The Truth About Charlie Sheen’s Rants & ‘Two And A Half Men’

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charlie sheen two and a half men chuck lorre The Truth About Charlie Sheens Rants & Two And A Half Men

Unless you live under a rock and are cut off from modern civilization (if so, you’re probably not reading this article), you’ve probably caught wind of Hollywood’s favorite, and latest story: The saga of Charlie Sheen, Chuck Lorre and Two and a Half Men.

Whether it be Good Morning America, CNN, Nightline or even your local newscast, the world is abuzz with the happenings of one hit CBS sitcom, its star and its creator. While most of the attention has been focused on Sheen’s outrageous statements, the core issue behind this matter (as it pertains to TV fans) seems to have been missed completely.

Contained within Sheen’s numerous and bizarre interviews lies a core set of grievances that are fueling the star’s purpose for granting so many outlets interview opportunities. Of course, when those grievances are wrapped in a proverbial set of continuous one-liner revelations, they tend to be scrapped for a headline that is more sensational than intrinsically informative.

While one can’t completely vilify news outlets for shaping interviews to capitalize on Sheen’s buzz-worthy (and bizarre) behavior, the responsibility to convey a subject’s earnest protests is still implied – even if they’re supplemented with titillating comments.

These have been Sheen’s continuous points of contention:

  • He has no “morals clause” in his contract – his personal life has nothing to do with Two and a Half Men, as long as it doesn’t directly impact the literal production of the series.
  • He has always showed up to the set on time, delivered his lines impeccably and remained a consummate professional while working.
  • He is ready and willing to work – it is Lorre, CBS, and Warner Bros. that decided not to continue with the production of Two and a Half Men.

Like it or not, every one of the above points is absolutely correct. Without actual documentation, many might believe that this is more of a speculative statement, but the simple fact that Two and a Half Men hasn’t been shut down up until now proves that Sheen’s criticisms on the current events are, in fact, true.

Whether or not Sheen has a substance abuse problem is not the issue (with respect to the future of Two and a Half Men). The fact is, whatever his extracurricular activities may be – no matter how illegal or immoral – Sheen’s lack of inhibitions cannot (contractually) be the reason for Two and a Half Men to cease production. But that’s exactly what has happened.

This situation would almost be identical to the numerous stories of people being fired for posting inappropriate personal photos on Facebook – except for the fact that most (if not all) of those people do have some variation of a morals clause in their employment contract. Sheen does not have such a clause (although the next time he’s hired for a job someone might consider adding one) – and therefore his personal life cannot be taken into account – again, contractually speaking. The only thing that would cause Sheen to infringe on his contract and give CBS and Warner Bros. the right to blame Sheen for shutting down Two and a Half Men would be if his personal choices impacted his ability to competently perform, or if he showed up to work under the influence – neither of which have ever been proven to have happened.

For all intents and purposes, Sheen is a functional addict. While friends, family members and co-workers may not like this about him, the network cannot use professional resources to impose their sensibilities or intentions on an unwilling person without some sort of legal backing. Ever since Two and a Half Men began production, Chuck Lorre has attempted to get Charlie Sheen into Alcoholics Anonymous. Whether it’s the implied ideology (of an intensive rehab program like AA), or the fact that Alcoholics Anonymous only has a success rate of 5%, Sheen was not interested in Lorre’s offer.

This isn’t the first time that Chuck Lorre has had to deal with a star struggling with a substance abuse problem. In 1996, when Lorre was reveling in the success of his hit ABC series Grace Under Fire, the show’s star, Brett Butler, began showing signs of an addiction to painkillers. Following an incident in 1997 where Butler exposed herself to Jon Paul Steuer, the 12-year-old actor playing her son (Steuer subsequently left the series and was replaced by a much older actor playing the same part), ABC and Carsey-Werner Productions took a more active role in helping Butler kick her addiction. In the months that followed, Butler was forced to begin her second round of treatment.

Unfortunately, that treatment didn’t last long and Butler relapsed around Christmas that year. Two months later, ABC became tired of Butler missing call times and skipping filming days, so they abruptly canceled the series on February 17, 1998. As I’m sure you derived from this previous sentence, it was Butler’s constant absence from production that caused ABC to end the series, not her drug addiction. While Butler’s addiction and outrageous behavior most certainly gave ABC the right to terminate her contract – especially since she did have a morals clause – they waited until it directly impacted Grace Under Fire in such a way that production wasn’t possible.

Of course, while Lorre’s intent to help Sheen is admirable, he hasn’t exactly acted as professional as a black and white view of the situation might lead people to believe. On the February 28 episode of Mike & Molly, Lorre decided to replace his typical anecdotal message at the end of the episode with a long, rambling statement directed at Sheen:

“I understand that I’m under a lot of pressure to respond to certain statements made about me recently. The following are my uncensored thoughts. I hope this will put an end to any further speculation.”

“I believe that consciousness creates the illusion of individuation, the false feeling of being separate. In other words, I am aware, ergo I am alone. I further believe that this existential misunderstanding is the prime motivating force for the neurotic compulsion to blot out consciousness. This explains the paradox of our culture, which celebrates the ego while simultaneously promoting its evisceration with drugs and alcohol. It also clarifies our deep-seated fear of monolithic, one-minded systems like communism, religious fundamentalism, zombies and invaders from Mars. Each one is a dark echo of an oceanic state of unifying transcendence from which consciousness must, by nature, flee. The Fall from Grace is, in fact, a Sprint from Grace. Or perhaps more accurately, ‘Screw Grace, I am so outta here!'”


One can’t deny Lorre’s annoyance with Sheen continuously insulting him in interviews, but rebutting someone with an odd message at the end of a television show isn’t the most appropriate way to respond to someone you believe has a substance abuse problem. With Monday’s Mike & Molly message, CBS and Warner Bros. have allowed Lorre to convolute everyone’s implied intentions and concerns even more, by allowing the Two and a Half Men creator to attack Charlie Sheen directly on primetime television.

mike and molly The Truth About Charlie Sheens Rants & Two And A Half Men

To help you better understand why Sheen is upset with Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros., I’ve created a handy list:

  • Chuck Lorre – For focusing on his personal life, continuously trying to get him to join Alcoholics Anonymous and for convincing CBS and Warner Bros. to suspend Two and a Half Men.
  • CBS and Warner Bros. – For focusing on his personal life, allowing Lorre to convince them to shut down Two and a Half Men when the actual production of the series was never impacted by his personal life and for not paying the crew when the show is shut down.

(After CBS and Warner Bros. decided to pay the crew, Sheen then became upset with the fact that the network and studio wouldn’t acknowledge that he was behind their decision to pay the crew – after seeing how Conan O’Brien had to fight for his crew to be paid, Sheen might be correct once again.)

Despite Chuck Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros.’ concern for Charlie Sheen’s well-being (even going so far as setting up a pseudo intervention at his house), they should have never used professional resources to force resolutions to these concerns on someone who’s fulfilling their contractual employment requirements (even if that person is spiraling downward personally). On top of that, the moment that the network cited Charlie Sheen’s personal life as the reason for Two and a Half Men getting shut down, they opened themselves up to litigation based on contracts that they not only created, but also agreed to.

The notion that Chuck Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros. would simply be enabling Charlie Sheen’s behavior (or possible addiction) if they were to continue Two and a Half Men may have some merit, but addiction doesn’t happen overnight and from Sheen’s own admittance, he has been doing this for many years prior to coming onboard the TV series. Considering Lorre has been attempting to get Sheen into Alcoholics Anonymous for quite a long time (and Hollywood loves its gossip), everyone on Two and a Half Men – including CBS and Warner Bros. – knew what was going on.

Trying to help your fellow man overcome an addiction is an admirable endeavor, and as any episode of Intervention has shown, the tough-love approach can be effective when it comes to those unwilling to accept help. However, that all said, the personal and professional lives of Charlie Sheen are mutually exclusive when it comes to Chuck Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros – they are his employers, not his family.

Even if Charlie Sheen does need help, and even if Chuck Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros. believe that they’re doing what’s best for him and Two and a Half Men, the moment they crossed that line of acceptable professionalism, one statement became absolutely correct…

When it comes to Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is right, Chuck Lorre is wrong and CBS & Warner Bros. had no legal grounding to shut down production of the series and cite Sheen’s erratic personal life as the cause.

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  1. Two issues I have with the article:

    1)You are making spurious correlations to make conclusions. You can’t do that!

    ” * He has no “morals clause” in his contract – his personal life has nothing to do with Two and a Half Men, as long as it doesn’t directly impact the literal production of the series.
    * He has always showed up to the set on time, delivered his lines impeccably and remained a consummate professional while working.
    * He is ready and willing to work – it is Lorre, CBS, and Warner Bros. that decided not to continue with the production of Two and a Half Men.

    Like it or not, every one of the above points is absolutely correct. Without actual documentation, many might believe that this is more of a speculative statement, but the simple fact that Two and a Half Men hasn’t been shut down up until now proves that Sheen’s criticisms on the current events are, in fact, true.”

    You just used a point of view and offered it as fact. You also used unsupported evidence that has not be substantiated. This leads to my second point..

    2) You have not seen his contract. They may be 100% on target.

    Also, unless you work with Sheen directly AND know what’s in his contract, then it is not for anyone to say if CBS or Lorre were right or wrong.

    Now, my opinion…

    If I did an awesome job for my employer and I spoke publicly that I thought my employer and my boss were jerks and did not know what they were doing, I would be foolish to think they would want to have me working for them. As the saying goes.. Don’t crap where you eat.

    • Well put. Thank you.

    • Agreed!

    • Sheen said that he’s ready to return to work… If you remember correctly, this meant he showed up at the soundstage unannounced and banged on the doors until he lost his voice. Who knows if it was even the right day of the week.

      Sheen agreed to a one month rehab (and then decided to do it at home which is unusual). TWO WEEKS later he shows up and starts causing trouble on the WB lot.

      The production was scheduled to resume this week, but couldn’t because of Sheen’s ongoing tirades and veiled threats against the network, studio and producers.

  2. “This situation would almost be identical to the numerous stories of people being fired for posting inappropriate personal photos on Facebook – except for the fact that most (if not all) of those people do have some variation of a morals clause in their employment contract. Sheen does not have such a clause (although the next time he’s hired for a job someone might consider adding one) – and therefore his personal life cannot be taken into account – again, contractually speaking.”

    Here’s the problem I have with this portion of the article, the only thing in his “personal life” that he is being held accountable for is the bad mouthing of his coworkers and employers. The season wasn’t cancelled until after Sheen started calling into radio stations and bad mouthing the show and the station last Thursday. Up until last Thursday night (after word of his radio interviews made headline news) filming was scheduled to pick right back up this past Monday. Production was stopped AFTER he made public his displeasure with his employers.

    Everyone saying Mr. Lorre needs to have thicker skin, the same could be said to Mr. Sheen. Mr. Lorre is a comedy writer which is all he did with his vanity cards, made funny comments. Mr. Sheen came back making threats with his “fire-breathing fists”.

  3. Charlie Sheen is probably psychotic due to all the drugs and alcohol and syphilis his brain has been exposed to. He needs a reality check..and he’s getting it..shows what happens when you bite the proverbial hand..No respect for him and have only seen one or two episodes of his show..if he’s out of a job maybe some other network will give him his own reality show although I am unsure if that would be accurate because I don’t think he recognizes what “real”ity is anymore.

    • Even Reality shows are real, they’re JUST as scripted as regular shows lol. And GK333, you’re right, I’m sure he’ll eventually get his own “Reality” show, if not, Dr. Drew and his crew awaits hahahaha

  4. Its too bad Celebrity Rehab can’t afford him. The new season starting filming this week.

    Timing is perfect, for ratings magic!

    • HAHAHAHAHA..wait…they PAY ex washed up drug addicted stars to be on the show?? HAHAHAHA

  5. Sure you think Eric Roberts works for free? :)

    • LOL that was work he was doing?? Oh man..too funny 790!!!! To think..I actually believed that celebrities wanted to get help and to have their crap documented lol. silly me i guess!

  6. Ok, this is silly. A huge artcile trying to justify Sheen’s actions but you really didnt say what the problem is. Sheen is an addict. An addict does not turn off his addiciton while on set. It doesnt work that way. And what about the other huge fact that he is demanding 1 million more PER EPISODE! I dont care how much you like Sheen. He is wrong to act the way he is acting about this. Period. Maybe contractually he’s done nothing wrong, but morally, he is very wrong. Contract or no contract with a moral clause, the guy is wrong. Why wouldnt you want to clean up? Why wouldnt you want to take the advise of your boss and try to get clean? It seems to me people are trying to help Sheen and now they realize he cant be helped. This article is WAY, WAY off base. (IMO)

    • Alpine,

      I guess you didn’t actually READ the article, as nowhere within does it every JUSTIFY Sheen’s actions or behavior.


    • Morally wrong? You mean, according to your morals? You do realize everyone has a different set of morals, right? Whether or not he’s banging 7 oz. rocks in his free time has nothing to do with your morals, only his. If someone doesn’t want to get clean, then fine, let them do what they want. As long as they’re taking care of their family and their professional life, why does it matter?

      “Why wouldnt you want to take the advise of your boss and try to get clean?”
      Oh I don’t know, maybe because it might be fun to snort some coke and have 4 women at your disposal?

      • Yes, everyone can have their own morals. For some people it’s within their “morals” to assault and kill others and to rape little girls. But who are we to judge when morals are personal and are different for everyone. Right?


        • Do not test “The Vic.”

        • Of course, the assumption is that one’s morals does not cause harm to others. That should be a given at this point. If someone wants to do drugs, let them do drugs. If there is no impact on their family, professional life and they’re not murdering or raping little girls, then let them be.

          The article was clearly a level headed, great viewpoint on the situation and someone always has to drag the moral dilemma into things, which the writer clarified should not have been brought into the equation considering it was not in his contract. Live and let live!

        • When the morals don’t effect anyone else it shouldn’t matter. I don’t think you can compare raping girls to doing lines of coke off a “willing” strippers back.

        • @ Vic

          With that rationale, you could justify anything.

          Morals are morals because they are what is considered socially acceptable by the majority of that population.

          If everyone thought, “well, who am I to judge what’s right or wrong?”, then it would be pretty much hell on earth. My mind is spinning at the implications of that line of thinking.

          Unless your entire statement was sarcasm (which, i obviously did not get), then disregard my rebuttal.

          • Of course I was being sarcastic. I don’t believe in relative morality.


  7. Ants, I don’t know for sure that they’re paid. To be honest. But I’m pretty sure they are. Just enough to cover their agent fees etc.


    • that’s just lame.

  8. This whole article is spot on! I’m glad someone is able to think clearly, shove away all of the emotional garbage, and actually look at what really matters in a situation like this.

    • Please explain what you think matters in all of this.

    • Yeah spoiled rich kid who has been used to getting his own way his whole life and needs to get the tar pounded out of him to give the a-hole a little perspective..I mean Sheen is just shooting his mouth off on in a typical way (like someone who has severe brain atrophy) and I mean why let fear and common sense stop him now..It’s actually kind of funny to watch him self-destruct like this considering the resources he has at his disposal to deal with addiction..he’s addicted to everything..he’s a first rate LOSER who shouldn’t be allowed to have kids within a two mile radius in case his depravity rubs off on them..

      • GK I truly am puzzled by you sometimes. For some people you say you don’t judge and it’s not your place to judge people, but than on others like Sheen you bash him like crazy and so clearly judge him.

    • I think what matters is clearly what was described in detail in this article: what was in the contract and what was not. Since there was nothing regarding his personal life, there would never be any reason for them to halt production as long as he shows up on time and continues to do satisfactory work for their TV show. His extracurricular activities should not even be in the discussion when it comes to completing the remaining episodes of “Two and a Half Men”, period.

      Now, if you want to talk about Charlie Sheen and whether or not you like him as a person, that’s a different story on which we all may not agree on. But with regards to CBS and Chuck halting the show, that is contractually unacceptable and unprofessional. It comes across as Chuck getting his feelings hurt from what Charlie said on his radio interview. A normal professional would hear what he said, suck it up, finish the season, and rethink Charlie’s involvement in the show AFTER the contracts have been fulfilled. But to halt everything like this just shows a lack of emotional maturity.

  9. The oddest thing about this whole Charlie Sheen fiasco is that news networks that are not dedicated to film, tv, and gossip like CNN are reporting on this when there are quite a bit more important things going on in the world right now, like the events in Libya.

    But that’s unrelated and this is a good article!

  10. I enjoyed reading all these opinions on the Charlie Sheen affair. Some were intelligent and thoughtful, some not so much, but doesn’t anyone these days know the difference between the words “affect” and “effect”?

  11. @Words, if you want the real news you have to seek out alternative media. The tv news isn’t interested in telling you the truth.

    • for the most part I just stick with the guardian’s website but it still bothers me quite a bit that TV news is both horrendously stupid, and the way most people get their news.

  12. @Words, it should upset you and everyone else that the tv news and mainstream media outlets are literally dumbing down our nation.

    Its no conspiracy theory, its right there in your face!

    • This is, in effect, why I don’t watch television.

  13. Has Sheens behavior effected the viewership of the show? I’ve heard a number of people say they won’t watch the show anymore because of him but others undoubtedly will be drawn in because of the controversy.

    It also probably effects the types of sponsor they can get for the show.

    Also there’s something to be said for the effect on morale on the show.

    So to say what he does outside the show has no effect on the show is wrong.

    • He has been like this for years. Everyone knows it. If they were that concerned about it they would of never cast him on the show 8 seasons ago. Sorry but if you’re now just realizing his behavior you need to crawl out from under that rock.

      • No he hasn’t been this blatant and public with his carrying on like he has in the last year or so. Their was that Heidi Fleiss thing years ago but he kept it pretty quiet for the most part.

        • He might not have gone this public with it, but everyone who doesn’t live under a rock and doesn’t jump onto the media bandwagon knows he had these type of drug\ alcohol problems for years. You make it sound like it was some secret thing that nobody knew about, if that was true than why do some many people know about his past problem’s?

          • You’re missing the point. As long as it’s in the background the people in suits can ignore it even though they are aware of it. But when it starts making the front page everywhere they have to cover their butts. PR man PR.

            • Ummm its been on the table since the mid-’90s? Only reason it is popular now is because he is actually saying something about it and the media is just flying on him like vultures.

              Everyone. EVERYONE knew he had a drug\alcohol problem.

  14. Well written, concise and informative. And it’s rare to see a non-sensationalized approach to this story.

    • “Well written, concise and informative” … and potentially completely wrong. Anthony Ocasio still has not told us if he has personal knowledge of Mr. Sheen’s contract or if he has any training in California contract law. I am starting to believe that the answer to both is “no.” We need to be careful before buying into a story that really is nothing more than one person’s opinion presented as fact. Just keep that in mind, with this story and with most of what you hear/see in the news. I appreciate that Ocasio has presented a side of the story that may not be obvious, but his side of the story is no more correct than the anti-Sheen one that we see elsewhere. Until we know the whole story, take it all with a grain of salt.

      • Get off Anthony’s nutsack man, he doesn’t wanna freaking date you.

      • @Awesomesauce

        I can’t help but point out that you pointing out that Anthony is potentially wrong is a bit ironic since you are potentially wrong in the assertion that Anthony potentially doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

        Lot of potential here… Unless you KNOW he’s wrong I’m not sure what your point is…

        • I know, I know. I have been hesitant to level judgment about this whole thing, because I know that I don’t know all the relevant facts and law. I just hate the idea of random people reading this article and thinking that the whole thing is settled.

          I’m just asking that the author admit that his *opinion* is not a legal truth, and that all of us read this article with a critical eye. I appreciate the author’s perspective, and he might be right, but he could just as easily be completely wrong.

  15. Sheen has been this way fir years. Remember the call girl/boomer incidents over a decade ago. He isn’t hurting anyone or the show. Sounds like Moors thinks he is the authority on peoples personal life. I would bash him too.

    • He is hurting the show’s employee’s and the reputation of the network with his new actions. With the great popularity of the show Sheen is more in the public eye and is the face of the show to the public. When he goes around town shooting up and snorting drugs while paying porn stars and prostitutes for sex whacked out of his mind with his children in the same house or across the hall in a hotel room that is a new low, even for Charlie Sheen.

  16. The thing is , as shown here ,it’s hard for people to seperate the legal contract issues from the moral or character issues. Stating what Sheen’s contract may or may not require isn’t defending Sheen or his actions. Pointing out that Sheen’s lawyers may be correct on the law isn’t cheerleading his personal life . I think Sheen is a jerk , but if the law is on his side in terms of his contract and money payed for cancelled episodes, it doesn’t matter how much the average joe on the streets hates his guts, unless that guy ends up on a jury in which Sheen is the defendant. Yes, CBS can cancel the season, or the show for that matter. The issue here is about money ,and if CBS is gonna pay Sheen for the rest of the episodes.

  17. Yeah that’s what I heard as well Steveman.

    Its clear to me that Sheen’s suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Paranoia and anger are the obvious signs he’s sober and bored. That’s a bad combo.
    When somebodies acting that way, its impossible to have a smooth fluidic day.
    Sheen basically derailed himself at work and its over.

    Now its going to be mostly reality shows and b movies if he doesn’t doa himself.

  18. Yikers. Cocain is one of the most insidious drugs. Your always chasing your first high.

    Stuff wears off about every 20min and your sucking down more and more as your body adjusts to it you loose your ability to feel hunger. So you loose wieght. It also restricts melatonin levels in the brain that allow the user to avoid sleep for sometimes days.
    All the while the stuff eats away at your cerebral cortex and teeth/gums.

    Its a long way to go to feel happy,,, sheesh gimme a beer after a long day and I’m good. :)

    • Virtual beer for my buddy 790!!

  19. It’s one thing to have a television show about a womanizing, foul mouthed alcoholic and it’s another to have an actual womanizing, foul mouth alcoholic star addicted to drugs spiraling out of control all over the media bashing your show and it’s employees. To say that Charlie Sheen’s actions away from the show be it drugs or media attention are not negatively affecting the show either by viewership or employee cooperation is horribly short sighted. I know if I was bad mouthing my company while openly using illegal drugs, paying for prostitues and committing other assorted felonies I would lose my job as most others would as well, it’s called employement at will. Has Sheen’s contract been made available to the public to verfiy these contract’s terms that are referenced?

  20. Am I the only one that cannot view entire comments that go to the end of the text box?

    • 20/20,

      What browser and version are you using?


  21. I’m pissed off they canceled the show and hope somehow they continue it. I will still watch the show regardless of sheen’s behavior, its a damn good show and ranked # 1 for years.
    I agree with what Anthony has posted but sheen’s actions were indeed damaging the reputation of the show and i think chuck lorre was just doing what he did for the show and to help his # 1 star.
    Nuff said

    • Why does everyone seem to forget that none of this went public until cbs put the show on hold. Charlie Sheen’s been a drug addict for years. Now all of a sudden they want to grow a concenous. You can’t enable someone for years and then simply cut them loose. Cbs has made millions from that show.

      • i know cbs should just get two and a half men back on air and Sheen will get his money and this will be over maybe lol

      • It went public when Sheen was hospitalized and his friends, family and coworkers were worried he was literally about to kill himself.

  22. I agree with this article on screen rant. Charlie Sheen did not violate the parameters of his contract with CBS or Chuck Lorre. His personal life should have nothing to do with the filming of the show unless he is not living up to his contract. Whether Chuck agrees with Charlie’s personal lifestyle should have nothing to do with the show. I personally do not think the new premiere will be anywhere near as good as the original show. It is a totally different animal. It will never be Two and a half men again.

  23. its all a conspiracy theory … ur all too blind to see it.

  24. kurt cobain, michael jackson etc

  25. they all knew something

  26. Wow…. it´s been so long since Charlie left and I still miss him. I don´t have definite proof, but I think that they had it in for Charlie because he did not endorse the homosexual lifestyle. He also came out as a 911 “Truther”. hhhhmmmm…

    The times that gays were on, for the most part, they were chided. Then the show would progress as usual. The one show were both Charlie and Alan got to the point where they were thinking… “I might be gay”, and Alan kissig the guy on the mouth in the car, was the closest the old 2 1/2 men show got.

    Now, there´s lesbians living with them, permanently. It´s all PC and sheet. Well I guess the gay lobby is happy now. No-one else is.

    I didn´t endorse Charlie´s alleged lifestyle, but he had a keen sense of humor. My own feeling is that although he is supposedly Martin Sheen´s son, he reminds me of Bob Hope more than anything.

    If anyone should have left, it should have been Alan. He plays such a pathetic loser. Yes, on every show. The one where he burns Lindsey´s house down, then just tries to laugh it off. loser.

  27. I would LOVE to see Charlie Sheen come back to Two and a Half Men. Ashton Kutcher is good, but is better at movies. Charlie Sheen needs to get himself cleaned up and back on TV again. He was WONDERFUL on Two and a Half Men. They bring people back on TV all the time. He could say his death was staged. Its not the same without him. Charlie and his costar Alan were great together. I don’t even watch the new show. Its not the same. Charlie was so debonair and in the end always had a conscience on the show. Please get it together Charlie and come back!