‘Cheaters’ Replaces Host Joey Greco with Clark Gable

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Clark Gable New Cheaters hostTV Cheaters Replaces Host Joey Greco with Clark Gable

Clark Gable III – the grandson of the late legendary film star Clark Gable – will be taking over the hosting duties of the popular reality show, Cheaters. The 23-year-old budding actor will be replacing the much-loved Joey Greco, who has hosted the show for 10 years. In a somewhat ironic twist – much like the people Greco catches cheating  – he too is being replaced by a younger model, as the show’s creator, Bobby Goldstein, felt “it was time to freshen up the show with a new host.”

For those who don’t know: Cheaters focuses on real-life jilted lovers hiring the show to settle their nagging suspicions of about their cheating partners. After the infidelity is confirmed via hidden cameras – it moves on to the confrontation phase, which inevitably leads to some Jerry Springer-style fighting.

As many fans of the guilty pleasure series remember, back in 2003 Greco was famously stab when a confrontation on a boat went horribly wrong. Many criticized the show, calling the incident a cheap stunt (a clip of the incident will be posted below, so you be the judge) – but it seems real enough to have new host Gable somewhat nervous about his new gig:

“I do have some minor concerns about this. But I feel it’s what I want to do and I can’t live life in fear. I just take everything one day at a time. I can’t say I’m not afraid. I am thrown into these environments. What I’m doing is dangerous. When you get people who are cheating on each other it gets very, very heated in some of the arguments. I’m learning slowly. I’m no Joey Greco but I do the best I can.”

Former host Joey Greco

Like Greco, Gable is also no stranger to a stabbing: Back in August 2009, the then 19-year-old Gable was stabbed three times in the rib cage following a fight at a LA house party, and had to be airlifted to UCLA Medical Center with a collapsed lung. Gable also made headlines when he was convicted earlier this year for felony discharge of a laser (yeah, it’s a real thing). In January, Gable was arrested for pointing a green laser at a Los Angeles police helicopter as it flew 800 feet over Hollywood. Gable was sentenced to 10 days in jail and three years of probation. Despite the wannabe bad boy image, Gable admits that at first he was a bit out of his element with Cheaters, saying:

“I didn’t realize what I was getting into. It’s very serious. These people are throwing real punches. It’s not fake. They’re really hitting each other hard. This is a very sensitive subject. It’s love. When they cheat on each other and get caught dead to rights, there is no explanation they can give, so what comes out is anger. I’m learning a lot about myself and about the show and about human behavior.  It’s pretty unbelievable.”

Not going to lie – It will be sad to see Greco go from the show. His calm and cool confrontation style is what made you both love him and want to punch him in the face. In spite of being a fan-favorite, the truth is people tune in to Cheaters to watch people fight and act foolish – not for Greco’s winning smile.

As promised, the infamous 2003 stabbing scene of Cheaters:

Source: THR

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  1. When clark gabel lll reveàls what he finds, he isn’t as sensative as joey greco. I really miss him.

  2. Clark Cable is awful and makes the show too stupid to watch now. Joey was so much more likeable. You made a huge mistake. I hope it isn’t too late to correct yourself before the whole show goes down the drain.

  3. Grant, as I said before, is not “sensitive” when, he shows the tape of the ladies men cheating on them. It’ s ruining the show! !

  4. Hey Joey ,I hpoe you read the rants. Do you really know how loved you were ? And you Joey Greco, were the reason evrryone tuned in every weekend and every night to wstch “Cheaters” Damn ! I thought it was your show? Damn! You … made the show what it is. I even tuned into the “Maury ” show every day to see if you are the “Special Guest” We love you man. Well, I look ford to see what you do next. Whew, are you suppose to get a headache from ramting ??

    • I’m with Karen! Dude, we need you!!

  5. I am so disaapointed, I agree with the comments above, a BIG partwe were watching the show was for Joey; he’s a legend & a natural. Who is this clown Clark G.???? Please bring Joey BACK!!!!!!!

  6. This is NOT about ‘time for change’ this is about saving $$$$!!!!
    The producer ‘MONEY HUNGRY GOLDSTEIN’ is so gready & cheap to pay
    for keeping a highly talented, compassionate, & unique HOST (Joey)
    & replaced him with a cheap-ass wannabe LOSER!

  7. I actually watched last night’s episode (I don’t know why, since the show is terrible without Joey Greco) and one of the cheaters who was confronted actually yelled at Clark Gable, “You’re not even the real ‘Cheaters’!” I was ROFL with that! It’s obvious the show is totally lame now that Joey isn’t on any more; I want the REAL “Cheaters” back with Joey!

  8. Did yall see clark as special guest on “maury”! HAVE A HEADACHE

  9. As soon as we see joey on his own show, hint hint. I know I would not care who’s on cheaters because I really don’t watch any moore But man their messing with my maury now. MAURY, I know you have now control of who Chwters hires, but kerp uo with Joey Greco for us.

  10. Huge mistake! This may be you guys ” jumping the shark moment”. Unless you guys have a moment of clarity & do the right thing & bring Joey back!

  11. I agree with Miss Ashley. This Gable might be the grandson of a screen legend, but he sure ain’t reppin’ granddaddy’s gentlemanly legacy too tough. His approach is what I call BBBOD – Brisk Brusque Businesslike Offhand & Detached. Sure and Joey Greco could be somewhat glacial in his line delivery and he tended to use a bunch of $20 words [a classic: “Your High-POC-rises”], but he was more towards the Judge Joe Brown protect-womanhood mindset than Gable here. Not that I don’t like him, lamenting Joey Greco’s departure due to Goldstein’s idiotic reasoning notwithstandning, but maybe his big bluff Squarejawed Hunk manner and Common News Reporter confrontations [“I NEED you to give me your side of the story” demands of ladies] will give way to a more . . . polished version the longer he’s on the job [and he’ll actually grow some real He-Man facial hair instead of something old grannies can easily duplicate]. I wish him long-term success in this venture – Goldstein might be an insensitive dummass to have dumped Joey Greco as if he was a candidate for the Hoveround House, but he easily could have done worse.

  12. Owh no:( How??! My friend got me into cheaters and from the start I always loved the host! He fit the job so perfectly! Im sorry but they made huge mistake in replacing Joey~ pwease bring him BACK! :(

  13. Where is Joey is what me and the wife asked each other after about watching just a few minutes of the show.i have never seen some tring to do something they surely cannot do. If the network cares to keep cheaters on the air you must do three thinks.
    1) bring Joey back
    2) give Joey a raise
    3) give Joey an apology for even thinking you could do so.
    Ps Clark Gamble III is not an actor by any visible signs he is only the grandson of one.

  14. I really do prefer Greco’s style. I’ve watched several of the new episodes with Gable and I have to say, Greco really added something. Greco is just so polished and cool. The style of confrontation is so different. The show has changed drastically, and its less enjoyable to watch. Mr Goldstein… YOU MADE A MISTAKE. Bring Joey Greco back!!

  15. WTF happened to Joey Greco! The show is not the same without Joey. My husband and I used to rush home to watch the show–we are soooooo disappointed.

  16. I WANT JOEY BACK! My heart broke when I found out he’s no longer the host

  17. I am very disappointed with Clark Gable, who recently replaced Joey Greco as host of Cheaters. Gable is not articulate, and lacks polish and a sense of formality and authority I greatly miss when watching Cheaters. Ironically, Greco’s style backed an air of comic dignity in an otherwise undignified exploit. This is what kept me so entertained over the past 10 seasons. For me, the cheaters and victims were not the biggest draw of the show; it was the manner in which the host revealed the damning video footage in a grave, pretentious tone, then facilitated the confrontations in a dignified, but patronizing fashion. That is what made Cheaters (with Joey Greco) such great entertainment for me. I am afraid the show has lost its charisma with its new host, Clark Gable. Sadly, to me, Cheaters is now just a trashy show with a lackluster host. I will not be watching it any more.

  18. I see that mr Goldstein is FORCING HIS WILL on the viewers of Cheaters despite what his fans want… after many great years with Joey, Cheaters is now circling the drain…I vote for boycott.. only then will mr Goldstein get it…

  19. I don’t even watch it no more! Bring back joey and I will but I hate the new kid.

  20. I don’t even watch it no more! Bring back joey!

  21. I don’t even watch it no more!

  22. Clark is an instigator.

  23. Clark is an instigator

  24. I disagree with the writer, who says people tune in for the trashy story lines only and not to see Joey Greco. Joey Greco is composed at a time when all hell is breaking loose. He makes a cheesy topic sincere and his concern for victims of infidelity appears genuine, making him likable. Clark Gable is unpolished and comes off as flustered. As a viewer I am going to give him a chance, but he’s right — he’s no Joey Greco. There is room on the show for both fellows. Deleting Joey Greco is a mistake. Bring Joey back in whatever capacity makes sense. Cheaters without Joey Greco is a shell of its former slammin’ self.

  25. Cheaters is cheating the public. It is all staged even his stabbing. The people involved in that episode was interviewed one of them was a hotel receptionist. The police have no record of any such arrest. Ain’t no body got time for dat oh lord jesus. 99.9 % of the worlds problem is because stupid and ignorant people get into powerful positions. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

  26. Clark is okay but I think it lost something when they got rid of Joey. It’s just not the same.