Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in Full Costume With Mjolnir

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chris hemsworth thor movie costume mjolnir hammer Chris Hemsworths Thor in Full Costume With Mjolnir

Earlier today, comic book movie fans were treated to our first look at Chris Evans as Captain America through some concept art shared by AICN. The images looked great and the costume design matched the description we previously reported and definitely met our expectations.

But what about the Asgardian Avenger? We finally got our first ever official image released for Thor a few weeks back, featuring its star Chris Hemsworth in costume. That combined with his mighty hammer Mjolnir making a special appearance in Iron Man 2 helped build the excitement for what Marvel Studios will share with us next summer.

If all of that wasn’t enough however, Collider just put up another pair of concept art images, this time featuring Hemsworth as Thor, in full costume and wielding his hammer, Mjolnir.

Below are the two latest Thor pictures and the first thing you’ll notice is that his chest-plate, hair and cape match perfectly with the officially released photo. It’s also obvious that this artwork is rendered in the exact style by the same artist we saw with the Chris Evans-Captain America artwork from earlier today.

Take a look at Marvel’s God of Thunder [click to enlarge]:

Chris hemsworth thor costume concept art 207x430 Chris Hemsworths Thor in Full Costume With Mjolnir

thor movie costume artwork 280x414 Chris Hemsworths Thor in Full Costume With Mjolnir

These aren’t official images as far as we know and could just be fan art, but they match what we’ve heard and seen so far, and the timing and quality of these images are certainly convenient. While I’m more excited about the Thor movie than with Captain America, I think the star-spangled Avenger concept art may nudge out the Thor images by the slightest of margins. Maybe it’s Thor’s pants holding him back?

Either way, the costumes of The Avengers characters are all looking good so far and all seem to be staying true to the key elements from the comics.

Whether these Marvel movie concept images are official or not, the marketing campaign is beginning to roll out for Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America. With our first look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor debuting a few weeks back and a look at what may be the latest Marvel movie logos for these two projects coming this week in addition to these concept art images, we can expect to see much more from Marvel at Comic-Con next month.

We know Marvel will want to steal the show from their big competitors at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment and we know there will be some major announcements and surprises.

Thor is directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Ray Stevenson, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Jaimie Alexander, Colm Feore, Rene Russo, Clark Gregg, Joshua Dallas, Tadanobu Asano and Joseph Gatt.

What do you think of these Thor images?

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Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere; Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America begins shooting in London next month and hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: Collider

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      • @ Claude – No.1 Thor fan?…. I bet I have more Thor comics than you do :)

  1. the things that everyone sees are missing are the greaves(the armored shin guards worn by most Greek battle ready warriors) I feel that would make the whole thing work, some type of belt would do also be kind of cool

    • But…. uh…. Isnt Thor based on NORSE and not GREEK mythology? Belt? Yes as it is part of “Thors” (even mythology Thor) outer wear which he needed to lift Mjölner.

  2. The second pic looks like Will Ferrel as Thor! LOL!!!!!!

  3. i cant get my head around this, is it just me or does he just look silly? i dont wanna offend and have loads of people going nuts at me! but i just dont like this :S

    • It’s not just you. It looks like a tuxedo with a cape for the opera.

      • I’m not sure how big Hemsworth is gonna be when they start filming, but hopefully he builds up enough bulk to be intimidating and they’ll get rid of that longsleeve snakeskin shirt thing. If they diched the sleeves, fixed the pants, and possibly ditch the cape it would be a lot more imposing. Also why does the outfit have such a sleek techy look to it? He’s no Batman or Ironman they should go with a more mystical look for the outfit… or at least i thinks so.

        • yea its just to retro looking, the hammer looks good, they are showing it glowing, about to shoot some lightning or something , top part of costume looks okay, could look better, they just dont capture the norse warrior look, we will have to wait and see, he,s my favorite of all marvel characters , ive followed them from 60,s , just hope they do a good job on movie,

    • I totally agree it looks awful!!! You need to see more muscle its to bulky it needs to be more tight

  4. I am not impress

  5. The pants mess it up. They just look like regular spandex or something tight on him. Its nothing special about it. And his hammer looks like a nightlight trying to look intimidating.

  6. BTW,can someone tell me how to phonetically pronounce the name of his hammer?I’ve been wondering about that for years now.

    • M-yawl-near

  7. Glad to read that I am not alone in feeling underwhelmed. I really wanted the actor to be physically daunting compared to humans. This is just a man with a hammer and cape. And I agree about the pants, they look like… pants. I’ll probably still see the movie though.

    • ur rite on that… I have nothing against this guy. He is a good actor but if they really wanted to have someone perfect to play Thor they should have gone to a wrestler. This guy is too thin for the role, but someone like, let’s say… Triple H from WWE Raw. He’s already got the look they need for Thor.

      • 1) Yes, he needs to be bigger like a steroid freak wrestler. I could see Triple H, but would picture more of the physique of Batista or The Ultimate Warrior if you wanna go retro.

        2) These pants scream, “look at my sexy leather biker bar chaps”. Hardly fitting of a God of Thunder.

        3) About the belt, where does he put his hammer? Perhaps on his back somehow? But that would be awkward with a cape on.

        4) Why is there glowing blue light coming from under the discs on his chest? Way too “Batman energized gadget armor”. Thor has the power of ancient Gods, not a hybrid eco-friendly battery pack.

        This needs a LOT of work.

  8. His pants should match his sleeves but you never know it is concept art!!!

  9. He needs the belt!! Thor is not Thor without the belt. And where is his helmet?

  10. And…He needed more time in the gym… You all might disagree with me, but if you would’ve gave Triple H (the wrestler) who is a splitting image of Thor, some actin classes, he could have pulled it off a lot better.

    • I agree completely Jerome H

  11. I actually really like it, i already suspected that someone extremely huge wouldn’t play thor, so when i heard it was chris hemsworth playing him i was a happy not really, until i saw his face with a beard and long hair i reallt liked it, the pants do need to change a bit though thats for sure, but i tell you what i love the captain america render, that looks awesome…

    • But, Thor IS a huge guy, he is 6’9” and over 600 pounds of muscle and magic. Hemsworth has the face, but the body is not matching the character.

      • Thor is 6’6 (not 6’9). Triple H is shorter than Hemsworth. Hemsworth is about 6’4, and with lifts (which is obvious from the costume), he stands 6’6 in the picture. Triple H would look bloated in costume (he is too bulky), and kinda old, and not good looking, at all.

  12. I cannot picture nor imagine this runt going toe to toe with the Hulk and Hercules as Thor did in the comic books.

    • Runt? Isn’t this guy like 6’3″ or something like that?

      Never knew that anything over 6′ was considered to be a runt.

      • I’m with you on this one. I think the main reason people are complaining that he is too small is that they haven’t seen any pictures of him standing next to somebody. I’d recommend checking out “A Perfect Getaway”, cause he’s in that and he’s pretty big.

        I think people are going to have to get over the fact that the guy isn’t some bodybuilder or wrestler. Sure, Triple H would have looked like Thor does in the comics, but If I’m going to sit through 2 hours worth of movie, simply looking like the guy isn’t going to be enough. The performance matters sooo much more than the look, Wolverine being a prime example. Hugh Jackman looked nothing like the short, hairy, ugly Logan from the comics, but everyone bought him as Wolverine because of how he acted. Just cause Hemsworth doesn’t have cartoonishly large muscles doesn’t mean he’s not going to end up BEING Thor.

  13. Gotta have the helmet!

  14. dude where is the helmet!!! this is not thor,…gee i hope they dont mess up captain america too,its bad enough they picked chris evans

    • no kidding…lol how can u have Human Torch play Cpt. America? They do team up in the comics… especially during the Civil War Saga…

      • Fantastic 4 is getting rebooted, they are recasting everything that marvel did not produce themselves

  15. Did u seriously just say muscle suit I’ll never watch this or the avengers if they put him in a muscle suit.

    Please no helmet either I mean it’s better than a muscle suit still not needed though.

    • Daniel f: Did you seriously just say “Please no helmet either”? without the CLASSIC, never-been-without, winged iconic helmet, holding down golden lengths of hair, Thor might as well be Snake Pliskin.

  16. This costume looks totally gay. But then again, the comic book costume was gay too. So I don’t know what to say.

  17. Lose the cape. Add some fur and other skins, since he is Norse. And his hair shouldn’t look so styled. Thor shouldn’t have time or need for hair products. IMO, he should kind of look like he hasn’t washed in a decade or so.

    BTW, could someone please tell me how to pronounce the name of the hammer? It’s only been about thirty years since I saw it for the first time and I still have no idea how to say its name.

  18. The new Michael Myers has 6 inches and a hundred pounds on this wimp. I cannot wait to see him in the Avengers movie next to the Hulk, ha ha ha. The hammer – j is silent.

  19. im a fan of thor, but what i see is , this movie with this design will failure, change this poor cosplay costume.

  20. Sorry Thor fans but I can’t stop, this is hilarious. Does this Thor fly? If so, can you picture a flying Fabian, the hammer in one hand and a brush in the other brushing his hair as he flies above the crowds shouting down below, Beware the Mighty Thor, Gee my hair smells teriffic, ha ha ha, I can’t stop laughing. Does his hammer even return to him if he throws it or does he have to run after it to retrieve it, ha ha, picture that, where are you hammer? Hey Vince MacMahon, please give Triple H a break and let him save this movie.

  21. The THOR costume looks like crap…epic fail! This movie will bomb!!!

  22. Reading these comments makes me wonder how many of you are girls. I can see any straight guy saying his costume should be tighter. No thane I’ve seen Superpackege returns … I mean Superman returns.

  23. I hope that Valkyrie makes an appearance. That would be a great part for Kate Moss. Chris as Thor, Kate as Valkyrie, you want to keep things in perspective. You do not want someone bigger than Chris like Chyna playing her, ha ha ha. I am so sorry but I cannot stop laughing. Does anyone know if Captain America can change the decal on his shield(poss a picture of Ernie and Bert)? Also, does his shield return to him or does he have to join Thor in a race to retrieve their weapons, ha ha ha. Hey Thor, did you see my shield? I don’t have time for jokes, Cap, I’m trying to find my hammer. They should both work together and find those weapons. Without them, I bet Chucky and the Leprechaun could beat them in a tag match, ha ha ha.

    • Thors hammer is magic and will always return to him when he summons for it, Cap. is good at angling his throws so that his shield will act like a boomerang and usually will ricochet back to him but from time to time he will have to run to pick it up or straight up lose it but Marvel is very good at writing it in that ever shield he loses is not the fancy vibranium one but steel copys. I guess Cap. has the magic ability to know if he will lose his shield in the next mission and packs accordingly.

  24. Too clean cut. The real Thor would be battle worn & beat up. The suit is too clean & neatly cut. That’s usually a bad sign for things to come.

    • I agree wit h u Jason, Thor’s suit needs to show some wear and tear. It needs to show signs of the battles he has had over the hundreds or thousands of years… not look like he just finished buying it at a local Men’s Warehouse or something.

  25. He looks like an extra from a Sado Masachistic porno.

  26. Jman – local men’s Warehouse, yeah, the regular one. He tried to get in the Big Men’s Warehouse but they would not admit him, the greeter said hey you there, Fabian wannababe, this place is for big guys only, try Walmart. Does this Thor drink? Zima? Lite? ha ha ha

  27. @Johnny D–LOL,

    Something just doesn’t seem right about the photo’s, almost look like they were done in photoshop. I hope the final costume doesn’t look like that at all.

  28. norse mythology has him with THREE dwarf-forged artifacts…

    hammer: Mjöllnir, which becomes the head of lightning bolts
    belt: Megingjord, which boosts the wearer’s strength to lift the hammer.
    iron gloves: Járngreipr, to return the hammer magically to his hand.

    where’s the gloves?

    battle armor that shows no signs of battle damage?
    is this like his dress gear for awards ceremonies?
    leather… chain…
    straps of things wrapping around other things…

    keep the winged helmet or lose it, i don’t care, but ponytail the hair if no helmet, so as to not get confused with fabio…
    i really can’t imagine these are accurate, and are hopefully fan-made, and at worst, early concept art…

    google “Thor” for images, if ya really need visual?!?
    (granted most none of those have gloves) *shrug*

    time will tell…
    if marvel’s doing it, i’m sure they won’t F it up…