‘Charlie’s Angels’ Fall From Grace – Show Cancelled After 4 Episodes

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abc cancels charlies angels Charlies Angels Fall From Grace   Show Cancelled After 4 Episodes

Raise your hand if you saw this coming. ABC has cancelled its revival of 70s classic Charlie’s Angels only a month after its series premiere. This makes the latest in a long line of remade TV shows that have bombed.

Across its four episodes, Charlie’s Angels never broke ten million viewers, and its last show this week failed to score even six million. The crucial 18-49 demographic topped out at two million on the premiere. The show was cancelled in the middle of production, so episodes that have already been shot will continue to air in its Thursday night time slot, but ABC didn’t say how many were left in the initial run.

The cancellation is disappointing, considering that Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar were responsible for the reboot. The pair have a deserved reputation for breathing new life into a storied franchise, but even they couldn’t do much with Charlie’s Angels, which has already gone through a movie adaptation and sequel.

Rachael Taylor Minka Kelly Annie Ilonzeh ABC Charlies Angels reboot Charlies Angels Fall From Grace   Show Cancelled After 4 Episodes
Critical reception to the new Angels was almost universally poor. Our own review pegged Charlie’s Angels as a tired retread: “the only thing new are the faces.” Sadly it’s a fate shared by a lot of new versions of old shows – Knight Rider, Bionic Woman, V and the aborted Wonder Woman are just a few recent examples. Charlies’ Angels joins NBC’s The Playboy Club and Free Agents as well as CBS’ How To Be A Gentleman and the CW’s H8R on the chopping block.

There are good ways to make a reboot – just look at Hawaii Five-0, Battlestar Galactica or the post-millennial Doctor Who (if that counts). But  it looks like TV audiences may be tiring of the endless revolving door of Hollywood’s intellectual property. We’ll see if the latest flop affects any of the many, many remakes and reboots slated for future seasons.


Charlie’s Angels will run for a few more weeks on ABC Thursday nights at 8PM.

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  1. HAHAHAHA! Four Episodes. FOUR! Actually, I’m surprised this made it to the air in the first place. Then again, it did BETTER than that supposed Wonder Woman reboot/revision, since that NEVER made it on air.

  2. Nobody wanted a Charlie’s reboot in the first place, what with the original series and so so movies it was never going to succeed. It’s time Hollywood started to take risks on original material and untested writers.

  3. Four is nothing. The U.S. version of the sitcom “Coupling” was cancelled by NBC after airing only ONE episode. Try to beat that! :-)

    • oh wait.. that’s right i forgot about Wonder Woman. haha

    • Never even heard of Coupling lol

  4. I think the “girl power” genre has played out as well. Remake/reboot/reimagining/re-envision/re-engineered … it should be “replayed out”.

  5. I’m actually sad to see the series being cancelled so soon. The show was so full of cliches, plot-holes and continuity errors, it made it fun to watch. But yea, I guess that’s not really the right reason to keep it going :)

  6. ABC got it all wrong.
    When they cast a hispanic as bosly.
    They tried to make the cast more glamorous than the original.
    Why don’t these idiot hollywood bunch leave the the original shows alone?

    • And what? Have a full white cast like always. Except for Grey’s Anatomy, I don’t see any other races on ABC. It’s not right. And it’s not fair. I’m tired of looking at TV shows that don’t have anybody I can relate to. They all live in a world where the only people around are…white? What’s up with that? And if you have more than 2 black people in a show, it’s immediately type-casted and sent to BET.

      • I just wished they kept the Latina Angel. She was the hottest one. (Latinas usually are though). But I must ask, you can’t relate to them? Just by being “human” isn’t enough? Anyone other than hispanic like white people in TV makes u feel so disconnected in terms of lifestyle that it just turns you away? I dont know about you but i see my people ( white & hispanic) all day long my whole life so seeing other different types (race, social, creed, religious, career or economic) even if it’s just acting is interesting to me. And to be fair when they in the recent past have tried and cast a mainly black or hispanic show on a prime time network it usually gets cancelled. Not because its not any good or gets low ratings but because it doesnt bring in the viewer numbers. Its not about race. Its about what makes them money. So if a kind of show containing a certain type of people has been shown to not draw a crowd and in fact looses money they are not going to be in any rush to make more shows like it. Would u?

  7. There was nothing done right after the first act of the pilot of this version of “Charlie’s Angels.” The Angels were neither attractive enough nor talented enough to carry a show. Bosley-as-Hunk was a stupid idea. Even the voice of Charlie was stilted and artificial and just sub-par. (Honestly, with John Forsythe dead, you go straight to George Takei. This isn’t even hard!) It dies unmourned.

  8. Wow cancelled after 4 eps well at least it did better then wonder woman lol

  9. People in television really need to actually look at these old shows and ideas that they are trying to reboot, rehash, resurrect, and ask themselves were they ever really any good? I am sure this show was bad, but in retrospect was the original show great, probably not. Shows from 25-30, hell even 20 years ago had an advantage over new shows. They didn’t have any competition at all, other then what was on two other channels most of the time. Something could have been mediocre back then and lasted. That said trying to constantly recycle something that may have been weak to begin with isn’t going to get them great results the majority of the time.

  10. Wow, I am WAY out of touch with network TV these days, I swear I didn’t even know there was another Charley’s Angels out there…

    Sounds like it deserved to be put out of it’s misery though…

  11. I blame it mostly on casting. None of the women struck me as Angels material. Which was also the problem with the movies. They are supposed to be smart classy women not Spicegirl wannabees.

  12. The writers, directors and producers brought this on themselves when they made the horrific and sinful decision to blow up and kill off the gorgeous, Goddess-like Latina angel (Gloria) in the pilot episode. She was the sexiest one by far! You don’t kill off a being of supreme heavenly beauty like Nadine Velasquez is an not get smiled in return.

  13. “Raise your hand if you saw this coming”

    My exact thoughts when I saw the title.

  14. No Kiddn’? Really? Never saw that one coming at all! Lol. They should have spent their resources booting up ‘The Green Arrow’ and using some of the cast and sets from ‘Smallville’. Dumbass. Oh well, got better things to do…

    Avengers Assemble! ~ Stark

  15. It might have worked if someone had a vision for the show. Who were those actresses? Originally, Farrah Fawcett was the Queen of the World back then, Jaclyn Smith rocked her white bikini and Kate Jackson worked her way up through The Rookies. None of the new actresses have any claim to fame to stand on. Well now they have their cancelled show.

    • Minka Kelly was on Friday Night Lights and some movies. Rachael Taylor was the other hot girl in the first Transformers and she has worked on television. I don’t know the third one. But you are right, none of them are a Farrah Fawcett. However, each of them are up-and-coming actresses that are attractive, and I don’t think any of these actresses are to blame for the show failing (because I never watched it and I knew who two of the hot girls on it were). The original show would have most likely failed if the internet existed when it aired. This show isn’t for this era.

  16. So ABC passed on a hitman show featuring Locke and Ben and instead bought this? I know the network has fashioned itself into a “Women Only” network, but if you buy shows like Charlie’s Angels it helps to understand that it was men, not women, that made the original show a hit, and men haven’t had a reason to watch ABC in a long time. They don’t even attempt to bid on the Super Bowl or World Series each year! The network that was the Leader in Sports Television doesn’t even carry sports anymore because they’ve become Television For Women!

    • Dancing with the Stars isn’t considered sports?
      (this is joke, no comments are necessary)

  17. YES! I managed to catch a whole 5 mins of one show during a commercial break and I was bored to tears by the characters. Completely lackluster.

    We all TOLD you not to do this ABC. Maybe you will listen next time.

  18. Hawaii 5-0 is bad too. No more reboots. Make new stuff.

    • New stuff? Today? They can’t make a new anything new now-a-days without putting whiny rich teens or a freaking vampire and/or wherewolf in it.

  19. HAHAHAHAHA! It was doomed the moment they thought to do a reboot.

  20. The Angels new mission: the unemployment office!

  21. Were they using old CA’s episode titles that had no relation to the old show? I saw Angels in Chains, which was the popular Angels go to prison episode. Did they remake that one? This week’s was called Angels in Paradise but had nothing I could see to do with the time the Angels went to Hawaii. Snagged me in but didn’t keep me with such deceit.

  22. I love this show i cant believe they cancled it!!! i think they cancled it because a lot of people where comparing it to the old one that aired in the 70′s. if ABC doesnt like it or watever they should just put it on a different channel… -_-

  23. I actuallyn like this better rhan many new shows. Pan Am and the new Men are just plain boring.

  24. I have great respect for Gough and Millar but sometimes great people cant see every single problem, so here is my solution for Charlie’s Angels: Make just 3 more shows and include these ideas:
    (1) Have heavyweights play major partsw in all 3 shows.
    (2) End each episode with a cliff-hanger.
    (3) In one of the episodes, one of the angels must be kidnapped and the kidnapper (a popular heavyweight hollywood star) must be the police chief, who actually got away many years ago with anotherr kidnapping.
    (4) The angels are much too skinny. Let tham put on 10 pounds each
    (5) Make the stories and the acting more passionate. The stories are interesting but the acting doesnt seem to have a lot of passion. In other words, make the acting more dramatic.

  25. Yeah. I really liked the original. They all had depth. It sounds like they needed to look closer at the original to see what worked and what might be lacking for a show today. They should have made it more dramatic all the way around. Yes the girls were attractive but they and Bosly had class and style. All diffrent yet worked as a team. So take that and with more dramatic stories with bigger newer scenes and new epsiode titles. It could of worked. Think law and order – csi – ncis – and if Hawii 5-O is doing good that too. It would have been different enough to do well. If well written.

  26. I really loved the show!!! I am very upset it went off the air. It was very exciting and I loved the mystery.