Chris Evans Reflects on ‘Captain America’ & Previous Comic Book Movie Roles

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Captain America Evans 570x3791 Chris Evans Reflects on Captain America & Previous Comic Book Movie Roles

While we’d prefer to have an official theatrical preview for director Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger to compare to the other trailers for highly-anticipated comic book pics, an insightful discussion with the man who is playing the titular superhero (Chris Evans) will suffice for now.

Evans has chatted openly before about handling Captain America’s costume and shield, as well as the tone and design of the film. Now he’s spoken out a bit more about the pressures that come with tackling the role of Steve Rogers and how his previous experience with Marvel comic adaptations has affected his outlook on Captain America.

Evans spoke recently with Wizard Magazine and had the following to say about the Captain:

“He’s a real redeeming character to play, it’s exciting to think of playing him. I actually have a friend of mine who I’m modeling the character after. This guy is actually an Eagle Scout, he’s one of those guys who stayed in the Boy Scouts all the way until he was 18. He’s just a good human being. He does the right things, he’s open, he’s honest, he’s sincere, he’s selfless. It’s something that I think everyone aspires to. A lot of time I play characters who don’t have any redeeming quality [Laughing].”

Steve Rogers is certainly one of the more, shall we say, psychologically stable and emotionally-balanced yet popular comic book heroes around. His parents or parental figures weren’t murdered in front of him (a la Batman or Spider-Man); Captain America has never suffered from alcoholism or crippling narcissism (see: Iron Man); and unlike Thor, Rogers decided to become a defender of humanity by choice. So Evans seems to be very much of a proper mind about just who the character is and how to play him on the big screen.

fan captain america trailer Chris Evans Reflects on Captain America & Previous Comic Book Movie Roles

Evans admitted that he’s aware of fan concerns about his turn as the Captain – and even went so far as to agree that he’s been a part of movies “that have missed the mark” in the past (cough, Fantastic Four, cough). As he put it:

“It’s upsetting working as hard as you can in your respective field given the fact that a film has all these difference creative elements to it and you can only do so much with what you are expected to do. And it’s a disappointment when a film comes out and it’s not what you hoped it would be. There’s really no formula: I’ve seen a lot of movies that I would have gladly walked out of the theater that made hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.”

Captain America will undoubtedly be a box office titan when it arrives next summer and the quality of both Johnston’s adaptation and Kenneth Branagh’s Thor will effect fan enthusiasm for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers to some degree. Evans is already signed up to appear in several more Marvel pics, including the Captain America sequel, so here’s hoping his incarnation of the character sits well with moviegoers and comic book lovers alike.

Captain America: The First Avenger will arrive in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 22nd, 2011. Expect an official trailer for the film to be released in the near future.

Source: Wizard Magazine (via The Daily Blam!)

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  1. “Steve Rogers is certainly one of the more, shall we say, psychologically stable and emotionally-balanced yet popular comic book heroes around”

    IE; Boring character!

    I like Joe Johnston’s films, The Rocketeer is one of my favourites of all time, he has a good flair for period films, so that’s one good thing.

    And ultimately I have nothing against Chris Evans, he was good in Sunshine, Push and Scott Pilgrim but casting him was the laziest and most unoriginal casting possible. Let’s just pick a guy who was in one of our old films, yeah no one will have a problem with that!

    I can practicaly smell the flop.

    And still no trailer, because thats all we need for everyone to make up their minds and completely write the film off altogether. Wait! That was Green Lantern. I’m sure this will be given an equally fair trial.

    • @DrSamBeckett:

      I don’t know. I can’t be negative. He (Evans) is a decent actor. I think FF was one of those special occasions where time and space distorted around one particular area and imbued it with a powerful sucky-ness. I just saw Scott Pilgrim, and his character had me laughing my socks off, but he wasn’t awarded enough screen time, in my own opinion.

      I can see what you mean. I was kinda drooling with stupidity when they announced he’d be playing Cap, my favorite superhero of all time EVER. I wanted someone who looked like Travis Schuldt (Scrubs, Fringe), or even Channing Tatum. Someone who’s tall, built, and easily able to give off the weak nerdy vibe at the beginning. I don’t know. But they might be holding back on a trailer to build anticipation.

      Or they might be holding back because they don’t want to risk the same reaction as Green Lantern. Now I’m worried the costume is bad. Thanks a lot, Beckett! There goes my hope! X-D

    • @ Dr. Sam,
      I’m a bit disheartened that you called Cap(All time Favorite) a boring character. An opinion that I believe that can only come from someone who hasn’t read a comic with Cap in it. The way I see it Cap is probably one of the most well rounded characters and is very popular. If he was boring he wouldn’t be showing up in every 5 comics marvel puts out in a week. I have hopes for both this movie and Chris Evans performance.

      • Well, I have read comics with him in and I just find the character dull, sorry but I do, there is no escaping that.

    • True kinda weird their isnt a trailer yet. They should of did the WWII stuff as flashbacks. Yes and we can only hope this is as good as the Rocketeer.

  2. I for one am looking forward to this film. I am a big Captain America fan. Chris Evans does seem have a great understanding of the character.

    When it comes to Fantastic Four, I thought he played Human Torch well. To me it was other things going on that ruined those movies.

  3. Evan’s seem to have the right attitude so Im less concerned about him being picked for the role as I was when the casting news first hit.

    This one will probably be better than the Green Lantern cheese-fest and the typical action flick appearance of Thor.

    • grrr apostrophe. Evans not Evan’s.
      Still need an edit button on this site.

    • Although I´m really looking forward to Thor, I agree with you on Green Lantern.

  4. @ Vic: This is strange, what happened here?

    • scapegoat,

      No idea. Haven’t seen anything like that.


      • It disappeared. I guess it had something to do with the like/dislike buttons…

        • I noticed that too before. Now the light colored backgrounds on some posts are gone. Probably right, it had to do with the dislike count. heh heh

          • We’re still working out minor bugs here and there. Inevitable with something like this.

            I’ve really appreciated all the feedback, gang! :-D


  5. Even though he´s australian, I think Jesse Spencer (Dr. Chase from House) would have been a good Cap. He´s a very good actor. And all of you guys who might bash on me now because they think Cap should be played by an american… I had no problems with a scottish Alan Cumming play a german Nightcrawler. The same with british actor Ian McKellen as a german Magneto.

    • @scapegoat

      I could see Jesse Spencer as the Captain as well.

      Obviously it doesn’t really matter now, but Spencer is a pretty solid actor and has the right look for Steve Rogers.

    • @ scapegoat

      I agree as long as the actor fits the role then it doesn’t matter what nationality they are. That’s why they’re actors. :-)

      I still have reservations about Chris Evans in the role in terms of physical attributes. I know the guy can act but where are the muscles and blond hair?

      Captain America is one of my favorite super heroes. I’m hoping this film will do the books justice.

      • Funny. Because I think the other way around. He has yet to convince me that he can act.

        About your concern regarding the physical attributes, his hair is dark blonde/light brown in the movie. And this picture should wipe away your concern about the muscles.

        • Thanks Scapegoat. I think I will go sit in the corner now. :-)

  6. I don’t see the big deal with Evans playing cap, I mean he understands the character and the pressure he has on taking on such a huge role. I’m really excited to how the film turns out.

  7. I too am looking forward to Cap. Was looking forward to GL until sucky-cheese-infested trailer dashed my hopes. All comments on here re: FF are spot on: Evans was great as Torch, but the rest of it was terrible. I think it’s a good lesson for both Marvel and DC to consider when creating future ensemble pieces: crappy side stories don’t work and the dialogue had better be spot on or the characters get cheated during their times on screen, leading to suck.
    In fact, I was secretly hoping someone would have died at the end of FF2 just to create some spark.
    Evans will be fine, so long as he and the director don’t lose sight of lessons learned from Hulks, FF, Daredevil, Elektra, etc etc. BTW, I’m starting to notice the list of disappointing superhero films is longer than I realized.

    • I will remember to laugh when GL makes more than this or Thor.

      • It could I suppose.
        X3 made alot of money too and sucked. The GL trailer has drastically lowered my expections for the movie. I hope its good but the trailer looks aweful. They tried to copy Iron Man to much. Camp doesn’t work with GL IMO.

      • @ bryan

        LOL, If you hate MARVEL characters so much why comment? Go visit DC’s website and ease off the poison please. :-)

        • No, I dont hate Marvel characters but seeing as i will see Thor before i would see this. Can you name an incarnation of Captain America in tv or movie form that has translated well on film besides cartoons?

          • @ bryan

            No I can’t but this is as good a time as any to at least try. You’ve got to start somewhere I guess.

            I’m hoping this will translate well on film. :-)

  8. I will see this movie no matter what, even if the trailer blows. I still think Krasinski should have played Cap but at least Evans has the right mindset going into the flick.

  9. cant wait fot thisss