Charlie Sheen Officially Fired From ‘Two and a Half Men’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 5:02 pm,

Today, in a surprising turn of events, CBS and Warner Bros. have decided to end all speculation about whether or not Charlie Sheen would be returning to Two and a Half Men and officially fired the outspoken actor from the hit television sitcom.

While Sheen has been publicly attacking his, now, former employers for the past month, the actor’s recent public antics appear to have pushed CBS and Warner Bros. passed the limits of acceptable absurdity.

In the eleven page letter that Warner Bros. sent to Sheen’s attorney, they state that “[Charlie Sheen] has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill.” Continuing, the letter then describes the public antics that Sheen has been involved in, as of recent – including the continuous attacks against Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre.

To make sure that Sheen knows exactly why he’s being fired from the series – and why having a no morals clause in his contract doesn’t mean a thing – Warner Bros. explained that they are able to terminate anyone who has committed “a felony offense involving moral turpitude.”

Believing that Sheen has committed said offence, Warner Bros. states:

“There is ample evidence supporting Warner Bros. reasonable good faith opinion that Mr. Sheen has committed felony offenses involving moral turpitude (including but not limited to furnishing of cocaine to others as part of the self-destructive lifestyle he has described publicly) that have ‘interfere[d] with his ability to fully and completely render all material services required’ under the agreement.”

In the lengthy letter – which also includes a link to almost every news article written on this matter – Warner Bros. also detailed how they attempted to provide him with the help they believe he needed by having their corporate jet ready to take him to a treatment facility. Unfortunately, Charlie Sheen declined this offer.

As expected, a response from Sheen himself also accompanied the news of his firing. Speaking with TMZ, Sheen said:

This is very good news. They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge (his house with the “goddesses”) because now I can take all of their bazillions, never have to look at whatshiscock again and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension.”

While Sheen believes that he will ultimately win any legal proceeding that results from his firing, Warner Bros. made sure to note that they believe their case is sound – and even went so far as to say that they reserve the right to take legal action against Sheen. Even though Sheen touted his no morals clause in his contract, it appears that Warner Bros.’ moral turpitude provision will come out on top.

As for Two and a Half Men, will this popular series ever see the light of day? At this moment, it’s hard to tell, but from the recent rumblings of overheard conversations, CBS and Warner Bros. are still looking for a way to bring the series back. Last week, CBS president Les Moonves was heard speaking with John Stamos about the possibility of him joining the cast for next season.

The only obvious thing I can say to that is, “Have mercy!”

We’ll continue to update this article as more information is released.


Two and a Half Men is currently done for the season, but there has been no official announcement of the series being canceled.

Source: TV Line & TMZ

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  1. Tom Selleck would be a good replacement. Sheen needs to grow up and realize the world does not evolve around him.

    • The world might not, but Two and a Half Men does.

      • Zing!

  2. even though he’s been fired. sheen is just too much of a winner. The tiger blood is unstoppable.

  3. This show has not been funny since Rose left. It’s over. Don’t beat a dead horse and leave John Stamos alone.

    • Who is Rose ? Do you mean Melanie Lynskey ? I thought she was in some of
      the last episodes produced. Got to say I love her though.

  4. Charlie is getting more delusional every day…He has burnt his bridges to the ground with CBS and his bosses. He is considered too much of a risk for any network and movie studio. I feel sorry for him. He has made some great movies and I am a fan of Two and a Half Men. But enough is enough. He will not take any advice from family or real friends and so I forsee this as a long burn to a tragic ending. Great talent locked up in some really serious health problems. Pretty soon you will probably here himself declare that he is a “Dark Lord of the Sith!”

  5. Wow. I can’t believe they actually fired him. I sincerely hope that he wins whatever lawsuits he files against them. Two and a Half Men was such a good show.. It’s going to be sad not seeing any new episodes, but I got my seasons to watch. The saddest part is that CBS/Warner Bros. is still going to make millions just from this show being on so many channels and still being watched by millions of people.

    I support Charlie Sheen fully.

    As for replacing Sheen, are they completely stupid? No one can replace Charlie Sheen in his own television show. And make no mistake this IS Charlie Sheen’s show! Not Chuck Lorre or whatever his other name is! He may write it, but no one would watch it without Sheen. No one would watch this without him because no one can do it like him. Charlie Harper IS Charlie Sheen. I hope John Stamos doesn’t get dragged down with this show because of CBS.

    • U feel bad for him? Are you on the same thing he’s taking. Listening to him rant is a joke. The man needs help. You hope he wins too. Wow. What planet are you from.

        • Problem is, he won’t accept help. How can you help a man that doesn’t want it?

          • You are right and that’s Why I said he’ll have an Anna Nicole Smith ending :( if he keeps this up

      • Sin respects Sheen as an actor, as far as I could read. As a person he may be an idiot, but he was the soul of the show, and he has my support as well.

    • Charlie Sheen is a delusional man who believes himself to be an actor. The guy has the acting chops of a tomato.

      The show isn’t even funny. And Sheen isn’t going to win any lawsuits because he was hurting the show, and costing the studio money with his stupidity.

      If I was the studio, I was counter-sue, and see how much “winning” the Tigerblood will be doing from the poor house.

  6. Charlie Sheen is the man. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants to do a reality show starring him. Sheen will be making bank with his new fame.

    • His new fame? lol

  7. If studios and record companies were to fire every talent with a drug problem or who did them they would have to fire over half their talent.

  8. Yeah I can see Sheen making tons of money on a reality show completely unaware of how he is demeaning himself even further. Still it’ll pay him enhough to keep a good supply of coke at hand and support his skanks, I mean his goddesses

    Have not watched Two and Half Man in years but I’d replace him with Jon Lovitz and explain it as his character having gone through some dramatic traumatic event. Lovitz is one funny s.o.b., I may watch then

  9. Bout time they canned that delusional psychopath. Serves him right and good riddens to a horrible and cliche show.

    • Amen

  10. I have a feeling Charlie Sheen is gonna have an Anna Nicole Smith ending which is sad :(

  11. am i the only one who sees this as a bit hypocritical, they fire him because of his behavior, yet the show basically requires him to act the same way.

    • the key word being “act”.

      he isn’t required to LIVE the role.

  12. Cancel it .
    Just let it go.
    Let the actors have a shot at something else.

  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.k. i’m over it.

  14. Drug-fueled or not, Sheen has been asking for this. CBS simply gave him what he wanted. He thought that he was untouchable. He’s not.

    What happens now is in his court. Hopefully he’ll take some cues from Robert Downey, Jr., otherwise, he may well end up where so many in the craft have, an early grave.

  15. So much for that series. Without Sheen there is no show and replacing him will be stupid if not impossible. What are they gonna do, kill off Mr. happy go lucky in a car crash, give his house to Alan, and have some OTHER happy go lucky cousin move in? Eyahhhhh, not gonna work. Oh well was a good run, please let it end now.

  16. Think Adam Sandler should replace Charlie!

    • I think I’d rather have Charlie Sheen come back in a drug-fueled haze with a hooker on his arm than Adam Sandler.

  17. Continue the show without Sheen? Yeah, that’d be a bad move, and this is coming from someone that thinks Sheen is a coked up piece of garbage in serious need of a deflated ego and some mental help. Seems like 9 out of 10 times when they try to replace a series lead, the show flops hard. That ’70s Show and The X-Files both failed in one season without their respective seasons. Happy Days moved along for four seasons without Ron Howard, but those years aren’t exactly praised. Really, they should just end the show and be done with it. There are other opportunities for the cast and crew.

    • Really? A bad move to go on without Sheen? I think they should have killed the show years ago.

      The real bad move was giving in to anyting Sheen asked for.

    • I Dont understand why everyone thinks that charlie sheen is so vital to the show he never did any REAL acting all he did was deliver funny lines in a grumpy or drunk manner and honestly i could do that

  18. For some reason I really think Sheen is sober at this moment, I just think he’s naturally crazy, and the show is dead without him.

  19. Wow!!! I guess Two And A Half Men is cancelled.

  20. Looks like he got hit by that torpedo full of trolls.

  21. I.m.o. there’s only one man that can bring two and a half men back to the glory days: Hank Azaria. Man, he’s awesome.

  22. Say what you like, if you had his money you’d be snorting like a…… with regard to his paid lady friends, I would, wouldn’t you

    He’s messed up, but what a way to get messed up, GO SHEEN!!!! GO SHEEN!!!!!

    • i wouldnt, i know what kind of life it leads to and its not fun

    • No and no. I would defiantly not be doing cocaine or any drug if I was in such a high acting position (as he once was), because I wouldn’t want to lose such a great thing for such a idiotic reason. I also never understood why he even needed to buy a hooker… I mean, the man obviously could go down to a bar and easily pick up a lady no problem.

  23. Dear lord. Sheen is just on another level.

  24. Apart from the ‘crazy’ element, Sheen seems to be re-creating his cameo as drugged up hard-ass in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… minus leather jacket.

  25. The moral turpitude provition is bull, they will loose, charlie is an adult man who can do anything he wants with his health, smoking cigarettes, having unprotected sex, smoking weed, anything someone wants to do that only risks their own health is only a risk to them, their stand is a lie, they are worried they will be associated with drug abuse so they wrongfully fired.

    In fact i would fire my lawyers if i were from Warner, they are stupid to even consider that standing, its totally unvalid, i bet every lawyer from east to west coast and out of the US laughed their asses off when they heard Warner claimed that.

    And if anyone responds to me that im saying stupid things please lol, Warner even said they are “reserveing their right to take legal action” ffs u know what that means? that they know they are standing on a sand castle and they cant do sh** except a power play.

    Anyway just my comment, thanks.