Chris Hemsworth Being Considered for ‘Doc Savage’

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Chris Hemsworth in talks for Doc Savage Chris Hemsworth Being Considered for Doc Savage

Classic pulp magazine character Doc Savage hasn’t had much luck so far when it comes to the world of Hollywood. Most of the attempted adaptations failed to ever make it to the big screen, and the only Doc Savage movie that was actually seen by audiences – Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze - was both a critical and financial failure.

Back in 2010, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black was hired by Sony Pictures and producer Neil Moritz to direct a new Doc Savage movie. Those who have been watching the box office closely may have noticed that the movie has yet to materialize, and in fact it’s been many, many months since we last heard any news about the project. There is a script in place, co-written by Black, Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry, but currently no actor attached to play the lead and no schedule set for its production or eventual release.

A new update from THR (the same one which revealed that Black is rebooting Predator) confirms that the project has been undergoing delays due to the fact that it’s “grappling with budgetary issues,” though Sony apparently considers it a priority. According to the report, Black isn’t laying down on the job; he’s “actively developingDoc Savage and recently met with another member of the Marvel family, Chris Hemsworth, to discuss the possibility of him playing the lead.

Hemsworth is no stranger to conquering hero roles, having played the Norse god of thunder Thor in several Marvel movies and U.S. Marine Jed Eckert in the recent Red Dawn remake, but Doc Savage is a character who has a lot of brains to back up his brawn. In addition to being in peak physical condition, Clark Savage Jr. is also a genius scientist, inventor, detective and surgeon with a photographic memory. You’d think that was quite enough awesomeness to be getting on with, but one of Doc Savage’s key character traits is that he’s always trying to better himself.

Doc Savage as shown in the original comics Chris Hemsworth Being Considered for Doc Savage

Standing at 6″2′ with very impressive musculature, Hemsworth easily meets the base requirements that Black laid out when he discussed casting last year. For those who need a reminder, Black is looking for the ideal man:

“They kind of gotta be tall. He’s the perfect physical specimen and when people look at him, they’re overawed by the sort of symmetry and perfection that he exudes… We need someone big.”

Hemsworth certainly fits the bill, but right now the task of casting is probably secondary to the problem of getting a budget and filming schedule in place for Doc Savage. It’s possible that Sony has been a little spooked by the box office disaster that was Disney’s The Lone Ranger, another movie that was plagued by budgetary concerns and ended up costing over $375 million in production and marketing. The Lone Ranger‘s relatively paltry $260 million box office gross proved that studios can’t just rely on good old American nostalgia to get audiences into theaters.

It could be argued that Hemsworth is now far batter known than The Lone Ranger star Armie Hammer (even having Johnny Depp as his costar didn’t help Hammer), and that securing Hemsworth as the lead for Doc Savage will help the movie find an audience. That said, it didn’t do much for Red Dawn.


We’ll keep you updated on Doc Savage as development continues.

Source: THR

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  1. Chris Hemsworth could fit I suppose. He has the right build for Doc. I’d prefer Josh Holloway. Then again Holloway may not have enough starpower for a Doc Savage film.

  2. hmm why is it that every single time I hear about a “doc Savage” movie I immediatly think they’re talking about a Savage Dragon movie? sigh

    • Savage Dragon would be one hoot of a movie. Great character, bizarre comic…but awesome nonetheless.

  3. No. Hemsworth is also trying to get away from comic book movies and get more onto the A-list. That’s the reason stated he took “Rush” and “Heart of the Sea”. I know he has three kids under 3 to take care of, but if he takes this he will be typecasted.

  4. I can’t be the only one who on first glance of the article title thought they read “Doctor Strange” and suddenly was thinking WTF. My momentary confusion blocked me from even re-reading it into “Doc Savage”. LOL.

    • I’m right with you. I was like, WHAT??!!??!! It helps if I actually read. Anyway, he would be a good fit for Doc Savage. Doctor Strange, not so much…

  5. I’ve liked a few of his roles. Still prefer someone like Aaron Eckhart for this role, though.

    • Actually either would be good. Though both serve rather different character designs, I think Hemsworth & Eckhardt would bring some very strong qualities to the role.

      I’m one of the few (so it seems) that liked “I, Frankenstein” & Eckhardt’s performance was terrific. That intensity, slow burn fierceness was very cool to watch. Hemsworth would need to hit a different gear when it comes to Savage’s intellectual side, but I think he could pull it off.

      IN either case, they’d be at least better than Ron Eli, all due respect to our childhood Tarzan…lol


      • I haven’t watched I, Frankenstein yet, but it’s the intensity Eckhart brings that would make me want to see him in the role. He conveys the idea that something’s always going on in his mind, that he’s always observing. He also has the old matinee hero looks to be credible in the Savage era of storytelling, whereas Hemsworth seems too brawny, and not all that inventive. Plus, I think Eckhart is a better fit to Black’s style.

        Ron Ely. Good times…

  6. Hannah – why in the hell do you let Rich go apes and post an impulsive story on Bleeding Cool everytime he gets a thought in his little head?

    The most recent examples are the Marvel stories. Cancelling X-Men? Based on a rumor posed by someone with ONE POST on a message board? Doesn’t that seem suspect to you?

    I understand Rich wants to put all these keywords in his stories for click bait and I’m sure there’s some ad words that pay him a little dough for every bugger that goes to the site but its getting out of control.

    • I think you have me confused with Hannah Means-Shannon.


  7. When I think of Doc Savage I don’t think of Hemsworth, but he would probably do well with the part. I’m sure there is someone else that would be better though…just can’t think of who.

  8. I don’t understand how a western can cost 375 million to make. A sci fi spectacle…sure…a western…no way.

  9. Huh? Couldnt find someone to not act well within a reasonable amount of money? Not sorry to say this sucks. Tens times the talent out there within one tenth the cost.

    Market your ideas on concept and trailer (original thought a bonus). Free clue from middle average American.

  10. Actually, Savage embodies everything Hemsworth isnt. Am I the only one shaking my head? Sheezus. The best way about this is to grab a talented “nobody” and make it special. Tons and tons and tons of nobodies out there who have talent, what the hell are talent scouts doing? Or is they find people that are good and they get crushed by producers who want “big names”? ugg

  11. I could see Hemsworth as Doc. I hope it can get made. I love Doc Savage.

  12. I like Hemsworth, and he makes a good Thor. However, he does not look right for Doc Savage. When I think of Doc, I think of the James Bama illustrations on the front of the old Bantam Books Doc savage series. That is what this Doc should look like, not just another blond guy on the street Hollywood actor. A bronzed Michael Chikilis would look more like Doc than Hemsworth (but no, I don’t think Chikilis would be the guy for the job either. Chikilis would make a good Metamorpho, though). I am very very anxious to get a period piece Doc Savage movie rolling, and Black says this will be set in the 30s, so that is very good that he is respecting that. He will also have the Fab Five and possibly Pat Savage (Doc’s cousin) in it, more good marks. After the way Black was the primary person responsible for messing up Iron man 3, though, I am very leery of him, so this will be the make-or-break for him to redeem himself, or else be tossed on the trash-heap of guys who messed up good franchise names, along with Depp and Burton, for wrecking Dark Shadows and Lone Ranger, and Seth Rogan, for wrecking Green Hornet.

    • I agree with what you said about seeing a period piece on the big screen. The Phantom and The Shadow set it up, but didn’t really deliver. Perhaps this’ll be a movie you’ll see before it’s on Netflix? ;)

      • Hee-hee, I am kind of a big Neflix Nut, aren’t I? But yes, this one just might lure me out into the flying JuJu-Bs land of the theater. Usually to save money on the theater, I hold out for the DVD, and buy those movies I know I will want to own that way, and that is when I first see them (beyond cheater trailers on the internet). If I don’t think it is going to be worth buying the DVD, but I still want to see it, that is when I bump something to Netflix. System works OK for me, and helps me spread out the affordability but still get the max in viewing entertainment one way or the other,but sometimes I get impatient for some of the big butt-blastin’ blockbusters while I am trying to tough out not going to the theater and holding out for the DVD.
        And you are right, Shadow and Phantom were the first two I thought of re: doing a period piece that was not modernized. I would actually like to see a period piece of sorts done for The Green Hornet also, either TV series, Netflix series, or movie, respectful of and similar to the TV show for GH from the 60s. That one had all the right actors and actresses in the right places, and certainly the name did not deserve the shoddy treatment it got from Seth Rogan.

        • It was an inevitable turn, with manufacturers bringing the theater experience into the home. If the On Demand availability had a broader scope of new releases, I imagine more and more people would opt for that over a trip to the cineplex. I never saw the Green Hornet film. From what I’ve heard about it, I can only hope Doc Savage is more Rocketeer than GH.

  13. Who is Doc Savage and what is this all about? Is he anything like John Carpenter? Some pulp hero?

    I think Chris does great in Comic and SciFi stuff.

    • Doc is a mix of 007, Tarzan, Sherlock, maybe even a bit of MacGyver. He was a savant, able to excel at many things. His reality was set in the era between the two World Wars. John Carpenter, director of Halloween and Big Trouble in Little China, could have done a quirky Doc, likely giving the lead to his muse, Kurt Russell.

  14. A Doc Savage movie would be cool. Depending on if Sony was trying to make a trilogy out of it, it would have to start out at least as a period film. It can be done. The 1st Capt. America film did it & i thought did it very well. However, we all knew who Cap was & he benefited from being in the Marvel universe, as well as being set up as the leader of the Avengers. The heroes of the past have struck out with fans when you consider the Shadow, the Phantom & recently the Spirit & Lone Range have all been disasters. The younger audience today have no clue who Savage is. Sony may wanna tread carefully down that road.

  15. Hemsworth is 6″5

    and im not as worried about his casting as i am about why how theyre going to make this work or infact make sense…

    a 6″6 man of bronze
    perfect in every way
    mentally physically
    swashbuckling bla bla …bla.. wheres the story>
    wheres the “why am i sposed to give a fuxk?” element?
    cos he may be a part of pulp history
    but so is tin tin.. and hes even less interesting and just as nazi inspired as the latter

    complete sell
    come up up with an angle or prepare for another “deserved” Lone rangersesque FLP

  16. Is it bad that the first face that came to my mind upon reading this story was John Boehner?

  17. I dont think setting it in the 30′s is a problem. Just recently Capt. America was set back in the 40′s and it did good box office. All of Indiana Jones movies are set back in th esame time frame as well and they all did good as well. I think with Doc Savage it may be because not many are familiar with him as an action hero or his origin. With Ironman, even though some may say hes not a top level character, I disagree, but from his comic history & the trailer of the 1st Ironman movie you knew you were getting a Marvel superhero brand. I dont think the Doc Savage brand carries a lot of weight now. Its all going to fall on the team the brings it to the screen. How well writen it is & what the director can do with the material. Case closed.