New Action Shot of Chris Evans’ Captain America [Updated]

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marvel captain america movie costume New Action Shot of Chris Evans Captain America [Updated]

UPDATE: We’ve added a Hi-Res Version of the new Cap Photo!

The growing anticipation and excitement surrounding Captain America: The First Avenger and its eagerly anticipated trailer was fueled last week with the release of the first official photo of Chris Evans in full Captain America gear. While quite a bit different in look than the World War II Cap costume of the comics, the live-action take his 1940s era uniform contains plenty of detail and period-accurate elements that fans could get behind.

Because of that photo of Joe Johnston’s take on the star-spangled Avenger, many Marvel fans are starting to lean back on the side of Steve Rogers instead of fellow Avenger Thor. Now all we need is to see Chris Evans in action as Captain America and that’s just what we have for you.

The latest official photo release, courtesy of Paramount Pictures and the LA Times, of Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger shows Evans in full gear running along a catwalk, possibly inside an enemy (Hydra?) base, undoubtedly causing havoc. He’s not carrying his signature shield, but the angle of this particular image offers a better look at the amount of leather used:


captain america chris evans in action 570x459 New Action Shot of Chris Evans Captain America [Updated]

I don’t know if it’s the quality of the still, the background or how Evans’ gloved hand looks compared to the railing, but this image appears as if it’s blue-screened and photoshopped. In fact, it almost looks like an artist’s rendering rather than a live-action still.

That being said, you can’t judge superhero costumes or action sequences by stills – it never does it justice. Evans’ costume is incredible and I want it for Halloween. Let’s hope the next released image shows our hero in actual combat.

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Directed by Joe Johnston, Captain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee JonesHugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes.

Captain America hits theaters July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Source: LA Times

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  1. I am really looking forward to this movie! I am a big Cap fan, and I am glad they chose Chris to play him.

  2. See, this is my problem with the character, he just looks ridiculous.

    • he doesn’t look all that bad, the only thing that dislike is the shoulder pads. the rest of the suit has the olden day feeling to it.
      what would you have personally preferred ?

      • It’s not this paticular costume, to be honest I do quite like it, my point is my the costume in genral has always seemed a bit silly to me.

        • Welcome to 1940s propaganda combined with comic books, lol

          • Yeah, that’s pretty much how I see the character in general, I’m still hopinfg they will make a cool flick though.

    • You’re right on Doc! Maybe he would look less ridiculous in blue tights…with a big red cape perhaps? This…is…a…comic…book…character.
      Hopefully the trailer will tell if the rig and acting are buyable or not, till then, lets not be too judgmental about how a COMIC BOOK CARACTER looks, yeah? :)

      • What’s a CARACTER? Is that anything like, say, a CHARACTER? 😎

      • Difference is, a bullet wouldn’t kill Superman.

        • And Superman’s not in the army where it helps to have a uniform that doesn’t stick out in the woods and get you shot.

          However, it’s Captain America so it’s ridiculous but in the same way those segways are

        • It was a Kryptonite bullet it would 😛

          • Aha! Not neccessarily!

            In Smallville Clark survived being shot by a Kryptonite bullet.

  3. This image is from Captain America: Super Soldier (video game) not The First Avenger.

    • dbates,

      Sorry, you’re wrong. We actually received the image from Paramount as an image from the film. Although these days with game graphics so good, it is getting harder to tell the difference. :)


      • @Vic, What for real,Paramount sent this to you guys?! SWEET! Guys getting more clout eh, next you,Rob Keys, Kofi and the rest are the crew are gonna be famous.LOL!

        • Ulik,

          LOL, thanks.


  4. Hey Dr, what did you expect he is the Star Spangled Avenger, and is it really anymore silly then any other hero that wears a costume. Thats the main issue with every superhero movie, they always want to get the heroes out of the costumes, but the costume is who they are, without it they are Jason Bourne, or some other lame wannabe hero like Hancock. People come to see their heroes

    • It’s exactly what I expected. Doesnt stop it being a ridiculous costume. It always has been.
      I’m all for keeping heroes in their costumes. But Captain America has one of the silliest costumes of all time. “Let’s get a soldier, give him super steroids and chuck him out on the battlefield covered in the stars and stripes” Because that wouldnt create an appealing target for the enemy soldiers at all…

      Why would Jason Bourne need a costume? He’s a spy. Would sorta defeat the object, no?

      • This movie and character are based on A COMIC BOOK. Just keep repeating that to yourself and it’ll all be okay, promise.

        • Well said, nowhereman.
          I’m a recovering over-analyst (anally retentive to the n-th degree), but I’ve loosened up considerably about many genres over the years — but, Halle Berry’s Catwoman aside (and perhaps Phantom, played by Billy Zane) just to name a couple exceptions, I do give much leniency to the costumes of comic-book superheroes.
          Even the best-looking ones on film would look absurd in every-day life.
          The Dark Knight looks cool onscreen, with the right amount of lighting and darkness and the shot framed just so, but when I see someone dressed up in a Batman outfit (even the expensive ones) while just out on the street, minding my daily business, it looks absurd.
          I’m not going to sit here and debate how realistic Captain America’s suit is, and how he’d get shot from a mile out if he’s trying to hide in a forest. Would people he be wearing tight, black leather outfits, similar to how Hollywood changed the X-Men outfits?
          I don’t think he’d be Captain America anymore — it’d be like changing Superman’s colors in terms of visual effect.
          It was somewhat OK for the X-Men because it would be extra goofy for Hugh Jackman to be wearing some yellow tights with blue underwear. But given that they made the suit look cool for Cap, and kept the color scheme, I’m OK with it. It looks good to me.

    • That’s it. I don’t understand why nobody gets that. Yes, spandex looks rediculouse, but without the costume, who cares. Wolverine would be the most difficult to pull off.

  5. @Rob – I sooo agree on wanting this for Halloween. That is if Capt. America was 40 and let himself go. :)

    BTW, I love the look but I agree with another poster that this is a still from the video game cinema opening

  6. Just a quickie- @DrSamBeckett- I follow the comments section on this site most days and you are one of the regular “voices of reason” (as I call those “posties” that make a lot of sense), but I have to disagree with you regarding Chris Evans in the 40’s uniform. If my memeory serves me, wasn’t the original idea behind the Super Soldier program to make an ARMY of Caps, and have them act as the frontline in the war? Having him/them in a recognisable bright, patriotic (i.e. covered in American flag colours) outfit would a) distance them from the regular grunts (and draw flak away from them) but also act as a “fear of God” type device, similar to the Scots Highland regiments back in the day with their kilts and Bag-pipes?

    I see logical thinking behind the look of the outfit and though they have toned the colour scheme down a bit, I think overall the art dept. has done a good job. All colours in that period were relatively muted (apart from some womens fashions and make up), especially in the army, so I think it’s correct.

    The interesting look will be the modern take on the uniform- in the late 60’s and early 70’s the chainmail look made sense, but todays modern soldiers have kevlar and any amount of hi-tech materials to play with. Will we see Captain America in what would essentially be a colourful version of Chris Nolans’ Bat-suit?

    And finally, to appease the fan-boys, how to integrate the helmet wings and do they go for the 60’s Star Trek boots?

    • I have no problem with the way they have adapted the costume in the film at all, I’m not one of those who would moan about the wings on his helmet, it’s just to me, putting a soldier in a red and blue suit is just crazy. A sniper would have taken him out in moments.
      I’m not hugely familiar with the character, so why did they only make one super soldier???

      • @ Sam

        Let’s keep in mind it’s only a comic book based film. I remember in the 90’s film he had on a green coat over his costume and his his shield gave him away & he took it off. In the comics they tried to make more super soldiers but the chemicals used to make Capt. were in short supply & were unstable, failing on the Six Forgotten Warriors over & over. They had rings that controlled their powers only when they needed to use them since they they weren’t perminant like Capt’s was.

        • Ah. you clearly know more about the character than I do. I just want to see a decent action adventure film. But I will never shake of the general silliness of the character, that’s probably just me though.

          So how come only Steve Rodgers could be a super soldier, why didnt it take with anyone else?

          • Probably the same reason only Bruce Banner can be the Hulk: body chemistry. Other people became gamma ray generated and received powers but only Banner has he ability to get stronger the angrier he gets. Also, if I’m not mistaken, the serum was buried by the government because others suffered horrible side-affects.

          • Ok so , before thimgs get out hand, thats only half right, Project Rebirth: the super solider serum is only known to several scientist at the time of Steve Rodgers receiving the treatment that turns him into Cap, After the physical transformation, a Nazi spy reveals himself and shoots Erskine. Because the scientist had committed the crucial portions of the Super-Soldier formula to memory, it cannot be duplicated. The spy dies, killed either while running away to escape Rogers or because Rogers threw him into live machinery. In the 1941 origin story, he dies when running into the machinery but is not killed by Rogers; in the Tales of Suspense revision, however, Rogers causes the spy’s death by punching him into the machinery

            • However in the current continuity of these films, in The Incredible Hulk they use the super soldier serum to enhance Emil Blonsky. So the serum obviously can be used on others.

              • yeah that in marveldom is not the complete Serum it is the same stuff that they used on Nick Fury, Black Widow and a few other Marvel Heroes, its not the same as what is in Steve Rogers. In the Hulk that is also a liberty they took with the character the original character was only supped up on Gama

      • @ DrSamBeckett….exactly why is it crazy “putting a soldier in a red and blue suit”? Remember there has to be SOME suspension of disbelief here and it’s not like the person in question is just some ordinary GI they pulled off the lines. This ‘soldier’ also comes equipped with superior physical abilities, martial arts mastery and an indestructible shield he can huck at people. When was the last time a soldier you knew could do all of that?

        In battle be makes himself a target because, unlike everyone else, he can take it. He is a symbol on the battle field that would inspire confidence and strike terror into the enemy. You don’t hide something like that.

        And about simply being take out by a sniper……..well sure but you could come up with feasible kill scenarios for most Superheroes. It doesn’t happen because of exactly what they are and would make for a real sucky story.

        Just to foil your flimsy suggestion though…….Remember Steve Rogers is the peak human which also includes eagle eyes and acute hearing so he is keenly aware of his surroundings. So he can pick up on cues most others don’t and be able to stop that bullet from hitting its mark. Woohoo! Sniper foiled.

        • Fairly certain he was killed by a sniper in the comics. Didnt see that one coming did he.

          • actually that is why he was given the shield , to protect against getting shot, and the original Cap and the ULtimate Version both carried side arms and did kill the enemy

          • What you really mean to say is the writers killed him off. He went 66 years and only by the will of Marvel did they decide to snipe him. That’s a pretty damn good run imho surviving as a mere mortal. What about the other 10,000+ attempts on his life? Are you telling me that he has gone 66 years worth or writing and not one villian thought about doing this before?

            Face it, every comic book character is susceptible to the will of the writers, even Superman has been killed off a couple times.

      • I think capt costume has the same principal as the red barron painting his plane red. The bad guys know exactly who is coming for them.

  7. With a name like Captain America, what would you expect the costume to look like? What colors, designs, etc. It would be little much if the american flag was part of the costume but it isn’t. Its red,white,blue. Why should Spider-Man be in red/blue colors, i mean a costume like the black alien costume as seen in Spider-man 3 would fit the name more. As much as im waiting to see Thor, can’t wait for this film.

  8. I go bavk and forth liking this suit and disliking it. But a buddy and I said the same of Batman Begins costume till we saw it in action and this could be the same. We gotta see that baby move!

  9. marvel’s pretty much going with the “ultimate” route for a lot of characters now since theyre slightly more “real” it’s all thanks to TDK

  10. And I am all about keeping it real with the costumes. I just hope they have sleeker looking outfit in mind for him during the Avengers and perhaps as far as his mask is concerned, treat it like the way Daredevils was designed in the movie and mold some descent wings as well…with ear holes too….and material covering his neck….did I cover everthing?

    • dude everyone needs to chill they are going to modernized the costume for the avengers this is based off the t940s era ultimate cap costume thats why it looks so hammy im sure they are going to go with the bucky barnes cap suit for the avengers..

  11. This looks really bad to me. The costume is ridiculous. Other people have said it and I agree – Cap’s costume in the comics is silly at best. There’s no way to transfer it to the big screen, have it stay somewhat true to the comic, and it still look good. If it never looks good in the first place, then it’s impossible to translate without scrapping it altogether. I realize that fans wouldn’t like it, but for Cap to look good, they would need to go the X-Men route, get rid of the comic costume completely, and come up with something that looks a lot better. I look at his helmet and laugh. He looks like the kid in the “Fat Albert” cartoon who had the turtle shell over his head with the eye holes cut into it.

    That all being said, I’m not against this film at all and plan on buying my ticket just like everyone else. I hope it’s a fun, entertaining action film. If Ang Lee and Letterier could convince me that the Hulk is an interesting character, and Bryan Singer could convince me that Superman is not only interesting, but cool, then I hope this movie can do the same for Cap.

    • wow you think Singers Superman was good, really, hmmm, well that does say alot , I mean what singer showed me that Superman is a big whinning cry baby whom likes to stalk his ex girl friend and is a really scarey peeping tom, God I cant wait for Zak to wipe this last Superman from my mind.

      • It does “say a lot.” It says that I really liked that movie. I thought it was excellent.

      • I love Superman Returns too. Got anything smart to say to me?

        You really think Zack Snyder will be able to do Superman justice? Hmmm, well that does say alot.

        • Please Dr. you know I’ll say something to you about Returns, we have had this talk before, Singer ruined the character and instead of him honoring the Donner Films, he did no better then Superman 3. Actually, I do think Zack will do a better Job, i wish they would let him do what he does , but he does have alot other fingers in his Super Pie. Have you seen 300, Sin City or Watchmen, these a great representations of their comic book counterparts, Most of which you can go page to film with. These where some of the most faithful movies made. That being said if Zack was able to do what he wants then yes I have every bit of faith that he would deliver the definitive Superman Movie, that s not what is happening though and Nolan is writing the movie, so who knows what will happen. if it was me I would have handed him either Birthright, or Superman Earth One and said make it. That would have been the best way for WB to handle it

  12. When I saw this on the main page, the thumbnail image looked like Cobra Commander and I thought, sweet. However, this CA movie is looking very tops and I heart the costume.

    DSB–I get what you mean by ridiculous…like segways

  13. Ok i see lots if whiny babies about caps outfit.. paleese! It has practicality and also as fir the shoulder pad look haven’t any of you ever ever worn motorcycle leathers Or a genuine leather bikers jacket ..They thick and added at shoulders and to the front to protect riders from road rash etc..and especially in the early 40s also note the extra padding at shoulders for shooting rifles and heavy assault weapons it to help with recoil..and lastly at the Golden Globes last night did any of you notice “Downy’s” look and appearance.. he is set to star as his father in the Cap movie.. his hair and face hoar is grown to the period. to all those whiners.. go sit in a corner and mope!

    • Ah actually no Downey Jr , was not looking like his father for cap, he is actually filming Sherlock Holms @ right now , and the actor who is playing his father is John Slattery from Mad men

      • Or it is actually British actor Dominic Cooper playing Howard Stark.

        • Thanks Dr yeah I saw that , thanks for the correction

  14. So far I’m loving the costume. I was wondering how they’d pull off Cap for a movie, and considering some of the past looks on the big and small screen, I think they’ve done an admirable job. Wonder how he’ll look in the modern era — wil lthey go with the scale-mail type armor and wings that stick out, with brighter colors? Kinda hoping they keep it a bit more toned back like thses stills seem to show. Fortunately I think the days of spandex are over.

  15. looks sick

  16. I’m a big Capt. fan, I just don’t know if I like the helmet.

  17. I personally really like he Captain America/Steve Rogers character..always have and always will..I really like the movie costume and admire Marvel studios for the way they took that 1940 propaganda costume(which IMO was very appropriate in the 1940’s and up until and including the death of Captain America a few years ago(he’s a walking flag)..I find it somewhat amusing the subject of Evans being cast as Rogers has let up somewhat and now people are focusing on the only thing there is to b!tch about at the moment and that is the costume..I appreciate that they muted/removed some of the characteristics of the traditional costume to make this costume battle ready and believable in the line of fire..I guess I am a sucker for patriotic looking costumes..Captain Britain, Guardian/Vindicator, US Agent…I like those costumes and find it inspiring that artists reditions of a heroes costume can be patriotic and look great at the same time..I think this movie is going to be fantastic and that this type of hero movie is coming along at the right time..

  18. Dominic cooper is playing howard stark (tony’s father) not john slattery. On another note,yes it is a comic book character movie. I just hope that this turns out as good if not better than the rocketeer,considering joe johnston directed that & it was a great movie. However,you know the old saying: ‘The proof is in the pudding’. So far though,it looks decent far as the ensemble of actors/characters & the asthetic overall. One thing though, I hope that there are nazi’s in the movie & not just hydra replacing them altogether (far as the villans go). I hope it is well balanced in terms of story.

    • yeah i realized it after i put it up thatnks for the catch

  19. Does anyone else feel like he looks like a fan boy at comic con and not a bad ass blood sucking warrior?

  20. its the ultimate universe cap costume i like it,but ill wait to see the modern costume the only thing i hate are the red suspenders,i prefer the red stripes instead

  21. It does look like a 3d model or photoshop adjusted somehow. That being said it looks great, I was totally wrong about Evans not being “right” for the role.

  22. that poll thingy could really use a few more options…

  23. this movie is going to stink. it will set comic booking movies back just like the Hulk movies did. Nobody (other than comic geeks) cares about Captain Lame-o.

    • book*

    • “Captain Lame-o”

      You’ve just told me all I need to know about you.


  24. I don’t remember Captain America grabbing the support bar as he ran by in the comics. Already this is pretty unfaithful to the source material.

    Of course I kid. Not loving the helmet though. Want some wings.

  25. @ biglog

    Hopefully he’ll have wings on the mondern day costume for The Avengers film. I hope since that’s the Captain America i grew up with and i know it’s possible & would look good because the wings in the 90’s film didn’t look bad in that film so i can imagine they could do the same for Avengers.

  26. meant to say modern