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fantastic four chris evans as the human torch Chris Evans NOT In Fantastic Four Reboot

Back in March of this year, we reported on the possible reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. Then, at the end of last month that rumor became a fact, as 20th Century Fox is, indeed, moving forward with a reboot of Fantastic Four.

As Screen Rant‘s Kofi Outlaw predicted back in March, a reboot should and will mean that the four actors who portrayed the titular superheroes in Fantastic Four and its sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer, will be recast. Although it’s not been talked about/confirmed for Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd or Michael Chiklis, today we get word that Chris Evans won’t be playing The Human Torch again in Fox’s Fantasic Four reboot.

Cinematical got a chance to ask Evans himself about the upcoming FF4 reboot, to which he replied (not in so many words) that we most likely won’t be seeing him donning the blue suit and shouting “Flame on!” again, with no hard feelings about the matter:

“I don’t think I’m going to be involved in it. I would imagine a reboot would be — a reboot! I think they’re going to start from scratch and that’s the way those movies go. I mean, they’re doing it with Red Dawn too. Sometimes they happen quicker than others. Batman there was a big chunk of time, and the new Batman movies are fantastic. Superman, Incredible Hulk. Sometimes its a big gap, sometimes there’s a small gap. If there’s room to reinvent a franchise in a different tone and they can make a good film out of it, so be it. I’m not going to have anything negative to say about it.”

When asked whether or not it’d be weird for him to see someone else take his flaming place, Evans had this to say:

“Well, of course. But I’ve done plays and then I’ll go see someone else do the same play, and be like ‘Hmm. I did it differently!’ You know? [laughs] Of course. But let’s not confuse weird with bad, or weird with negative. Weird is in no way [negative]. No way would I have any — I welcome the new franchise. I hope it’s fantastic. I like good movies! I’m sure Michael Keaton felt the same way, I’m sure Christopher Reeve felt the same way. If it’s a great movie, let’s make it. Let’s get it out there. There aren’t enough of them.”

So it may not be word from Fox itself confirming it, but I think we can count Evans out for returning as The Human Torch. And the same goes for the rest of the cast: as Evans says, if it’s going to be a reboot then they need to stick to their guns and do exactly that – reboot it. It’s the same reason they’ve recast Freddy Krueger for the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street (a decision I was annoyed by until I found out who they cast in his place) – if they had original Krueger Robert Englund returning, it wouldn’t truly be a remake, but rather like a continuation of a tired string of films.

I think it’s wise for Fox to reboot the FF4 franchise, at least from a critical/fan point-of-view. Money-wise, the studio could just continue on after the crappy Rise of the Silver Surfer with a third movie, adding to the franchise’s already successful $500 million-plus at the box office. But it appears they’re going the more desired route of effectively pretending that the first two films don’t exist (ala The Incredible Hulk).

fantastic four reboot cas2t Chris Evans NOT In Fantastic Four Reboot

So who could be cast in place of Evans, Alba, Chiklis and Gruffudd? For starters, I would cast someone older than Alba as Sue Storm – perhaps Uma Thurman?; For The Human Torch, I’d like to throw Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name in the ring. He’s got charm, and I think he’d do a great job with the Johnny Storm “attitude”; For Mr. Fantastic, how about Patrick Wilson? Even if he was Nite Owl II in this year’s excellent Watchmen, I think he’d be great in the fantastically stretchy role; And as for The Thing – that’s a real tough one. Out of all the cast members, Chiklis is the one I’d keep in his role if it was possible (I never really cared for Evans as The Human Torch). For some reason Butterbean (the boxer) keeps coming to mind. If only he could act…

What do you think of Chris Evans (most likely) not returning as The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot? Who should play the four superheroes this time around?

At this early stage, the Fantastic Four reboot doesn’t have a planned release date yet.

Source: Cinematical

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  1. I’m like Mr. Evans and what he says is right.

    Let’s hope the next FF4 movie is real good.

  2. “I’m sure Christopher Reeve felt the same way”

    Um… didn’t Reeves die before Superman Returns?

    Anyway, like he said they need to replace everyone and frankly, Chris Evans was the best thing about the Fantastic Four movies so if he’s not back, they may as well just do an entire re haul of the cast.

  3. Not to be that guy, but FF4 makes no sense as an abbreviation for Fantastic Four.

    I actually thought you were talking about the reboot being a 4th movie, and was trying to figure out how I missed the 3rd.

  4. FF4 to me means Final Fantasy 4

  5. Recast the ebtire cast…Uma would make a great Invisible Woman…I still tyhink a reboot will not do taht well

  6. @tasouli – Got fat fingers today huh? :)

    I say they cast Dakota Fanning as Invisible Woman. And Liam Neeson as Mr. Fantastic with Chris Pine as Johnny Storm.

  7. besides Jessica Alba and Julian McMahon i thought they were all cast pretty well, i think they could keep most of the same cast and just get a better director (ive never really liked Tim Story) and way better writers and you could have a great movie

  8. I hope they use either forced perspective or CGI for the Thing, because he’s supposed to be huge. Bring in an older Sue, a younger Johnny, and make Reed more of a leader. Ioan was too soft in the original, but he did a better job once they gave Reed some balls. Just leave out the stretchy dancing, please.

  9. Chris Evans was probably the best (i.e. most accurately cast) imo. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an okay actor but not really Johnny Storm material is he? He doesn’t have the swagger/ego/physique in my view.

    Alba and Chiklis were the weak links in the first two for me. Alba because she wasn’t very good and Chiklis because it’s a very difficult part to play (especially in so much make-up). Ioan Gruffud was fine (not brilliant) and needed a better script, they all did to be fair.

    As for the comments from Chris Evans, he’s actually gone up in my estimations. Sure it’s pretty much what any gracious person would say but not many actors spring to mind in the grounded and gracious category.

  10. Reds Stretching was way underused… actually all of their powers were way underused. Brad Bird pretty much stole their powers and utilised them much better in The Incredibles. Someone should take a leaf out of his book.

  11. I thought Chiklis was awesome as the Thing and I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing him reprise that role. I thought he was the best part of those films (although the CGI for the Silver Surfer was awesome.) Jessica Alba, while looking good, did NOT fit the image of Sue Storm. Scarlett Johannsen, to me, looks more like Sue Storm than any of them. I think Uma is too old for the role. 10 years ago she would have been perfect. Dr. Doom was also horribly miscast. I also though Chris Evans did a great job as the Torch. It’s a shame he won’t be coming back as Johnny. Hey, maybe Ryan Reynolds can play him too! 😛

  12. @Andy S


    We could get Reynolds to play the entire Marvel/DC roster at this rate.

    I don’t think Scarlett Johannsen has the acting ability to be honest. I can’t think of a single film where her acting has impressed me, she’s very pretty (but so’s Alba) but in my mind is too young (even if she were a great actress) to play Sue Storm.

  13. @Joshi

    Yes, Reeve did pass before the making of Superman Returns. However, there was also three Superman related TV series between Superman Quest For Peace and Superman Returns…Superboy, Lois & Clark (which is the one Evans probably meant) and Smallville (which Reeve even appeared in as a guest star)

    As for who would take Evans, em, torch? I vote for Cam Gigandet of Never Back Down and Twilight

    Reed: Russell Crowe or Michael Beihn (note: they will NEVER get Crowe)

    Thing: Vin Diesel or Michael Shannon

    Sue: Yvonne Strahovski

    Doctor Doom: Christopher Lambert or Antonio Bandaras. Also acceptable: Tchéky Karyo

  14. @Darren

    Ah, good point.

  15. What about Doctor Doom? The coolest villain pretty much ever. I think Julian was really cool as Doom, but not as cool as Doom should be. I think Bruce Campbell should have his own country. Yeah, The Thing should be in CGI. They did good on The Incredible Hulk so yeah.

  16. btw…sorry to who or whatever but Russell Crowe as Mr. Fantastic? Vin Diesel as The Thing? And someone from Twilight? Some kid saying ah good point to that? Shiiiyeah. Lambert…yeah. Bandaras……

  17. He was brilliant as The Torch,the only character that truely worked in the FF movies – I hope he returns somehow – he gave the movies the same feel Robert Downey Jr gave Iron-Man – Marvel should think about that as I’m sure sooner or later all the Marvel heroes will be back under one roof and able to appear in each-others movies. Give him & The Human Torch their own movie!!!

  18. I loved Evans and Chiklis, found Reed to be decent, and even Alba to be tolerable, but their “update” of Dr. Doom was both unneccessary and stupid. Let’s start by fixing that. I wanna toss in Czeck actor Karl Roden. He’d be awesome. Wonderful character actor, and he could certainly be the Latverian overlord. If we’re gonna recast the four, toss in an actress that actually has blonde hair and blue eyes. Tricia Helfer comes to mind. Also, she’s about the right age for Sue. While I’m on it, lets get a Reed with a little charisma. I’m gonna put a hat in the ring for Jeffrey Donovan, who is brilliant in Burn Notice. Human Torch? No clue. Definitely not the worst actor in recent memory(Cam from Twilight) As Thing? Gotta go for a little size here. Nathan Jones? If he could do half as good a job as Chiklis, he’s got my vote. No CGI please. It works for Hulk because he’s way more a creature than human. We don’t need to see a lot of emotional rage from the green guy.

  19. @huntthejest

    Like the Helfer vote but a bit perturbed by your equating CGI with lack of emotion? Did you see Gollum in LOTR Trilogy at all? A CGI character properly acted by a face-mapped actor can be just as good as an average actor (imo).

    I always thought the thing was there more for laughs (and obviously rock-hard bad-ass-ness) than for his emotive properties in the comics (could be wrong, I have been before, it was in 1978 {thanks Clarkson}).

  20. Nobody comes to mind really for any of them. Mimi Rogers 11 years ago could have played Sue, but not today. Saskia Reeves is another I could see, but is also not quite right. Need someone born in the 70’s that looks good in that short flip hair cut that she was initially drawn with and the acting chops of a Rogers or Reeves. Of course the “Scarlett Johannsen” body build is what many of the guys want to see. The studio would want her cheap, so that just about eliminates everybody. Cattle Call…

    I think Ioan was cast based on his looks but they messed his character up in the first script. Somebody in scripting and casting should talk to some no nonsense Psychologist types, if you want to get a handle on Reed. I think he was modeled in some key ways off of Oppenheimer too. I have to say Russell Crowe playing Reed Richards would be interesting but personally I think he would have that same mixed reception that Chiklis generates. I have to agree with Darren too, they’d never get Crowe, so it’s as academic as it gets.

    Vin Diesel as the Thing??? I guess in a pinch. Unless makeup/prosthetics makes some more giant leaps, these creature characters are going to end up in the digital peoples hands. The demands for more realism combined with the ability for easy free expression will force it.

  21. Yet another idea out of left field (going with the Chuck theme), how about Adam Baldwin as The Thing”? He’s a pretty big dude, good actor and he’s got a sense of humor. We know he’s not adverse to superhero roles from all the animated voice work he’s done for DC. THe more I think about it, the more I like the idea.

  22. First off, The Thing needs to be CGI…period. Chiklis playing a 5’6″ Thing was not at all getting it done…in fact it was ridiculous. The only one who fit the bill was Evans as Johnny Storm. I love Jessica Alba in general, but def. not as Sue Storm. Again, only CGI for Thing and you can get an ol’ brute to play Ben Grimm.

  23. Patrick Wilson would make a good Hank Pym(ant-man).

  24. I liked the Original Cast!!!!!!! What Happened to the Information on the Vision with coming back with Norrin Radd AKA the Silver Surfer ????????!!!! What about Galactus??????? They had started a Cool Journey!!!!! Who wants to see them start Over??????? Cmon Chris!!!!! I hope Ioan Jessica and Michael Return!!! Best Wishes I do not to see there Origins Again !!!!! I do not think the Kids do either!!!!! That is my point of View!! Any Chance of Combining Tobey Mcguire as a Team up possibly or Cameo appearence!!!!! would have been Cool With Chris Evans!!!!! There both in The Big Apple!!!! The Human Torch and Spidey!! Take a Cruise in the Spidey Mobile!!!!! Good Luck Get some good Writers !!!!!!! Stay true to the Story!!!!!

  25. I read a book once… about a maniac killer who’d kill people and then leave little notes with the body… seems the more crazy the killer got the more exclamation marks he used in his notes.

    I’m just sayin.

  26. You make an interesting point about an Excellent WATCHMEN film because while it was a great film it did not do well at the box office were as the FF4 films did do well but yet are viewed as been so-so to bad.

    Thsi raises the question, at what point did a studio decide to reboot in order to take a financially sucessive franchise and reboot it to get better reviews when often the better reviewed movies don;t seem to do as well financially?

    Something doesn’t sound right about this one. I also find the same true with the plannned Resident EVil reboot.

  27. I did not care for Evans as Torch and even less as Cap. He was fine in Scott Pilgrim, and i think he would make a good IceMan. So its no loss on my part. I love Jessica Alba but she was a poor choice for Sue. I think a rehaul is a great idea FF4 have the most interesting dynamic in the marvel universe and they need to do it justice.