‘Cheaters’ Replaces Host Joey Greco with Clark Gable

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Clark Gable New Cheaters hostTV Cheaters Replaces Host Joey Greco with Clark Gable

Clark Gable III – the grandson of the late legendary film star Clark Gable – will be taking over the hosting duties of the popular reality show, Cheaters. The 23-year-old budding actor will be replacing the much-loved Joey Greco, who has hosted the show for 10 years. In a somewhat ironic twist – much like the people Greco catches cheating  – he too is being replaced by a younger model, as the show’s creator, Bobby Goldstein, felt “it was time to freshen up the show with a new host.”

For those who don’t know: Cheaters focuses on real-life jilted lovers hiring the show to settle their nagging suspicions of about their cheating partners. After the infidelity is confirmed via hidden cameras – it moves on to the confrontation phase, which inevitably leads to some Jerry Springer-style fighting.

As many fans of the guilty pleasure series remember, back in 2003 Greco was famously stab when a confrontation on a boat went horribly wrong. Many criticized the show, calling the incident a cheap stunt (a clip of the incident will be posted below, so you be the judge) – but it seems real enough to have new host Gable somewhat nervous about his new gig:

“I do have some minor concerns about this. But I feel it’s what I want to do and I can’t live life in fear. I just take everything one day at a time. I can’t say I’m not afraid. I am thrown into these environments. What I’m doing is dangerous. When you get people who are cheating on each other it gets very, very heated in some of the arguments. I’m learning slowly. I’m no Joey Greco but I do the best I can.”

Former host Joey Greco

Like Greco, Gable is also no stranger to a stabbing: Back in August 2009, the then 19-year-old Gable was stabbed three times in the rib cage following a fight at a LA house party, and had to be airlifted to UCLA Medical Center with a collapsed lung. Gable also made headlines when he was convicted earlier this year for felony discharge of a laser (yeah, it’s a real thing). In January, Gable was arrested for pointing a green laser at a Los Angeles police helicopter as it flew 800 feet over Hollywood. Gable was sentenced to 10 days in jail and three years of probation. Despite the wannabe bad boy image, Gable admits that at first he was a bit out of his element with Cheaters, saying:

“I didn’t realize what I was getting into. It’s very serious. These people are throwing real punches. It’s not fake. They’re really hitting each other hard. This is a very sensitive subject. It’s love. When they cheat on each other and get caught dead to rights, there is no explanation they can give, so what comes out is anger. I’m learning a lot about myself and about the show and about human behavior.  It’s pretty unbelievable.”

Not going to lie – It will be sad to see Greco go from the show. His calm and cool confrontation style is what made you both love him and want to punch him in the face. In spite of being a fan-favorite, the truth is people tune in to Cheaters to watch people fight and act foolish – not for Greco’s winning smile.

As promised, the infamous 2003 stabbing scene of Cheaters:

Source: THR

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  1. Please bring joey back! This clark gable person is soooo fake. I can’t watch any more

  2. this clarke guy sucks he is a terrible actor!!

  3. Book!! I was promised the video but it says it does not exist lol Anyways yes please bring Joey back!! Clark is a horrible horrible actor!. Luke you stated we watch for the fights not Joeys winning smile, well damn it we still watch for the fights not some ex model!!! BTW he’s not all that. And not to mention his voice is annoying, he is horrible at reading lines. Like you can tell he is reading lines. And he just sucks all the way around!!! BIG thumbs down for Clark Gable!!! :(

  4. Please bring Joey back, Clarke certainly does not follow in his famous grandad footsteps , he’s drab, boring , full , not exciting , just useless, your statement that people only watch cheaters because of the confrontations and not the host could not be further than the truth, my wife and I are not watching it anymore and I can bet you that when you do your viewer polls it will show that less people are watching it, BRING BACK JOEY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THIS CLARKE GABLE GUY IS JUST USELSS , I WOULD NOT USE HIM IN AN ADVERTISEMENT , Nuff SAID

    • Clark gable may look good but that doesn’t mean he works good. Bring back JOEY GRECO,in a way he is cheaters.
      I won’t watch it every night like I used to.

  5. I don’t even watch it any more. This guy with the famous name is about as exciting and intelligent as algae.

    • I have stopped watching too because New host is so boring and rehearsed. Please bring Joey back, he’s the best.

    • His Grandfather was a famous star, this fellow is WHO. First i thought, this is a hoax.
      Really, the producers and directors should rethink their approach, they just F-Upped a Hit show in South Africa as well.

    • Clark Gable is horrible! He has no skills. Joey was cool and believable. You felt like he cared. I just watched Farke Gooble allow a victim to get arrested when he should have seen the police coming and prevented it. Joey would never have allowed that. Please please please bring Joey back!

  6. 1. He’s not Clark Gable III. The original Clark was born William Clark Gable, and the next one was John Clark Gable. I have the magazine where John Clark was holding this guy when he was a newborn and he mentioned that this is the real Clark Gable as it’s his first name.

    2. How could he have been 19 in 2009 when he was born in 1988?

    • I agree, do not like this change at all

  7. Liked Joey more. Clark to young and not a convincing host at all.

  8. Clark gable is terrible at hosting. I HATE his hand gestures. Somebody must have lost a bet to let him host cheaters.

  9. Clark Gble is a handsome cool guy-but when it comes to hosting Cheaters he cant hold a candle to Joey. sorry

  10. So where is Joey Grecko now? Cheaters will never be the same!

  11. I had not watched Cheaters in a long time, partly due to the time it was on. I recently watched an episode and I saw this “stand-in” substitute for Joey Greco. I thought this was a one episode situation, perhaps Joey got stabbed again. So I watched it a second time.

    It will be my last time until they bring back Joey, as I read the news about him being replaced in July of last year. The replacement simply does not have what it takes to do the job. Plain and simple. You have lost a viewer. When you bring back Joey, you have my e-mail address, let me know. I a through with Cheaters until then. This new person is really hopeless!

  12. this show is fake. why watch something that is fake?… stupid show for stupid people.

    • Dawn you could have saved yourself the trouble and the time , a long- winded diatribe about a person nobody cares about. Sorry but according to everyone on here Gable is not a good replacement and I don’t think Joeys fans would give two hoots about whether he’s charismatic off screen, they are only concerned about his persona on-screen. You must be the only one watching. Good luck to that.

    • Thanks for believing in me Aunty Dawn

      Your loving nephew

  13. This new host has NO energy at all. He is bland and monotone and expresses little to no emotion. If they were going to replace Joey Greco, get someone who has some sort of acting talent.

  14. Just because Joey Greco brushed off a couple of (what seemed like over the top) fans has nothing to do with his ability to host a show. I tried watching it again last week, and until they replace Clark Gable with ANYBODY else – preferably Joey – I won’t waste my time. I’m so done.

  15. Pls bring Joey back. I can’t take this guy.
    Watched it for the first time for the new series. Hardly recognised the show.
    Please listen to the feedback and bring Joey back.
    The way he seems to even enjoy the action make the show so entertaining.

  16. please bring back joey ,cannot watch it with new guy ,wrong move ,I think

  17. Just watched the new cheaters on CBS reality which is shown in uk Clark gable 111 is so boring it’s like waiting for paint to dry , bring back joey Greco at least he had sprit and made the show his own will not be watching now until it’s changed back to original format

  18. It is obvious that all the negative RANTS about the “Greco replacement” has fallen on deaf ears (or an ignorant producer).
    Hopefully, Joey has the chutzpah to start his own series …..

  19. I think Clark Gable III is doing a GREAT job. Love watching him. I could tell initially he was not in his element. But he now has total control over what he is doing and is great in dealing with the situations and people he is involved with on the show. I think people just need to get over Joey, he was great, but give Clark a chance. He is a great replacement. And he deserves to get recognition for his own style and way he handles himself on the show. He is genuine, and really has mastered his role in Cheaters quickly.

  20. Why be upset because the replacement host on CHEATERS is “so fake” –
    If you look deeper into this production, you’ll figure out that the
    whole CHEATERS series was “FAKE”….. now THAT’S the real bummer…..
    should have known… shame on me for watching this skanky stuff anyway…

  21. This my second time watching cheaters since Joey left and will be the last time it’s really not the same AT ALL Joey made the show, sorry….

  22. Not watching this show anymore. This new guy is a dick! Please bring Joey back.

  23. Please bring Joey back, Joey was caring and sweet, this new guy is way to young! Joey Joey Joey!,

  24. Worst host ever I loved the old host. I’m trying to get past him to enjoy the show but it’s making it hard. Let’s just say I won’t be a long time viewer anymore

  25. Um in SA & truly loved cheaters bt cant watch e show nomore seriously cant stomach e new presenter,its as if his constipated miss JOEY