Chris Evans Talks ‘Captain America,’ Hugo Weaving & Fantastic Four

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captain america new avenger chris evans interview Chris Evans Talks Captain America, Hugo Weaving & Fantastic Four

It’s only June 3rd and we’ve already seen half of the superhero blockbusters summer 2011 has to offer – Thor and X-Men: First Class. So far, they’ve been pretty well-received, but we’ve still got Green Lantern to contend with in two weeks and Captain America: The First Avenger next month.

Speaking of Captain America, star Chris Evans recently sat down to talk about a number of things to do with the film, including the difference between playing Cap and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, Hugo Weaving’s role as Red Skull, and the importance of pleasing the fans.

On what he thought upon seeing himself in the Captain America uniform, courtesy of The Triangle:

“What have I gotten myself into? […] You know, it was pretty intimidating when you first put the suit on. I think I was still a little apprehensive at that time [...] I agreed to do the movie, but with a lot of [nervousness]. And I think the first time I put the suit on, it was a mixture.”

On Hugo Weaving’s highly-anticipated turn role as the villainous Red Skull:

“Hugo has a presence. You know, it’s his face; it’s his voice; it’s his body. Everything about Hugo belongs on film.”

captain america hugo weaving as red skull Chris Evans Talks Captain America, Hugo Weaving & Fantastic Four

On wanting to please the fans:

“At the end of the day, you’re making the movie for the fans. These movies wouldn’t get made if there wasn’t a built-in fanbase. They just wouldn’t. So at the end of the day, your loyalty is to the people who are passionate about these comic books, so you want to make sure that they’re happy, first and foremost.”

On the differences between playing the Human Torch in Fantastic Four and Captain America in – well, Captain America:

“In Fantastic Four, they only want to talk to Jessica Alba, which is perfect for me, because if I had my way, I’d never say anything. This movie, it’s a lot more demand as far as promotion is concerned, which is scary … I struggle with it at times… But Fantastic Four certainly helped break me in to understand the amount that was expected.”

fantastic four chris evans human torch Chris Evans Talks Captain America, Hugo Weaving & Fantastic Four

On researching the titular role:

“[I read] as many comic books as possible. […] You have to get a sense of who the fans are expecting to see, who they have in their head as far as Captain America is concerned. [But] at the end of the day […] you’re making the script that’s given to you.”

On what makes the story of Captain America so appealing:

“I really think it’s about who Captain America is. That’s kind of why I like doing the film. He’s just – he’s got these indestructible values. You know, he doesn’t do the right thing for anybody. He’s not doing it to be praised. He’s not doing it for rewards. He’s doing it because it’s the right thing, and that’s – that’s a really commendable way to live life. And I think that’s something we can all aspire to.”

Save for some less-than-convincing pre-serum special effects used to create baby-head Chris Evans, everything we’ve seen so far of Captain America looks promising. Hopefully, they’ve had the time to polish up that lingering issue, because if anyone deserves an amazing film, it’s the star-spangled Avenger created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22nd, 2011.

Source: The Triangle

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  1. Chris Evans is perfect as Cap! He cares about what the fans want. “he’s got these indestructible values” – Chris Evans. I think he knows who and what Captain America is and I think he knows how important it is to get this movie right.

    • And to think, most of us thought he would be horrible, we were wrong

      • Who’s the ‘us’ in that sentence?

      • I dont know about yall but I thought he was gonna be brilliant from the start.

        • After I saw Sunshine I knew he would be great.

  2. I don’t have a problem with baby head Chris lol. There’s only so much that can be done. And it is of less concern to me than green lantern’s mask, which at this point I don’t really care about much anyway

  3. I thought mini-Chris looked good in the trailer. I was convinced. Maybe some of you guys see too many movies :)

    • I also didn’t have a problem with mini-Chris; in fact, I thought the CGI was really good.

  4. Don’t have a problem with tiny Chris either. It’s exactly the way it should be done.

    • Well except for the whole looking real thing…

  5. That’s right Chris Evans, “Life and how to live it! .” R.I.P. Dr. Death and Marshall Dillon!!!

  6. Scarlett is single again!!! The Black Widow kicks another actor to the curb and will probably jump on Woody Allen!

  7. I thought the “baby-head” looked alright too. But yes, now that you brought it up, it is a little big for the body.

  8. Now when Captain America the First Avenger hits the big screen, will they give us a teaser trailer to the Avengers?

    • It would make sense. But who knows.

      • It makes almost too much sense for it. I wouldn’t doubt the filming they are doing for the movie now is just enough to get a teaser for this movie. Then again they could just wait for comic-con in July. I am expecting the bit the used last year (where SLJ did a voice over but they put in a scene of the Avengers in costume all together in some sort of action pose).

        • I am hoping for a little more than a SLJ voice over and I knew they have already started filming. This is why I suspect a teaser trailer before Captain America.

    • Just seeing Thor, Hulk, Cap, and Iron Man standing about to take on some threat would be worth the price of admission.

  9. If you have ever seen anyone who was very sickly or had spent time in a concentration camp during WW2 you would see that Chris looks exactly like that, the head always looks too big for the body. It’s very well done.

    • His head doesn’t look like it’s too big for his body, it looks like it’s floating around in the middle of nowhere.

      • Um…correct me if im wrong but isnt that before he even got into the military? Is he skinny in the trailer cuz of a concentration camp or just cuz hes skinny before enlisting?

        • He’s just skinny. In the comics, he was sickly, too. Not sure if that’s the case here or not.

  10. As far as the size of the head on Chris Evans pre-serum, I’ve seen people who have bodies and heads like that in real life, as a matter of fact there’s a girl in my school that has that same anatomy type. You can tell that she is somewhat disabled and weak because of how she walks; she is short, skinny, her head is a little disproportionate to her body and she has bad eyesight. It’s sad but she’s a sweet girl though and seems very determined not to let her disorder stop her from accomplishing her goals. Steve Rogers seems to have a similar physical disorder but I don’t know the medical term for it, he’s not just a skinny guy, he suffers from a disorder.

    • My problem isn’t with the size of the head, it’s with the unconvincing nature of the CGI.

      • Yeah, I can see that the CGI does still need some tweaking. There’s some fuzziness when you see him next to other environments inside the taxi cab scene, other than that particular scene, they look good. I don’t know what FX team worked on THAT aspect of the film but whoever did “The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button” should have been the ones to do this work on this film because they did a phenomenal job with Benjamin Button.

  11. The pre-serum effects are excellent from all I’ve seen. It’s highly commendable. A friend of mine even asked me how they did it. I really couldn’t give an answer. Of course it’s CGI, but it looked so seamless.. I can’t wait to see FIRST AVENGER! Sean

  12. I hope Chris Evans does well as Captain America and the film will be awesome.

    He seems like he wants to please the fans and he knows who Captain America is and knows what to do which is great so if the film doesn’t or does work out great then like he said at least he didn’t walk away from the role like a coward.

    Evans has lots of guts to do the role because it is a ironic role.

    • I think you mean iconic.

      • Are you sure he made a mistake? 8-)

  13. “[But] at the end of the day […] you’re making the script that’s given to you.”

    That does not sound good at all.

    I do hope this turns out for the best though, Captain America is a character I’ve worshiped for a very long time, and I would hate to see another Cap movie go down the drain.

  14. Looking forward to this superhero movie the most this summer, really got faith in Chris Evans doing well as Captain. Like alot of people I had my doubts with Chris as the lead, but after watching him in Sunshine and realising what a great actor he is looking forward to seeing what he brings to the role.

  15. I’m not going to state how I feel about this all been there done that.

    I’m just going to laugh at the idea that him saying “I respect the fan’s and want to please them ” makes people go “He’s so perfect he respects us and wants to please us.”

    That is a neat trick. In studying for the part did he get super powers to see what it felt like? That’s so awesome Mind control.

    The film may be awesome and it may suck, but no matter how it turns out the actor is always going to say it is good. The actor is always going to say he wants to please the fans.

    Did you expect Evans to say ” I hate the fans honestly I hope the movie sucks and they all demand refunds”

    If the films looks good to you go see it. I you think Evans fits (even though he clearly doesn’t) but don’t let him saying he respects you suddenly change your mind. It’s kind of sad.

    Maybe one of our frequent posters here is right with the hollywood is controlling your mind crap.

    • Cool story, bro. Can you tell it again?

  16. It’s gonna be awesome.

  17. One trailer. That’s all we’ve seen. Hardly creates confidence.

  18. They’re trying to let Thor ride out a longer with some space in between. Trailer #2 should be out next weekend.

  19. chris evans cares about the fans yes but i dont think he took into consideration that fantastic 4 and cap are both in the avengers unless there just not going to put F4 into the avengers which would not be very pleasing to any real fan. changing either one of the actors would just be wrong. well since the hulk is not going to be ed nortin why dont we jus change thor and spiderman while were at it. the avengers on my part is going to be a movie that makes a lot of money but to any (real) fan is not going to be very exciting.