Chris Nolan Has No ‘Justice League’ Movie Plans; Done with Batman

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 19th, 2013 at 12:22 pm,

There has been speculation about Chris Nolan’s future with the DC Comics Movie Universe long before his Batman trilogy finale, The Dark Knight Rises, started taking shape. A few years back, Nolan and his Batman story writer David S. Goyer collaborated on the story and script for the Superman reboot Man of Steel, which Nolan was at one time rumored to direct. When that didn’t pan out, it was then whispered that the Inception filmmaker could act as a shepherd for DC/Warner Bros. movie universe – even going so far as to direct the studio’s long-stalled Justice League film.

However, Nolan is now hinting that after Dark Knight Rises, he will be done playing in the DC superhero sandbox.

As the acclaimed writer/director/producer said when asked if he has plans to step in and handle Justice League:

“No, none at all… We’re finished with all we’re doing with Batman. This is the end of our take on this character.”

With news that DC/WB is working on the script for a new Justice Leauge movie (as opposed to the defunct version that almost came to be back in the late 2000s), it’s clear that DC superheroes are going to be put to use in shared universe fashion. Nolan firmly re-iterating that his take on Batman will end with Dark Knight Rises would suggest that he is indeed stepping away from the Justice League project, and the DC Movie Universe (DCMU) as a whole.

dc comics movies universe Chris Nolan Has No Justice League Movie Plans; Done with Batman

We know that DC/WB is debating internally whether to reboot characters like Batman and Green Lantern, who have already had autonomous cinematic outings (to contrasting degrees of success), while Man of Steel would serve as the official beginning to the DCMU. Nolan’s quote suggests that at least the Dark Knight will be getting a reboot to better fit in a shared universe – or (if the studio is (foolish? Brave?) enough, they would takeover use of the Nolan Batman without the director’s input (that is, IF the character survives Dark Knight Rises).

However, it would be presumptuous to call this matter closed. For one thing, Chris Nolan’s creative partners on the Batman trilogy – David S. Goyer and brother Jonathan Nolan – are still on hand to help shape the DCMU in similar fashion to what they did with Batman – and it’s even been previously hinted that Chris could use some of his clout to get Jonathan into a director’s chair on some DC/WB project. That would keep the “Nolan influence” alive and well within the DCMU.

superman batman movie Chris Nolan Has No Justice League Movie Plans; Done with Batman

Furthermore, there is still the pivotal factor of Man of Steel: Internet bloggers have speculated for months now that if the Superman reboot is a success at the box office (and with fans), then players like MoS director Zack Snyder will be tapped to build a larger DCMU – as Marvel has done with Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon. However, if Man of Steel isn’t welcomed as warmly as the studio hopes, I don’t think any of us would be surprised to see Warner Bros. driving truckloads of cash up to Chris Nolan’s doorstep, asking for continued guidance in building their superhero world. With Batman already a billion-dollar box office draw (and huge profits on the horizon for Dark Knight Rises), it would be doubtful that DC/WB would let their power player go at a time they need him most – not without a hefty bribe, at least.

Of course, with Nolan able to make big money off of his own original work (see: Inception), there’s no real leverage for the enigmatic filmmaker to do anything else besides what he bloody well wants to – and there plenty of studios who would be willing to give him a home.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012. We’ll keep you updated on all other DC movie news.

Source: EW


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  1. i think if nolan makes 2 flops in a row and bale has a cuple stinkers they will be dying to do another dark knight .. now i am gonna say this in hopes of i wont get flamed cause i loved nolans batman movies .. but they could of been better .. and i really hate bale as batman .. i am gonna be glad when his time under the cape and cowl come to an end ..and i welcome the reboot ..although i think they should reboot him through the justice league movie .. no need to do an origin movie again allready ..

    • I’m surprised you haven’t been flamed yet actually. Nolan has like the worst fanbase ever imo.

      • i just spent a lot of time recently watching over nolan movies. i am slowly turning into a fanboy. he is amazing at directing and tying together themes. soon i’ll start flaming you guys.

        • There hasn’t been a Nolan movie I have disliked :]

      • hahaha you’re right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but some of these guys..phewwwww

      • Suuuuurrrrre.

    • everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but i think the movies are great. yea the growl is kinda wonky but bale is just working with what he’s been handed. i think nolan realizes that in his batman universe people would immediately realize that bruce wayne is batman from hearing his voice so he has to change it. could he have taken a diff approach with that? perhaps. but it is what it is.

      • actually i read that it was bale s idea to do the cancer throat voice because it was the only way he didnt feel silly in the suit .. but like i said the movies are great but i dont like bales batman or bruce wayne .. he needs to be taller and bulkier i actually think bale would make a better villian then good guy .. and i am not a fan of the suit i think the head looks way off ..

        • @victor, you’re insane.

        • ah ok i did not know that. yea in some lightings i sort of cringe at the suit myself. something about it doesn’t quite work but i can’t put my finger on it.

          • You mean besides the fact that if he wasn’t wearing pointy cowl and a scalloped cape he would be completely unrecognizable. You can’t even see the bat symbol on his chest because his armour bisected it so much.

            • @ il princerino
              no i mean like in the dark knight when hes in the interigaton room with the joker his head looks almost alien ,like the suit just looks off sometimes to me .. and yes you are correct you cant even see the bat symbol on his chest, and again bale is tiny in my opinon ..
              and yes i think bale would make a better riddler or black mask then he has done with bruce wayne/batman.. i think that the movies have been great in spite of him .. thats just my take ..

        • “he needs to be taller and bulkier i actually think bale would make a better villian then good guy”….Michael Keaton is 5’10 was he bulky? nope !. I`m stronger than what he was back then (1989). Physically Bale is by far the best B.Wayne/Batman

          • did i say keaton was a good batman ?? they need a guy who is 6 foot 2 and taller .. someone who actually looks intimitading .. not a little angry person playing dress up .. batman in the comics in tall and imposing ..
            oh and another thing bruce wayne is suppose to be a handsome american billionaire playboy .. not a ugly euro rugby looking player.. just my two cents .. again the movis are great but not cause of him ..

        • I dunno, Batman is supposed to be strong, but he’s also agile and fast (like a ninja) so I don’t think “bulkier” is the way to go.
          When they do the reboot, they just need to go with an actor who is physically fit, but not a steriod nut.

          As long as they get rid of the armor Batsuit (which has been used in almost every Batman movie ever made), and use the type of material that the new Superman costume is made out of, I think it’ll be a lot better.

          • I hope not. Cap’s movie costume is practically the same cloth as Batman comics and look how silly and unimposing he looked in skin tights.

            • I think you misread my comment: I said make it out of the same material as SUPERMAN’S new movie costume (not Cap’s)… that material looks pretty good on Cavill IMO and with a black/gray tint, a black cowl and cape and a yellow utility belt, it would look awesome I think.

          • @ the avenger .. actually robin and nightwing are more ninja .. i prefer to think of batman as more like a athlete .. someone who is 6 foot 4 .. who is quick and strong .. good enough to play shooting guard for the knicks or tight end for the patriots

          • @ The Avenger

            I been sayin that about the next reboot about Batman’s costume. Instead of armor batsuit like previous films, they need to design a costume so the actor would be more agile as Batman would be in the comics & shows. I been goin over comics for a design & trying to piece it with some kind of material as Cavill’s Superman costume while figuring out about cape,cowl,gloves,boots, utility belt would look like. I wouldn’t mind if they brought the yellow emblem back on the costume.

        • Eventhough I’m not a fan of Nolan’s films, I prefer Bale as Batman and Bruce wayne anyday over that ATROCIOUS Micheal Keaton. Hated that casting in the 89 film. Horrible Bruce wayne….short, ugly, way too much forehead…and yeah…ya got that role because you was good friends with your school buddy, Tim Burton.

          Unfortunately, I have yet to see a proper Bruce Wayne/ Batman protrayal on screen.
          The next Batman needs to get away from the damned rubber suit as well; a man that is tall, muscular, looks the part and above all…CAN ACT !!!

    • I’m not much of a Nolan fan I didn’t like inception the movie that apparently everyone loves and no I’m not saying that cause I like matrix which I don’t like matrix at all I only like batman dark night from nolan I didn’t even like batman begins so yea don’t think hes that great yet I think he’s got better movies to come

      • Thank you. I totally agree with you on Nolan. Overrated movies.

    • I respectfully disagree. I also commend Nolan for stopping at 3 movies rather than some like James Cameron who gets success with Avatar and so stops everything to make a bunch more of them! Definition of sell out.

      • You’re right, there is a such thing as overkill, and that’s exactlly what James Cameron is doing with Avatar, shooting 3 sequels? Come on man. One of the reasons for success for ‘Avatar’ was seeing 9 feet tall blue aliens for the first time on screen and visual delights that caught viewers by suprise and mesmerised so many of them. You won’t have that element os suprise anymore and shooting that many sequels will make that series quickly burn out, i guarantee you those films won’t do nearly as well at the box office as the original. To me ‘Avatar’ is one of those films like ‘Jaws’, ‘ET’ or ‘Titanic’, you can never replicate that magic, it’s a once in a lifetime thing. Comic Book films like ‘Avengers’, TDKR & TASM have a history of great source material, that’s why they can make multiple sequels, but like you have expressed even that runs it’s course. Nolan doing 3 ‘Batman’ films is just fine, and i know he was’nt originally planning on doing that many, hopefully Joss Whedon can do 2 more sequels for the ‘Avengers” as well and wrap it up.

        • Cameron said he could do everything he wanted to do story wise in the next 3 Avatars. If he stays tru to that, and explores concepts beyond “Fern Gully-ness” Avatar could go on to become something truly great and memorable. Alternatively, if he rides the same themes it will be muck.

          Avatar has built a wotld with unlimited poseibilities like Star Wars or Star Trek. zits up to the creator to keep things fresh.

          • I sure hope that is true for Cameron’s sake, because 3 sequels sound like a bit much.

            • 3 ?! He said he can go to Avatar 9…a Tri-trilogy !!! Hope it blows up in his face. Love him, but I hate when people become too full of themselves !

      • I agree with you on The cameron thing. Yes…he’s gotten too big…like Lucas. He’s only going to concentrate on Avatar now. But when the viewers get tired of his blue cats special; he’ll run back hard to movies like The Terminator, True Lies or an Alien reboot…cameron style. I’m glad however that Nolan may be done with Batman and hopefully other superhero movies at that. But best believe, like someone else mentioned already; if Nolans next 2 future movies after RISES flops; he’ll go back to what put him on the map. They all sell out eventually.

    • “i think they should reboot him through the justice league movie .. no need to do an origin movie again already ..”

      I agree. I’d go one step further and make Batman a behind the scenes player, with the other heroes only catching glimpses of him. Let the audience revel in his participation though. That could work in at least one movie…

  2. I have absolutely no idea of how DC/WB could pull off a shared movie universe. It just seems nearly impossible at this time, especially if Man of Steel fails.

    • that’s why you’re not a director

      • LOL. Nice one :-)

  3. i just hope they never let brian singer touch superman again .. ever .. ..ever

  4. i swear its like they are trying to make out batman dies. i hope not… guess we’ll find out in 2 weeks

    • 11 days.

  5. If Man Of Steel is successful I would not rule out
    Nolan considering the producer role he has for that
    for the Justice League perhaps with Snyder directing.

    Particularly if there is big money involved (a given) together
    with authorization to direct other projects he is interested in.

    • Maybe, but director’s usually use the producer role to phase themselves out of a franchise slowly. Maybe Nolan stays back as a producer, but I think he just wants to focus his creative input elsewhere now that he’s done with Batman.

  6. I’m all up for a Batman reboot if they base it off the New 52 Batman titles. Though it maybe too early to introduce the Court of Owls in film.

  7. This is stupid. I don’t know about his brother Jonathan Nolan, so I wouldn’t comment on that. But Nolan seems to only be interested in doing his certain style of movies, and that style is completely incompatible with Justice League. It was compatible with Batman to a degree, but his Batman is still far from being the definitive Batman which is honest to the source material. Note the use of the word ‘honest’ not ‘carbon-copy’, I realize some changes are necessary for comic to film transition. But what Nolan has done is his own unique interpretation rather than a true adaptation.

    Nolan has done the Bat-verse great service with an excellent trilogy, but let’s face it, the main reason he took on the Batman franchise back in 2005 was because it was an opportunity to boost his career. I won’t deny that he put in some real effort into making the trilogy as good as he could. The effort was there. But now that he earned some ‘street cred’ and money, there is little reason for him to not just focus his career on films that he really wants to do, rather than spend 10-20 years doing purely the DCU films.

    Advice to WB, get somebody else. As in somebody who gets the comics, and is passionate about them. I mean, Marvel didn’t call up Sam Raimi to do the Avengers just because the made the most successful solo Marvel franchise in Spider-Man 1-3.

    • I COMPLETELY agree. Chris Nolan has made some outstanding Batman films, but there are still some things that the definitive Batman series would need (in my opinion):

      -Sidekicks and partners (at the very least Robin)
      -More fantastical world, allowing for villains like Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and Poison Ivy
      -Not as dark and depressing
      -Avoid the origin but still reference it
      -Show off more detective skills

      Until I see these things combined with the sort of brilliant character work and action that Chris Nolan has displayed, I don’t think I can really call a Batman film “definitive.”

    • @ Sawyer

      I agree with you. You have valid points. I hoping MOS would be it’s own trilogy or franchise aswell but oh well. But mostly i agree with your points & think WB/DC should consider asking Bruce Timm & Co. to make the jump to live-action films and handle the DCMU since they had great success from Batman:TAS-JLU on their resume. I know they’re animated shows but they were all popular with even some feature dvd films that were connected to the “Timm-verse” or otherwise. If they can do that, i don’t see how they cannot accomplish the same in live-action.

  8. At no point did I ever expect Chris would really be happy doing DC comics films for the rest of his life. I think he did Batman because Bruce Wayne as a character was fascinating to him, and just an ordinary man with no powers. I don’t think he’s really a ‘comicbook guy’. Atleast not like Joss Whedon or David Goyer, who live and breathe comics.

    • Having said that, I’m glad he’s stepping away. He’s already done two excellent Batman films, soon to be three, that’s more than enough. Just like any other filmmaker, he should get to explore a little bit. Let others reboot Batman and do the Justice League, there must be plenty others who can do it.

      • ^ Agreed.

      • Agree with you completely. And now that we seem to be on the verge of three masterful Batman films that are more realistic, Im interested in seeing the fantastical villains again. Not campy, but something that is really big on comic book content. However, I’d be lying if I said I wouldnt want someone to make a very disturbing storyline for Zsaz. If done right, I will go out on a limb and say he could make Ledger’s Joker seem like candyland.

        • Zsaz could be great, serial killer, detective work, I’d agree.

  9. “Warner Bros. driving truckloads of cash up to Chris Nolan’s doorstep” – hasn’t the WB ever heard of a bank? or a checking account? Nolan would have to use that cash to replace the sod tore up by the trucks driving up to his doorstep. And what if his kids were playing outside when these trucks arrived. Safety first….so the WB should rethink that strategy.

    On a serious note, I’d prefer Nolan to step away from the DC universe. I prefer his original work over his Batman series.

    • you need to go to immediately and retire B-List Porno Star Extra in the hall of fame. lol

  10. If DC choose to reboot Batman, it could either be a spectacular failure with people already knowing his origin or a success like TASM has been this week.

    Even if they continued the Nolan universe, it would be weird having a different guy playing the Ledger version of Joker, it wouldn’t be Bruce under the cowl and it would be better to just start over with a new Bruce Wayne.

    • Yeah, I mean if they reboot Batman they should just “Incredible Hulk” it and tell the origin through the credits or something. Just start the movie out with Bruce Wayne as Batman.

      • YES

  11. “However, Nolan is now hinting that after Dark Knight Rises, he will be done playing in the DC superhero sandbox.”
    I think “hinting” is the wrong word seeing as how Nolan has been trying to make it clear for the past few MONTHS that he’s ready to move on to other things…

    • Lol! Yeah. ‘hinting’ is a bit of an understatement.

    • Like producing Man Of Steel?

      Think for a moment. A full blown Justice League movie would simply be an obvious rip-off of Avengers at this point, with about the same degree of success as Green Lantern. Nolan’s Batman movies are better individually per se but on the whole Marvel did it right by having a string of hits with solo superhero movies so that by the time Avengers was released demand was at fever pitch for the team-up. Man Of Steel will be set in roughly the same universe as The Dark Knight. Expect a Nolan produced World’s Finest before Justice League (which will happen eventually but by that point Nolan will have stepped away long ago).

      • “Man Of Steel will be set in roughly the same universe as The Dark Knight.” – no it won’t… at all 😉

        The only reason Nolan is producing Man of Steel is because WB asked him too. To put it bluntly, they wanted someone to babysit Snyder and… “refine” the movie (that’s why Nolan is producing and his team worked on the script).

        Just because he’s producing ONE movie, doesn’t mean he’s the godfather of all DC movies. Someone else mentioned that when you go from director to producer, it usually means you’re slowly working your way out of the franchise.

        These fanboys need to wake up and realize that Nolan is DONE with superheroes. He WANTS to move on to other things and I’m with him. I’d love to see more films like Memento, Inception and The Prestige.
        And if it’s big budget flicks he’s after, I think he could do well in directing a 007 movie.

        • i dont like how nolan acts like hes too good for batman .. if it wasnt for hm doing the batman movies he would of not goe the chance to do prestige which was ok by the way not amazing .. and inception which had an amazing cast ..

          • The dude has been doing Batman for 10 years and managed to transcend the generic good vs evil superhero plots. He deserves a break lol.

        • Working your way up to being a producer means you have more control over your movies and less of a chance of the studio screwing them up for you, at least in theory. Spielberg’s probably produced more movies than anybody, yet he’s never taken a significant break from his passion which is directing.

          And no, Nolan was not hired to babysit Snyder. During the writing process of The Dark Knight Rises, David Goyer explained his take on how a Superman movie would work and Nolan was so impressed he and Goyer wrote the screenplay for Man Of Steel together and pitched it to the studio. Zack Snyder was one of the last to be brought on board after many other directors were discussed and approached. That’s why this will be a Nolan film, not a Snyder film.

          As for whether Man Of Steel will be set in roughly the same universe as Dark Knight, well… let’s just wait and see, friend-o. 😉

  12. IMO JL should be a self contained three part epic with one major villian and subplots. Allowing for better pacing and character development. i.e. Lord of the Rings or Original Star Wars trilogy.

    An experienced director who can handle scale (like Speilberg, Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott, etc) would have to helm.

    • That is what I have been saying. Make it a large scale epic trilogy that way you can either recast people (GL) or cast new ones for people who don’t have movies out yet.

      • Agree on everything except recasting people. Make it 3 movies, screw the Marvel strategy. I mean, what are they gonna do, make Amada Waller Nick Fury? Oh God…don’t tell me you’re considering it! I WAS JOKING, WB/DC, I WAS JOKING!

        • I keep forgetting to change name, lol.

  13. There are alot of other ppl who can do the job in a way Im kinda glad.

  14. I can’t even imagine the amounts of money Mr. Nolan has probably turned down to “godfather” the DCU films. But he’s made it quite obvious he’s dedicated to his craft and will not compromise his vision for bucks. I respect that.

  15. DC needs an architect similarto Kevin Feige in order to pull off a Marvel-style shared cinematic universe. But Nolan isn’t it. He has a very focused interpretation of the Batman mythos, an interpretation that would not suit the other less-grounded members of the DC universe. Kevin Feige has enough working knowledge of the entire Marvel universe to be able to create a cohesive vision. Nolan’s interests seemed to stop with Batman because Batman lends itself so well to the exploration of the themes Nolan enjoys using in his films.

    WB needs to hire an actual DC comics writer or editor to spearhead a shared DC cinematic universe. A filmaker like Nolan or even Snyder does not possess the depth of knowledge required to build such a universe on screen.

    • Geoff Johns had plenty of input into Green Lantern and look how that turned out. They need to just make good movies, first and foremost and quit worrying about all the merchandise and crap that comes afterwards. That’s why I hate words like franchise being associated with this stuff.

      • I was never a big fan of DC’s comics, but it’s impossible not to have at least peripheral knowledge of some of their characters just through television and other formats. With the way Marvel rented off the rights to half of their properties it has been pretty impressive that they have gotten a series of solo movies and a team-up off the ground successfully. In all honesty it seems like they learned from some of the mistakes other studios made with other Marvel characters and mapped out their strategy a little better. Time Warner on the other hand has owned DC for more than twenty years and they still seem to be on the fence about everything that isn’t Batman or Superman. I just always took it as a sign they had little confidence in the selling power of the properties as a whole, and the few experiments they have done may not have helped.

        The whole franchise and trilogy thing is to be expected, after the original Star Wars the idea of a captive audience and the bounty that is merchandising became like selling crack for movie studios, so it’s never going to stop. The problem seems to be that unless they have a strong story idea that they A)Have faith in, B)Makes money, and C)Can be sustained over the course of multiple movies, they just make one movie and hope it hits and then try to plan another one. It would be shocking if someone actually had a script or story that logically ran multiple films (doesn’t have to be three, it could be more or less), that could be justified and made in a reasonable fashion.

        • I think part of the problem is DC doesn’t’ know their characters other than from a marketing standpoint. What they tried to do in my opinion was make Green Lantern like Iron Man (and mimicking Marvel, which they should only do in spirit, not outright.) In other words, they tried to make a wisecracking immature superhero who steps up and becomes a hero in the end, which is a$$ backwards for GL, it should have been a serious movie about a serious character and if he hadn’t already been a hero the ring would’ve chosen someone else. What they should’ve done was The Flash as a fun movie, with a hint of GL at the end as Flash’s straight man. The audience relates to Barry Allen and we get cosmic by segueing into GL, from there we can easily introduce Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, etc. (JLA)

          I would say stop following and start leading, DC, but then this is what happens when corporations make movies instead of people. There’s too many good movies and television being made today for there to be an excuse for a lack of vision and good storytelling in 2012 and beyond.

          • See that’s the thing, I didn’t much about Green Lantern past what I have seen in the old cartoons from the 70’s and 80’s. The way Reynolds played it(due to the script) looked more like his stints as Hannibal King and Wade Wilson, while possibly trying to play it the same as Robert Downey Jr. did with Stark. In any case it didn’t work even as someone who isn’t familiar with the character, and even more odd to me was how they portrayed the Green Lantern Corps.

            Even I know that group is supposed to be a big deal, and it is how they have introduced different Lanterns on Earth. But in the movie they seemed to be a bit clueless and ineffective, and the end of the movie was just odd. How did thousands of space traveling cosmic knights not ever think to drag that thing into a sun? They just seemed like they were trying to introduce too many elements and nothing seemed well fleshed out.

            • There were so many problems with Green Lantern it’s best not to think about it too much, you’ll just end up going mad…

    • I agree 100% with you, Nolan is very grounded in his approach to the superhero film obviously, and that’s cool because that’s his style. But making a “Justice League” film would require going way beyond grounded limitations, it will have to have fantastical elements like “The Avengers”, there’s no way around that. I know it’s old news now, but Josh Whedon would have been perfect for directing this style of film, DC/WB needs to find a director who has the style, imagination and vision to bring this film to the big screen. And when they find the right director and writers, get out the way and let the filmmakers make their movie.

    • DC doesn’t have to look far to find their “Kevin Feige-type” producer/architect. They have the prefect man for the job right under their noses:

      • Bruce Timm was a producer, animator & cartoon designer. Paul Dini was the actual brains and writer. DC needs to put Dini in the kitchen with a like-minded director who understands scale and can make JL an epic in the literary sense but filmed like LotR.

        • Actually, Bruce Timm was in fact the brains behind the operation, he was first on the scene to initially pitch the cartoon, design the production (with a number of extremely talented people aiding and working under him) and it was his style and creative point of view that the scripts were being tailored to fit, and he also not only wrote a few episodes himself but in general had a significant hand in the scriptwriting process, as well as the story bible. Paul Dini absolutely deserves much credit for contributing to the overall story process and wrote many of the best episodes of both Batman:TAS, JL, etc., but he was brought in at a much later stage in the process and Timm was the architect, not Dini.

          Bruce Timm has needed to be put in a live action superhero director’s chair for a looooooooooooong time.

  16. I know movies are top,but a Tv show would still be better.Television has caught up to what movies were five and six years ago.My dream Justice League show would be a mixture of Spartacus Vengeance(with powers) meets Stargate Atlantis with less sex and gore.I think it would be compared to Avengers and the Batman movies, but to a less degree,but establish things smoother.

    • I disagree, television special effects haven’t even caught to where movies were 15 years ago lol IMO.

      • Not true at all. Have you watched HBO lately?

  17. That’s what I like about Nolan, he focuses on making a great story and stays true to film tradition. Plus, he knows when to walk away, better to fade out respectively than burn out.

  18. Face it DC/WB you dropped the ball when you didn’t hire joss whedon to direct wonder woman.

    • My exact sentiments, they really lost out on a power player there. He would have been perfect for a ‘Wonder Woman’ or a ‘Justice League’ film, since this guy’s strenghts are working with female characters and ensamble casts. I don’t know all the facts of what made DC/WB part ways with the man, but that move shifted the balance of power even more to Marvel, and if people can’t admit to that they’re lying to themselves. Now it does’nt necessarily mean game over for DC/WB, but they need to stop tripping over their own shoestrings, tie them up and start making smarter moves.

      • No, not really. His Batman script was even more radical then Nolan’s and garbage. And everything about his WW script has been mixed reactions.

        But Lets be honest here — Whedon did nothing groundbreaking in The Avengers. A) The story is not even the best Avengers story nor near the top. B) He didnt chsnge the way we look at (create a new dynamic) The Avengers for better or worse. C) He wasnt even responsible for bringing them together. The best thing The Avengers had going is that the characters are beloved. Whedon played The Avengers very safe and that does not at all make him the best fit for superhero ensemble films.

        • You’re wrong man, we’re not going to see eye to eye on this matter. The guy would have done a masterful job on WW in my opinion, his work on Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse and what he did with ‘Black Widow’s’ character shows he knows how to direct kick ass female characters, which does’nt seem easy to do. And for the record, Whedon did a masterful job with the AVENGERS man. We’ll just have to agree do disagree on this issue.

          • Whedon vastly improved Black Widow, who was totally 2-dimensional nothing more than eye-candy in Iron Man 2.

            Thor (a character conceptually quite similar to WW) showed that a Wonder Woman movie could work. I suspect the reason Wonder Woman got mothballed by Warner was because of their hostility to female led movies. Warner Brothers think female-led movies won’t sell, which is stupid.

            As for Batman, Nolan has given his blessing to a Catwoman spin-off from the Dark Knight Rises. Why not give Hathaway’s superb Selina her own movie?

            Batman Beyond is by far the best option for any Batman reboot; a completely fresh origin story, and a futuristic setting which could allow them to combine the grit and thoughtfulness of Nolan’s films with the more fantastical characters and elements.

            • Did Nolan give his blessing to a Catwoman spin-off? Not disputing it, but I never saw anything about that. He’s probably just acknowledging that it’s really not his character to make decisions about and whatever happens he wishes it the best.

              Any studio head that thinks a female can’t carry a lead in a superhero movie deserves to be fired. Seems like Xena: Warrior Princess proved that long ago. But those are the same bunch of trained monkeys that thought ‘A Princess Of Mars’ or ‘Warlord Of Mars’ wouldn’t work as a title and went with ‘John Carter’ instead.

              The history of studios fighting films tooth and nail that went on to be massive hits and redefined blockbusters is staggering…

  19. Aww bummer

  20. Just because he doesn’t have plans now doesn’t mean that he won’t have plans later. Just like he did not have any plans for Batman 3. I definitely don’t expect him to direct it, but I would look to him being involved, to the same extent as he is with Man of Steel.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t need Chris Nolan’s directing for SL. He’s more realistic, and honestly guys, when we’re mashing all of the fantastical superheros together, we’re not looking for a drama – we’re looking for fun colors and fantastical action. A good story is required, yeah, but Jon Nolan and Goyer are good for that.

    Just need to make sure the studio isn’t blinded from what would truly work for JL, by Nolan’s success. It’s not entirely applicable to JL. From his work with 300 and even Watchmen (which I didn’t like, but that was because of the story, not the style), Snyder would be GREAT for Justice League movie. Has that grittiness, fantasy/mysticism, and action all combined in a way that would make them work. Think of how legit Green Lantern would be in that setting too! (KEEP THE COSTUME YOU GUYS. IT WORKS!)

    • That’s what I’m talking about. Nolan, go make me a CLOAK & DAGGER movie. Set it in 1980s Hells Kitchen. They are two of the coolest anti-heros. Go make it happen.

  21. Nolan should stay as far away from this Movie has humanly possible. So far DC/WB have not proven that they can properly develope a great super hero movie other than Nolan’s Batman, Let alone a movie that brings together the biggest Superheroes in Comics. The last few Superman movies have all sucked, Gl was not completely horrible but damn near. The only thing that saved Nolans Batman, was the fact the he held creative control over the franchise.

  22. awwwwwwwww awesome. hahahahah hell yes. no justice league. avengers assamble.

    • Wow…you’re a clever one, aren’t you? Mmhmm. Yep.

      I have loved Nolan’s Batman films to this point, and all indications are that I will love TDKR, as well. I firmly believe Nolan has the TALENT and ABILITY to shepherd the DC filmverse…but not the DESIRE.

      Thus, I’m perfectly happy with DC getting someone else to direct (and/or produce) the expanded DC universe…I simply want quality entertainment and plenty of DCU heroism.


    • They’ll still make a JL movie dude.
      Just because Nolan isn’t going to do it, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

      Personally I can’t wait! I’ve been looking forward to a JL movie just as much (and as long) as I’ve been looking forward to an Avengers movie. And just like with the Avengers, I’ll be at the cinema on opening night to watch the Justice League on the silver screen…

  23. Isnt Nolan involved with somehow in the new Man of Steel Movie though?

    • He’s a heavily influential producer with MoS.

  24. Seems most people here are not interested in Nolan’s Batman is far too realistic. Although we have not seen the film yet, TDKR is definitely going to be a conclusion to that story and so the reboot, of any degree, might be in order no matter what side of the fence we lie. But I disagree that Nolan cannot handle the DC Cinematic Universe–even though it is evident he has now desire for a while now up to the present. Nolan’s other films show that Nolan does not keep all of his films strictly in reality. Inception for example was not very realistic based on the (suppossed?) story element of a device that allows one to enter the dreams of others. After that Nolan as a writer and director plays with making scenes and story beyond reality, taking advantage of the element of dreams yet keeps it grounded and rigid enough to focus of the character arcs in the film. So Nolan, based on the elements present in the story, is shown to be capable of going beyond reality if he finds the story desirable.

    People has forgotten that convinced that he can forge a good Superman tale to tell for the Man of Steel reboot along with Goyer and his brother, Nolan went full ahead with scripting, pitching, producing and at one point rumored to Direct. And as far as I can recall, Superman strecthes the meaning of reality even when grounded. Also when one thinks what he has done in his Batman films, and would be trilogy, Nolan has taken a grounded and gritty version of the character’s mythos and yes more realistic than other comic book (and specifically Batman) adaptations but Nolan isn’t shy about strecthing realities. Nolan just prefers of illustrating a version of the character in which the world he inhabits is more pratical. In fact he is actually tributing and honoring the character’s –and that of his world–roots and various similar interpetations. For example Clayface wasn’t always the shapeshifting monster we know, niether was Mr. Freeze (Doctor Cold), but more pratical interpretations. In the films there are a number of elements that not strictly realistic but offer some pratical or grounded means of portrayel– such as the microwave emitter, doomsday device in TDKR, Two-Face/Scarecrow’s gas, Bane’s ability to not feel pain due to his gas (we still do not know the extent of the gas and what can actually hurt him such as bullets). Batman Begins (and seemingly The Dark Knight Rises) moreso than The Dark Knight(even though there some bits at a minimum) evoke the comic book imagery and roots in the films. While The Dark Knight was presented in the style of a realistic crime drama, there are elements in all three films–espeically in Begins and maybe TDKR– that tribute to grounded but a not strictly realistic approach to the world of Batman.

    Even Ra’s Al Ghul tributes to the supernatural aspect of his comic book counterpart when he says “Are his [Ra’s] method- supernatural?”. Batman has always been the realistic of heroes and sometimes works better when he is treated as such– but by no means does that entail elements of the supernatural/sci-fi cannot exist in the world Nolan has created. It just has to be brought in carefully and in a grouned way that it feels organic to the audience. Take the HBO series”Game of Thrones”- for the most part the series is seen more as political medieval tale focused on character but slowly reveals the more supernatural aspects of the world where it does not feel out-of- place but pratical and grounded. So a soft reboot- if possible depending on the eneding of TDKR- is possible in bringing other aspects of the character and his world without compromising what Nolan brought IMO into a great would-be comic book adaptation trilogy.

    • I like your point. :)

    • You bring up a good point with “Game Of Thrones”, which is exactly what i love about “Thor” having one of the directors from that great show, i have a feeling ‘Taylor’ will do wonders for “Thor : The Dark World”. DC certainly does not have to do what Marvel did note for note, but they do have to lay down a foundation and establish some continuity for the “JL”, do that and they could be on they’re way. 10 Years ago i could’nt even envision an “Avengers” film or the possibility of a “Justice League” film, but here we are. “The Avengers” was a fantastic film, and if “JL” is put in the right hands and handled right, it could turn out to be a great film as well, the ball is in DC/WB hands.

  25. Well I personally don’t trust David Goyer….didn’t he write Blade Trinity?

    • Wrote and directed. But he himself has specifically said that he hates it.

  26. Green Lantern 2 next, and then Flash 1!

  27. Now in response to the article. Is Nolan still going to continue working on Superman as a producer and maybe screenwriter in future films if Man of Steel does prove to be successful?

    For the DCMU, I believe as others have stated that DC/WB should take a different root than Marvel. General audience and some fans may only see the Justice League Film and a DC Cinematic Universe as a ripoff of ‘the Avengers’. Mimicing the style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will only encourage those thoughts and mindset. DC/WB is in a position to evaluate the situation and make itself distinct form its competitor. I am a fan of both properties Marvel and DC and too me while both compliment each other with similar arcs and characters, the two companies are distinct on the pages–why not in film?

    I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think all the films are better than other Marvel properties owned by other studioes for the most part but that doesn’t mean each were perfect. Even ‘the Avengers’ which I whole-heartedly enjoyed kind of disappointed me with the simple, straightforward plot but thankfully it did not detract much from the film as the film itself was full of emotional, comical, character-driven moments with clear arcs- that and knowing the film is larger-than-standard origin story, so simple story was necessary to introduce the characters together. BUT BACK ON TOPIC, I feel DC should avoid the formulaic/standard style of plot each solo lead-in film had. The solo films should be able to explore the character and his or her mythos without being tied down to a larger story. The tone of each film may be different to serve and progress its own individual franchises/stories, different than the approach that Marvel took. However this appraoch will prove difficult and a balancing of universe building and solo mythology is needed

    Marvel films were connected well in the sense that you believed the characters inhabited the same world but sometimes at the expense of the potential of the character. Thor was made to sci-fi in his solo outing IMO than epic fantasy and Captain America did not seem like period-war piece introducing technology that probably explain the advancement of technology in the Iron Man films. Introducing a character like Doctor Strange will now be interesting to see what Marvel does. The simple 3 act narrative of each film I believe also negated some great oppurtunities that may be coming in the form of ‘Phase Two: MCU Films’.

    DC tried mimicing the success of Marvel films with the Green Lantern outing from tone and formula, which has been largely controversal with fans in general. One cannot simply decide the one major area GL failed that sinked the film for the most part as there were too many factors. The Nolan Batman films to me are successful because it is peripheral. It is hyper reality yet grounded enough to invest in the character. It provided social-ethical commentary and defied expectation of what is normally found in a comic book movie. Some say the reboot is needed to make it more fantasical, and comic booky. I explained in an earlier post above that those elements can be introduced to this world in a careful calculated way in which the fantasy feels organic and grouned in which audience can feel it almost. DC I feel should make films that enforce the character mythos but in a way that is grounded and believeable, peripheral to the audience, in order to distinct from Marvel Studio’s films.

    Am I wanting all the characters to be changed to be overly realistic? No, but grounded enough in which the stories are character driven and that the fantastical elements feel tangent to our world (suspension of disbelief) and reflect real-world commentaries/issues. Grounded enough to believe a character like Superman and Batman can coexist along with an Amazon, an Intergalactic Cop with a Ring that Creates Objects, A Speedster and other elements. Marvel had the advantage of connecting its characters through science-fiction elements. DC does not have this luxary.

    For this reboot, all these characters must be grounded to connect with each other and to the audience and be unafraid to step out of formula. I know what I am trying to say may sound complicated and difficult to explain but:
    While Marvel is Comic Booky fun, it changed certain things to play it safe in selling their character and make connection between them in terms of story elements (tech,sci-fi). Besides Iron Man and the Avengers, not all the MCU films had somewhat deep commentary.
    DC should be unafraid to create epic and impacting narratives for its characters while having the grounded-pratical approach that ties them (not the story elements). I sincerely believe if done right, elements of GL and WW and Flash can cross over to the Nolanverse of the Batman trilogy if done organically and grounded. Man of Steel might be evident of this who knows:grounded approach to fantasy. It can be a cross of the Nolan Batman Trilogy and the Arkham Asylum games in which we have the grounded approach and the more comic elements appearing organically and not camp.

    Let DC films be serious and impactful while being entertain, epic, and inspirational.

    • @Nightwing

      Exactly. DC needs to separate themselves from Marvel, and they must do that by making quality, deep, and thought-provoking films. They should probably also be somewhat darker and “grittier”

  28. No reboots of single characters, no apology film for Green Lantern. Just make a Justice League origin film selecting seven members. Batman, Superman, GL, WonderWoman, Flash, and the other 2 can’t include Aqua-Man, or Hawk-Anything.

    • You forgot Martian Manhunter (please no Cyborg)

      I also say they side-step the GL issues by going with the John Stewart character.

  29. So it all comes out. WB/DC pretty much can’t go on without Christopher Nolan or anyone who’s worked with him like David S. Goyer or his brother Jonathan Nolan. Small universe the people behind WB/DC live in.