Check Out The Full Clone Wars Trailer

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new clone wars poster sm Check Out The Full Clone Wars Trailer

Well since we do consider ourselves mainly a sci-fi, fantasy and superhero movie site, I guess we ought to post up the new full trailer for Star Wars: Clone Wars. If you haven’t heard, this will be a new ongoing CGI animated TV series, but Lucasfilm decided to launch it as a feature length animated film in theaters this summer.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below…

Oh, and since this page didn’t take long enough to download already, here’s the new poster as well:

new clone wars poster Check Out The Full Clone Wars Trailer

I find it quite funny that one of the taglines in the trailer is “Star Wars like you’ve never seen it before.”

Really? I’ve never seen huge CGI-generated vistas and thousands of CGI characters in gigantic battles before? Apparently they’re assuming that no one has seen Star Wars 1, 2 or 3…

Clone Wars comes to a theater near you on August 15th.

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  1. Now that’s really more like… hmm. All the scenes of Episode 2 + 3 regarding the Clone Wars doubled in length and then re-animated in CGI? With a ton of name- and character-dropping for a short trailer! Sure, it’s nice and stuff – especially the voice talent (lots of original actors I presume). But good enough for a cinematic release? After Episode 3 has completed this story arc already? I don’t know.


    P.S.: One thing I really like about this already! “Warner Bros.” instead of “Fox”. So Lucas finally managed to get rid of “Mr. Murdoch’s weaselly propaganda shop”. ;)

  2. I don’t know, I really wanted a non-animated movie. This is nice, but more for a serie, not to go see in the theatre, I guess. But than again, I really love Star Wars and will probably go and see this one :)


  3. Looks a bit naff to me!

  4. Well I don’t like the style, i mean look at Count’s face, it looks badddd. Also, I don’t like when live action goes to CGI but this is intended for a TV Series so i don’t mind that much I guess. I would of much rather preferred CGI style like we see in cutscenes from the Star Wars games like KOTOR.

    I think it’ll be good, you can see the crazy good production quality in the sounds and special effects so I’ll be seeing it.

  5. “Really? I’ve never seen huge CGI-generated vistas and thousands of CGI characters in gigantic battles before?”

    Don’t forget the wooden acting and faces with limited expressions. We haven’t seen this on the young Obi Wan, but now we can!

    I thought Lucas was serious when he said no more movies… I guess the money just isn’t enough in TV. I hope Lucasfilm realizes they are really testing the theory that any Star Wars film will make money at the box office… REALLY testing that theory

  6. Atfirst it looked cheap but when the action scenes come on thats what sold it for me.

  7. Rescue Jabbas son? (O boy)
    Jabba bad , Jabba good, jabba bad again? Lame……

    Its really a shame that Lucas can’t come up with a Star Wars story (with more heart) that takes place after “Return of the Jedi”.
    This japanese manga animation does nothing for me and the story is nothing other than pure violence.
    Yeah its Star Wars but sheesh ever since “Attack of the Clones” there’s been too much war not enough quality story..

    I feel bad for the little kids that have to experience Star Wars for the first time watching this pile.

  8. Watched it.

    My impression? The animation is severely lacking. The characters don’t move with weight or momentum. Graphics are also lacking. It’s ironic that Pixar started out as a Lucasfilm outlet. They’re independent and producing movies of quality (both in story and in graphics) Lucas hasn’t produced in ages.

    I can’t decipher from the trailer what the story is about or why I should plunk money down to see it. It’s put together in such a way that a fan might produce his own trailer for his perfect Star Wars film – light on story, heavy on disconnected action sequences. If they couldn’t put together a coherent package for a trailer, this does not bode well for the movie, though I had little expectations about it already.

    For me, Star Wars ended back in 1983 with “Jedi”. It’s so far gone as a franchise from what it started out as that only someone like a Christopher Nolan could attempt a new story in this universe.

  9. This is “Bandwagon Production”! :-0 Has their
    even been a year this prolific with so many Sciffee, fantasy, superhero movies?

    790, jerseycajun, have to agree with you. Has Lucas even read Clark, Baxter, Lem, or Vance?

  10. Right on!, the old man, its like Lucas has joined the McDonalds cult.
    He’s just pumping out Clone Troopers and Jedi for sale in manga versions. Wthfs?

    Besides the mindless blaster action, what the f__k is with this rescue Jabbas son BS?
    How incredibly shallow and lame.
    How indignifying!(spell check) Were supposed to feel empathy for a crime lords son?
    (A slug no less?)
    Ghesssh the scum bag inprisons Han Solo and sends Luke to the Racor? Scew you A_hole your sons death is a good thing!
    Don’t be a crime lord Jabba you a__ ho__ ! What is this the Star Wars Sopranos?

    I’m not seeing this film on dvd ether btw. ;-z

  11. I sure hope Speilberg kept Lucas in check on Indy. :-)

  12. To quote Lucas’s favourite piece of SW dialogue:

    “I have a bad feeling about this.”

  13. Wow. Jabba’s son? Does anything happen in the Star Wars universe that doesn’t revolve the families of a small number of characters?

    I’m just glad he didn’t touch the KOTOR era. Probably just be some story about Yoda’s father or something.

  14. Well i dont know about seeing it yet it sounds kinda cool not like the greatest thing ever or anything. But on the rescuing Jabbas son thing well think about it if you want info where are you gonna go, whod be better than a leader of a criminal orginization who probably has ground on dozens of worlds(if not hundreds)and has soldiers, bounty hunters, and probably assasins.

    Anyway their are plenty of stories after “RotJ” they all have decent heart and even moral delemas. there are actually a few relly good books that they could easily make a new trilogy from(not that im making any suggestions or anything). It might never happen but whatever just my opinnion.

  15. I know this is some what off the topic of this website and this post but wat do you think of the new star wars game sounds tight with a good story and good heart sounds kind of like kotor with one difference you dont get much of a choice in your character it is a trade off great voice acting or freedom to make your own character. i think its a pretty brilliant idea since its an area thats unexplored in any detail.
    Im hoping for the ability to change sides in the game like kotor. Anyway i like the story driven games especially if they have good voice acting it really ads some zing to the whole thing

    sorry im a bit of a off topic person but someonementioned kotor and it just got my whole mind off track,

  16. watever man i dont really care i loved that to they need to make a second ending was gay “Dont get your comrade just leave him” I think it would be cool if since there like personally for yoda if they like went against order 66 and helped out the remaining jedi if youve ever read some of the books right after order 66 theyre are actually a lot of scattered jedi left.

  17. HBDestroyer93, I was more into “Republic Commando” , I hated Knights of the Old Republic.

  18. Cant wait to see this it looks awesome…what not to like? All Star Wars fans want more Star Wars no matter when its set so I say thank you Geoege for giving us more….long may it continue! I agree with 709 Knights of the Old Republic sucked….Republic Commando was 100 times better….cant beleive they havnt gave us another one yet…Imperial Commando Anyone!!!???