Robert Kirkman Wants Charlie Sheen For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 5:02 pm,

Now that Charlie Sheen has been officially fired from Two and a Half Men, the outspoken television actor will be searching for his next television role.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman may have something lined up for the “Winning Warlock” – a part in the second season of his hit AMC television series.

Speaking with The Hollywood Report, Kirkman acknowledged how wonderful it would be if Charlie Sheen would appear in The Walking Dead season 2.

“Charlie call us, we will totally make that happen. We’ll do whatever you want.”

Last December, rumor quickly spread around the internet that Charlie Sheen was such a fan of The Walking Dead that he talked his agent into booking a cameo as a zombie for the show’s second season. Of course, those rumors turned out to be false, but it appears that Kirkman would still love to snag the (former) Two and a Half Men star for any role.

Kirkman jokingly notes:

“We’ll recast [Sheen] as Rick. Andrew Lincoln will find something else to do.”

“He can direct an episode.”

“Actually [Sheen] could play a car for all I care. He’s awesome.”

While Kirkman was obviously being facetious regarding the replacement of Andrew Lincoln as Rick, it’s hard to believe that his core interest, of having Charlie Sheen appear on The Walking Dead, isn’t just a little bit true.

Fortunately, it would take a lot more than an eccentric comic book creator to land the PR nightmare that is Sheen on the series. Firstly, Darabont would need to sign off on it. While Darabont may have originally been interested in Sheen showing up as a zombie back in December, there’s no doubt that any interest quickly went away when the actor went awry with his continuous public antics.

Secondly (and most important), AMC would need to sign off on Sheen’s involvement. Considering AMC generally doesn’t like to hire “known” actors for their television series and the fact that AMC isn’t as quick with their decisions as Robert Kirkman, they’ll be able to see this disastrous opportunity coming a mile away and will make sure to steer clear of it.

chuck lorre charlie sheen two and a half men Robert Kirkman Wants Charlie Sheen For The Walking Dead Season 2

Even though Robert Kirkman is the genius storyteller behind The Walking Dead, he still needs to learn some lessons regarding when and where he should openly provide wild speculation. Despite the fact that the majority of what Kirkman said about Sheen was a simple tongue-in-cheek statement, The Walking Dead has come too far to have its name sullied by sharing a headline with the star in the midst of a titillating Hollywood controversy.

There’s an old saying from the famed college football coach Bear Bryant, “When you get in the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.”

For Kirkman, a hit television show that has elevated fantastical subject matter into a viable entertainment vehicle for wonderfully dramatic storytelling is the end zone. Dropping comments about wanting Charlie Sheen on The Walking Dead when he’s in the middle of a very public controversy is NOT acting like you’ve been in the “end zone” before.

That’s all I’m saying…

The Walking Dead returns October 2011, on AMC

Source: The Hollywood Report

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  1. They should just create a new zombie TV series where it’s Charlie Sheen vs zombies who’ve overtaken LA/NY.

  2. He could be what Bill Murray was in Zombieland! Play himself lmao. How funny would it be seeing a crazed Charlie Sheen running around in The Walking Dead world.

  3. Ditto..he’d still be doing his “Sheen’s Korner” on a ham radio,and talking nonsense like Hunter s. Thompson

    • Hahaha. “So about these zombies man. Yesterday, I went to meet my dealer and almost got mauled. Luckily I got my 8-ball. See you in a couple days world. Woohoo!”.

  4. i dont know if anyone saw the movie predators, but it would be cool to see charlie sheen play someone like lawrence fishburnes charachter in that film, crazy, self serving, ultimately zombiefied.

  5. I would be so mad and would never watch the most amazing and best show on TV again if Charlie Sheen was offered a role on show. You shouldn’t even joke about this man!

    • who cares about the persons personal life. if he can act and is in good movies(platoon, wall street, the arival) than what does it matter about his life off the screen. i know mel gibson is a d-bag but i still love his movies.

      • I agree, I think it would be great unfortunately everyone else will see it as a ploy to grab rating instead of seeing it as something else. Hell maybe kirkman is just throwing the guy a rope.
        What does it hurt the film it if its good the keep it if not the bury it and it makes it onto the dvd and everybody in the world buys it to see Sheen get eaten

  6. While Sheen would be great on the show, I can’t possibly see him doing it for one reason……..MONEY. They are already spending a bundle on each episode and can’t afford to pay ONE actor 2 mil per episode he would be in.

    From what I saw, Sheen is all about the money, so I can’t possibly see him waving his steep price tag just to be in one of the best shows on TV.

    • I bet he would, espeacially if he doesnt get anything going in the next month or two

      • Right now Sheen is full of……….well, SHEEN! Doing this show would not net him the money he likes and seems to need. (he supposedly blew 17 MILLION dollars in 4 months recently)

        Maybe after he implodes and comes back to earth will he be willing to act for the sake of acting but not right now unfortunately.

  7. They wouldn’t need to put any make-up on him, he’d be perfect.

  8. So awesome!!!

  9. All the actors/actresses out there who are fantastic and Charlie Sheen? Yeah he’s in the spotlight and for some absurd reason the world can’t turn away, but what about the fact that…..

    he’s an awful actor. transparent. The best role was as the creepy convict in Ferris bueller that made out with Jennifer Grey, most enjoyable for me was him getting blown away in Young guns.

    yeah of course… ratings. yeah. sorry what was i thinking? Yeah CHARLIE SHEEN!!

  10. are you crazy,you probably end up having to cancel thr shoow due to him, verry stupid idea

  11. I dunno…sometimes the most craziest and far out ideas end up being the most entertaining because it catches you off guard.

    • right we arent talking about a reacurring role , we are talking a one show deal they find him completely out his mind in a house when our group finds him, he is completely lost and starts screaming that they are all dead, upon attracting some of the undead, he flips out and tries to run back to his hiding spot when he is grabbed by a “two guys and a kid” and they eat him. lol

  12. “Put him in the games, let him hope for awhile, then blow him away.”

    • TRON, that came from TRON! (MCP to Sark) Do I win the weekly nerd award? 😀

  13. To whom ever wrote this article, don’t give Kirkman any advice. He obviously doesn’t need it, he’s made more money then any of us will and he’s a master story teller. If he wants to make Sheen into Carl then he’s probably got a reason for it. If by some small chance he’s read this I’m sure he’s laughing on top of his pile of money and fame.

    • ABSOLUTELY. The article came off as douchebaggy and self-righteous, and performed the cardinal sin of reporting–starting out as straight news and morphing into commentary halfway through without any warning.

      • All of the articles on Screen Rant have commentary supplementing the news.

    • I was not giving Kirkman any advice, I was providing commentary.

      And, no, Kirkman can’t do anything he wants. And, no, Kirkman hasn’t made more money than any of us will. Being the executive producer of a hit television show on AMC is not the same as being the creator and executive producer of a hit television show on network television.

      While it’s likely that Kirkman will eventually make more money than any of us will, the notion that he has already made more money than any of us will in our entire lifetime is simply incorrect.

  14. Sounds like Robert is just being sarcastic. I do not Sheen ever making a appearance on The Walking Dead, and if by some miracle it actually happens? It will probably ruin the show.

  15. wait, wasn’t he ALREADY playing a zombie on “Two and a Half Men”?

  16. Winner!!!

  17. He kinda looked like a zombie in that interview… Maybe this is so they can kill him on TV :)

  18. I’ve never seen an actor derail in such long lasting bliss.
    Unfortunitly he’s becomming such a media train wreck, he’s taking the nations attention away from real global events that people should be aware of.

    Listening to his final online rants, its clear that he’s going to be dead from a cocain binge within months.

  19. Charlie Sheen could be a good Zombie but it would be a big let down for him because he couldn’t speak. They should have several well known celebrities show up on different episodes as themselves as zombies and have them be killed on the shows. One time deals that shows the fate of the celebrities in the upside down world of zombies.

  20. I would love to see charlie play a role as a zombie, but i feel if they put him in the position of a main character it could really P off a lot of people. Either way the next season is gona get crazy good ratings

  21. Are you for real Mr. Robert Kirkman? Charlie Sheen in season 2 of The Walking Dead. No thanks.

  22. Charlie Sheen would ruin it. Don’t dooo iiiiiit!