First Photos of Chris Evans & Hayley Atwell in Captain America

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Chris Evans in Captain America costume First Photos of Chris Evans & Hayley Atwell in Captain America

After months of speculation, confusion, fan angst and studio backtracking, Chris Evans was the man chosen for the coveted role of Steve Rogers, the patriotic star-spangled Avenger known to the world as Captain America.

A sticking issue amongst the Marvel Comics faithful about the casting of the title character in Captain America: The First Avenger centers around Evans’ look and manner, and whether or not he can pull off the gentler 1940s charm and subtleties of Steve Rogers. As we know, Evans traditionally takes on the witty comic relief in most of his films, especially in his comic book movie roles as we saw in the Fantastic Four films and in The Losers.

While we came close to our first look at Evans as Captain America in some recently released set photos of a stunt man in Captain America WWII uniform, we didn’t actually get to see Evans himself riding that sweet U.S. Army Indian motorcycle against those pesky Hydra vehicles.

Thanks to some brand new photos taken from the London shoot of Captain America: The First Avenger, one of your concerns may finally be answered. Take a look at the first images of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and of Hayley Atwell as his love interest, Peggy Carter.


Atwell unsurprisingly looks as dashing as ever, this time in uniform as an American spy with the French Resistance. As for Evans, he has always been very fit, but his arms and upper body are insane in these images. He sure put in the physical training necessary to thicken out in order to play Captain America and they even went as far as changing his hair style to better suit the Steve Rogers look from the books.

If he’s still not thick enough to sport the Cap costume in your mind, Hugo Weaving humorously pointed out in an interview with Evans during Comic-Con that he and his co-star also wear body suits under their costumes, filling in the areas not bulky enough, especially in the case of Captain America’s uniform.  He should look very good in his blue, red and white duds. Look, he even has fake feet!

These may not be the most exciting images from a superhero blockbuster film ever, but they certainly do give us a good idea of the feel and setting of film and its characters and it does get me a little more excited. Now we have to look forward to seeing Evans on set in full Captain America gear, and better yet, his second (modern) Captain America costume he sports later in the film.

What do you think of Chris Evans’ Captain America now? Don’t be too harsh, these are unaltered raw set photos.

Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. Captain America is of course, directed by Joe Johnston.

The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 (in 3D) and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Sources: The Daily Blam, Barry John Photography

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  1. It’s hard to tell based on these pictures, but it almost looks like Evans is just as if not bigger than Hemsworth. Which is a really bad thing. I didn’t really think Evans needed to beef up he was already good size. Cap is suppose to be a big guy, but Thor is suppose to eclipse him Thor is a beast. So I hope that hemsworth is bigger and maybe when we see them side by side it may be easier to tell a clear difference.

    All that said I really want to see RDJ standing next to these two beasts lol it would be a hilarious site. I could see The Avengers having a little fun with that.

  2. I bet this is right after he is given the Super Soldier serum(why his clothes are tiny on him due to his instant transformation) and he is chasing the assassin that killed the Dr.

    Evans has probably put on about 10-15 lbs. of mass since Comic Con. He is probably eating 250 grams of protein a day, I wish I had someone cooking meals for me like that(I’m a personal trainer).

  3. His hair isn’t blond…disapointing.

    • *disappointing*

      • Uhh… it looks pretty blonde, yeah. Fix the color on your computer.

        • Looks more like he just colored it a lighter shade of brown. Disappointing how this guy seems to never go the distance when it comes to characters that are as popular as Cap and Johnny Storm. Two BLONDE characters and we get a brown haired version of both

          • Yeah, he’s blonde in the photo. He may not be bleach blonde, but that IS a darker shade of blonde. Mine is the same color. Been blonde all my life.

  4. These are some of the most gratifying pictures that I have seen for this movie. He is getting Huge!!! If you look at him compared to when he played Johnny Storm he is enormous. This movie is starting to take a great shape.

  5. Wow. I am starting to buy into this. I was only skeptical since he had played Johnny Storm. But after all the makeup and a serious workout regiment he does look a LOT different.

  6. Wow. He sure does looked like he bulked up for the role., His hair looks blond to me. My benefit of a doubt for Evans for playin Cap. just went up little more id say. Can’t wait to see this movie next year.

    • Because he’s wearing boots that look like feet that will be CG’d to appear more foot-like on screen. This way he can run on hard pavement without being that crazy bush hippy from Dual Survival.

    • OMGzors!11!!! How dare you!!111!!eleven!!

      Just kidding (hopefully obviously) – Worthington could do OK, but I”m not impressed with his so-called talent. Clash was meh, his performance in Avatar was… eh… In terminator… meh… So far he has never outright impressed me in any role, and as hokey as FF1 and 2 were, Evans sold Johnny Storm.

      • I agree with Tim. Worthington has not shown any range as an actor. He has played himself in the 3 films I have seen him in. He didnt change a bit in either of the 3 roles. He even looks the same in all 3 movies. Im still not 100% on Evans but he is the better choice over Worthington.

      • worthing,

        When a better pic of Evans in costume surfaces we’ll use that. :)


  7. I see they did their best to make the A on his forehead look…er, not like an A.

  8. Sigh… you remember Die Hard? How they gave Bruce Willis rubber soles on his feet so he could film the entire movie without shoes, WITHOUT cgi? I miss movie making like that.

  9. Looks Like Steve Rogers. Very Excited for this film. And Chris has been apparenty taking his own super soldier serum as well. The Juice works wonders. 20 lbs of lean muscle and a few points shaved off your body fat in 40 days. I’d say Anadrol and Deca prob

  10. In the pictures he still looks pretty blonde to me, not bleach blonde or anything. Two pictures he’s in dark places that would make his hair color look different. And the far upshot pictures, he looks more blonde. But anyways he’s already been cast in the role and has pretty good buzz around him. Besides they’re set pictures, so im sure he’ll look better in the movie. Besides i don’t see how hair can be an issue when people didn’t mind Michael Clarke Duncan being the Kingpin in Daredevil when the character is white.

  11. Wally in the comics Steve has very very blonde hair this is light brown hair at best dirty dish water blonde which is just another way of saying light brown. It’s no where near full on blonde. Don’t get me wrong I don’t care at all. Do many fans get way to hung up on hair. It’s one of the most unimportant parts of the character.

    Leas people should care about the hair and more should focus on the acting. I have many concerns when it comes to Evans his mediocre acting, inability to convincingly play serious, Facial structure that doesn’t come close to Cap , funny face and more but none of my concerns are his hair.

    Let’s worry about acting , character personality, and costumes and stop focusing on hair color.

    • @ Daniel f

      I know he is in the comics, but thats comics and how many comic based movies actually stay 100% faithful to the comics no matter how small the details are. Joker’s hair wasn’t very green in TDK and wore war paint on his face and cut a smile on himself. Different character but you know what i mean. I didn’t hear any complaints about that tail, whatever its called parted on the other side of Superman’s forehead in Superman Returns or Dean Cain’s hair being slick back when he’s Superman on Lois & Clark. Again it appears to me people are jumping to conclusions over set pictures seen now before seeing the movie for themselves. I agree, i rather talk about not just Evans acting role in the film, but others aswell, costumes,character personalities, etc. & give the whole Hair color thing a rest.

  12. is he wearing a wig

  13. Cap had lighter colored blond hair than this guy and I still say Marvel could’ve chose someone else to portray Cap. What, not enough actors in Hollywood? This is ridiculous. First, messing up the continuity of having a stable acting force represent The Hulk and now this. Sheesh! I’ll always see this guy as Johnny Storm.

  14. WWWWWTTTTTTFFFFFF. Why does Captain America look like a steroid strech armstrong? Jon Favearo and Sam Raimi seems to be the only guys to do Marvel right. So far, it’s Iron Man and Spider-Man and nothing else. Captain America is a dud, but Thor may provide some hope. X-men provided hope in the beginning, but destroyed it with X2 and X3. Gavin Hood did a decent job directing Wolverine movie, but relapsed in having characters out of contexts. Don’t get me wrong, but there were some things that were worth watching in some of these features,but overall it’s garbage. My way in doing x-men would be. 1st film) x-men: Enter wolverine 2nd film) X2: X-men vs. the Brotherhood 3rd film) X3: Apocalypse. First, Xavier and Magneto battle each other and then they join forces to defeat a common enemy, APOCALYPSE. I guess, it was too much to ask for a simple story line.

  15. Are you kidding me ? X2 was easily the best film of the x franchise.

    • For me, X1 was the best although I did like X2, just not nearly as much.

      X3 was one of the most disappointing films ever made for me though.

  16. To me, i thought X1 & X2 were both great & i liked them both the same really. X3 on the otherhand i thought was good but not as great as the first two films were. Thing i hated about X3 was the Mutant Cure being mixed w/ Phoenix. I thought Phoenix should be the only person concerning the X-men, other mutants/humankind in a another sequel. The Cure issue was far fetched since theres story of it in the comics aswell supposely cure rumored told in the 90’s animated series. But i liked Singer’s idea more since the Sentinels could of been involved. I still prefer a X4 than First Class.

  17. I meant to say wasn’t far fetched above.

  18. I forgot to add about X2 was it seemed it focused little more on Wolverine than the whole time. Seemed, probly because Wolverine is a popular character.

  19. I meant to say whole team, not time btw. Sorry been busy at work, not enough sleep lol.

    • hugo weaving (he already kinda looks like him lol)

  20. he played johnny storm the way storm shoulda been portrayed on the big screen, buuuuuuuuut he didn’t look the part. hopefully he can tone down his jovial demeanor for Rogers. but if these photos r all i have to go by, well then i’ll be damned, because chris evans IS STEPHEN “STEVE” ROGERS!! (he looks perfect n the hair is the right shade for silver screen adaptation. u don’t want him arian, that’s who he’s fighting)