Chris Evans Promises Plenty of ‘Heart’ in ‘Avengers’ Story; ‘Darker’ Captain America

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The Avengers Logo Chris Evans Promises Plenty of Heart in Avengers Story; Darker Captain America

Super-villain actor, Tom Hiddleston has been keeping The Avengers mega-hero mash-up film in the headlines lately with a string of intriguing but vague details about his evil “army” as well as the larger Marvel story set to unfold next summer. However, most of the rest of the cast, despite being caught by a string of Avengers set photos over the last month, have been surprisingly quiet – considering they are working on one of the most ambitious and high-profile films ever created.

Recently, Captain America actor, Chris Evans (who fans will also remember as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films), spoke out about one oft-forgotten aspect of the action-extravaganza, the emotional “heart” of the story.

Speaking with the Huffington Post, Evans offered his perspective on the current state of action-cinema – asserting that, without characters to care about, explosions have very little meaning:

“I think they struck a really good balance. There’s obviously action, you’ve got all these super heroes, there’s gonna be constant battle, I think every ten pages, there’s going to be some sort of action, but you can have all the action in the world, if you don’t have some substance, you got nothing. I don’t want to sh*t talk other movies, I know a lot of other movies like that where it’s all action and no heart.

The actor also gave credit where, apparently, credit is due – claiming that Joss Whedon’s love of comic books (and subsequently all things geek), has helped ensure that the film stays on course and doesn’t simply slip into action-packed nonsense:

“It’s not easy trying to bring all those characters together and find a story, but the best thing about Joss is that Joss is a fan, Joss is a comic book guy. It feels so nice working with a guy that is well, the people I am trying to please is Joss. Joss is one of those dudes. And if Joss is happy with the dialog, if Joss is happy with the wardrobe, if Joss is happy, then I’m happy. Because he’s Comic-Con, he’s one of these dudes who would be in the audience geeking out, so if he’s happy, I’m happy.”

The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Promises Plenty of Heart in Avengers Story; Darker Captain America

Evans also offered a tease regarding what fans can expect from Captain America’s character journey in the film – once again focusing on the emotional complexities that will help endear audiences to the superheroes – not just enjoy watching them beat-up bad guys:

“[Captain America is] in modern day, he has troubles. He actually gets to have things that he might not be able to shoulder, you know what I mean? He can’t just put it on his back. He’s a fish out of water. Everyone knows he’s dead, and he’s in a foreign time, and ‘The Avengers,’ he gets to be a little bit darker, which is nice.”

While all The Avengers talk means very little until Joss Whedon strings the plot together in a cohesive format, it’s good to see that the actors are confident in the director, even if fans are still skeptical. It’s certainly possible that Whedon could get lost in the wilds of his own film but, given Evans’ comments about a “darker” Captain America, it sounds as though each of the super heroes may have workable, and interesting, story arcs – in addition to their role in the larger plot.

Hopefully, the individual story lines will be carefully handled – so the film doesn’t get bogged down in character-heavy melodrama (we’re looking at you Iron Man 2).

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The Avengers hit theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Huffington Post (via Latino Review)

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  2. The guy who played Thor was really good I’d like to see him back more than anyone he made a decent movie GREAT you just want to watch it again because of his acting. He seems ironically like a tangible hero and actor. Tangible in his human emotions when portraying Thor. As an actor he just seems like an average guy who has to push to get work done.

    • All of the leads are good, the only untested one in the marvel universe is Ruffalo who plays hulk. But he should be good.

    • I really feel like Ruffalo is perfect for Banner. I re-watched a few of his films this weekend and he’s great at the “conflicted guy” role. I watched The Last Castle last night, and I kept imagining him Hulking out and tearing down the guard towers & throwing the tank through a building.

      • Love the Last Castle

        If they Made Cap 35 years ago Redford would have been Steve Rodgers

    • @Rocore

      Chris Hemmingworth(sp) embodied Thor better than all the other MCU characters IMO. RDJ & Norton did awesome jobs but they made the character their own and put a new spin on it. Hemmingworth became Thor. He is the very epitome of a cinematic Thor in my mind. Even if you have gripes with the actual story, Thor was portrayed perfectly IMO. Tom Hiddleston as Loki was great as well.

      • @Ignur,

        How did RDJ make the character his own putting a new spin on it?

        To date I feel RDJ and everyone else involved has done the best job at bringing a superhero from the comics to the live screen. Have to quickly add in Ironman I.

        • Have to disagree: RDJ definitely made the character his own (by giving Stark a little something different). I also think Hiddleston put a little spin on Loki…
          But, I can’t say the same thing for Norton and the rest of the heroes: I think they did a great job portraying their characters, but they didn’t “put a spin” on em’ like RDJ did.

          @Ignur Rant: Don’t you mean Hemsworth (Hemmingworth makes no sense dude ;))

          • @Aknot

            RDJ came little more off as RDJ than Tony Stark. I don’t know comic Tony that well (I have some selected reading under my belt) but I thought he was not as playful while being more suave and james bond cool. But in the end I loved what RDJ did to the character.


            haha yea I meant Hemsworth but I had Hemmingsworth phonetically in my head. Back on subject. I thought Norton was more Harrison Ford The Fugitive than say Bill Bixby. He was a little more proactive than reactive. There was less “woe is me” and more lets solve this issue and kiss hot brazilian women who just came out the shower and not stay for “coffee”. I digress.

            As far as Evans, I believe he did what the script and Dir Johnston(sp) wanted him to do. Pre-serum, yes, I believe they got the heart of the character but post serum they took their own route. In a way (see what i did with the directional euphanism; watch out for more!) Evans made the character his own as well, I suppose. He is not epitome of leader on a road of glory 616 Cap nor the @$$ kicking take no names or spousal abuse from Pym Cap of the Ultimate version. Here we have a Cap with feelings and a on desperate path to be frozen. But to be fair a lot of his leadership skills could be cleared up in 3 year span of the movie. Instead of the montage IMO they would have better served as post-serum character development time. Let’s say a scene where Cap maybe has a hand in planning a regular infantry military strike and showing off his strategic genius.

            • “Let’s say a scene where Cap maybe has a hand in planning a regular infantry military strike and showing off his strategic genius.” — they did kinda have one or two scenes like that: Cap and the Howling Commandos planning a breach mission and then executing it (the scene was kinda part of the montage, but from watching it, one could clearly see Cap informing the Commandos on where to strike and how to do it.) They also had a scene where Cap and the Commandos were in a forest, and from watching that, one could also see Cap definitely planned ahead, and of course there was the scene where Peggy Carter and Col. Phillips were watching footage of Cap and the Howling Commandos (in that scene we saw Cap standing over a map and briefing the Commandos on a mission/discussing a mission).

              I saw the movie quite a few times, so I can’t blame you for missing those scenes (they are easy to miss if one isn’t paying full attention to what’s going on.)

              • Oohh, sorry… that last paragraph seems quite insulting after re-reading what I typed.
                Please note that I mean no offence, I didn’t mean to infer that you weren’t paying attention, I only meant to say that the scenes were quite easy to miss.

                Again, sorry, I meant no offence :(

                  • All very good points and I agree with em’.
                    I thought Cap was a good movie, but it had the potential to be so much better…

            • IMO he nailed it. If you havent grab all the Laytons.

              I saw Laytons Stark/Ironman when I watched it.

              While not laugh out loud funny he still had a funny side. The Doom/Camelot was pretty good also….

  3. I imagine that Tony Stark will have to deal with if his in on the team or not, Thor most likely will struggle with the fact that his brother is at it again, Captain with the fish out of water thing, Hawkeye and Widow most likely will be babysitters to the different members like Banner and Rogers, Hulk is always dealing with the same issue of anger and fear, and last Fury will likely deal with the bigger picture. I just don’t know how their going to fit that in a two hours plus movie.

    • you did it all in 5 lines…well done!

      • It’s simple…make sure the movie’s runtime is 2 hours and 50 minutes…

  4. this movie should be 4 hours, LOTR extended version style

  5. I wonder if theres gonna be some clash of leadership over SHIELD and the team between Fury and Agent Hill.

    • I doubt it. She always clashed with Stark, but I don’t remember her opposing Fury.

      • Have to agree…
        NO ONE messes with Fury, especially if you’re on his payroll ;)

  6. What is it with actors wanting ‘darker’ characters – lighten up for F’s sake!!

    • every single person he knows is probably dead or so old they might as well be. While he is still in perfect health in his prime.

      If he wasn’t a little “dark” or “sad” or something then there would be a huge flaw in the movie.

      • Yea he’s probably mourning the death’s of all his loved ones. I guess “dark” means sad in this case, instead of anger.

        • We also live in a different mindset now then we did in the 40s.

          You have to think that Cap in the 40s could just beat the tar out of someone for doing something wrong. However today everyone has ‘rights’ even the bad guys….. ;)

          • No offense, but I don’t really think that has anything to do with it…

  7. Haha The First Avenger was nothing but heart. Very heart-sy indeed. I don’t know if I can deal with anymore heart.

  8. My understanding of “darker” simply means the character will be grounded in realistic emotional situations here and there. I dont take it to mean a the movie will be enveloped in a gloomy depressing atmosphere.

    It’s a shame that using one word can be taken so out of context.

    • “My understanding of “darker” simply means the character will be grounded in realistic emotional situations here and there.” — I hope that’s the case.
      I really can’t imagine having an “emo” Cap who just wants to hang out around the graves of his dead friends…

      • The character definately has to come to grips with being a person out of time. That will effect Steve Rogers, and it will show at least a little bit. But it probably won’t change who he is as a person. I don’t think that Evans meant his character would be changing in that sense. I think he means that Cap. will be dealing with being in the present day in this movie, and that will definately cause some sadness and anger. But that doesn’t necessarily equate to an emo Steve Rogers. Sadness and anger are human emotions, they shouldn’ be shyed away from when they make sense in the story. This is a Marvel Studios production, so I doubt that Evans will be going all Tobey Maguire on everybody.

        • Edit: I read your comment further down. I may have sounded accusing in my post above, so I’m sorry about that. My bad.

  9. i cant wait. i’m just confused why they keep showing starks arc-reactor as round when it’s now triangular, but that’s ok. and i agree with ken’s assesment of ruffalo. check out “reservation road” sometime. he was great in that role. i guess the role of the hulk will be much like that of the drummer of pearl jam…whoever is available at the time…

    • This has been discussed before, and I didn’t understand why there was any confusion. He commonly starts out with one suit and switches to a newer, upgraded one in the progress of each film. In “Avengers,” the old suit is the one with the triangle reactor, and at some point he switches to the upgraded suit we’ve been seeing in all the materials.

      Remember that previous suits having a circular reactor, and then one of the suits having a triangular reactor, doesn’t mean any other circular reactor suits aren’t “new.” In the comics (and now in the films) the shapes change all the time & it’s not necessarily indicative of old or new.

      • Stark’s chest reactor (the inside of him that keeps him alive) is still circular, but it just has a triangular PATTERN inside the circular casing…

        Ken, I feel your pain: I can’t believe people don’t understand that the armor is simply DIFFERENT/UPGRADED. Stark’s mark 6 ARMOR had a triangular chest plate, that’s why, when the light shines through, it looks like a triangle.
        If, for instance, Stark decides to make a suit of armor with a star on the armor’s chest plate, then the light will shine through and look like a star.

        I really hope that people will someday be able to understand such obvious things… :(

  10. I heard that there is a love triangle between Thor, Cap America and Banner. Banner keeps getting angry and hulking out in the kitchen, while Thor spends most of his time at the hair salon to get away from it all and and cap america deals with it all by queening the nights away in Soho Village…
    Don’t go hating on me, it’s just what I heard.
    Oh yeah and Black Widow’s story arch is dealing with her weight issues, her final ‘super power’ scene is finally getting herself into her black out fit after losing 15kg. Hawkeye starts an obsession with the ‘men in tights’ version of Robin Hood and runs around looking gayer than Cap, while Nick Fury does a ‘Michael Jackson’ and tries to ‘go white’ like the original Nick Fury.
    Like I say, don’t go mad… just insiders rumours that’s all.

    • I can tell from they way you wrote that post that you think what you just said was funny.

      • I also heard a rumour that the ‘darker’ cap storyline is that he does a reverse Michael Jackson and actually goes darker…

        I can tell by the way you wrote your post that you actually think I give a s#%t

  11. I don’t want a darker one. I want a good man.
    I’m tired of the darks. We need light, no more darker ones.

    Give a little more of light today.
    And tomorrow.
    And just everyday.

    I see darkness all the time around.
    Give a little more of light all days.

    • Everybody he knows is either Dead or Old, how would feel…GOOD BOY

    • Agreed. He was perfect in First Avenger. He shouldn’t change too much.

      • If he doesn’t change after waking up in a whole different world where everyone he knew is dead, I would be pretty annoyed with that. Cap SHOULD change after an experience like that.

        • I agree, but I just hope that he won’t change too much though.

          I think we should all just remember that we have no idea what Evans meant when he said “darker”: it could have multiple meanings. So until we get more info on this matter, we, basically, know nothing.

        • Perhaps, but I’d rather see him stay as the same old boyscout rather than seeing him pull a Frank Castle. The thing about Cap is that he IS a good man and no matter what troubles he may face, he keeps control of his emotions and sacrifices his happiness in order to do the right thing and save/help others.

      • Yes. Perfect.

  12. Oh yeah, I’m pumped!!

  13. I am so pumped for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!

    • But it CAN happen….. The Marvel Movie U has the COSMIC CUBE!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….


      • LOL! :D
        Yeah, and for all we know, Peggy is still alive: Let’s say she was 25 in 1942… that means that she could still be in her late 90′s in the present day. In the comics (Marvel U and Ultimate U) Peggy was still alive until after Cap woke up, so why is it impossible for her to still be alive in the movie-universe?

        • It’s definately possible for her to still be alive. If Cap gets a chance to meet her in one of Marvel’s upcoming films, I imagine that it’ll be a pretty powerful scene.

  14. ———…one of the most ambitious and high-profile films ever created.——–

    Xenu Christ, you are gonna be the first to cry “childhood rape!”, followed by anyone else easily duped by all this self-made hype.

  15. “considering they are working on one of the most ambitious and high-profile films ever created.” — That line just gave me goosebumps :D

    But I’m not sure if a “darker” Cap is such a good thing… it will obviously bring more realism and character depth to him, but the Cap that I (and most of the Marvel fans) know and love has always been a high spirited guy (not dark and edgy)…

  16. This is definatly gonna be the best movie of 2012 can’t waitttt!!

  17. Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!

  18. I appreciate it every time someone calls out Iron Man 2. Let’s spend FOREVER between action sequences. Are we finally ready for the climactic battle? Hold up, before we do that let’s have Iron Man fly around and dodge things for 5 minutes. Okay, now we can have a big fight sequence, but no longer than 10 seconds. ULTIMATE MOVE. Now let’s have the final fight, but it can’t last more than 15 seconds. ULTIMATE MOVE NUMBER TWO.

    Iron Man 2 felt like eating a cereal you really like with 1/3 the normal amount of milk. It’s just…not the same.

    • Iron Man 2 should have been shortened to 29 minutes and been added as bonus to the Special Edition box set of Iron Man called Iron Man 1.5 with 29 minute added scenes. I know Marvel forced him to add characters to his original fim idea for part two (and this goes for Spider-man3) but when you are working for a large production compay you have to be able to roll with the punches. Make lemonade out of lemons. Either Rourke or Rockwell should have been cut. Iron Man was very much a character driven movie that hung on RDJ shoulders. They should have stuck with that while expanding upon his relation ship with Rhodes & Potts while adding Black Widow and a villian into the fold. The Drinking thing and/orIm dying thing ahould have been saved for after The Avengers. A Tony who is have post-battle shock from barely surving what happens in the team-up, would be awesome to see and humaize him. While making him more relatable with the increase drinking and wanted to be left alone it would also serve to show us why he does Iron Man 3 w/o a team up.

      • Okay guys, I think we can all agree IM2 was bad, but surely it wasn’t as terrible as it’s being made out to be…
        It was still an entertaining movie and I really disagree with the statement that it should have been shortened to 30min and added as bonus material to IM1.
        If not for Mickey Rourke it would have been much better IMO…

        • It was deplorable. The last time I used that word was during HS football tryouts watching a failed tackle attempt. So sad. The script was all over the place. It didn’t even convey a message. If not for RDJ and his hi-jinks… One shivers at the thought. All that was Ironmam could have been summed up in less than thirty minutes. 29 to be exact. In fact, Coulson should have been the starring role much like these little 10 minutes excerpts they got going on now or or a full on SHIELD movie. But Iron Man 2 was a fail and even bigger fail in comparison. And it deserves tomatoes thrown at it every time it comes on the screen rant stage.

          • **Bigger fail in comparison to the first**

            • It really wasn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be. It still got 3 out of 5 from most reviewers and it made a killing in the box office. It had solid action (even though there wasn’t much of it) and it had humor. The movie really made me care about Stark and Potts as well (which the first movie didn’t do).
              Of course it had MANY, MANY shortcomings, but that was mostly due to a rushed development (less than 2 years), bad writing (they couldn’t decide who the main villain was going to be), all the interference from Marvel (which was actually a good thing, because after the failure of IM2 Marvel learnt that they shouldn’t stuff so many easter eggs down the viewers throat) and of course, Rourke and his “burd” hogging screen time that could have been used for plot development or more action.

              Let’s face facts, sequels are almost never as good the the original (and if you were expecting it to be better than IM1 then that’s your problem), but if more attention could have been spent on the above subjects, then we would have had an amazing sequel.

              *Sigh* But, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  19. I have a feeling that there will be some type of sad scene with Rodgers talking to Stark about Starks’s father…just a feeling…

  20. @Ian yeah, there will be. They’ve shown some interesting scenes of Stark & Rogers speaking very dramatically. As far as Iron Man 2. Once again, it was not the characters in it that hurt the movie. It was the script or lack there of as IGNUR RANT said. They really didn’t have a solid story and the choice of Whiplash’s battle suit was very uninspiring also. A sleaker and more streamlined and agile suit would have been MUCH better. But AGAIN we got ANOTHER BULKY and CLUNKY suit. Iron Man 3 needs GHOST, MADADAME MASQUE, RHODEY, THE MANDARIN and DEMON in a bottle.

    • I agree with many of the sentiments when it comes to IM2. However, I think Vanko’s battle suit was perfect in its chunky & clunky technology. Stark has had several versions to “iron” out (pun not really intended) the design…Vanko is smart but his designs haven’t had a chance to be refined.

      • As for Iron Man 3, I would like to see further explanation of the Ten Rings organization. Insert the Mandarin in a technology vs Magic-esque kinda battle. The return of Justin Hammer. A Demon in the Bottle story would be cool if it’s done tastefully, not another “Oh Tony is drunk again” escapade.

        • That’s exactly what I thought as well: Ten Rings and the Mandarin (with some sort of tech based magic stuff…) and then have Hammer come in to aid the Mandarin against Stark (as a financier or something).
          Although, I don’t think the “Demon In A Bottle” story would work out that well (although, like you mentioned, if it’s done tastefully it might work out well)… in the director’s commentary of IM2, Favreou gave quite a few good points on why it wouldn’t work so well for the silver screen/a PG13 movie (can’t remember the reasons, but I remember they were pretty legit…)