard time understanding why you like this film so much seeing as the whole point of the film is captured in the last 20 minutes. Thats all

  19. alright so what if he comes back to direct another Batman, who says it will be just as good, both Sam Raimi and Ford Coppilla did third chapters to their series and they didn’t turn out so great. I’d say Martin Campbell or Bryan Singer

  20. Well….I’m still under the theory that Two-Face was so damaged that he was bound to burn out or fizzle into a bad way, unpredictable like. So Batman 3 with him as the villian would only last about 35, maybe 45 minutes before he blew up in one hell of a blaze of violence and you’d need a second villian before the first hour even ended.

    And that would likely cause people to think that in Gothem villians are made by other villians, instead of the fact that that’s no always the case. Cause as far as we know….nobody made the joker, he just kinda happened.

    Which is how it should be since, in reality, people always try to rationalize things they don’t understad. A prime example is that if you’re a serial killer, you’ve got anti-social personality disorder and it’s a mental illness and that’s why you killed 23 people. To rationalize it, put medical terms on it, well that means it’s explainable and somehow normal…well EXPLAIN THE JOKER!

    No really, I’d like to hear it! lol.