‘Charmed’ Reboot in the Works?

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charmed Charmed Reboot in the Works?

With the Twilight series having wrapped its big-screen run (for now, at least) and True Blood approaching its final season, it appears that the age of the vampire has all but passed. However, an heir apparent may be on the verge of manifesting itself, at least on television.

Both American Horror Story: Coven and Lifetime’s Witches of East End focus on a group of witches, and while series like Smallville and The Vampire Diaries have briefly featured witches, it looks like spell-casting may be about to hit the mainstream once again, especially if this latest development comes to fruition.

According to The Wrap, CBS is developing a reboot of Charmed. The show – which ran on the now-defunct WB from 1998 to 2006 – starred Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty and Rose McGown as a group of sisters who use witchcraft to fight the forces of evil. The new series will essentially serve as a re-imagining of this basic premise and, as of now, is not expected to have any ties to the original show.

Chris Keyser (creator of Party of Five) and relative newcomer Sydney Sidner will write and executive produce the show. No cast members are currently in place, and the show currently has yet to secure a pilot or broadcast commitment.

charmed sisters Charmed Reboot in the Works?

Witches, of course, have a long history on television screens, most notably dating back to the classic 1964-1972 sitcom Bewitched as well as more recent shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since depicting witchcraft on television appears to be gaining momentum once more, it’s fitting that a Charmed reboot is in the cards.

The show – along with Buffy and Smallville – helped to popularize the young adult supernatural drama back in the late 1990s/early 2000s, leading to series like Supernatural and Arrow. It’s also among the longest-running shows of its genre, and while fans of the original series may be hesitant for another take on the franchise, it’s entirely possible that the new Charmed could follow a different set of witches entirely. This would allow it to take place within the same universe as the original show in the same way that the recent 90210 reboot followed new characters but left the door open for familiar faces to re-emerge. Time will tell what kind of approach Keyser and Sidner decide to take with this update.

Do you like the idea of a new Charmed? Would you prefer the show start fresh or integrate elements (and characters) from the original show? Let us know in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on the proposed Charmed reboot as this story develops.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. I am not really that happy about a reboot to be honest,
    I was a big Fan of the series and I really don’t want to see it ruined by a new possible s***** show.

    I think I would be over the moon if it turns out to be the story about the next generation of the sisters. Chris, Wyatt and the other kids. That would still allow a guest appearence by the origial cast every now and then. That would be amazing.

    • You’ll always have the original show to re-watch if this reboot ends up being bad. It won’t effect the original in any shape or form.

    • I think it would be best if the show did not start from scratch. The best idea would be for some characters shown in the original series to get the lead roles. Maybe not the children of the sisters, but characters that were young enough when the original series aired to now be the leads. I remember multiple characters introduced in the original series which never got further stories.

  2. I enjoyed the first few seasons of Charmed but stopped watching, without any real reason lol. But I’d definitely look forward to a reboot if some solid writers are on board. I think it’d have a lot to offer.

  3. I imagine that the reboot would feature teenage versions of the Haliewell sisters. They would basically balance their time fighting demons and dealing with typical high school drama.

  4. Yes – I think that there should be, and would watch a Charmed reboot series……certainly now at least, because of this comment!!

    I am the sort of somebody who would fall into the science-fiction option in a question of the two, sci-fi and the supernatural, however…..I in fact have great affection for the Twilight franchise, and certainly believe that, if done right, the supernatural genre can actually be quite worthwhile of one’s attention.

    I didn’t follow the original Charmed, nor really any series like it, yet, to be quite utterly candid – I kind of am drawn to the Charmed-like premise…..provided, of course again, that it’s approached in a grounded, naturalistic-like way.

    In my opinion, here’s a name, that I think that the new show’s writers would certainly do no wrong in going by……Christopher Nolan. I don’t mean to copy, or to by fine detail look for any inspiration, but at least look to him, to his style of art, to his crafted style of storytelling for the basic kind of inspiration.

    I did say, I think that it would be nice, to have a re-telling of a story like Charmed, but keep it grounded, approach it the way marvel’s currently approaching their own stories, and like how a Nolan would approach a subject…..making each aspect really count, not doing anything over-the-top, or taking anything granted.

    To give at this point a specific word of advice….the lesser, the more potential for better. Keep the duration of the show – at least, its individual series – at along somewhere of the minimum range – like BBC’s Sherlock.

    Another piece of advice, following on the ‘keep it grounded’ aspect….give the show a ‘real’ look, just like the original Twilight movie, which will itself, when combined with a grounded script, most certainly draw the viewer in even greater.

    Anyway, from at least one hardly enthusiastic supernatural genre fan……yes, go indeed ahead with a Charmed reboot.

    • When you say season length similar to Sherlock, you mean the regular British TV series lengths of 8 episodes at most (if that) and not the silly, American way of doing things (dragging a season out for 39 episodes with a 7 month break midway through)?

  5. A Charmed re-boot can either be great or horrible like any other reboot that is made. I just hope that if this show ends up going through that it does NOT have teenage witches. That is one of the downfalls of young dramas. Make them adult witches or follow the series after Piper, Phoebe and Paige have kids. As a die-hard fan of the series, I want them to do it justice.

  6. Thats all nice and all but will it featuring Cole as Julian McMahon? The most badass and developed character in the whole series.
    Maybe they should make it more grounded and dark as well. The dialogs should be better written and the problems shouldn’t be solved in silly and funny ways(ok, sometimes for humore but not 85% of cases). Demons and Witchers should get IQ upgrade, they were really dumb in Charmed ones. And please toned down love theme. The first show was too much about it, main themes? ok, the lesser ones ‘no please’, oh well atleast not as frequent as in original.
    So yes, i’d watch such witches nowadays.

  7. Reboot? Meh.

    They need to do it like Star Trek or Stargate. Not a reboot, just a different cast of characters in the same universe. This would do several things;

    1) Prevent us from comparing different actors in the same role (the old piper was better! etc.)

    2) Not rehash what we have already seen.

    3) Allow for CAMEOS. Cole, Leo, Paige, Piper, Phoebe, and many of the cool repeating baddies (keep Billie very far away) to stop in and cause trouble/provide help. Guarantee they would win over fans of the original with this, instead of having them hate it.

  8. I don’t mind the reboot, but I do feel that you should have the original Charmed members in the New Charmed. I can understand new faces but show the respect to the originals and have them in the New Charmed. The originals are what made the show. I’ve watched Charmed from the first episode to the last and didn’t want it to end and rather had it continued with their kids taking over. So if there is going to be a reboot, have the originals also. We want to see how their lives unfolded in the show.

  9. The key to dramatic weight is tone, context and setting. What absolutely it was that made the first Twilight film was its correct tone, and context……everything being depicted, and being counted for in the way in which from a real perspective it would.

    This now new Charmed should be of the same essence.

  10. Yes I would like to see their kids star the show this time it would seem real nit adding new people.

  11. I liked the original series. I too watched the original Charmed from the start to the end and that if a reboot is in the making it should have the original cast with their cast children as adults, how they have approached adult life. I enjoyed the original CHARMED.

  12. I would like for the show to integrate with old characters and new. I loved the show and would welcome a new show

  13. If you’re a fanatic as my cousin and I, anything Charmed will be amazing. When I read this I literally yelled. Can’t wait for this to take full effect. It would truly be great to see familiar faces, but a new set of trio would be refreshing, exciting, and even interesting. The show can follow a new set of younger sisters of the Halliwell/Warren line… Maybe it can even be set in the future beyond Wyatt, Chris, and their other children. It can work if we followed a set of the 19 grandchildren Piper and Leo had. Also it might be great if we followed the original sisters (which probably won’t happen) or at least to have them on the new shows as spirits or guides to the new charmed ones would be nice too. Hope this truly happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I loved charmed and was sad to see it end. Of course the show couldn’t go on forever. If a reboot were to happen, let it be set in the future as ‘MIGUEL’ has suggested. Please do not ruin the series and completely reboot it with no ties to the original. The show hasn’t been off the air long enough for that to be a possibility, but Hollywood does stupid things sometimes. I say leave Charmed alone or let it have major tie-in’s with the original series.

  15. I am still a big Charmed fan and I still miss it a lot. I haven’t seen a show since that has been able to captivate me as Charmed did. I hope that the writers will recreate Charmed in such a way that the old cast is combined with new characters, indeed like the new generation of Wyatt, Chris and the other children of the power of 3. A lot of people in my network miss Charmed a lot. I hope our wishes will be answered. A lot of people will be made very happy when it comes back on tv again. For now, DVD box!

  16. I’m all up for a reboot but only because I never really liked the original. Way too cheesy and cringe-worthy.

  17. Please read my article on the story. Thanks!

  18. Charmed was good during the first 4 or 5 seasons, after that it became ridiculous. I also never liked the acting of Rose Mcgowan. The show also seemed to put more mony in the clothes of the girls – or at least the little pieces of clothes they got – instead of in special effects, scene decorations or stuff like that. The writers was also very weak and repetitive after a while.

    I’m in for a re-boot; maybe they can make it into the show I loved and not the one I had to give up on.

  19. I am a massive fan of the original Charmed series but I am a bit unsure about the idea of a reboot. I love Charmed so much that I thinking any messing of the sisters stories will spoil it. The last episode of Charmed shown the sisters late in life and gave a brief insight into their journey after the finial battle, so I feel the Charmed ones story has been told well and thoroughly that any reboot with the sisters as main storylines will be half hearted compared to the original.
    However I do think it would be great to dip into the Charmed world and revisit some of the innocents and other characters the sisters met over the years. What happened to Ava? Or the guardian of Pandora’s Box? It would be interesting to find out. I’m all for more of a Charmed spin of rather than a reboot. Charmed is much loved by a lot of people and a don’t want a reboot to spoil that.

  20. I think a charmed remake would be great to be made around this time since supernatural shows that last a long time, if it happens i think it should be similar to the original charmed and have shannon doherty play the lead witch.

  21. i would love to see a reboot to the show. But, i really don’t want it to be exactly like the original. make something new, based on the charmed show, don’t even call it charmed!
    i think that the love people feel to the original show, brings a fear that the reboot would ruin it. that’s why i think it should be separated from the original show and be only a show inspired by charmed.
    i’m looking forward to see what would come from the planned reboot.

  22. i would love to see charmed again on tv i hope holly marie combs will be in it too she is a gifted and wonderful person and seeing her on tv inspires me in everyway so please if there is a spot on the show for her it would be amazing in so many ways… p.s sorry if there is any spelling mistakes

  23. I would rather see more of a sequel to Charmed with the original casr, and teaching the new generation of Halliwell witches, then see them try to just redo the entire show cause you cant beat the original, and the real Charmed Ones can still kick some demon ass from time to time and show the new ones how its done, please bring it back but do it right, and bring back the cast and characters we know and love it can work, old fans will love it and new ones will follow….

  24. Yeah bring back the old cast i grew up with charmed i love it have them all on dvd best show ever nothing comes close.

  25. I would like the charmed to have have all 4 sisters and the generations so like the sisters can teach there kids them the lessons off witchcraft and fight for the evil while the sister can lead their normal lives :)

  26. What would be best for Charmed (being a huge fan and am currently watching the series again from start to finish) would be for the next generation like Piper, Phoebe and Page’s children to become the new ass kickers.

  27. I think the idea of a Charmed reboot sounds great! I loved the original, and would love to see it reborn. I don’t know if I prefer it if they start anew or bring back old characters, but I think it’s a great idea!!

  28. A reaboot would be amazing but keep. it to the original one the sisters together and keep the children in it and bring prue back as she’s the proper badass so there will be 4 sisters the kids have they’re powers and they get tought how to use them proplery and when they need them it would be pretty cool to see the kids kick some demon ass

  29. I loved the orginal and would not say no toa reboot but I woukd have to watch the pilot to see weather
    it was worth watching