Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor, His Hammer & The Avengers

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chris hemsworth thor movie Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor, His Hammer & The Avengers

Chris Hemsworth finished shooting his scenes as the title character in Thor last week and has since been interviewed about the Marvel Studios production on several occasions. While he does give the usual media-trained response and avoidance of any major revelations about the Thor movie, he does talk about his costume, shooting such an epic movie and The Avengers.

Hemsworth was recently in attendance at the Australians In Film Breakthrough Awards ceremony in Hollywood where SuperHeroHype and caught up to the soon-to-be-superstar actor to talk Thor.

When Chris Hemsworth was officially cast as Thor there was a generally positive reaction from fans and rightfully so. Not only was he a fresh face in the industry who looked the part, but he’s very enthusiastic about the role and what Marvel Studios has planned for him going forward. [Warning: Minor Spoiler regarding Iron Man 2 Easter Egg]

But is he really excited?

“Absolutely! I just finished shooting last Thursday, and saw Iron Man 2 the other day–which I loved–and saw the tag at the end. I was with a bunch of mates and we all got kind of giddy watching it. I can’t wait! It was such an incredible four months shooting that film, and I think the film’s going to be fantastic.”

What did Hemsworth want to do with the character in bringing him to life?

“We just kept trying to humanize it all, and keep it very real. Look into all the research about the comic books that we could, but also bring it back to ‘Who is this guy as a person, and what’s his relationship with people in the individual scenes?’ And working with someone like Kenneth Branagh, who has all those bases covered and has so many ideas, it was a hell of a time!” also had the chance to speak with Chris at a Hollywood ceremony and chatted about Thor.

What did he think about the Thor costume?

“Oh, it was crazy. I remember the first camera test and putting it on and going, ‘Oh my god,’ and then everyone who came and looked at it was like, ‘Wow, this is a monumental sort of moment.’ And standing in it was a very odd experience, you know? But it was beautiful. I mean, Alex Byrne designed the costume and they spent I think almost two years kind of leading up and building that thing and setting it up. It really paid off. The thing is incredible. It’s not very comfortable, but…”

Are there any specific action moments or scenes that fans should look forward to?

“Oh god, I mean the whole thing. The action sequences in this, Andy Armstrong and Vic Armstrong – the geniuses who have been doing stunts in this business for 20 or 30 years – did the stunts on this, and I’ve never seen anything like what they set up and all the stunt guys what they put together, wire gags but then also real hand-to-hand sort of combat. I mean incredible sets. Bo Welch built these sets and we hardly used any green screen. There were these big recreations of Asgard, this sort of sci-fi, Viking mixture.”

How about the mystical hammer Mjolnir, the same weapon we saw buried in a crater out in New Mexico at the end of Iron Man 2?

“It’s incredible. I tried to steal it but they wouldn’t let me. It’s a beautiful piece of design, equipment, whatever… What would you call it? Weapon. No, it’s incredible. It looks just like what they have in the comics with the engravings from Asgard.”

After Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America, the next movie confirmed to come out of Marvel Studios is The Avengers. How is Chris Hemsworth prepping for it?

“Look, I just sat down with the Marvel guys and Joss Whedon recently and talked about it. It starts next January, I think, or February, around that time we start shooting. And I think it’s going to be a hell of a ride. When you bring in Iron Man and Captain America and whoever else they wrangle from the Marvel universe, it’s going to be a hell of a film.”

After news surfaced that Joss Whedon would be helming The Avengers, it was reported as unconfirmed but this is just more evidence to the contrary.

It sounds like principal photography on Kenneth Branagh’s Thor is near done and we’re set for the big trailer reveal at International Comic-Con. It also appears that they’re already running with The Avengers with a start date at the beginning of 2011, as we’ve also heard from Samuel L. Jackson previously.

I don’t need to say it again, but I will anyway; Thor is my most anticipated Marvel character movie and has been for years. All signs point to this being something very special and we’ll let you know if it delivers live from Comic-Con this July.

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Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere, Thor opens May 5, 2011, The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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  1. hehe… this makes me as giddy as a schoolboy. :)

    • I am looking forward to see the upcoming film THOR Warrior Of The Universe starring Jon Mikl Thor.
      The costumes are amazing.

  2. Thor is my favorite comic character, so I’m hella excited about this. :)

  3. Sounds interesting. I’m surprised they finished shooting so quickly, everything must’ve gone perfectly. I am a lot more excited for this film to come out. Can’t wait to see what they have in store. They’re being very secretive about the whole thing so this should be very good. I’ll be wasting a lot of money in the theaters next year. I’m too cheap to pay out of my own pocket to go more than twice, but there are a lot of good comic book movies coming out the next couple of years and I just can’t help myself! :D

    • It was a pretty long shoot. January, Feb, March, April and now May. This was an epic production.

  4. thor better make robin hood look like a bad b-movie made by renny harlin…

  5. I’m started to get excited. This will be the greatest movie in the world in comparrison to Captain America which is shaping up to be pretty awful.

  6. I am so excited for Thor, everything from casting, to who the director is, to everything else, points to this movie being something truly amazing

    • Don’t get to high on the horse just yet. This movie may turn out well, but how will this guy fit into a technologically based superhero group?

      • The same way he has always fit in since his first appearance in “Journey into Mystery” #83 (August 1962) and as a founding member of the “The Avengers” #1 (Sept 1963).

        Over the years “The Avengers” has featured humans, mutants, robots, gods, aliens, supernatural beings, and even former villains as members.

        You could look at the relationship between Quantum Mechanics & Physics and the (multiverse hypothesis). It’s really not a problem for me to accept a supernatural being coexisting in our natural world. Besides Asgard does have its’ fair share of technology & magic as well.

        I even think some of the humor could be derived with how the God of Thunder interacts with our world. Imagine Thor trying to navigate an iphone and tossing it aside out of sheer frustration or seeing a TV news broadcast of himself on a huge department store HDTV and hurling Mjöllnir at the screen. I don’t know, they’re pretty extreme examples, but those sort of things would be interesting. :-)

        • @Magnetic Eye LMAO!!!! Just imagining that stuff is hilarious!!! how about Thor hearing Metal for the first time on earth like some original Metallic stuff,he’d probably say something like “What be that thunderous sound I hear yonder, surely it soothes the ears of the God of thunder!” Then he hears Lady Gaga and says “What be that hideous sound? Show thine horrid face you wretched Banshee,have at thee!!”

          • lmao

          • @ulik

            Now early METALLICA would be cool. SLAYER? mmmmm I don’t know. How about hearing early RUSH and Geddy Lee’s shrieking vocals, that would be funny. Personally I love RUSH & PORCUPINE TREE. Thor could walk into a Heavy Metal convention. Getting a bit silly now :-)

            LMOA! Lady Gaga, hideous sound and a horrid face. Can you imagine what she really looks like without the make up? Aaarghhhh!!!!! :-0

          • You guys are killing me! :-)

        • Those examples sound pretty funny to me. LMBO!! Make sure to get your creative license pay when they use those scenes. :-)

  7. I was hoping they’d make The Avengers based on Ultimate Avengers, but I guess it wouldn’t jive with a standalone Thor movie. Ultimate Thor wouldn’t have been easy to expand into his own movie. I just hope this Thor movie’s weather effects aren’t as lousy as those in X-Men 3! In any case, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  8. So when is First Avenger: Captain America starting filming? or did it already start? It should start pretty soon because I will be angry if they start late and try to stil get it out on its scheduled realease date and turns out to be really crappy.

    • Captain America begins shooting in the UK next month.

  9. To be fair they could of started filming 2 years ago and it would still turn out crap with Evans as cap

    • How could you possibly know that?

      • I don’t think Daniel f has much faith in Evans’s range as an actor. ;) Their’s plenty of justifiable and reasonable doubt about the “Captain America” production that’s for sure.

        While Evans can’t be built up to have the stature of Burt Lancaster, the physical presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the charisma of Denzel Washington, or Steve McQueen what can be done is to take Evans likability sans the smart elick attitude and inject some sincerity, confidence, an iron core toughness with a spark of affability. Combine that with a strong script, good effects, and all the other great things they’ve got going for it and they can pull it off. I wouldn’t classify it as the Ultimate Captain America movie but until they find Burt Arnold Denzel McQueen to play him it’ll have to do…

  10. Thor VS Hulk; 30 min fight wouldn’t hurt LMAO (fight of the Titan)

  11. I’m sorry but I trully believe Evans has no chance at pulling this off. I don’t care to much about the build I want an actor with a respectable presance and serious chops. Evans is a great funny man but Cap is not witty or comical in any way what so ever. Evans face doesn’t fit a serious role and neither does his talent. Evans doesn’t have what it takes to stand next to RDJ let alone lead a team of Avengers.

    • How well Evans does that depends heavily on how it’s written. I think he has the charisma to pull off STeve ROgers and will do an admirable job. There are funny STeve Rogers/Captain AMerica moments in comics(just not in the last few years with the Civil War/Siege storyline) but I remember reading a Falcon 4-issue limited series from the 80′s that featured Cap and Falcon taking on Electro with the help of a hippie cop and the way Cap was written was very funny and they still managed to maintain the quiet composure/dignity that his character personifies.

      Evans will suprise a lot of fans and will co-lead the Avengers..I think Nick Fury will be calling the shots with Iron Man and Cap co-leading the battle on the field.

    • Have you seen Evans in “Sunshine?” If not, rent it. He’s not Olivier but it shows a serious side of his acting.

      • Yes correct. Every comedic person has their dramatic side shown sometime. Such as Patton Oswalt in Big Fan.

  12. I almost forgot to mention we are talking about the guy who has played a big part in more comic book related failures than any other actor to my knowledge. How many successful films has he done I’m not sure there is more than one.

    • He was the only redeeming thing about the FF4 movies.

  13. Joss Wheden could nail Avengers. I sincerely hope he does. But I’m terrified of what Evans could mean for Captain America. His acting aside, how do you go from pre-formula Steve Rogers to Cap physically? Surplus Joel Schumacher Bat-boobies? The more I think about it the more frightened I become.

  14. stoked for Thor, i love the comics

  15. How well Evans does that depends heavily on how it’s written. I think he has the charisma to pull off STeve ROgers and will do an admirable job. There are funny STeve Rogers/Captain AMerica moments in comics(just not in the last few years with the Civil War/Siege storylines) but I remember reading a Falcon 4-issue limited series from the 80′s that featured Cap and Falcon taking on Electro with the help of a hippie cop and the way Cap was written was very funny and they still managed to maintain the quiet composure/dignity that his character personifies.

    ****SPOILER WARNING****He is the new Nick Fury now taking on the job previously held by Nick Fury, Tony Stark, and Norman Osbourne.

    Evans will suprise a lot of fans and will co-lead the Avengers..I think Nick Fury will be calling the shots with Iron Man and Cap co-leading the battle on the field.

  16. I hoate when the double post happens!!

  17. I thought this thread was about Thor? I’m sure Thor will be epic but reading Hemsworth’s quotes, I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s just pumping up the fans to gain more buzz for the movie (if that’s even possible). I hope not, I hope he is completely sincere. Also, just saw Robin Hood this weekend and the actor who plays John Little (I should know his name by now) would make a perfect Thor, IMHO.

    • The guys name is Kevin Durand, Kahless and I think Rob stated in the article that he may have been just spouting studio “answers” to any serious questions regarding the movie.

      Besides is he really going to say anything negative regarding the film?..His job I guess to to promote it and make people want to see it.

  18. I think we should lay off Evans a litlle bit. People are trashing him before we get a chance to even see him. I remember how upset everyone was abt RDJ being cast as Ironman (Myself included) so lets give the guy a chance

    • Funny, I only remember a handful of disparaging posts about Downy as Stark. I thought it was a perfect choice from the outset, although I was worried they might push the eccentric/absuser side a bit too much (and who could blame them, really). They did, but it still worked. I’m hoping Iron Man III shows Tony really trying to stay out of the bottle and become a hero worthy of the public’s faith. Downy could potentially deliver a knockout performance here.

      • I watched Iron Man 2 on the weekend with a friend of mine and I have to say that although it was well done I never got the feeling like any of the main characters were ever in any real danger and that made it not as enjoyable..Does that make sense? There was just no TENSION in any of the battles and the final battle with Whiplash was reminiscent of Iron Man’s battle with the Iron Monger in the first film..very short and very anti-climactic.

        • “reminiscent of Iron Man’s battle with the Iron Monger in the first film..very short and very anti-climactic.”

          I agree. I wish they would have shortened the “chase” scenes with the drones to provide a longer final battle with Whiplash. Other than that though, I loved it.

          • Don’t get me wrong..we enjoyed it but it just wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been for me .. I felt like nothing was at stake for the characters..

            • Note to theater: put greenknight333 in shocking chair at next Marvel film. Not getting enough stimulation… ;)

              I don’t know guys you have to balance the high tech power of the weapons against rule of cool and what you can sell to the audience. What about story buildup too? The “Avengers” action will have to be four times as busy and exciting. Aren’t these early versions of the suits as well? Tony’s controlling one suit Whiplash is controlling how many? It’s been my experience normal people start dropping things when you get beyond juggling six jobs. Tony’s got more miles fighting these battles than Whiplash too. Just sayin.

              Hey my ticker can only stand so much, I don’t run on an arc reactor you know… :)

              • old man

                LOL! :)

                I have three little boys (7,4 & 1), am working two jobs and maintaining a 40 acre farm and rennovating the old house…I really would not be able to handle any more stimulation!! Especially something buzzing under my butt in the theater seat!!


                • Wow your carrying a real mans responsibilities. My hat is off to you. I was looking at home theater chairs and came across this site awhile back and your comment reminded me of them. Thought you might like a look. Hey take care of that family of yours you have one super life!

  19. I picked up sunshine after he was picked for Cap I saw him attempt to be a serious actor it was unconvincing. I have always enjoyed Evans as comic relief but he is not a convincing serious actor, he has a face for comedy, he doesn’t look lime Cap, he has no place standing next to actors like RDJ especially leading, and nearly every movie he has been in was not only bad but a financial failure esoecialy the comic ones.

    • Ah, well at least you’ve seen it. Fair enough.

  20. Normally if I disagreed I’d put my disagreement on the table for people to see than leave it alone because I could bevlroven wrong. However for the first time in casting history there is no doubt in my mind he is a horrible choice no doubt this is the worst casting in comic movie history. Not to mention this isn’t casting a single movie not only does his film depend on him but so does the Avengers experament. Every thing rests on the shoulders of the comedian playing this serious role, everything o the the shoulders of one of the best box office flippers. / critical failure talents I’m the world. Even if he could pull off the acting and get plastic surgery to look like cap and erase the funny face of his he would still have no place standing with the rest of this great cast in Avengers.

    • I remember thinking something similar when Keaton was chosen to play Batman. You know, the flying mouse that gets all the press. :-) So glad that I was wrong about that, and hopefully you will be wrong about Evans. We will just have to see.

    • Look at it this way, if Chris Evans does horrible as Captain America, they can just replace him in the next film, ala Terrace Howard in Iron Man :P
      Thats a joke btw, I don’t think they should try to replace him, even if he does bomb. Replacing Rhodes/War Machine is one thing, but replacing Captain America would just piss people off.

  21. Keaton was bad for the part he was a pretty decent Batman but horrible for Bruce Wayne the differance is Keaton was far more talented than Evans and proved that already Keaton had already proved him self he also wasn’t plagued with flops. Let’s not forget Evans didn’t even audition.

    • He isn’t plagued with flops..most of the films that “flopped” he had a minor or supporting role..Cellular made a profit and Street Kings made a profit..Sunshine was a good film that struggled..Both FF movies made a profit..Push didn’t do great but it wasn’t an outright bomb especially when all the ancillary revenue sources are taken into account.You don’t want to give Evans a chance because he’s the cocky charming guy…He will do great as Cap whether you want him to or not…but even when he is a big success in the role will you be able to give the devil his due?

  22. Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, casting isn’t my thing. Daniel f makes some strong points. I will have to say this, people can change pretty dramatically in a short time, if the motivation is strong. Just look what drill Sergeants can achieve, even with men that can seem unpromising. I had a friend who was a model goof, a dropout and a run away go into the Army, he came out of boot camp a different person! Heaven help him they put him in a boot camp that trains em like they did in the forties. If he can’t pull his weight well, they might just replace him. Their’s no guarantees in life…

  23. Maybe flop was a lil strong. So how about this. Every film he has been in has been a big financial dissapointment. Both FF films were financially dissapointing no one was happy with their low low low level profit. His few films that were not dissapointing were actual flops.

    I want to againg make this clear I like Chris Evans. He is hilarious in his movies no matter how bad they are. He was decent in all of his films. I simply know he is wrong for this part he isn’t good enough and has the very wrong type of personality. I’m not gonna make all the same points again but I’ll repeat he has no chance standing next to RDJ or Norton if he gets in.

  24. Almost forgot I’ll admit if I thought he did good I’ve only been wrong once on a casting choice and I admit it everytime. I didn’t think Ledger was a good choice for joker. I wasn’t absolutely against him but I thought he was wrong. Turned out I was wrong and he blew it out of the water. The diff being I am 100% convinced Evans will destroy the cap films and no one can claim he is half the actor that Ledger was. I was only against Ledger on looks.

    • I really hope you are wrong about Evans, Marvel needs this character to really hit it off with the movie going public if Avengers is going to be a success especially since it’s looking like Ed Norton won’t be in the film..but I guess you don’t really need Norton for the Hulk to make an appearance..

  25. Well look how far “Where The Wild Things Are” got in production and they pretty much started over with that. So if they start shooting and it doesn’t go well, I could see them buy Evans contract out and let him go. Something could “happen” too like an injury during training or filming. Hey, could be as minor as a sprain. The infamous creative differences might get thrown on the table, you never know.

    They could also use the apparent disparity between what people expect Cap to be and what he turns out to be, at least in the “Avengers” movie. They sort of did that in the recent animated version of “Ultimate Avengers.” Not saying that’s a great way to go but they might do some change ups in the story just to attempt to keep it fresh. At any rate going to be an interesting next couple of years…

  26. I still say THOR wins the battle between which will be a better film. (Cap or Thor)

  27. hi, I love it your movie is thors hammer too oh no god of you good stronger body beautiful too this hot!!!!!!!!!. welcome for you here. ok this I wish done it.