Chris Hemsworth Could Become An ‘American Assassin’

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chris hemsworth american assassin Chris Hemsworth Could Become An American Assassin

It seems that everyone wants a piece of Chris Hemsworth nowadays (that joke writes itself). The Avengers star is filming the sequel Thor: The Dark World right now – and appears in the Red Dawn remake next month – but CBS wants him to thereafter headline American Assassin, an adaptation of Vince Flynn’s ‘origins novel’ for CIA agent Mitch Rapp (sequentially, it is the eleventh Rapp book written by Flynn).

CBS has Bruce Willis lined up to portray Rapp’s CIA mentor in the film, with Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Traitor) directing from a revised script draft written by Mike Finch (Predators). Insiders are saying the studio has broached Hemsworth with an offer of $10 million to sign on for American Assassin, with the hope that this will become just the first in a series of movies centered around the Rapp character.

Deadline has the scoop on Hemsworth being offered American Assassin, which is not a done deal yet. The actor is already lined up to work with Steven Spielberg on the sci-fi adaptation Robopocalypse, once filming wraps on the second Thor movie. However, shooting on Assassin isn’t scheduled to get going until Fall 2013, so that leaves plenty of time for Hemsworth to collaborate with Spielberg before he teams with Nachmanoff (should he choose to, of course).

The idea that Hemsworth might pass on a $10 million offer from CBS sounds kind of ridiculous at first, but you have to remember he’s already an essential player in two major comic book franchises; not to mention, there’s also the gestating Snow White and the Huntsman spinoff that will revolve around Hemsworth as the latter character (assuming it gets made). Hence, the Son of Odin can be selective when it comes to what roles he does and doesn’t accept.

Thor The Dark World Story Chris Hemsworth Could Become An American Assassin

Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor in ‘The Dark World’

American Assassin has been in development since 2008, with Colin Farrell (Total Recall) and Matthew Fox (Alex Cross) among those considered to portray young Mitch Rapp – who begins as a well-adjusted All-American college athlete, before tragedy strikes and inspires him to become a terrorist-hunter. The project was, at one point, going to be directed by Oscar-winner Edward Zwick (The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond) working from a script he co-wrote with Marshall Herskovitz.

Zwick eventually left the project while it remained stalled in pre-production, setting the stage for Nachmanoff to replace him (and Fincher to retool the script). That might’ve been for the best, seeing how the former has honed his craft working on Showtime’s Emmy-winning series Homeland – and knows a thing or two about creating captivating action-thrillers involving hard-willed CIA agents.

More on American Assassin as the story develops.


Source: Deadline

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  1. Great news.

    Chris Hemsworth is a good actor and was the best choice for Thor.

    Thor and John McClane in a action movie together? That could be something awesome.

    • Now all we need is Jason Bourne!! ;-)

      • @Helix

        Uh, no, that’s an insult to John McClane…

    • @nawtnt

      Dammit, that was exactly what I thought of saying when I read this. I guess it’s not exactly original huh? lol

  2. I really want to see Hemsworth showing a bit more range (and not get typecast as a hammer/axe wielding brute) so American Assassin could be a great addition to his filmography IMO.

    The guy has talent, he just needs the opportunity to show it.

    • The Avenger, I couldn’t agree more.

      • I don’t feel this is expanding his range, he is playing another action role. this man needs to do a drama I think he has the chops but he needs to prove it.

    • Think you will see that in the Red Dawn remake.

  3. Grest opportunity for Chris. He’s good actor, does action very well, obviously. His career is just getting set to take off, and I’m happy for him, and me, as I get to enjoy his work on screen . Just hope none of these of thsee opportunities interfere with The Avergers sequels or Thor sequels. He is just perfect as Thor. Marvel was smart to lock him up to a long deal early. Whoever is in charge of casting at marvel is to be commended for a good job all around.

  4. before hemsw. was casted for -thor- i couldn´t imagine which actor could fit in it,because there was none. and as i saw the first pic of him as thor, i thought just perfect.

  5. Chris Hemsworth was the perfect choice for Thor and hopefully he does more The Avengers sequels and Thor sequels.

    • Interesting choice, but I’d rather see someone who can act that’s not as well known. Surely there must be some great American unknowns.

      • I just watched the Expendables 2 again, what about his brother Liam? I bought him as a former U.S. Soldier, and he’s likeable, also he’s the right age to carry on a trilogy or series of Rapp films.

        • I thought about Liam Hemsworth also but think Chris will do a good job

  6. As a HUGE fan of the Vince Flynn novels (read em if you haven’t…they are like Jack Bauer meets John McClane meets James Bond meets Jason Bourne) I think Hemsworth would be an almost spot on choice for the character of Mitch Rapp.

    Oh, how I hope this franchise takes off…I guarantee it would be one to easily rival the Bourne movies.

    • As I’m also a huge fan of Flynn’s novels (you’re correct that they’re terrific), I have to say that Hemsworth is a HORRIBLE choice for Rapp. In the books, Rapp has dark skin and hair which enables him to blend in to the Middle Eastern scenarios he’s in. I’m as anxious as anyone to see this movie made soon but Hemsworth is just not the right actor for this role. I hope he turns it down or Flynn steps in and demands a different actor. We’ll see though!

      • I agree especially since Flynn goes into such detail, in every book, about Rapp’s dark features and build. Shouldn’t be a surprise though because fitting a profile isn’t as important as grabbing a star who can bring people into the theater i.e. Jack Reacher = Tom Cruise.

      • I agree with you Paul. I loved the Mitch Rapp stories. I thought Keanu Reeves with shaved haircut was the better choice – because of the dark looks.

  7. good actor?!? what movies were y’all watching? Hemsworth needs to learn how to act. There are way too many looks actors/esses that cannot act yet they keep getting roles. Please don’t cast him as Mitch, I like the character in Flynn’s books.

    • you need to watch the way he acts, and his previous work in australia.

      you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • He’s not a good actor, he’s a GREAT actor!! ^_^

    • there are reall good character actors for some movies. but i like hemsworth as an action star, i don´t want to watch a romantic movie or a drama(after all i don´t watch those genres,maybe 2 from 100 dramamovies)movie with him.

    • I don’t mind his acting, he just looks nowhere near how Rapp is portrayed in the novels.

  8. I really love the books even if the last two were average. Too bad this is based on the prequels. Still, it can work if the actors are good as well as the script. Hemsworth would work, didn’t think of him but sure it’d work!

  9. I’m glad for him to enter to the big leagues of 8-digits paychecks, well done. Saludos de Mexico!

  10. Awesome news…already psyched about Bruce Willis, and Hemsworth would be great as a young Rapp…thank God no one wrecked this before it got started like they did with Jack Reacher…do have a question though (assuming the dates were correct when last i checked) – it says here that American Assassin has been in development since 2008, but the book wasn’t published until 2010…were they developing the film as he was writing the book?

    • No, originally they were going to start later in the series with “Consent to Kill” but got stuck in the screenplay process. When American Assassin came out they decided to start at the beginning. Great move if you ask me!

  11. for some reason I thought it was “Assassins Creed” that will be cool

  12. awesome! good on him.

    he came from humble beginnings and was just like any other aussie bloke trying to get into the film industry. its actually pretty cut throat down here which is why alot of our actors went to america for work – looks like its paid off! awesome

  13. Whenever I’m reading the books I now see Gerard Butler as Mitch Rapp. I don’t think Hemsworth fits the CIA agent role, but I do like him. Just not rough enough to be Rapp.

    • @James

      I haven’t read the books, so I don’t really have an image in my mind for the role, but reading the description here, how Bruce Willis is supposed to be his mentor, I don’t think Butler would have looked right. Willis is old, but he doesn’t really look it, so it’ll be weird for Butler to be mentored by someone who appears younger than him, lol.

  14. @Ken

    I can’t believe I missed that. The book they’re making is an origin story. The Mitch Rapp in the other books book is a bit older. I still don’t like Chris in the role. Let’s say Tom Hardy.

    • @James

      Eh, absolutely no. I know Tom Hardy is the hot new thing now, but he does not look like a person that would join the CIA. More like someone who would join a street gang, boxing club, or something. Usually people who become government agents are a bit more “clean cut” than that…

      • Tom hardy would make a perfect Victor though as Rapp’s nemesis

  15. @Ken

    Who then? I like Butler or even Hugh Jackson.

    Check out my site if you get a chance. I’m not spamming. I just built an interactive site pretty much based on the conversation we’re having.

    • @James

      I haven’t read the book, other than telling you that I don’t see Tom Hardy in the role for the reasons stated, I can’t tell you who WOULD look right. Can you give me a description of him as given by the books and by his tendencies, actions, and morality in the books?

      • Ken, in the books (read them!), Rapp has a dark complexion, dark hair and eyes which helps him blend in to the middle eastern operations he’s sent out on. Hemsworth is a horrible choice as is Hardy. If they’re basing the films off the book’s background that Rapp specializes in Middle Eastern affairs, they need an actor who at the very least looks the part. Can you imagine Hemsworth trying to blend in the streets of Tehran? Ehhhh, no.

        • @Paul Q

          Yah, that makes a lot of sense. But hey, Eric Bana was able to blend in with the Somalis in Black Hawk Down, lol.

          Well, I guess they needed a big up-and-comer to play the role to attract the audience since not everyone has read the books…

          • LOL… True. Yeah, well, he’s definitely a big up and comer. I figured they could take a chance on a young unknown since Bruce Willis could pick up the slack in the big name star department. Either way, I’m excited that progress for the movie is actually happening.

            • @Paul Q

              Well, you’ll never know. Maybe he’ll surprise you. Everyone thought Chris Evans was a terrible choice for Captain America, and he surprised all of us…

  16. If you’ve read the books like I have this my vote for casting
    Mitch Rapp- Liam Hemsworth (not Chris)
    Stan Hurley- Bruce Willis (perfect)
    Thomas Stanfield- Tommy Lee Jones or Gene Hackman
    Irene Kennedy- Emily Blunt
    Victor- Tom Hardy
    Tom Lewis- Aaron Eckhardt

    Just my opinions on who I think could carry the franchise

    • I like the idea of Chris Hemsworth more so then Liam, simply because I think Chris has more of an edge to him. Now Bruce is perfect for Hurley, I actually can’t think of a better actor for that role. As for Kennedy, I like Rooney Mara. Through some glasses on her and I think she has the perfect look. As for the other two, I think you’re spot on.

  17. I would love to see Chris Hemsworth as Mitch. In regard to him dark complexion/dark eyed, there is always the makeup professionals in show business who can take care of that. Chris definitely can handle the action in the books. I suppose in the looks department perhaps Joe Manganiello would fit the physical description of Mitch more along the lines as described in the books, but not certain as to his being able to carry an action film. Bruce Willis is spot on as Hurley, Gene Hackman or Tommy Lee Jones as Stansfield, and I can see no one other than Jodi Foster as Irene Kennedy.

  18. Chis is soo hot. If he decided to take on this movie. This movie will make alot of money..

    • If The Recruit hadn’t been made then I would have definitely said cast Colin Farrel as Mitch Rapp and Al Pacino as Hurley. But since that movie has come and gone they cannot be recommended for these roles. Chris Hemsworth is good, but I think there has got to be someone out there that fits Mitch’s description as described in the books that we’re not thinking of. Wish I could give an example, but I’m stuck. Previous casting thoughts about everyone else works, but whenever I read the books I always pictured Diane Lang as Irene Kennedy. Just a thought.

      • i cant wait to see this i just love mitch rapp dont know what i’ll do with out him now that vince is gone. not sure whom i would pick with dark almost black eyes as he is described. who ever they pick had better do the job justice. as for irene i would pick the lady captain from major case, i think of her every time i read about irene. as for the old cus i think of the old guy in ncis jethro’s friend the heavy smoker that’s no longer in the about the guy from king and maxwell…he just has to bulk up a little bit he’s about the right height and features, he used to play fritz in the closer.

        • I think Bruce Willis is perfect for the role of Hurley, I wouldn’t choose anyone else. As for Helmsworth as Rapp, I don’t think he has the “I really don’t care what you think” look. He’s the right size a build to play the role, but as someone said before, Rapp has dark hair, dark eyes (almost black), olive skin and is always walking around with a face full of thick black stubble – aka, not Helmsworth. If they were doing an older version of Rapp, I’d say Eric Bana would be a perfect match. He has the complexion, hair, eyes and height, he just needs to hit the weights a bit and he’d be spot on. I personally think there is an actors out there (in his twenties) who could fit a young Rapp. I think that to introduce a character like Rapp to the world through the big screen, a fresh face is needed, not a big Hollywood star who everyone has already filed away in their own little “he only has one character” cubby. Vince Flynn was an incredible author and storyteller and he deserves to have his story told properly, without incorrect judgement.