Chris Evans Talks ‘The Avengers’; ‘Captain America’ Writers Break-Down Trailer 2

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captain america in joss whedons avengers Chris Evans Talks The Avengers; Captain America Writers Break Down Trailer 2

With still nearly a month before its premiere, Captain America: The First Avenger is already experiencing some pretty positive pre-release buzz – thanks to an excellent final trailer and favorable early reviews.

Recently, Chris Evans talked about Cap’s role in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers and how the character will differ from the one in next month’s Captain America. Speaking of Captain America: The First Avenger, we’ve also added a comprehensive commentary of CA’s last trailer with the film’s writers.

When asked by SFX Magazine about whether or not Steve Rogers was too perfect, Chris Evans had this to say:

“That’s the issue. When I first read the script I thought, ‘There’s a risk of this being bland. I don’t know what his internal struggle is. He starts out a great guy, he ends a great guy. Where’s the conflict?’ Everyone asks the question, ‘If someone killed your brother, would you want to murder that person or would you take them to jail?’ There does come a time when Cap has to remember he’s been given this power and not turn into an evil person.”

On how Cap’s role will play out in The Avengers, Evans said:

“That’s where he is gonna get some conflict. It’s gonna be about not just adjusting to the fact that every human being he knows is dead, but adjusting to the evolution in society, and how modern values and morals have changed. But Cap’s not a complainer. He doesn’t whine. So it’s gonna be a matter of finding conflict but without moaning. They do deal with that in The Avengers script.”

Finally, check out the video commentary of the final trailer (with Captain America writers Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely):

In the video, the writers discuss practically every fleeting moment in the trailer, from the appearance of all-important Cosmic Cube (that glowing Rubik’s Cube from the Thor after-credits sequence) to the Howling Commandos (sans Nick Fury), Captain America’s “Q,” otherwise known as Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s father), to Cap wielding a pistol, a badge-like shield (as he did in his first appearance), and driving a motorcycle (a la the terrible TV show from 1979).

It’s a very comprehensive and interesting video, so even if you have watched the trailer several hundred times over, it’s worth watching again for the commentary. That said, the explanation for why the filmmakers used the “Hydra” as villains instead of plain old Nazis sounds more like a PR spin. It’s easy to presume that a statement like “Swastikas don’t sell toys” was more problematic than “We didn’t want to insult World War II veterans by having Captain America fight Nazis.”

Captain America hits theaters July 22nd, 2011. The Avengers is currently filming and hits theaters May 4th, 2012.

Sources: SFX Magazine [via Comic Book Resources] & IGN Movies

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  1. Video doesn’t work for me. :(

    • me neither

  2. I really hope theyre playing up the honest,respectful humble Steve Rogers from the 616 Universe and not the all american one from the Ultimates

    • I’m also hoping for more 616 and less Ultimates.

      I’m getting the feeling that this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe is relying to heavily on the Ultimates universe.

      There was also an interesting (possible) little spoiler from Chris Evans that I noticed: “It’s gonna be about not just adjusting to the fact that every human being he knows is dead” – Now in the comics (616) Dum Dum Dugan and Nick Fury lives on to the present day (through the use of the infinity formula) and later Cap finds out that Bucky is also still alive (in his youthful form as well). So if “every human being Cap knew” is dead… does that mean that we won’t see a sequel with Winter Soldier and Dum Dum in the present day?

      • “I’m getting the feeling that this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe is relying to heavily on the Ultimates universe.”

        Because it´s more realistic.

        • I know… I also said that it was more realistic, but it’s beginning to resemble the Ultimates way too much: it was fine when some of the plot points and the character’s costumes were like the Ultimates, but now the whole thing (the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe) is becoming too much like the Ultimates universe… it’s just too much like it. The 616 is still the best Marvel universe and I think the cinematic universe should just be a bit more like the 616 and less like the Ultimates.

          WOW, how many times have I used the phrase “too much” in this comment! ;)

          • “WOW, how many times have I used the phrase “too much” in this comment! ”

            Too Much!

            But I agree with it all :-)

          • @The Avenger, too much. ;)

            • Yeah, sorry about that… I didn’t know how else to get my message across.

              • Do you really want these Stan Lee 60´s dialogues in a movie? All those “thought balloons” and aimed for kids stories? I don´t think so. Iron Man was very “ultimat-ish”, so was Thor. And I bet you were psyched by Sam Jackson as Fury. I´d prefer an “Ultimate” movie over a “Avengers” # 4 movie anytime.

                • Well that’s your opinion.

                  Like I said, there are some great “Ultimates” stuff that works very well in the movies (like Jackson’s Fury, Cap’s suit, Hawkeye, etc.)

                  But you can’t seriously think that the original isn’t as good as the Ultimates? I love the Ultimates books (don’t get me wrong), but the 616 is just better – I know a lot of the stuff is very far fetched (more so than the Ultimates), and I know it’s hard to put that “crazy” stuff in a movie and make it believable, but I still think the movies should be mainly based on the 616 with some cool incorporations from the Ultimates.

                  Also, please don’t mock Stan Lee: I won’t be responsible for my actions if you dis one of the greatest men alive :(

                  P.S. I didn’t see that many “Ultimate” links in Iron Man – IM and IM2 were (IMO) very much like the 616.

  3. Aahhh, another purchase coming for my DVD collection!

    • Forget DVD man, this is Blu-Ray territory! I’m gonna want to watch Cap beat people up in the best possible quality (ala HD)

  4. I just watched Green Lantern last week and I’m really really hoping that Captain America washes the bland taste that it left out of my brain. Every new thing I see for Cap gets me more and more excited for the movie! I really want to buy a replica of that shield.

  5. What is this? A commercial? I bet my left ball that this is your last post on this site…

  6. j0rdan sh0es…….. 28 dollar
    c0ach p-u-r-s-e…… 25 dollar
    c00gi cl0thes…….. 20 dollar
    likemalls getting banned…….. priceless.

    • @Scapegoat – SpamBots are working overtime. I’m catching them as quick as I can :)


      • I know. I just couldn´t refuse to respond to this fool.

  7. Considering that Wolverine/Logan served in all the wars Civil War, World War2 and Vietanm, it only makes sense to have him in Captain America.

    • Too bad Wolverine and Captain America are made by completely different movie studios.

      • I would also have loved a Wolverine cameo. It really is a shame that Marvel doesn’t own the rights to character.

        I remember watching The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (the TV show) and in the “Meet Captain America” episode, Wolvie made a cameo – it was awesome (I almost started to scream like a little girl).

        • @The Avenger, It could’ve been done in a sublte way without infringement. A SHORT character(not tall like Jackman) that looks a little similar, that smokes a cigar but is nameless would work. He seeminlgy gets killed early on but shows up later in the background. Very easy.

          • Maybe you don’t get the “movie rights” thing… Marvel is not allowed to put Wolverine in their movies without getting consent from (and probably having to pay money as well) to Fox. Even if his claws don’t come out, even if he isn’t referred to as Wolverine or Howling, or Logan, or whatever… they are not allowed to do it. Marvel does not own the RIGHT to put that character in the movie (it doesn’t matter how subtle the cameo is).

            Also, some of the fans (including me) would get upset if someone else were to play Wolverine. (We have grown accustomed to Jackman – even though he doesn’t portray the character that well.)

      • I know right? It really is getting annoying. A person doesn’t even have to be a fan or an expert to know this stuff.

  8. No vid here either??

    • Sounds like your browser plug-ins or other elements of your operating system aren’t working properly. There is functional video on both pages you’ve said “no vid?” on.