Nolan Says ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is His Last Batman; Talks ‘Inception’ Ending, Sequel & Videogame

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christopher nolan the dark knight rises Nolan Says Dark Knight Rises is His Last Batman; Talks Inception Ending, Sequel & Videogame

The last few weeks have seen a dramatic influx of information regarding Christopher Nolan’s third -and final- Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. In typical Nolan fashion, each new detail that emerges typically leads to more questions.

We know that Tom Hardy has been cast, but we don’t know who he’s playing. We know that The Riddler won’t be in the film, but we don’t know who the actual villain is. We know that Nolan is meeting with several young actresses, but we don’t know for which role. You get the idea…

The often cryptic filmmaker recently spoke to EW, and while he doesn’t reveal the answer to any of those questions mentioned above, or acknowledge whether or not the film is based on the graphic novel Prey, he does express his unbridled enthusiasm for the project.

Nolan also confirms that The Dark Knight Rises is indeed his last Batman movie and admits that after Inception,  it was somewhat comforting to return to a universe with an established framework and characters:

“I feel very glad that I’m doing another Batman film. I think it would have been daunting to sit down and write an original script after Inception. I love working within the realm and rules of our Batman world. It’s kind of nice to have someplace to go that I’m super-excited about.”

He also explains that the critical and commercial success of Inception has allowed him to work on The Dark Knight Rises without any pressure or interference from the studio:

“I must say that I’m glad — I’m very, very glad — to be embarking on the last chapter of our Batman saga without any sense of obligation or duty to the studio. They did very well with Inception. So I’m able to go into finishing our story in a very enthusiastic way.”

This should ease any lingering concern that Warner Bros. somehow twisted his arm to direct The Dark Knight Rises, or that his enthusiasm isn’t at the same level it was for previous installments. It’s always been imperative to Nolan that something within the film or story speaks to him, so it should be interesting to learn what aspects of this final entry excited him.

Batman 3 Nolan Says Dark Knight Rises is His Last Batman; Talks Inception Ending, Sequel & Videogame

As for further explorations of the world he created in Inception, Nolan says he always saw the potential for other stories taking place within that universe. Many fans thought that the film’s premise lent itself quite naturally to a videogame and Nolan agrees:

“I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place … At the moment, the only direction we’re channeling that is by developing a videogame set in the world.”

While the medium is one he claims he’s always wanted to get involved with, Nolan admits that an Inception videogame is still a ways off.  But if he’s envisioned other stories that deal with entering someone’s dreams, does that mean we might see an Inception sequel (or sequels) at some point? Nolan reveals:

“It’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about.”

He concludes the interview by touching on Inception‘s ambiguous ending and how curious it is that so many viewers are looking for a definitive answer:

“I’ve been asked the question more times than I’ve ever been asked any other question about any other film I’ve made … That’s definitely the question. It keeps coming back to that. What’s funny to me is that people really do expect me to answer it.”


inception ending Nolan Says Dark Knight Rises is His Last Batman; Talks Inception Ending, Sequel & Videogame

Nolan explains that to blatantly state whether or not Cobb was dreaming would not only be a disservice to the film (and its audience), but that people obsessed with finding the answer are missing the point entirely:

“There can’t be anything in the film that tells you one way or another because then the ambiguity at the end of the film would just be a mistake … It would represent a failure of the film to communicate something. But it’s not a mistake. I put that cut there at the end, imposing an ambiguity from outside the film. That always felt the right ending to me — it always felt like the appropriate ‘kick’ to me….The real point of the scene — and this is what I tell people — is that Cobb isn’t looking at the top. He’s looking at his kids. He’s left it behind. That’s the emotional significance of the thing.”

Even though he’d never say “I told you so!” (okay, he might), our senior editor Kofi Outlaw came to the same conclusion in his analysis of Inception‘s ending right after the film’s release. So there you have it.

I’m looking forward to watching how The Dark Knight Rises comes together and the idea of expanding the Inception franchise is pretty intriguing as well.  I think Nolan is one of the most interesting directors working right now (especially within the studio system) and it’s pretty incredible to have the opportunity to watch a filmmaker operating in his prime.

You can own Inception on DVD and Blu-Ray December 7th. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

Source: EW.

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  1. I think his best films have been non Batman, The Prestige and Inception.

    I also hope, that while this is Nolan’s last Batman, it isnt the last Batman in this continuity. Keep it the same, (the old Batman films did and they changed actors 3 times), there is no need for a reboot. However, what it might need is a little fantasying (yes I know that isnt a real word) to allow Batman to become part of the JLA and exist in the same universe as Superman and Green Lantern.

    I hope that made sense.

    • I hope Bale Stays as batman for continuitys sake.

      • Well, he has already confirmed he won’t be doing another film. But continuity doesnt just have to mean the main actor, there is no reason someone else couldnt step in to the role.

        • well Bale said he wont do another ‘Batman’ movie if Nolan has nothing to do with it
          i hope Warner Bros hires Nolan as an executive for Justice League
          thereby retaining Bale as ‘Batman’

      • yh i hope so too

    • @ DrSamBeckett: I only saw “The Prestige” once. I’m not a huge Christian Bale or Scarlett Johansson fan and I remember finding the movie confusing so I never saw it again. I’m told I need to see it again.

      I’d say Nolan’s best films are “Inception” and “Memento” regardless of the Batman universe. The ideas are just so original and I find that comforting in a sea of remakes, reboots, and re-imaginings.

      • I’m not a huge fan of Bale (or at least I’m not anymore after TDK and T4), but The Prestige is great, you should give it another try.

        • I love the Prestige, how he worked it out with the flashbacks and all was brilliant. I havent seen inception yet but i will when it comes out…I’m not a big fan of Christian Bale anymore but he is alright.

          • I was blathering about that on another thread just recently, Tacoscat: a truly inspired bit of casting. Apparently Bowie was Nolan’s first and only choice for the role. Way too old and looked nothing like Tesla, but none of that mattered. He brought with him a kind of “Man Who Fell To Earth” otherworldliness and gentility that was perfect, and a direct contrast to the machinations of the unseen Edison – which in some ways echoed the rivalry and increasing gulf between the mentalities of Borden and Angier.

            • Bowie was fudging brialliant in The Prestige, I wish he would do acting more often, he’s got some real talent, that was an oscar worthy performace right there.

      • The Prestige’ll grow on you, Jessie! It’s a lot more straightforward than Memento, and knowing how it ends makes little nuances stand out in the story, structure and performances with subsequent viewings.

        • Well who else will play batman if not bale in TDK4? Have any ideas?

          • Clive Owen.

            • What about Eric Bana? He could pull off being a millionaire and the caped crusader..

              • I could see him perhaps as Bruce but not as Batman.

                • well we will need someone with a long face otherwise he’d look ridiculous with the mask

          • It doesn’t matter who could step into the role. It can be done, and that’s the only answer anyone can give.

            • well WB might not have a choice,but to replace bale.

    • I don’t think any Batman movie set in the same universe would really hold up well, Nolan is the only director I would be comfortable with making more in his universe. Possible because I didn’t like any of the original bunch of batman movies after the first two.

      Although I still love the idea of an older batman in a The Dark Knight Returns adaptation.

      • Took the words right out of my mouth. All of them.

    • There isn’t really any way for this Batman continuity to become more fantasy-like to fit into a JLA and still be a part of this continuity. Tonally they would be worlds apart. Just as Burton’s Gothic Batman films are tonally unrecognizable from Schumacher’s Batman films, even though the storyline is somewhat of a continuation.

      It would be like telling someone a story in two parts, the first as if read by Orson Wells and the second as Donald Duck. The words may line up, but there’s no denying the effect it would have on the listener’s interpretation of the story as being almost two distinctly different ones.

    • I put this movie in my DVD player and started watching,it was so boring and time consuming, trying to figure out if it was a dream or what! I put it on pause and never finished watching this movie. Inception was perception because I’ve seen all this stuff before.. It wasn’t very good to me any way!

  2. This is similar to what I was thinking the other day.
    One way or another,Cobb has gone home.

  3. I would have no Problem with a film version of Batman joining The JLA onscreen as long as he serves the same role in the team that he does in the comics .

  4. Yay!!! That means Uwe Boll can direct Batman 4……put the knives away I was only kidding. Anyway, I’m not surprise this will be Nolan’s last. Hopefully, he’ll go out with a bang.

    • I don´t get why people always bash on Uwe Boll. Sure, he made some crap movies, but he knows that and admits it. And hey, the majority of his films were video game adaptions. What can you make of this? And by the way, he´s a real funny guy to talk to. Or fist fight, whatever. I also liked Postal.

      • You asked a question and gave yourself the answer. – “BECAUSE HE MAKES CRAP MOVIES.”

  5. Still hate the title.

    • So is it called THE dark knight rises or just Dark knight rises? I hate the THE.

      • It’s THE Dark Knight Rises. I think.

        • It’s “The Dark Knight Rises.”


          • in my personal opinion I think it would have been cool for them to call the film “The Batman”. they haven’t called one that yet and I think it sounds much more “ending like” lol

            • Oh darn. DARK KNIGHT RISES sounds so much better,they should’ve left the “THE” out.

              • Shadow Of The Bat would have been a great title. But this has already been discussed in multitudes.

                • Actually I think “The Dark Knight Returns” would have been perfect, especially if this wraps up a trilogy for Nolan and Bale. But I think it wasn’t used because it’s being “saved” for an eventual movie based on the graphic novel of the same name.


                  • I think “Legend of the Batman” or “Legend Of The Dark Knight” would be a good title to grand finale the series. Just the title would suggest an ambigous ending.

                    • i like Legend of the Batman!

                    • “Legend of The Dark Knight” sounds AWSOME!

          • Should be”The Caped Crusader”. Being as one of the names he’s been given through the history of the comics.

            • I’d have been happy with that as the title.

              • I don’t know guys, The Caped Crusader sounds a little “cartoony”? Maybe it’s just me, but it makes me think of a justice league movie titled the super frinds. lol. I don’t know if many of yall will remember ,but at one time Batman was called ” The Dark Night Detective”. Don’t think that would pass as a movie title though.

  6. the story had a freaking happy ending!!!! end of story, kaput!! i cant believe alot of fans argued over this nonsense… thats why i did not go back to see a few more times, i got turned off by all this arguing over nothing, it was a great film, but CHRISTOPHER NOLAN getting into your head was truly INCEPTION!

  7. i went back to the IMAX 5more times just to see inception over and over. this movie captivated me in so many ways. Awesome flick! people are thinking about it to much. How about Chris brother Jonah directing the next batman flick? i think that would be cool

    • I want someone with directing experience to tackle Batman. Yeah, Nolan was somewhat unknown when he directed Batman Begins, but he still had experience.

      • Jonah has been writing since MEMENTO. It was Jonah who wrote the script and screenplay before Chris began filming. I believe if Jonah has the same ideas as Chris he would be an excellent director.

        • Plus Chris and Jonah have been collaborating(writing) in all his movies

        • Writing and directing at two different things.

    • Too much for what?

      It amazes me when people declare that thought-provoking art should not be thought about.

  8. Nolans best film is Prestige. I question all of these MTV people running around today saying Dark Knight is the greatest film ever made..

    • Agreed The Prestige is his best film, and I also agree that TDk isnt the greatest film ever made, its not the greatest comic book movie of all time but its still a decent watch.

      • What a terrible generalization you have for TDK fans, Not one person i know (Myself included) who absolutely loves TDK even watches MTV.

        Get off your high horse. The Prestige IS a great film, but saying its Nolans best? well thats really just your opinion and no were near FACT, everyones opinion differs, i still say its Memento. But thats just me.

        And in-response to you Dr, TDK IS the most well made (& most financially successful) comic book movie ever. Now thats a Fact. Its so far above the rest in terms of quality (Acting, Story, Score), dont let your hatred for the fanboys blind you, TDK along with Batman Begins, Superman The Movie, Watchmen (the Ultimate Cut) & Sin City make most comic book movies look like childs play.

        But i shouldn’t be surprised really that you dont think Batman is the best, your probably holding on to that top spot for the non existent Kents Creek 90210 High Movie to come out.

        (*NOTE: TOM WELLING WILL NEVER BE SUPERMAN. So just forget it.)

        • Excuse me? What the hell? I don’t want Tom Welling to be Superman for a start, Jon Hamm is my choice.

          And last time I checked I am entitled to my opinion, No i do not think TDK is the best comic book movie, Superman The Movie is! But thats my opinion.
          I like TDK, but I unlike many can see the flaws.
          You said the story was one of the best things, there are plot holes, bits that don’t make sense, they butchured the character of Two-Face, the film is too long, The Joker has no ending, Bale isnt great, Batman is reduced to a secondary character as is Bruce, the score is terrible compared to BB as it fails monumentally to build on any of the themes set down there and becomes generic, TDK could be any random thriller it just happens to have Batman in it, Gotham has no personality as a city.

          You see, I have reasons for not liking the film. I no ‘hatred for fanboys’ as you put it, but many say TDK is the best film of all time. And it isnt, not even close. It’s good but not great.

          And it may be the most financially successful comic book movie of all time, but that doesnt automatically make it the best.

          And whatever your rebuttle may be, it is largely pointless as these are my thoughts and opinions and they will not change.

            • Thanks.

              It’s an unpopular opinion thats for sure, if you say you don’t love TDK, then people demand you explain yourself.
              I’m a huge fan of Nolan, Inception and The Prestige are great, and I like BB and TDK, but I prefer Batman circa 1989. That’s my favourite movie version of the character, in fact Batman TAS is my absolute favourite incarnation of the character.

              And I’m with you on Superman, I have not heard a single thing that makes me want to see it.

              • One of these days im going to take/post a picture of a popup/fold out of a promotional piece for Batman TAS. Way back when I knew someone who worked for Fox. He sent me that, some Tick and Surfer scripts (signed) and a nice spiderman poster signed by Lee and…. Avi I believe.

                OT a little but I always remember those when TAS is brought up.

                • I’d like to see that.

                • @ Aknot

                  Id like to see that too. I remember the show being advertised till this day, one commcerial telling kids to watch Batman:TAS weekday afternoons on Foxkids and shown a picture of Batman on a rooftop lookin at the moon simliar to the ending of the 89 film. lol memories.

                • You see, Burton’s films embraced the weirdness of Batman, admittedly there are some Batman stories that are like Nolan’s films but the majority of them are not. They can be extremely oddball and fantastical, look at something like Arkum Asylum, that is one of the most disturbing pieces of literature I have ever read in my life.

                  I own both Nolan’s Batman films, and the four earlier films (even Batman and Robin, mainly just for the extra features) but Mask Of The Phantasm is my favourite Batman film, it’s dark, bizarre, romantic, creepy and just perfect. The style of that film was pure genius. That’s why I love the Animated series so much, it set in modern day but in the past at the same time, the architecture of Gotham, the airships, great stuff.

                  Heart Of Ice isnt just a brilliant cartoon, its one of the best episodes of television period.

                  • @ Dr. Sambeckett

                    That episode was considered one of the best episodes of the series that featured Freeze. Bruce Timm himself directed himself. Another great episode was the two parter Two-Face pts 1&2. To see Harvey have a problem, forget what its called, but it only gets worse after he’s scarred. Batman does everything he can to help him so he doesn’t become another villain for sure but easier said than done & the episode ended in a great way. I also liked Robin Reckoning two parter, due to flashbacks of bruce’s feeling towards Dick & how Alfred tells him while getting justice for Dick’s parents murder, he needed to be there for Dick too. That’s the episode that has me like Robin as Batman’s partner. I didn’t even know who Robin was when i watched Batman 89 on vhs till i saw a rerun episode of the 60′s Batman on Family Channel. I became more aware who Robin was on Batman: TAS & thought it was great to see him in Batman Forever. I liked Batman: Mask of the Phantasm aswell, i think it was the first time seen Batman & Joker show blood. Subzero was a good conclusion to Mr. Freeze.

              • What is Batman tas? I claim to be a big Batman fan, but I’ve never heard of tas.

                • Wait, I think I got it. ” The Animated Series”. Correct? Boy do I feel stupid. I’ll just check back tomorrow night and see what a pounding I took.

                  • No pounding sir, twas but a small and equally forgivable error.

                    • In the words of some famous guy, I think he was a singer,” Thank you very much”.:)

    • And all this time I thought it was “Twilight: New Moon” followed by “Jackass “. I stand corrected.

  9. Gotta say this guy is the new steven spielberg…Prestige, The Batman series, and Inception have all been great

  10. INCEPTION is Nolan’s 1st truly “summer” movie because it was his most flat out entertaining film BUT he did not sacrifice his (now trademark) overriding intelligence in bringing it to the screens. I cued into the kids too at its end. I love films that don’t dictate what to think about them.
    His BATMAN films were far better suited to the fall & winter seasons. As much as we love his Bat-films you had to figure that he was gonna be 3 & out. The fact that we’re getting 3 Bats from him is a gift to us.
    A personal plea to Mr. Nolan: Please have Catwoman in TDKR! I will geek out & start lining up now for a film with her in it. (And I still think that Michelle Pfieffer’s Cat is 1 of the best performances ever by an actor but that was while ago.)

  11. I want Talia, not Selina. I really hope this is the case.

    I like every Nolan film, and don’t think this guy is capable of making a stinker! He’s my favorite director next to Scorsese and I look forward to everything else he does.


  12. i think it would be very nice to see batman incounter the riddler in arkum asylum and he leaves batman with a riddle on who the real villain is and a riddle to where something very important is. i also think talia algul should be the main villain seeking vengence for her father, and her team of ninja assassins could be one that would tie the three films together poison ivy but not the one that can control plants and cheesy things like that but one who taught ras algul about the plant as a weapon in the first film a botanist assassin ivy, and also just a back up musle but more dark and grittier Bane, then the comicy version. but the riddler must have a cameo, and harley would also be pretty nice to see doing things for joker but id say, cameo riddler, and use talia, and ivy.

  13. I hope we don’t get another Inception sequel. For all the film’s complexity the story was nicely rounded off and resolved. I still don’t see reasons of endless ongoing discussions on the films ending, of which the more I read makes me actually dislike the film.

    Just wish they would see sense and change the title for the Batman film. Yes for commercial reasons they want to keep connection to the Dark Knight, but the film will , hopefully be another standalone story – so they should have a standalone title.

    • The Batman. just an opinion:)

  14. Im glad this will be Nolan’s last film, hopefully last film in this franchise period. If WB wants to make more Batman films, they should wait years down the road & reboot again. Im sure if they make more films & if Bale doesn’t reprise his role then it will just be a repeat for those who hated Schumacher’s films.

  15. @Clarkkentsays

    I would be curious as to where this information is and does it include inflation. I mean Batman in 1989 opened/ran on almost 50% less theater screens then TDK did and still appears in the top ten of overall money making comic book movies. Ticket prices were also a lot less and the cost of the film was also less. So I would like to see the information to EQUALLY compare some of the comic book movies.

    I agree and think it would be fairly easy to incorporate (whats that word you used…) fantasying into the Batman we know.

    @Words (keeping on the Docs topic)
    It is quite easy to incorporate it. Case in point you can go all over this (US) country and not find two cities that are alike. Be it traffic, cost of living, population, ethnicity, architecture, etc. Take Gotham and Metropolis for example even the villains are of a different breed.

    Almost every major Batman villain can be explained using real life tech, plausible science, abnormalities, etc.

    I feel Shoe whatever his name was ruined it for most people with that depiction of Bane, Freeze, Ivy, and over the top crap. Batman always fought his fights alone in Gotham. The JLA (most recently) always used him as the tactician. He would find the weakness in a threat and exploit it. Most times overcoming foes way out of his power level using his brains.

    It can work. It jsut has to be done smartly.

    • I wonder how much Superman the movie made with inflation adjusted? Probably quite a lot, the same for 89Batman.

      I always thought Mr Freeze could be a great villain if done right, the way it was done on the Animated Show (I believe that episode won an Emmy and DC used it to completely reinvent the characters origins), he can be a very sympatheitc character as well as very menacing, I personally would love to see Freeze given his due on the big screen.

    • @ Aknot

      Thanks. Is this book not aviable to the public?

      • Its not a book. It was an advertisement piece. The two back pages had pockets where flyer information on the show was kept. I assume it was used at conventions etc that promoted the show when it first came out.

  16. DrSamBeckett,
    Ditto on Superman The Movie being the best movie in The Superhero Genre.
    It most certainly is.

  17. Im pretty sure he wasnt dreaming but it was meant to give some bigger questions to the audience.

  18. I told you so! I came to the same conclusion. You all called me crazy. Well, no you didn’t. I don’t think there was an answer to the question “was he dreaming?” You aren’t supposed to know. That’s the point of the movie, questioning reality and such. At the end he cares more about seeing his kids than knowing whether it was real or not.

    The next batman will make obscene amounts of money. At the very least, I expect Nolan to leave a possibility for a new installment. I doubt he’ll kill off Bruce or something like that. It may take him years for something to hit him, but I don’t think this will be his last batman. Eventually he’ll find inspiration and make another (maybe with Joker, once everyone has sort of moved on).

    If this is his last batman i have faith that he will at least be a part of the next installments (you know there will be, Warner Bros/DC won’t let this cash cow go unused). It’s his baby. He will want to be there to guide it in some form.

    In any case, I’m super excited to see where he goes with this. I hope we see the Black Mask, Dr Hugo Strange, Hush, or Bane (they all fit within the universe). I’d love to see a Joker cameo, maybe one where his face isn’t shown but you see him with his back turned and talking to Harley Quinn.

  19. Mr. Freeze is one of my favorite villains, and I could definitely see Tom hardy playing him (he’s probably Hush or Black Mask though). But the problem is I can’t see Mr Freeze fitting in the Nolan universe unless his character is heavily modified (more than any villain so far has been). It’s believable to see him in a “cold suit” because he has modified his body to live in the cold somehow (no chemical reactions in this universe will work). Maybe he has some disease that forces him to keep his body cooled. And as for his “freeze ray”, this is the hardest part. I can see him stealing something from Wayne Industries, like a prototype Liquid Nitrogen grenade launcher. That way he could still be “Mr. Freeze” and still have it be believable, but it’s still not too realistic/plausible.

    Bane is possible. Human Growth Hormones are an interesting topic these days, and are currently being developed. Either you get a really muscular wrestler to play him (lame), use muscle suits (possible) or you use CG (also kinda lame).
    BlacK Mask seems perfect to me. He’s a perfectly plausible character. Sure his mask was permanently “welded” onto his face, but that can be changed. He can just have it sewn onto his head or something freaky like that after he snaps. Or, he could just wear it/take it off as he pleases. Black Mask allows Nolan to explore Wayne’s childhood and mental issues because they were childhood friends.
    Dr Strange is just an awesome character. I’d love to see Christopher Lee play him (Saruman from LOTR). Strange knows batman’s true identity and is just fascinated with his Bruce/Batman. I would love to see a segment akin to the Saw movies where Bruce is stuck in one of Hugo’s twisted evaluation rooms, and he has to escape somehow.
    Hush is cool. He’s realistic. Just has wraps around his face like a mummy and some akimbo guns. He targets Bruce Wayne and Batman. Even if Bruce were to give up being Batman (the ending of the Dark Knight seemed as though that would be a good idea) then he would still have an enemy to face.

    • But Didnt Batman get shot by Harvey Dent/ Two Face at the end of the Dark Knight? He obviously seemed seriously wounded to me after he started running off into the dark while being chased by dogs and uniformed police officers. Or am I wrong?

    • I liked Inception. But when you make a film about dreams (/reality) people are gonna get confused and quibble on what was which. The downfall for me was there was no suspension of disbelief ie I was constantly trying to work out which state Cobb was in. But I knew exactly which state I was in – as I wasn’t lost in the movie. From the opening scene I was questioning “who’s trying to b******* who here?”. Is it Cobb with himself? His wife trying to wake him up? Is this bit real or not? Is this person genuine or not? I followed the storyline easily enough but in the end I didn’t much care about Cobb. I think the film falls down as an intellectual discussion as to the nature of happiness because the dream apparatus muddys the waters. For me, the last Charlie Kaufman film makes the point so much clearer. I admit that film wasn’t as entertaining though. However I think Inception would have been more satisfying if the architect turned out to be Cobb’s daughter in the final scene.

  20. Either I’m missing something or the ending explonation of Inception doesn’t make sense. I’m confused because Nolan basically says that Cobb doesn’t care if he is in a dream or not, he just wants to be with his children. However, earlier in the film, I recall a scene where Cobb is in a room with his wife, his childeren are there and she asks him to stay here with theme but he refuses, he doesn’t want to leave in a dream. So he had a chance to be with his children plus his wife and he choose not.

    • he believes its real, thats what mattered.
      Whether it was or wasnt is not the point.
      The point is that it leaves you thinking.

    • my personal belief is that no he isn’t dreaming, one; because the spinning top never began to topple in the dream like it did at the end of the movie and two; because its so clear cut in the movie that he isn’t.
      for the people wondering why it was cut short; try and make out how you would feel if the top had toppled over? “ok, so he wasnt dreaming” great. the real point here is that at the beginning after they fail the job for cobol engineering hes in the hotel spinning the top with the gun ready to kill himself if its a dream, again at yusuf’s after he gives cob a test of the sedative he rushes to spin the top because he wants to stay in the real world. yet at the end he spins the top and walks away indicating that he just wants to see his children, yes he does still care if its a dream or not, but at that moment he just wants to see their faces.

      a lot of that was said but i felt like quoting it.

      • “I’ve got to get back to the real world if I am ever going to see their faces again” –Cobb talking about his kids

        “Come back to reality” –Cobb’s dad to Cobb

        “They come here to wake up. The dream has become their reality. Who are you to say otherwise?” –Arab doctor to Cobb

        “You don’t know you’re dreaming” –Mal to Cobb

        “We built a world for ourselves. We lost sight of what was real. Our world wasn’t real. We needed to get back to reality” –Cobb, about him and Mal in Limbo

        “She had locked something away, something deep inside of her, the truth that she had once known but chose to forget. Limbo became her reality” –Cobb, about Mal

        “Your world is not real. So certain of your world, of what’s real, chased around the world by anonymous corporations the way projections persecute the dreamer” –Mal, to Cobb

        “She is not real.”
        “How do you know, Mal?” –Mal and Cobb, talking about their daughter

        The first time I watched Inception, I accepted everything as real.

        The second time I watched Inception, I saw everything as Cobb’s dream.


    • Haha

    • that’s my point too! who cares if cobb walks away to play with his kids…he can always come back to the top later & check on it. the point of the ending to me is that cobb had stopped living. he became so fixated on establishing reality that nothing else but that stupid totem mattered. his obsession dictated his reality. he refused to enjoy a second of fantasy through good memories of his children & his wife because those memories weren’t real enough for him.

      is it wrong to engage in fantastical thoughts or memories? would you tell a widower to stop thinking about good memories of his dead wife even if it brings him joy because they are not part of his reality? would it be wrong to think of positive, wonderful dreams for your children & their future because those events haven’t happened yet?

      cobb’s reality became a living nightmare because he was obsessed with all the negative memories. our reality is what we make of it — and what we choose & don’t choose to focus on in life!

  22. I’ve always had a theory on an ending that I would have preferred, and a friend encouraged me to post it, so that’s what I’m doing now.

    I like the idea that in the end, when Cobb’s daughter Phillipa turns around, it’s Ariadne’s face. It turns out that Ariadne is Cobb’s daughter who came into his dream to wake him up, just as he woke up Mel to the fact that she was dreaming.

    Her conviction that she was still dreaming was correct, and she’s alive with the children just one more level above into being awake. She knew that she was still dreaming because she did have the top, and could see that she was not in her dream, because she was in his.

    The spinning top only tells you if you’re in someone else’s dream according to the text of the film, so regardless of whether it falls, he could still be in his dream.

    I like that all of the people who collaborated with him were all his friends who came to pull him out of the dream together, including his father, Ariadne, and Saito.

    The relationship between the son and father is as important as the relationship between Cobb and Ariadne, who turns out to be Phillipa.

    I still prefer my ending to the real one.

    • that is very well thought
      thank you for sharing with us

    • I agree. Your ending is better.

  23. I had friends who liked ideas i had for a X-men 4-6.

    • well enlighten us
      we are movie buffs here

  24. I just thought up some details of characters & little bit of plots of each but not a whole script so bare with me here. X-men 4, A year has passed since the events of X3 & the human race is still questioning Mutants, where they stand, their intentions etc. At the sametime at a alarming rate the so-called cure wasn’t perminate on some mutants such as Magneto & typically Rogue who’s goin through some strong changes, i do mean strong aswell other abilities. With Storm called away to Muir Island on Moira’s request & Logan & Beast concerned about Rogue’s changes, a new group of mutant takin upon themselves to finish what Magneto started & wreak havok. This group is lead by a mutant by the name Mr. Sinister Who to the X-men’s surprise knows too much about them & to the X-Men surprise he’s resurrected Cyclops & Jean from DNA he’s had from them for years. Worst thing is he’s using them against the X-men (temporily). Im stuck there but just before the end, it turns out there’s someone else pulling strings.

  25. I share my ideas about X5 & X6 later, gotta go for now.

  26. sounds really cool
    if i was a producer i’d be approaching 20th century fox

    • @ ts396

      Ok here’s my ideas for X-Men 5. Picking up not long after the events of X4 Logan & Beast try tracking down Mr. Sinster’s whereabouts & save Cyclops & Jean from his grasp before Sinster makes his next move. At the sametime Bobby notices how Rogue floating in the air just before waking up & fallin onto her bed & asks whats goin on with her, with her not knowing herself why these changes keep happening to her. When he touches the side of her face she absorbs his powers leaving him in a coma indicating she indeed has her powers back & more perhaps. Meanwhile Storm returns with news of Prof. Xavior’s mind in another body under careful watch by Moira Magttert. Part of plot is this…. Little do the X-men know is that on Genosha after the events of X4 Trask has takin upon himself to even things up to keep things balance between the good mutants & the ones who would do harm. So he creates the Sentinel Program with Sentinels that are programmed to apprehand known dangerous mutants using their powers. Thing about the program is Mutants are being used for contruction of the Sentinels, one mutant in particular is Forge whos in charge due to his abilities & the promise that he & the other mutants will be release once a army of Sentinels are built. When Beast & the X-men learn of the hidden agenda they go to Genosha to stop it. At the sametime Rogue,Iceman,Angel & other students mount a rescue attempt for Jean & cyclops which due to mostly Rogue’s new abilities of super strength & flight, they succeed with Mr. Sinster smiling, its only the begging of the end as two anchient lookin doors behind him appear with a familiar face the world has seen before. As the last minute Rogue, Iceman, Angel & others with Cyclops & Jean arrive to help the other X-Men fight off whats left of Sentinels & see Trask be taken away for his actions. The film ends with all of them on Muir island with Moira & seeing Prof. X in a new Body only to be told a grave threat is bound to walk the earth.

      Tell me what you think of this one. To be Continued.

      • it has a lot of action scenes that were built up in Xmen 4
        its a great script it’d be a 3 hour kickass movie full of action
        but still the students “rescuing” Jean is a little difficult e1 with Rogue
        dont leave me hangin what happens next ?????

      • this all sound very similar to the plot of x-men evolution if ur gona put a greater danger as apocolypse then uve basicly rippin off the cartoon but if ur goin ur own way its alright like casue the whole sinister bein controlled is just like mesmiro being the puppet in the cartoon and the only greater danger really could be apoclypse but there both goood i liked both of the plots x4 – x5 n im lookin forward to seein x6 but try not to copy it casue hardcore fanns pick up on this kida stuff i wouldnt have if i hadnt recently watched the cartoon but just go with ur ideas you seem to know what your talkin about maybe aproch a small time company with a few diff ideas n see f they buy in to you then go for the big time cause they way you have it all scripted n planned out means your putting time n effort in to it like a real script writer good look with it anyway

  27. I’m not entirely sure where I am at with this film. Definately the most thought provoking film I’ve seen in a long time and a credit to the film makers. As to whether cobb is still dreaming……we will never know, who’s to say that the spinning top falling over actually indicates reality. It may be his subcontious way of convincing himself. If that make any sense????

    • Makes sense to me. The top not falling only proves he isn’t in somebody else’s dream and doesn’t mean he isn’t dreaming.