‘Charlie Countryman’ Red-Band Trailer Is a Violent, Drug-Fueled Adventure

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The green-band trailer for Fredrik Bond’s directorial debut Charlie Countryman hinted at a whole world of NSFW material lurking in between the cuts. In this indie thriller romance, Shia LaBeouf plays a young man who travels to Bucharest and falls in love with Gabi (Evan Rachel Wood), a woman who happens to be married to an extremely violent criminal played by Mads Mikkelsen.

The new red-band trailer definitely makes use of its license for violence, featuring various scenes of poor Charlie getting beaten up in creative ways, as well as his escapades with his friends Karl (Rupert Grint) and Luc (James Buckley), which provide a graphic demonstration of why taking Viagra before going to a club is generally a bad idea.

Charlie actually appears to be on a range of different drugs, both legal and not-so-legal, if this trailer is anything to go by. When you see an eye staring up at you from the drain in the urinal, it’s probably time to sober up. Yet strangeness seems to be the fuel of Charlie Countryman, a film that divided critics when it screened at Sundance earlier this year and looks, if nothing else, like an entertainingly insane watch.

Evan Rachel Wood and Shia LaBeouf in Charlie Countryman Charlie Countryman Red Band Trailer Is a Violent, Drug Fueled Adventure

Despite showing off some pretty intriguing imagery, this latest trailer unfortunately doesn’t seem to have much of a flow to it, and some of the dialogue is muddied and difficult to make out. While it might not win everyone over, the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Drive aesthetic and story could be appealing to fans of weird, psychedelic thrillers. It’s just a shame that the original title of the film, which was pretty eye-catching and interesting, has been dropped in favor of simply putting the name of the main character on the posters.

Charlie Countryman is being screened in selective theaters later this month. Tell us in the comments if you’re planning to seek it out, watch it on VOD or skip it entirely.


Charlie Countryman is out on VOD and limited theatrical release from November 15th, 2013.

Source: IGN

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  1. I can never get tired of seeing Shia LaBeouf take a beating!

    • indeed.

      having Mads Mikkelson administer those beatings makes it that much sweeter.

      • Mikkelson is a legend, nice to see him bringing some “one eyed” psychotic flavor to the mix! On a serious note it does actually look like something I would enjoy.

        @H.Shaw-Williams “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Drive ” makes me believe that this is quite possibly the most intriguing film of the year.

  2. I respect Shia Lebeuf for the new direction he is taking in his career ….trying to wash off the transformers legacy that kinda tarnished his reputation

    • Not sure how Transformers tarnished his reputation when his reputation has always been one of an annoyance rather than an engaging actor.

      Maybe this will change things for him cause I’m desperate to find a reason to like him.

      The line about being so high on drugs that the main character sees an eye reminded me of a decent movie called The Stoned Age, where the lead character keeps seeing a disembodied eye floating in the sky staring at him while Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper” plays.

      • And just a note…does Daryl HAVE to ruin comment threads with that disgusting language?

        Seriously, there’s a time and a place to use masturbatory comments about actors and actresses but movie websites like SR aren’t. I kinda feel it disrespects the medium having comments like that posted.

        • I agree, Daryl’ comment comes across with a strange misplaced subtext? Its funny how if you strip away everything that an actor is trying to portray for sexual gratification its OK unless that subject is a woman? Personally I wouldn’t write crap like that in relation to a female/male actor no matter my sexual persuasion, it belittles them and yourself in doing so.

          There is something engaging in Shia Lebeufs eyes in this trailer, haunting almost? he is an oddity and I too hope that this breaks through what has befallen him in previous roles.

          • Don’t you think that’s a bit weird Daryl..I mean damn.

            • Homophobe! ….I support gay rights..look I know the movie is gonna be graphic but you take it too far

        • its meat ball time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! daryl would be the first meat ball shot out this brotha’s hand cannon

        • I had no idea idea weather or not you are a male/female? How can my comment be homophobic? I come here to talk about actors/films etc not who individuals want to see naked? Your comment was inane, I would take as much um bridge at with a male objectifying females with no relevance to the subject matter.

        • @Daryl

          I’m a homophobe now? Let me ask one of my best friends in high school, who came out as gay. Or his cousin, also gay, who I was friends with. Or the bisexual and lesbian friends I have.

          And yes, it would be an issue if it was about Scarlett because I’m not comfortable with anyone being objectified, regardless of their gender, especially in such an off topic way like you do on several articles.

      • I see your point but I would like to argue that before transformers he was a an actor who was funny and engaging ..example:
        And he got a daytime Emmy award for his performance in Disney Channel’s Even Stevenson (I thought he was the best part)
        Every since the Transformers franchise came along people scorn at him ..example: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
        I like Transformers one and thought he was okay but two and three definitely did not widen his acting range
        While I do think he has a long way to go before he becomes a great actor I will say this doing other smaller scale film could make him better actor because I believe it will make him act harder.
        I like Indie4 but Shia Lebeuf performance was nonchalant (at least he tried)

        • Holes – I found him annoying and wanted him to be buried in one of them

          Even Stevens – Horrible movie but he was the worst thing about it, annoying kid

          Indiana Jones – I found his character completely useless and hated every second of screen time he got, he’s also the main reason I hate that movie

          Constantine – Annoying sidekick that thankfully died during the course of the movie

          Transformers – Annoying, arrogant, unrelatable in every sense and made me hope that Megatron would put us all out of our misery and end him in the first movie. No such luck.

          Shia (in my opinion) has zero range and is stuck playing the smart mouth punk who likes the sound of his own voice and who you want to slap (not in the good way like Ryan Reynolds where I find his similar schtick to be fun and charming).

          I spent over a decade disliking Jude Law for being annoying and slap-worthy too until the brilliant Sherlock Holmes movies came along and endeared him to me so like I said, hopefully a role will come along that makes me enjoy Shia for the first time.

          • Shia has acting range…he’s better than Taylor launter…and transformers and indie 4 weren’t his fault ..the characters he was playing weren’t written well

            • I’d put him on par with Lautner, who is also horrible.

      • look at my comment below..its the last one

        • my comment is awaiting moderation? no idea why?

          • Wat did u say

            • I cant really comment on Holes, or Even Stevenson as I have never seen them.
              Transformers 1 is an example of a film I remember to be better than it was, there was so much nostalgia attached and I was excited to see Optimus Prime in the cinematic universe I didn’t see through the action. Re-watching that film makes me realize it was hollow.
              He’s a victim of his own success (there’s been many before and many more will follow) but Lawless and this makes me think there’s more to him.
              Ever the optimist… prime

  3. Ron weasley is in this film, what the….

    • Rupert Grint is an ACTOR, you know. Actors act.

      • Rupert’s also a pretty good actor. Come a long way from his dreadful performances in the Harry Potter movies (even though he wasn’t the worst of the main trio, Radcliffe was).

        • you just hate everything dontcha?

        • I think he does. Rupert and company did a great job in Harry Potter; and I’ve read the books at least three times over Dazz, so don’t even try to come back at me like I’ve just seen the movies.

          • Nope, I wouldn’t have.

            I’ve read all 7 books several times myself. Not like that has anything to do with what was discussed.

            And nope, I don’t hate everything. In fact, I like more things than I hate, it’s just that the bad acting from Radcliffe put me off from enjoying the movies as much as I loved the books.

            I never said Rupert was a bad actor either, just the second worst of the main trio. That’s actually a compliment since Emma Watson was horrible in the first movie but grew into a great actress after that and Rupert was consistent as the goofy friend.

            I just think a few of you like to ride my butt a little too much. It’s actually kinda creepy. I mean, surely my opinions can’t mean THAT much to you.

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