Chris Hemsworth Talks Loki’s Redemption & Hopes in ‘Thor 2′

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chris hemsworth thor 2 loki Chris Hemsworth Talks Lokis Redemption & Hopes in Thor 2

Now that The Avengers has been unleashed on the viewing public and production is getting underway on the next component of the Marvel movie universe, Iron Man 3, fans can begin shifting their attention over to the various components being brought together and/or reuniting for Thor 2.

Expect more casting updates in the near future, along with information about whether or not side players like Heimdall (Idris Elba) and Sif (Jaimie Alexander) will indeed have expanded roles in Thor 2, as director Alan Taylor gears up to start production on the God of Thunder’s next solo adventure.

In the meantime, we can bring you up to speed on Chris Hemsworth’s thoughts about the Thor sequel – including the state of the Norse God’s relationship with his sibling Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in the aftermath of what went down in The Avengers – and how Thor 2 will differ tonally from its predecessor, now that Taylor (Game of Thrones) is in charge.

Here’s Hemsworth talking to MTV about the Thor-Loki dynamic:

“It’s what I loved about the comics. It was never clean and cut and that’s it. It was always like, Thor would forgive him, they’d be friends, and Loki would betray him again. ‘You idiot, Thor! Again?’ But it was different than your normal good guy, bad guy scenario. They’re brothers, you know? Anyone with siblings understands that. ‘That’s it, I’m never talking to you again… want to play football?’”

Hiddleston has already confirmed that Thor 2 will see his Asgardian counterpart deal with the consequences of his dastardly deeds in The Avengers. As to the exact nature of Loki’s redemption: Hemsworth is keeping quiet (as naturally he would):

“He’s got to apologize, doesn’t he? Baked goods. Muffins or something. That would be a bribe we could start with. Beyond that, I don’t know.”

thor 2 brian kirk direct Chris Hemsworth Talks Lokis Redemption & Hopes in Thor 2

Back in April, Hemsworth also expressed his excitement about having Taylor as director on Thor 2 (via /Film):

“Ken [Branagh] did such a wonderful job and, with scheduling or what have you, he didn’t end up doing this one, but I’m a big fan of the GAME OF THRONES series, which is Alan’s latest work, and I think that is what’s exciting about the second one: making it sort of more tangible and having a more organic feel to Asgard and that world.”

Thea actor went on to emphasize why he envisions a more naturalistic portrayal of Asgard as a good thing:

“I think the science fiction element to THOR… the danger is it falls a little bit into the world of it’s “tough to throw a light to.” I think of big waterfalls and mountains and a Viking influence, where the Norse mythology kind of grew from. Having that in Asgard is going to make it all the more special and that’s what Alan wants to bring to it. I think that would be the new aspect to this one.”

Avengers‘ mid-credits scene alluded to Marvel’s plans to branch out further into the realm of cosmic comic book adaptations, while also crafting more adventures based in (sorta) realistic science fiction world (Iron Man 3, Captain America 2). If the fantastical proceedings in Thor 2 are grounded with more relatable material – such as brotherly conflicts and tangible worldly designs, that would help the two branches of the Marvel movie universe to better mesh together and eventually converge (possibly, in Avengers 2).

Thor 2 is scheduled to open in theaters around the U.S. on November 15th, 2013.


Source: MTV, /Film

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  1. As for Thor 2, i would like to see Loki sent to the Isle of Silence (it was in EMH) with The Echantress and The Executioner doing Loki’s dirty work across different realms spreading the Asgardians thin. Culminating in tremendous evil sent to destroy Asgard with few Asgqrdians to defend. Albeit it was all a scheme for Loki to enter Odin ‘s Trophy room.

    Also like to see a sub plot about Sif & Enchantress as Thor’s former Loves and explain (with out Jane present) why Thor loves her more than either of them. Their Ying & Yang rections would be cool to see.

  2. I actually wasn’t a big fan of Thor. But with a change of tone, I’m willing to reserve judgement about the sequel and give it a shot if the trailers look promising.

  3. I’m especially pumped that Taylor (Game of Thrones) is helming the Thor sequel. I personally think Game of Thrones and Spartacus have probably the most witty dialogue out there at the moment and I’d love to see a bit of that in Thor 2. The fact that it’s going to have Norse influence as against being another cosmic ‘other-world’ also tickles my fancy. I feel this is going t make a perfect combination and will be my kind of film: great dialogue, script depth, Norse mythology…perfect!

  4. I think Taylor is a good choice to add depth. I just hope they don’t go too “naturalistic” and change the overall planetoid look of Asgard. The thing with Branagh’s film was you only saw sweeping shots then– cut to interior. There was no flow or outdoor scenes or people walking around the city, entering or exiting buildings. This left it seeming a bit matte and not fully 3 dimensional. I hope this is what Hemsworth meant. They need to keep the cosmic aspect and build upon it by showing more organic places (which exist) in Asgard. Alfheim (realm of Elves) is very organic and LOTR.

  5. i don’t know how it is in the comics, but as a nordic mythology fan, thor vs jormungand would be pretty cool

  6. I hope Natalie Portman comes back? any idea if she is?

    • Yes, I’m pretty certain it was announced that she is in fact coming back, which surprised me because when she was mentioned in Avengers I took that as their gentle way of writing her out of the series. But yeah, she’s reprising her role as Jane Foster in Thor 2.

      • Yes, she’s confirmed but actually a lot of people took her mention Avengers and the fact that they got Pepper out of the way as precautionary measures since Joss, while a brilliant director, cannot write happy romance to save his life. Many of us were worried that if any love interests were around, they’d end up the way of Wash from Firefly.

  7. Just have Chris take his shirt off again. Enough said.

  8. I would like to see Loki in Thor 2 to fall in love with somebody that changes him!!! To apologizes to Thor and be a romantic and actin movie in the same time but more romantic!!! :D the should keep Tom Huddleston if they don’t I would not even go watch the movie cuz the avengers and Thor all had Chris and Tom and if they put some other guy it will suck as f*** keep Tom Huddleston and the movie will be so good the people will like to see the movie that 1time!!! TEAM LOKI!!!
    I<3 tom Huddleston he's cute lmfo

    • Not to make fun, but I do love how you’re squeeing over Tom HIddleston, yet you don’t know his actual name :-P HIddleston not HUddleston.

      • It was probably a careless mistake dear. Have you noticed how close U and I are on the keyboard?

        • That might be true IF it hadn’t been done multiple times :-P

  9. I would like to see Loki 2 he is super hot and a great acter and ya she is rite if he is not in the movie I will so not go watch the movie but if he is in it I will got see it the the movies like 10time or more so they should keep him I go with stef ya TEAM LOKI!!!!!

  10. I just hope they don’t follow the old Norse mythology legends. I’m sorry but some of the punishments for Loki were just sick…I wouldn’t be able to watch the film at all, not because I can’t but I would refuse to.
    I still think the Tesseract is the cause of Loki’s madness, infact I think it causes it.
    Just look at the facts surrounding it. The frost giants for instance have been at war with Odin for thousands of years, then all of a sudden they stop just because Odin took their power source? They were more ‘fist fighters’ anyway…
    Not to mention Loki’s eyes are supposed to be green, yet they are blue just like all those who were controlled by the staff in Avengers. The Staff and the Tesseract look to alike in my opinion for it to be a coincidence. No one really knows the history behind it or its creation anyway, other than Odin stole it from the frost giants and he kept it locked away in his treasure room…

  11. I will like Gisele Loki team up with the other villian and try to destroy Asgard and Loki destroy Thor for the throne and if Loki (Tom hiddleston) is not in the movie the movie will suck so bad I would not even watch it!!! Team Loki!!!:D

  12. Loki ♥
    I love him and I hope I would see him in The Avengers 2

  13. I think I might be the only one who doesn’t want Loki to cause anymore destruction. I hope in this movie he will go on his path to redemption, I do not believe that Loki is a bad character, this will sound cliché but he is misunderstood. In “Thor”, it was just his way of trying to prove to his father that he is equal to Thor also it might’ve made him feel better abotu his true parentage. In The Avengers I think he is influenced a lot by the Tesseract, his eyes are an icy blue colour. All the rage and emotion he feels was being amplified by the Tesseract.

    • I don’t think you’re the only one by far, I know me and all my friends are hoping the same and have the same theory about the Tesseract. I would love to see him onto a road of redemption…Loki will always be a mischievous character but that doesn’t make him an evil character by nature.

      • Loki killed over 80 people in Germany. That’s evil. He’s no longer considered mischievious. There’s no redemption for a person like that. I hope they don’t try and conveniently forget that as they often conveniently forget and remember things in Marvel Studio Movies.

        • Yeah, well, do we know how many people Natasha killed? Or any reformed ex-villain?

          • *nods* It is amazing how some people are worth redemption in the eyes of some, but not others. And given Loki’s circumstances, I think it’s actions are far more forgivable than Natasha (but then I also can’t stand her).

        • There is always room for redemption until you are dead.

  14. Loki’s eyes are blue in “The Avengers” the same reason they’re blue in “Thor”. Because Tom Hiddleston’s eyes are blue. I want to see Loki redeem himself and then have to deal with the guilt over the things he’s done. Too often in shows where a bad guy redeems themself they just kill off the character, which is a cop out. I want to see a process of redemtion, struggling with guilt and a desire to go back to the dark side (like a recovering addict) and also dealing with the fact that saying sorry doesn’t cut it and forgivness is not automatic.

    • Actually, I still can’t figure out what color Tom’s eyes are. They’re actually sort of a bluish-greenish-grey. Depending on the lighting. And what color clothes he’s wearing. Aaaaarg, as if he needed to be more gorgeous.
      But I do like Loki’s green eyes in Thor more. In The Avengers, it’s true that Loki’s eyes changed color but I think it has more to do with the electric-blue motif than with mind control.

  15. Okay, I agree that it wouldn’t be the same if Loki dies. He’s such a great character/ He’s a villain, but with the potential to become an anti-hero, because in the original Thor he tried to do the right thing (destroy Jotunheim and save Asgard from war) but goes about it the wrong way. And he actually has green eyes, Tom Hiddleston’s eyes are also green, a very beautiful, vivid green. But in The Avengers, Loki’s are blue. On the Marvel Wiki site it explains why and validates a lot of theories expressed here…. observe:
    “Thanos gave him ancient knowledge through the powers of the Tesseract, providing him with a golden bladed staff with a blue gem that was powered by the cube itself. It acted as a very powerful weapon, and also as a mind control device, bending those who were touched by the gem’s power to its will. Unbeknownst to Loki, while he could use it to puppeteer the minds of others, he himself was also being controlled by the Tesseract’s will, the staff power turning his green eyes crystal blue as long as he wielded it. He was still able to keep his mind and not become a mere puppet, but the grip it had on him fueled his hatred and desire to bring harm to humanity and his brother, Thor, beyond what they were.’

    • That definately would explain his actions, after all, Thor was his brother and no matter how mischievous he is, he couldn’t turn on him like he did in Thor without something amplifying his anger. And also, in the Thor 2 trailers Loki calls Thor “brother”, and isn’t holding the tesseract-staff like he was in the Avengers and Thor. So when he goes against Thor it’s usually when he has the tesseract.
      Loki is not evil, just mischievous. In Thor and Avengers, his emotions must be amplified by the tesseract. Please let me know if I have anything wrong.

  16. I wanna see loki turn good and in the avengers2 he be an avengers and kill thanos for controling him and then trying to destory the world and in thor2 just he confesses wut happened and thanos comes and the fight starts but thor (of course) gets in lokis way and scared thanos away and thats what triggers him to destroy earth because of thor and Death the girl thanos likes shows and she is the main villian in thor2.

  17. Tom Hiddleston is hot…dunno y i sed that. havent even seen avengers yet and im waiting fr 2. seen thor. loki was cute. he belongs with black widow, doncha think?? was that a dumb xomment? was wasbt it? oh well.erm XQs typos

  18. Liked the article! Love Loki!!!! He’s my favorite character in the movies “Thor”, “The Avengers” and “Thor 2: The Dark World!!!! I can not wait to go and see thor 2, i’ve gone like superhero crazy, either that or Loki crazy~~~ in a good way of course!!!!

  19. I absolutely and undoubtedly support the notion that Loki indeed was being controlled in “the Avengers” I mean think about it for a while, at the very beginning of the movie you could her the frost giant guy talking and he said and i quote, “after the war midgard shall be OURS and what will the humans have to do but burn?!” Did you catch that they did.not say that midgard(earth) would be loki’s. And also when we first see loki arrive in the film if you pay attention you can see that loki’s eyes were BRIGHT BLUE LIKE WHEN HE WAS CONTROLLING HAWKEYE AND NOT BRIGHT GREEN LIKE IN “THOR”

  20. I love Loki!!!!!!!!!

  21. I can’t wait for Thor 2 because I miss Loki. I hope he’s as sexy as he was in the Avengers

    • Of coarse he will be XD (Thor will too)

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  23. I feel like Jane will die because Thor is going to “make a sacrifice”. That sacrifice could very well be Jane his love interest.

  24. I would like to see Loki redeem himself as Thor’s brother, saying rumors that Loki cuts Thors hand off, and that he dies, I still think that Loki could redeem himself and be a good guy.

    • Am I the only one who remembers that, in the mythology, Tyr is the one who has the right hand chopped (chomped) off? And doesn’t Tyr feature in the Marvel Universe?

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