Chris Nolan and James Bond – Yes Please!

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The blogosphere is indulging in a bit of wishful thinking today, with multiple sites jumping onto a comment Christopher Nolan recently made about his love for the James Bond franchise, and his interest in doing a Bond film.

Look, I won’t pretend that this is news, or even a likely development at this point – seriously, it’s not even worthy of the word “rumor.” But still, come on, Chris Nolan doing a Bond film? Is there anybody reading this right now who doesn’t get a least a few goosebumps at that thought?

Nolan is out and about right now promoting Inception, and it was at the film’s London premiere that (according to Deadline) he apparently said to BBC:

“I’ve loved the Bond films since I was a kid. For me, they’re always about the expansiveness of cinema. The first Bond films set up infinite possibilities about the world they create. I’d love to do a Bond film.”

Again, that’s not news or even a rumor – but it’s certainly great fodder for some discussion I would think simple smile Chris Nolan and James Bond   Yes Please! .

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on things, the future of the James Bond franchise is currently uncertain. Right now MGM (the studio that owns Bond) is going through some ugly bankruptcy proceedings that have effectively stalled all development on the next Bond film (as well as films like The Hobbit and the Red Dawn remake). Nobody is sure if MGM will hold on to these properties until it gets its monies all sorted out, or if the studio will ultimately pass off its lucrative franchises like Bond to other studios to develop.

christopher nolan batman Chris Nolan and James Bond   Yes Please!

Nolan is currently the “It” guy over at Warner Bros., having delivered two spectacular Batman films (with Batman 3 on the way). Inception is poised to be a hit this summer and Nolan is also helping WB launch a new Superman franchise in the next year or so – the studio seems intent on keeping the acclaimed director in their corner.

One slim, slim, ray of hope in all this: WB and MGM have already come to the table to share The Hobbitlargely in part due to Peter Jackson, a mutual friend of both studios. If WB and MGM continue to play nice and cooperate toward shared goals, maybe WB will lend Nolan’s talents while MGM shares a slice of the James Bond pie? Is that too crazy to hope for?

James bond logo Chris Nolan and James Bond   Yes Please!

For those asking themselves what Nolan would offer the Bond franchise: the director has become synonymous in recent years for being able to tell complex and winding narratives that also function as kick-ass action films, with a visual splendor that is captured using epic (and often real) sets and effects.

Now, just imagine a Bond film that does for super-spy espionage what Nolan did for the crime drama and superhero genres in The Dark Knight. Imagine a Bond film where backstabbings, double-dealings and surprises keep us guessing the whole way through, and 007’s talents are as epic and spectacular as you want them to be. Quantum of Solace also left a huge mystery (the Quantum Organization) hanging – Nolan would be great for sorting that all out, in my opinion. Gorgeous set locations, sex, intrigue, action…I think I’m already starting to salivate over this…

Personally, I’m calling for an Interweb rally cry: NOLAN FOR BOND. Seriously guys and gals I don’t ask for much, but I would definitely love some support on this if you feel the same way ;-).

What do you think about Nolan doing a Bond movie (or three)? Is this one of those wishes you want to see come true?

Source: BBC & Deadline

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  1. Why would Nolan want to mess with something as stale as Bond? Just let it die.

    • @ a1d2h

      Because he clearly states that he loves James Bond?

      And why let something great die when a talented guy who loves it is able to breathe fresh life into it?

    • c’mon guys……
      a stylish darkish puzzling bond film? who doesn’t want?

    • Agreed.
      Stale is the perfect word.

  2. Bond getting Batman treatment. Epic!!! Hope he does a bond trilogy sometime :)

  3. Now that would definitely be interesting to watch. You can definitely count me in for that if it ever happens.

  4. Ive never seen a bond film completely(i know….i know…) but if he makes one i will see it without a doubt;.)

    • What? I mean in behalf of all of us here, I again say, “What?” Now, if everytime you attempted to watch a Bond film something interrupted you, like the birth your children, or power outages, or earthquakes in which your home (or movie theatre) is the epi-center everytime… or the Her Majesty Herself of Her Own Secret Service phoned you for your next assignment then I think we would all understand…. But how is it you have never completed an entire sitting of ANY Bond film?

      Maybe somebody diabolical doesn’t want you ever to see one.

      • I’ve seen many Bond films completely, but not in the last year or two. This franchise has become one of the most boring ever.

  5. Bond is hardly stale!

  6. The James Bond series should just die off.

  7. well with the total screwed up mess at MGM. WB may get the rights to Bond James Bond (like what i did there :D) then they would want to put their TOP director on the project ( i know i would) glad to hear it

    till next time

  8. If Nolan could truly run wild with a Bond film, then I might would get excited. Unfortunately, I don’t think even the rebooted Bond franchise would allow him that much creative freedom. Nolan might direct it, but I doubt it would be as “Nolan-ized” as his fans might like.

  9. certainly I would see whatever be the next project of Chris after Batman 3, but if you ask me I’d rather not see him directing another hero-type movie.

  10. no thank you have you seen nolans action sequences? either he improves or just doesnt touch the bond films his hand to hand combat shots are short poorly edited and you can never tell what the hell is going on. the new bond films have perfect action sequences nolan needs to improve then id be on board. i mean look how many fight scenes were in the nolan batman films then tell me he can do it yes i know he is great at story structure and character development but i still would like to see a long sequnce martin cambell bond style action sequnces not nolans short tasteless 2 sec weak action shots

    • *sigh

      You do realize the editing in Batman films in the hand to hand combat were done so on purpose right? It was done so to promote realism of Batman using his suit and his advantages in fights. Not everything should look like dumb “wire fu”.

      Furthermore, Nolan put in some of the most memorable action sequences in recent history in Dark Knight. The scene with the “batmobile” and Joker ripping through the tunnel and then transforming into the batcycle. And the scene of the 18 wheeler vs the bat cycle were some of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen. I got goosebumps watching both those scenes and people were clapping and screaming in the theater during those scenes.

    • I have seen his action sequences. Have you seen or been in a real, non-officiated fight with weapons? In reality they don’t last that long and it is very hard to see the actual techniques being used, like when using swords or hand to hand sparring. That being said real fights don’t translate well to the screen. That’s why over the decades stunt coordinators have come up with different ways to film action sequences so the audience can tell where every blow lands. Describing Nolan’s hand to hand combat shots as “short poorly edited” is just short sighted. He has always adopted a shaky “hand-held” effect when filming scenes with flat out action or confused characters in the middle of a paranoid dilemma(like in Memento)trying to figure thing’s out. A well known method for filming and editing action sequences to reflect reality does include using two to four second long shots, while the camera is moving and jerking around. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out some film editing books or something. By the way, Bond movies were getting slammed for having unreal action scenes and slow story development (before the last two movies that is). So to be honest a filming and editing style like Nolan’s might work better.

  11. I’m down. But maybe lets shake the series up a bit, hey Nolan? Some freshness is needed, and not just the “Quantum of Solace” new beginnings s*** that in my opinion went NOWHERE. Better idea to just reference the old-school action and hilarity of the previous Bond films. I prefer the old Peter Sellers/Woody Allen “Casino Royal” to the new Casino Royal.

    …as opposed to his contributions to Bats, where honestly I REALLY wasn’t impressed with the decision to make Ra’s al Ghul a soft spoken Irish dude.

  12. Sign me up! I’m with Kofi, I got those same goosebumps. Wow, I am really surprised about the couple of negative reactions on this post. I love Bond. @ a1d2h “let it die”? You can do so much with Bond. What would you rather have in its place? Obviously, you are entitled to your own opinion, I’m just curious what you and Matt Keith think would be better.

    In Nolan’s hands, Bond would be awesome.

  13. James Bond cound be the perfect action thriller follow up to batman. Nolan is a fan-boy. he makes movies he wants to see, not what the studio wants. He is among few directors to be given complete control of any movie he works on. WB even asked him to oversee the Superman movie so the studio themselves doent mess it up.

    Bond has had its ups and downs but overall its a great franchise. its not like other franchises that follow a linear storyline. Bond is a character that can go anywhere, anytime. each film is another chance to put Bond in another situation and great action.

    i do hope Nolan takes this. he will bring back the actual spy eliment that has been missing with the Craig films and bring a new level of emotion this franchise has been dying to receive

  14. No Thanks

    Nolan is such a talent…he needs to approach other franchises or do something completely new like Inception.

    I don’t know where else Bond could go that would make it a great franchise again. We got the “reboot” with Casino Royale that was “darker” and modern. It was great. But QS proved that the “dark” theme quickly wears off.

    • I don’t agree with that at ALL ogb139,

      I think QOS proved that QOS was an ill-conceived movie. It started off SO STRONG with the whole Quantum Organization and then completely abandoned that thread after the Opera house scene in favor of some cheap revenge story with a villain that had no relevance.

      Bond is FAR from being stale and the Quantum mystery is a chance to tell an EPIC espionage-themed Bond movie as far as I’m concerned. Weeding out who Quantum is and how deeply they’ve infiltrated things could make for an excellent Spy movie.

      And as for Nolan action scenes – Is that a Joke? BB and TDK had great action scenes – the “quick fights” are done that way intentionally as someone already said. Batman (IMHO) SHOULD look like a shadow who springs to life and kicks thug’s asses with inky fluidity. He’s not meant to be having slow Karate fights a la the Matrix.

      If Bats gets a villain that’s as skilled as he is in hand-to-hand combat (and if you think about his rouges gallery, there aren’t that many), then I bet we Will be treated to an appropriately epic fight scene. Bats vs. Joker was a good enough scene for me.

      • Kofi

        I see where you’re coming from. I’m just all “Bond’ed out”. Let them sit on the franchise for a bit longer and come up with a good way to bring Bond back to what he once was.

        I actually enjoyed QOS, more so than most people. But it was such a forgettable film compared to Casino Royale. Except Olga, she’s the only thing I remember :)

        And btw, I am the one that said BB and TDK had great action sequences above in the comments :) I can watch the batmobile to batcycle transformation on a loop for hours (eat your heart out Michael Bay and Transformers!)

  15. I LOVE this idea!
    Nolan would give the franchise a real shot in the arm.


  17. I’ll take alot of flak for this, but I hope not. I have always disliked the bond franchise it’s always been uninteresting to me. Nothing even remotely interesting to me. I’m a huge Nolan fan so I’d rather him make a movie I actually want to watch. Sure he might be able to make Bond interesting and smart for a change, but I doubt it. Even Nolan has his limits so no I’d rather him make a movie i want to see.

    Sorry to all the Bond fan’s not my cup of tea. I will say that I think the newer Bond films have been better than the older ones. I’m sure I’ll take flak for that as well since i’m not give Sean Connery a rub down like so many others. The Bonds in the older films were decent actors, but alot of other people in the cast in my opinion were piss poor and the stories were just ridiculous. I would blame those Bond films for alot of the poor quality action films we see today.

    John Mcclain would kick Bonds ass anyday lol.

      • That’s what I like about you man even when we disagree your always respectful. I’m not gonna come on here and say your all idiots for enjoying Bond I’m just saying I don’t like him and explaining why he isn’t for me.

        I’ll give Bond credit for giving us great spoofable villains lol.

    • Daniel,

      Although I completely understand your perspective with regard to the majority of Bond films, were you not encouraged a little bit by Casino Royal’s grittier, camp-less, and more psychological take on the Bond character? I can see why someone like Nolan would be interested in Bond as he’s a director that seems fascinated by understanding tragic figures torn by their past who end up in self-destructive cycles. Bond, in the recent incarnations, is personified by this.

      My only reservation for him doing a Bond film is that this angle has already been taken up by those recent films which leaves him less leeway to give his own interpretation of what that will mean later down the line.

  18. Kofi, what do you think of Tom Hardy as Bond? Looks like he kicked ass in Inception. I think he would be a great fit in the role under Nolan’s direction. What I would hope for from a Nolan Bond film is a fractured narrative along the lines of Following, Memento, and The Prestige. I haven’t seen Inception yet but apparently it too has a fractured narrative. This is the kind of thing that would be unique in the Bond franchise and would be a breath of fresh air.

  19. I think that Nolan would find out that it would be great to do a Bond film but I think he would only do only one after finding it a very similar character and world to Batman, especially if done right. i.e., the gadgets, playboy nature, heavy action sequences and near super human abilities.

    Still I think he would do a little bit better of a job to bridge the current vibe of reality(that everyone thinks is sooo great) and mix it with the great elements of Connery’s Bond to create a near perfect Bond movie.

  20. Once Bond gets back up and running, if Sam Mendes walks, Chris Nolan should be in talks. If not, that’s okay too- for then there’s time for Bats then Supes, and then maybe the next Bond.

    And it doesn’t even have to be action packed. Just do a spy mystery along the lines of Momento. Right?

    Oh, and the thought of Micheal Caine in a Bond supporting role? Priceless.

  21. i always liked caine, was hoping for a dirty rotten scoudrels sequel, but oh well

  22. Am I losing my mind? I could’ve sworn I posted a comment suggesting Nolan for Bond on this very site a few days ago, but now I can’t find it. Oh well…

    In any case, Nolan wouldn’t have to DIRECT Bond. I’d be very happy to have him, his brother, and David Goyer sitting in a room pounding out a script, poring over it till it’s a perfectly faceted jewel, and then giving it to Martin Campbell and saying, “Here, shoot this exactly as it’s written. And no CGI. Got it? Good. Well, we’re off to do SUPERMAN and INCEPTION 2. Call us if you need anything.”

    • Dear god please no Inception 2. It looks like a great film, but not everything needs a sequel it looks like a great original film that with a part 2 would no longer be original. I want more new concepts from Nolan not more franchises.

      • hollywood seems to wanna taint ALL potential good films with sequels…what gives man, what gives

        • You know Anthony I love a good franchise and sequel as much as the next guy, but not every film needs it. I’d prefer Inceptions be a singular great self contained story. Comic Book movies, and Bond should of course be franchises with Sequel after Sequel, but great stand alone movies should be just that. I want to see a Batman 26 lol, but I don’t need an Inception 2 or Departed 2 or sequal to any of these films.

            • one more thing…Bout Nolan, i highly doubt that he’s even consider doing a sequel to Inception, he’s one of the rare directors that knows when a film calls for it and when to leave a good thing alone

              • Yea Nolan is a rare breed a film maker with integrity he seems like he really does just want to make great films. He seems to care more about the art than the money. That’s very rare in this business. Look at guys like Lucas, Cameron and Spieldberg. Not saying they are talentless just very greedy and care more about money than art for sure. Who knows maybe with time greed will taint Nolan as well, but for now we can enjoy his integrity while it lasts.

            • Lol yea we know about your PG13 stance lol we disagree big time on that one, but I don’t want to get in to that discussion again lol.

              Still though glad we are in agreement that not every film needs a sequel.

              • LOL yeah lets not go there yet again, till the next PG-13 sequel muahahahahah

  23. As long as he keeps alternating commercial properties with original ones, I’ll be happy.

    That said, a man of Nolan’s abilities, could apply his treatment to many other properties and make them more interesting, if he was a mind to do so. If he’s that interested in Bond however, I would say that would be a natural fit once he wraps work in Batman’s neighborhood.

  24. I replied to some lame ass comment about Nolan not knowing how to film action scenes. Anyway back to the question at hand.

    Do I want to see Nolan do a Bond movie? Not really. At least not right now. They should let the stench of QOS wear off.

    Inception, Memento, The Prestige and even the very early low budget Following was proof that Nolan and his creative partners are making some of the most cutting edge and fresh movies in this age of re-hashed rip-off unnecessary sequels and prequels and triquels (whatever).

    • whats so lame about my comment. if you go back and watch the final fight scene of batman begins and the other ones you cant tell whats happening and yes before everyone attacked im completely aware of what hes doing hand to hand in a room filled with dudes with guns would half to be straight to the point disarm and take them out but im just saying i want a more entertaining fight they are supposed to be quick. but do they have to be? im saying look at the hand to hand in the new bond films they are perfect they show the pain bond is in they show his reactions they show what happens when you head but somone. i just would like to see clear hand to hand fight scenes yes like kung fu movies but without the wiring and all fight scenes in movie a choriographed like a dance so nun are realistic. sept the fight scene in rein of fire between bale a mchonnehey they actually fought each other in that fight and it was awsome cause i want to see batamns skills that are shown in Batman:gotham knight the skills that are just hinted at it just doesnt seem like he faces a challenge but i do enjoy them i just would like to see somthing differnt like his acrabatic skills his real skills as a martial artist and you know bale has the skills i just want to see them in action and yes i agree the the sequence in tdk when they were going after dent was perfectionally exicuted but i want to see more the batman and his badassary. but i do know where everyones coming from just try and see my point of view. the editing in tdk was awsome they just need more of a challenge for the bat but in bb his fight with raus was good just alot of it was quick editing and you couldnt really tell what was going on im not bashing it i just want more i want to see a memorable fight one where youll want to keep watching over and over like enter the dragon your gonna tell me that that had wires bruce lees fights in that movie were epic and thats just what i want to see batman doing he has way more skill that should be executed with exceptional EPICNESS

      • TankD owes me 6 ibuprofen.

  25. I’m sure that Nolan would make a unique and memorable contribution to the Bond series, but there are so many other, more original projects out there that it’s hard to say whether I really want him to dedicate a year or two of his career to Bond 24 (or whatever).

    Personally I’d love to see him direct a film for Marvel Studios someday, but I don’t think that will ever happen.

  26. There is really only so much Nolan to go around. I can see why some would prefer he focus on original properties. On the other hand James Bond is such a high profile international property. I Believe it would be very hard to go to any city with a theater anywhere in the world and ask anyone who wasn’t under fourteen who James Bond was and not get an answer. With recognition like that how can you not make every effort to continue the franchise. Would I like a three picture Bond story from the Nolan team? Yeah, if wishes are fishes I’ll cast nets. Michael Cain = Quantum FTW…

  27. Because the last 20 years of spy movies have been nothing more than repeats of Mr Slick and Suave, I’d love to see a spy movie that dwells in depth with a singular focus on the way a real spy feels and acts while infiltrating whatever target group. Show him preparing, getting into his role of liar, sweating and about to crap his shorts because he’s afraid.

    Im ready for something realistic in regards to spy-type of stories, Im sick of the same ole same ole.

    How many times can people keep eating up the same action? Bad guys spray bullets everywhere, and the good guy calmly makes one shot kills all day long and every bullet triggered while doing a supercool action pose. Blah!