Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in Full Costume With Mjolnir

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chris hemsworth thor movie costume mjolnir hammer Chris Hemsworths Thor in Full Costume With Mjolnir

Earlier today, comic book movie fans were treated to our first look at Chris Evans as Captain America through some concept art shared by AICN. The images looked great and the costume design matched the description we previously reported and definitely met our expectations.

But what about the Asgardian Avenger? We finally got our first ever official image released for Thor a few weeks back, featuring its star Chris Hemsworth in costume. That combined with his mighty hammer Mjolnir making a special appearance in Iron Man 2 helped build the excitement for what Marvel Studios will share with us next summer.

If all of that wasn’t enough however, Collider just put up another pair of concept art images, this time featuring Hemsworth as Thor, in full costume and wielding his hammer, Mjolnir.

Below are the two latest Thor pictures and the first thing you’ll notice is that his chest-plate, hair and cape match perfectly with the officially released photo. It’s also obvious that this artwork is rendered in the exact style by the same artist we saw with the Chris Evans-Captain America artwork from earlier today.

Take a look at Marvel’s God of Thunder [click to enlarge]:

Chris hemsworth thor costume concept art 207x430 Chris Hemsworths Thor in Full Costume With Mjolnir

thor movie costume artwork 280x414 Chris Hemsworths Thor in Full Costume With Mjolnir

These aren’t official images as far as we know and could just be fan art, but they match what we’ve heard and seen so far, and the timing and quality of these images are certainly convenient. While I’m more excited about the Thor movie than with Captain America, I think the star-spangled Avenger concept art may nudge out the Thor images by the slightest of margins. Maybe it’s Thor’s pants holding him back?

Either way, the costumes of The Avengers characters are all looking good so far and all seem to be staying true to the key elements from the comics.

Whether these Marvel movie concept images are official or not, the marketing campaign is beginning to roll out for Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America. With our first look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor debuting a few weeks back and a look at what may be the latest Marvel movie logos for these two projects coming this week in addition to these concept art images, we can expect to see much more from Marvel at Comic-Con next month.

We know Marvel will want to steal the show from their big competitors at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment and we know there will be some major announcements and surprises.

Thor is directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Ray Stevenson, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Jaimie Alexander, Colm Feore, Rene Russo, Clark Gregg, Joshua Dallas, Tadanobu Asano and Joseph Gatt.

What do you think of these Thor images?

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Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere; Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America begins shooting in London next month and hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: Collider

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  1. Looks amazing! I can’t wait for this. It better have lots of melee action scenes. After Superman Returns, I’m always afraid superhero movies will have no fights.

  2. yeah…. something seems a little off with this. He looks to small. especially the legs.

  3. Those look very badly photoshopped.
    Not doubting they’re real, but they just look like someone badly touched them up.
    And I agree with Raven, too small. Not strapping enough.

    And Where. Is. The. Hel. MET??

  4. Making his pants the same color as his body armor makes the whole design look monotonous. He looks like he’s wearing a tux.

    • Yeah. The trousers should be a bit brighter to break it up a bit more.
      Or they could add a kickass belt.

      Speaking of belts, since I’m not a reader of Thor myself, where do he keep his hammer when he’s not holding it in his hand? Hanging from the belt, slung on his back or what?

      • They should have the Chainmail type look on his legs like he does his arms.

  5. WTF….. who’s the pansy?????

  6. I like the hammer

  7. Triple H should have been Thor this guy sucks!!!!

    • just because wrestling is fake, doesnt mean triple H can actually act

      • Have you seen Blade Trilogy!?! Triple H acting SUX

        • that is exactly what i was thinking as i wrote my response! lol. TERRIBLE.

  8. That isn’t even close to being as awesome as the Captain America costume.

  9. They are probably Fan Made Fakes .

      • now that i´ve read this new, I feel better. Thanks Manowar.

      • Agreed, thanks.

      • Thanks Manowar! Good stuff.

  10. It seems ok but like every one else said it seams a bit off. Maybe a little more color.

    I’ve seen images of him having the hammer on his back and waist as with most things depends on the artist. Though he does tend to just carry it alot. I mean he beats people with it summons lightning with it and even uses it to fly.

  11. Sigh….
    This is concept art, which means that it has been designed before the suit was built.
    It is nothing more than a photoshoped design that barly reflects how the suit will look on a real person.
    I don’t get this endless crying over concept designs….
    The pic they released earlier was a much better representation…

  12. It needs the helmet and the belt. Really, he does.

  13. The bottom half of the suit is crap! very poor.

  14. Very nice!

  15. You know what it is?? He looks like he could be a young Magneto in an x-men prequel.

  16. Looks fine to me. Not particularly amazing but not bad at all. I would be satisfied if they used this exact design in the film.

  17. Hopefully his hair will be that long. The top half of him looks stellar.

  18. I think for Thor’s look, this is as good as it could possibly get on film. In the comic books, characters will always look much bigger, more ripped, and taller than actors would on the big screen. Thor is supposed to be 6’6″ and over 600 lbs I believe, so you’ll never get a talented enough actor to come close to those measurements. Bradon Routh and Chris Reeves weren’t exactly “Superman” big, but it was believable on screen…same goes for McKellan as Magneto, Schreiber as Sabretooth, and Jones as Juggernaut (who even had a muscle suit). Only CGI characters will work as far as size goes (Hulk and Abomination). But I hear Hemsworth is a very good actor, did get big for the part (although it’s more difficult to see when he’s fully suited up), and Branagh did a masterful job getting a good story on film. I’m sure it will all work out very well and we’ll all be quite pleased with the end result.

  19. IMHO, the suit is a collaboration of the both modern 161 Marvel look and the Ultimate’s look. The Ultimate’s Thor costume had the Tech belt to offset the leather pants or either add padding or the viking loin cloth?

  20. Top half looks alright the pants just look bad and this guy needs 2 put on sum serious muscle and where’s the helmet

  21. Wow the custome is very cool i like alot…

  22. looks like a halloween costume to me. prolly just badly photographed here and will look better on film…

  23. Lets see it in action then I’ll decide, Mjolnir looks great IMO,even though Im a bigger Cap fan, Im liking Thor’s costume better than Cap’s. If you’re worried about size, Hemsworth will tower over Evans and RDJ. If you think about it seeing them side by side would be like in the comics, Hemsworth is 6’3, Evans is 6’0 and RDJ is 5’8, so the size comparison will resemble the comics on the screen

  24. As far as being concept art its awesome. As far as it being the OFFICIAL costume it’s off. Like everybody says, the bottom half is just bad and looks like a lazy job was done. The legs need the chain mail too. Needs more of a “viking” look. It’s awesome for concept art though!

  25. what do these movie people have against wings first cap and now thor i want wings!

  26. There was no WOW!!! moment for me when compared to my first viewing of the concept art from Captain America’s costume. Looks underwhelming to me. When I looked at the first full size image all I could think was Me Thor!! Big Hammer!!

  27. I know this is fan made but I do not expect the actual costume to be that much better. I never got into Thor (comic books). He just looks…silly. I can’t see how it can translate well into the more realistic movie world. That’s just me though.

    As someone said, this looks like a last minute Halloween costume.

  28. nice to see a possible full look at the thor costume. As for the teaser we got the other month the upper half does look correct. So its nice to see how the lower half of the costume is. It sucks this concept work doesnt show his helmet which has been stated to be wore in the film.