‘Cheaters’ Replaces Host Joey Greco with Clark Gable

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Clark Gable New Cheaters hostTV Cheaters Replaces Host Joey Greco with Clark Gable

Clark Gable III – the grandson of the late legendary film star Clark Gable – will be taking over the hosting duties of the popular reality show, Cheaters. The 23-year-old budding actor will be replacing the much-loved Joey Greco, who has hosted the show for 10 years. In a somewhat ironic twist – much like the people Greco catches cheating  - he too is being replaced by a younger model, as the show’s creator, Bobby Goldstein, felt “it was time to freshen up the show with a new host.”

For those who don’t know: Cheaters focuses on real-life jilted lovers hiring the show to settle their nagging suspicions of about their cheating partners. After the infidelity is confirmed via hidden cameras – it moves on to the confrontation phase, which inevitably leads to some Jerry Springer-style fighting.

As many fans of the guilty pleasure series remember, back in 2003 Greco was famously stab when a confrontation on a boat went horribly wrong. Many criticized the show, calling the incident a cheap stunt (a clip of the incident will be posted below, so you be the judge) – but it seems real enough to have new host Gable somewhat nervous about his new gig:

“I do have some minor concerns about this. But I feel it’s what I want to do and I can’t live life in fear. I just take everything one day at a time. I can’t say I’m not afraid. I am thrown into these environments. What I’m doing is dangerous. When you get people who are cheating on each other it gets very, very heated in some of the arguments. I’m learning slowly. I’m no Joey Greco but I do the best I can.”

Former host Joey Greco

Like Greco, Gable is also no stranger to a stabbing: Back in August 2009, the then 19-year-old Gable was stabbed three times in the rib cage following a fight at a LA house party, and had to be airlifted to UCLA Medical Center with a collapsed lung. Gable also made headlines when he was convicted earlier this year for felony discharge of a laser (yeah, it’s a real thing). In January, Gable was arrested for pointing a green laser at a Los Angeles police helicopter as it flew 800 feet over Hollywood. Gable was sentenced to 10 days in jail and three years of probation. Despite the wannabe bad boy image, Gable admits that at first he was a bit out of his element with Cheaters, saying:

“I didn’t realize what I was getting into. It’s very serious. These people are throwing real punches. It’s not fake. They’re really hitting each other hard. This is a very sensitive subject. It’s love. When they cheat on each other and get caught dead to rights, there is no explanation they can give, so what comes out is anger. I’m learning a lot about myself and about the show and about human behavior.  It’s pretty unbelievable.”

Not going to lie – It will be sad to see Greco go from the show. His calm and cool confrontation style is what made you both love him and want to punch him in the face. In spite of being a fan-favorite, the truth is people tune in to Cheaters to watch people fight and act foolish – not for Greco’s winning smile.

As promised, the infamous 2003 stabbing scene of Cheaters:

Source: THR

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  1. I can’t watch this show anymore without Joey, not the same anymore and haven’t watched since he left, flipped it on again tonight and remember why I stopped watching!

    • I am with u!!! I miss The Grec soooo much!! They could have at least let them take turns….DANG…why y’all played The Grec???!!!

    • I feel without Joey the show has lost so much. I have been trying to watch because I like the body of the show. I’m trying to like it again.

    • OMG the show has lost so much without Joey Greco. I do not like the manner Clark Gable uses in his confrontations. Yes he is good looking but it stops there.

      Bring Back Joeyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  2. Y’all are sooooo fake. I hope one of you get hurt.

  3. I love joey i cant deal with the model hes horribble joey is the man period ask me y and ill tell u y……..

  4. Cheaters is terrible without Joey Greco. Not that Gable is bad, but Greco’s sarcasm is hilarious and his voice is awesome.

  5. No Joey, no watching. You may have THE Clark Gable’s names and blood line but Joey is the face of Cheaters. Why change what fans love!? Bad move!!

  6. I hardly get to see Cheaters anymore it comes on at 3am on Saturday mornings and I don’t have DVR. I’ve found that I use to catch it much more when Joey was hosting. Nothing against Clark but Joey was and is much better and seems to be more suited for the show. Clark just does not have the power that Joey seems to have or the forwardness. I think replacing Joey was a huge mistake. Now I probably will never get it back into a decent time slot.

    • I think Clark Gable don’t care and can’t relate to what the show’s clients are going through. that’s why so dry in his demeanor. Even when he asks them are they okay he says it all dry and nonchalantly.

  7. I miss my Joey.

  8. Joey Greco, he has the personality, charisma, voice, looks to do this show, is not the same without him, there is some strong feeling, attraction to the show that is missing, ! omg ! is Joey Greco who is missing

  9. I want Joey, Clark doesn’t seem real….

  10. I just checked the Cheaters site for news about Joey. Still no Joey, still not watching. Clark gable is an immature joke.

  11. Sorry, but I can’t get into this Clark Gable. He sound so phony. He sounds like he is trying to emulate Greco, but sounds terrible. Horrible actor. I can’t even listen to him or watch the show anymore. They need to bring Greco back !!! He is not going to get by on his looks and famous grandfather. When I find out Greco’s back. I’ll start watching again.

  12. Tried watching the show but it’s just not the same without the cool collective and calm Greco. Replacing him with gable was a huge mistake…

  13. It’s so NOT Cheaters without Joey. He is HOT and I love it when the guys that are cheating get all jealous of him with their woman haha it just cracks me up. I watched the episode with the chick Angelina and her cheating man Jonathan Chan and it was like in your face Joey!! He had his arm around Angelina leading her to the van and Jonathan was trying to pull her back saying, ‘you’re gonna go with Joey?’ I was like, take that you cheating scumbag, Joey could have a piece of tha pie and you ain’t gonna do nothing about it. Only Joey could do that. CHEATERS is not gonna be the same without Joey, he’s too cool. Damn if I didnt have a cheating spouse haha !!

  14. I remember joey from his real estate days!
    What is he doing now???

  15. Wewant Joey back its not the same!

  16. The show will never be the same without Joey. Let him come back please.

  17. Without Greco, the show is dead. This Clark boy sounds Immature. I can now say goodbye to cheaters. Cheaters now looks dull and boring.

  18. Without Greco the show is dead. This Clark kid is immature. The show is now dull and boring. Goodbye cheaters.

  19. was watching cheaters jst nw and i must say im so sad joey’s gone. He was so cool and mature towards. The episode i watched today, i almost cried as the suspect(cheating hubby), was shoved twice to the ground and repeatedly slapped in the face just after having a tooth extracted. That was plain cruelty and i know joey wd never have allowed that. Im done watching the show and will watch it only wen joey returns.its bye cheaters for nw.

  20. please im begging and pleading wth the producers of cheaters to bring bak mr grecco. That guy was THE guy for the show. Replacing him wth gable ws the worst mistake ever, and for that reason, ive quit watching it. Nw the ratings are just gona nose-dive deep into the dead sea so to speak. Grecco rocked the show so please bury wateva differences u might have hd wth hm and put the show back on the map. Thankyou. (ex-cheaters fan)

  21. So sad Joey Greco was replaced , he had developed a sense of maturity and responsibility which had taken the show to a whole new level . I won’t watch this anymore .

  22. Clark Gable 111 has some big boots to fill, and a lot to learn, before he’ll ever get anywhere near as good as joey. X

  23. Well having watched just ONE episode of Cheaters with Clark Gable III(LMFAO), I am now an X-Cheaters viewer (UK). Clark is an immature little KID with NO personality and NO charisma. Bring back Joey Greco – or your viewing figures will plummet (seems they already have) I won’t be watching any more until you bring back Joey Greco. Cheaters without Joey is like Maury without Maury Povich.

  24. Stopped watching this my favourite show producers messed everything up by replacing Joey its never the same…

  25. I agree with almost everyone here.. I think you should of stuck with Joey.. There was the replacement host you had when he was out (cant remember his name) but they where very similar in demeanor & calm personality… I think the show should bring Joey back. Or if it is his decision (I doubt it) find a host with the same personality qualities.. Clark is adorable, but better suited to the dating game, or maybe the newlywed show.. Plus he is antagonistic towards the cheater(s).. He does not have the same moral fiber that Joey had.. Joey was real, as Clark is just a host, and tries for more drama.
    Please bring Joey back.. You are losing viewership over this.

  26. I Was Just Channel Surfing Here in the UK When i saw the banner state “new:- cheaters” and within the first 5 mins i thought it was an old episoide as there was no joey greco or tommy (prior to joey),and i came straight online to find out who this new host was that was so wooden,dull,and boring…im sorry to say this is only one episode im watching and will be the last…why couldnt you have kept joey or got someone with a backbone like john barrowman…bobby goldstein you have lost the plot heck did you not hear former doctor who matt smith is out of work he would even have been a better choice…..fix it or loose money & viewers/ratings like your motto say “if you dont buy goldsteins,then we both lose money…what a joke and an insult to the clark gable name.

  27. I Agree, agree, agree and agree.
    Clark is just so forward, so arrogant and so antagonistic.almost like a bully.
    I don’t agree on people cheating and being caught cheating on cheaters is the worst thing for anyone,
    Through in Clark and you practically have the linch mob on you…He doesn’t add fuel to the fire he adds a whole barrel.
    I understand the creator wanted to spice it up,but in turn he dulled it up.bad move mate, bad move.
    Joey was and always will be cheaters.he has such a calm persona about him and makes you feel kinda ok, you know.

    Anyway I hate this show now,I even hate the new intro.
    Clark can kiss my gable.

  28. Haven’t watched for a while turned on no joey just isn’t the same will give it up for good new guy hasn’t got it didn’t realise how important to the show joey was

    • I have tried and tried and gave him a fair change but found that it is not just the show by itself that made it a hit for me. Without Joey Greco it does not have the same interest although I would not have thought that until he was no longer there. I liked Tommy too and having them switch around was fine, just without Joey I am no longer watching, no enjoyment so no point. Such a shame.

  29. I agree. It is like the new coke. In bad taste and not worth watching anymore.