Prepare For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ In 7 Minutes [Video]

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Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” We’re a week away from the epic conclusion of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Thomas Wayne’s sage advice to his young son couldn’t be more appropriate. Bruce Wayne has his work cut out for him in The Dark Knight Rises.

No doubt many Batfans will be preparing for Christopher Nolan’s final Caped Crusader installment by rewatching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight; however, in a summer packed with blockbuster movie releases (not to mention record-breaking long lines at Comic-Con 2012), who has the time to rewatch older films? To save our readers some time we’ve put together a Batman mash-up that tells the story of Nolan’s trilogy thus far – as well as foreshadows where prior events are set to payoff in The Dark Knight Rises.

My assignment with the above video was to create a linear, abridged version of Bruce Wayne’s life story as told in these three films. Like him, I also had my work cut out for me. As a lifelong Batman fan, trying to cut ANYTHING out was a challenge – but as late nights turned into mornings and groggy work weeks, I made painful cuts (my apologies to Katie Holmes and Morgan Freeman) and whittled it down to seven heavy-hitting minutes.

Dark Knight Rises Bane Catwoman Details Origins Abilities Prepare For The Dark Knight Rises In 7 Minutes [Video]

All in all 286 minutes of Batman Begins and Dark Knight footage was cut in order to distill the story down to the core sequence of events – culminating in the highly-anticipated Bruce Wayne/Bane showdown in The Dark Knight Rises. Tim Burton may have paved the way for a “dark” Batman film but Nolan’s approach to the character has set a new standard for grounded superhero movie storytelling that culled blockbuster box office numbers from both casual moviegoers and hardcore comic book fans.

I hope it’s the mashup you deserve AND the one you need right now.

For the full pre-Dark Knight Rises preparation regimen, check out the 5 Batman Comic Book Stories to Prepare You for The Dark Knight Rises.

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Which moment in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series is your favorite?


The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Follow Chris on Twitter @Molinaro4Prez for future video mash-ups (as well as a fake presidential campaign).

Special thanks to B.J. Smith for the video’s opening title graphics.

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  1. Nice job guys!

  2. I believe in Harvey Dent.

  3. I don’t know if this has been rumored but could John Blake be the Joker’s son? The bit in this trailer got me thinking of this because why would he want Gordon to know who his father is?

    • or an illegitimate son of Harvey Dent?

    • @ Tyler – To make this possible there would have to be mention of the Joker and where he is currently at and an explanation of why he isnt in the movie. Chris Nolan already stated he will not try to work a plot around why the Joker is still alive but not able to make an appearence out of respect to Heath. Also, not to be to disrespectful but that would be an absolutely horrible reveal and would surely be the demise of the movie. I think Mr. Nolan has crafted one for the ages and I expect to be more than pleased with the direction this final chapter in the story goes

    • I at first thought he said that too. That’s not what he said. He said “Eight years ago Dent died. The last confirmed sighting of the Batman.” Gordon replies, “So?” Blake then says “Don’t want to know who he was?” Blake is referring to the identity of Batman, not Blake’s father.

  4. @Tyler He said “8 years ago, the night Dent died.” Not his father. I know at first I thought that too, then I replayed it a couple of times.

    • Heard it now. Thanks. Could’ve been a game changer.

    • True, I can see now, I think batman will break bane but with catwomans help??

  5. They’ll kill us if they can Bruce.Every year they grow smaller.Every year they hate us more.We must not remind them that giants walk the earth.

  6. Ok,Iv’e rewatched both movieS.Reread Dark Night Returns for the 5th time,read Nightfall volume 1 and 2,(volume 2 sucked,I have no desire to read volume 3)and reread The Long Halloween for the 3rd time.


  7. Imagine the brains that would explode and the faces that would melt if you time-traveled back to 1999 and showed to this to people at Comic-Con.

    • lol

  8. This is going the be a tough week.Between the World premiere Mon night and all the subsequent reviews,some big mouth is bound to spoil something.I need to into a cone of silence or something.No more clips,no more trailers,no more moronic late night hosts please.Bring on the movie!

  9. UFF !!! I`m growing more hair in my head by watching this

  10. I have too many favorite moments from this series to just pick one. I cannot wait until Friday.

  11. Absolutely fantastic. I got chills, please feel free to pat yourself on the back. It was great

  12. Great work, Chris. The best reminder and primer all in one.
    It flows and feels like the films themselves and I can
    imagine Christopher Nolan himself would like it.

  13. REALLY nice work. Awesome.. gave me chills. Best quote for me so far

    ‘I’m not afraid – I’m angry.’

  14. I still feel that Batman Begins was the best film that Nolan made.

    • I feel ya!!! Finally someone who agrees with me! Aside from The Joker and Ledger’s performance which was incredible, The Dark Knight was just a good movie, Batman Begins was epic

      • All performances with the exception of Maggie g. were incredible, I think people say only Heath ledger was the inpressive one because he passed away and they don’t give credit where credit is due, both Christian bale and Aaron eckhart were incredible, and that’s not to take anything away from ledger, because he was too, probably the best out of the three.

        • I agree with the thoughts about Batman Begins. It is the better movie. It has a stronger script, good pacing and near-seamless flashbacks edited into the movie.
          Maggie Gyllenhaal really brings down the sequel, and the bordering-on-corny ferry sequence hurts the movie as well. It felt like it belonged to a different movie.
          Christian Bale still doesn’t get enough credit for his performance as Batman (far too many people focus on his voice) and Aaron Eckhart’s turn as Harvey Dent/Two-Face really seems to be underlooked in the aftermath of Heath Ledger’s death.

          • See that’s what I’m saying, thank you Hiro!

          • BB & TDK are two different films ands almost impossible to compare IMO. Reminds me of Alien & Aliens. One is a horror and the other is an action-adventure, yet both are awesome in their own way.

  15. Amazing! Great job this just made me even more excited!!

  16. This was very impressive guys, job well done! July 20 can’t get here any sooner. You covered all the necessary plot points where I don’t have to rewatch the movies. Again hell of a job, I love screen rant!!!

  17. Hovig,I agree.Maybe because it was the first REAL Batman movie.Tim Burton’s had its moments,but everything between that and Batman Begins was crap.

  18. “Gotham, this is your liberation.”
    ahhh man that was so cool! Everything that has come out of Bane’s mouth so far in the trailers have sounded awesome! I’m really excited :D :D

  19. It would have been nice to see at least a little glimpse of Katie Holmes’ Rachel, as she was a pivotal character. “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you,” she tells Bruce. And she helped to get him to see that violent retribution to violent criminals isn’t the way.

    • I think that’s why Chris said: “I made painful cuts (my apologies to Katie Holmes and Morgan Freeman).”

      She was pivotal for sure but in a mashup (where there isn’t a lot of context) it could undermine the video’s flow to see her and MG – because of the actress change.

  20. this was really cool nice job

  21. I hope it’s the mashup you deserve AND the one you need right now. Mr Chris Molinaro It definitely was. awesome Job!!! :)

  22. Nicely done! I liked the way you wove Dent and the Joker together especially. And I realized I hate kid Bruce lol

  23. Great job man, loved it.

  24. Okay, THAT Was good!!!

  25. I don’t care if the slow-mo has a purpose or not. It just looks so f****** awesome!!

    • sorry this was meant to go on the Dredd page.

  26. Oh god why? Why must you guys at SR insist on using this player? It doesn’t load, it doesn’t buffer, and when it does its 2-3 seconds at a time. Just please find some other player, preferably YouTube. Now I know stuff gets taken down a lot but at least for the time that its here it works.

    • You may need to upgrade the version of flash player in your browser.
      The player used here is Flash — the same player used on YouTube.

      Also, right click on the video, click settings, and
      uncheck hardware acceleration of it is checked.
      This alone has caused the symptoms you have
      experienced on some computer configurations.

  27. Best seven minutes of my life!!!
    Good job!

  28. Chris…

    Beautifully made…Thank you.

  29. Thursday , 6pm batman begins, then dark knight, then after is dark knight n ma boy r gunna bugout!