New Images Of Deadpool & The Prince Of Persia Look Uncool

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A pair of new images of Jake Gyllenhaal as the title character in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time have appeared online as well as a new still of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

In short, the Prince of Persia ones are an example of bad marketing and the Deadpool shot makes a cool actor and a cool character look cheap.

First, we have the two of Mr. Gyllenhaal who plays Prince Dastan, a name created for the movie as it was unknown in the video game for which the film is based. The first thing you’ll notice are his goofy facial expressions and the second is that this picture shows off nothing from the game.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal topless and dumbfounded what they’re trying to sell? I have no idea how they could take these pictures and use them as promotional images – They appear to be set photos as opposed to stills. Either way, this does not make me want to see the movie.

Here they are:

prince of persia jake gyllenhaal New Images Of Deadpool & The Prince Of Persia Look Uncool

prince of persia jake gyllenhaal2 New Images Of Deadpool & The Prince Of Persia Look Uncool

At least the background looks decent.

The movie is directed by Mike Newell and is  based on the successful remake of the 1989 side-scroller video game. The remake came out in 2003 and was dubbed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for which this movie takes its title. I have low expectations for this film and it’s not just because it’s based on a video game.

The next image we have, courtesy of, is a still of Deadpool for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It depicts Ryan Reynolds in a very extravagant costume which includes a red undershirt, cargo pants and a sidearm holster that’s held on by string.

wolverine ryan reynolds New Images Of Deadpool & The Prince Of Persia Look Uncool

Much better than the ones above. If only the Prince of Persia pictures were like this (him with swords in action) then we’d have something to look at!

There’s quite a bit of confusion and controversy occurring online about the Deadpool character and how he’ll appear and be adapted for this movie. For more details on that, click here. And for the more recent follow-up discussion about the characters in the Wolverine movie, click here. I hope they do the character justice. I’m a big supporter or Ryan Reynolds and he’s perfect for the role.

What do you think about the images, the characters portrayed and their respective movies?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters May 1, 2009 and Prince of Persia debuts May 28, 2010.

Source: The Huffington Post

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    (i Prey 2 Gelactus that we dont get another Colossuss)

  2. Prince of persia looks like its guna be good!!! bit of a gay pose on first pic tho.

  3. The second pic of Prince Of Persia reminds me of the level in “Sands Of Time” where you have this magic mirror competition and try to look as stupid as possible.

    Damn, that was hard … I had to use an “Spongebob-mask” cheat.

    There IS no such level in PoP?


  4. And give Deadpool his frickin outfit already!

  5. @ David

    lol, I was wondering what you were talking about with the Spongebob mask

  6. I’m still not sure about the actor they chose to play Deadpool. Though I really don’t have a lot of experience with the Marvel Comics, (My only knowledge of Deadpool coming from Marvel Ultimate Alliance.) but that being said, I expected, and was excited about the concept of a wise guy like assassin. But the latest images of both Deadpool, and (on another subject) the guy playing Sabertooth have turned me off the entire X-men origins: Wolverine movie. On the subject of Sabertooth I understand they needed someone who looked somewhat like Wolverine, which Tyler Mane in the first X-men did not, but something about Sabertooth being the same height and build, or less than Wolverine just makes him seem like a weaker character.

    As for the Prince of Persia photos, I’d have to agree with Rob about the movie, and disagree with David Hasselbach: the magic mirror competition was THE BEST part of the game! ;)

  7. even more gayness!!!! Not my bag but it’s great if that’s what you like. Every scrren shot we have seen som far from Wolverine looks like someting from a Gay Pride Parade

  8. As Screen Rant’s popularity rises, it’s civil comments proportionately plummet =P

    The first Prince of Persia image looks okay as a promo– the second Rob got right on; Jake looks like a moron.

    Not too happy about the Deadpool image. Ryan Reynolds looks to be taking himself too seriously in the role, and the katana in his left hand looks rubber by the way the blade is bending.

  9. Well, I’m sort of glad not much is seen in the Prince pix but um, “Jake The (Beef) Cake”. But come on…! While I think better images could be shown, I don’t have anything against the images released. Why? I’ll tell you why. They know the young dudes will check out the film; the target for now is the young dude’s girlfriends. .

    As for Ryan and Deadpool. kay. Look. I’m sick of this trash already. From every other film blog site, this is what I freaking witness: “Oh, this movie will be terrible because Deadpool isn’t wearing his mask and/or “traditional” comics getup” and while we are at it, “This film’s going to be horrible if Gambit doesn’t have the cajun accent”

    Terrible. Horrible. It’ll stink, it’ll suck, all because the filmmakers give an adaptation of a character and give the essence of said character. Deadpool’s a great character in the comics; do I want to see his costume from the comics in the film? No. Note: the Deadpool still shown isn’t worth a buzz; we seen part of the scene in one of the trailers.

    But everywhere I go, I get the same business: because “they” don’t have the characters down to the letter, that means the picture is bad news.

    Okay. Fair enough.
    The fourth X-Men film still has Wolverine minus his yellow duds. We’ve survived thus far.

    Haven’t we?

  10. @ Darren

    Costumes are one thing – many don’t translate into live-action, changing the character is another.

    How did you feel about Colossus or Pyro in the X-trilogy? They were terrible. Making them like they are in the comics, everyone would of thought they were awesome.

    What’s the point of including a ‘character’… if they aren’t going to include that character?

  11. Looking at those PoP pics, seems that Jake looks smaller than previous pic a while back, but I cannot help but think of Xena or Hercules when I see those pics.
    And Reynolds as Deadpool looks like it could have been taken from an episode of Lost! Thats like a costume we could make!!!

  12. Yeah, just like in an episode of lost. I mean, we all know how cheesy and low-quality Lost is.


  13. Jake, did I say that Lost was cheaply made? I only referenced the cheese factor for those Prince Of Persia pics.

    And look again at Deadpool’s attire! Sleeveless red shirt and cargo pants, anyone can put that ensemble together!
    Doesn’t that pic remind of you Reynolds trying to hold off an Others attack than something from Wolverine?

    Pack a lunch.

  14. For Pete’s sake guys, they’re just pics. There’s no telling what context those pics were chosen for. I’ve seen some other pics of Persia on the web that look very promising. And the Wolverine movie is called “Origins”. I’m just guessing here, but I doubt Deadpool popped out of the womb wearing the costume. Maybe he’s just not the final Deadpool in that shot, maybe he just got out of bed….you don’t know. In other words, before we start criticizing the movie, lets wait for…..oh I don’t know……..THE MOVIE!

  15. @Wickamo

    Of course you’re right, and if the movies turn out to be fantastic we’ll be happy to eat our words. On the other side of things, if these do turn out to be less than stellar I’ll be waiting for you to come back and say “you guys were right.” :-P


  16. And why does everyone keep saying “Look at Deadpools costume, it’s just a sleevless shirt and cargo pants?!?”….has it occured to anyone that those aren’t his “costume”. Maybe in that scene he’s just wearing a SLEEVLESS SHIRT AND CARGO PANTS!! I don’t hear everone saying “OMG why is Wolverines costume in this movie, jeans and a t-shirt?!?”. I mean use a little common sense here guys. Again this is Origins….none of the characters are going to be in comic book costumes in every scene of the movie!

  17. I might come back and agree that the movie was bad, but not about people being right about judging a movie on flimsy facts like what a character was wearing or what expression he had on his face in one frame of film.

  18. @Wickamo

    Theoretically you are correct, but often times images, trailers and clips CAN be an indicator of whether a movie will be awful (Dragonball, Street Fighter) or great (Iron Man, TDK).


  19. Yes they can be indicators. They can also be completely missleading and make a good movie look bad and a bad movie look good. Most of the sites I read thought the first images from X-men 3 looked great and then everyone hated it. My point is, I think viewers, especially those that claim to be fans, do a great disservice to the movies and the rest of us more positive fans by shooting a movie full of holes and dragging it through the mud with nothing to go on but a few meaningless tidbits they’ve dumped into their rather uninformed minds. For instance as we witnessed earlier in this chat, ragging on the movie because Deadpool is wearing a shirt and pants, when the movie is about the characters before they’ve become the heroes we know them as later in the storyline. I mean, DUH, of course he isn’t wearing the Deadpool costume if this is story of how he becomes that character. I guess I’m just tired of all the negativity from so called fans. I’m just glad these stories that I’m so fond of are finally coming to the big screen, even when they aren’t what I wanted them to be. Anyway now I’m the one complaining which is what bothers me in the first place so that’s the last I’m going to say on the matter. Sorry everyone.

  20. wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………………………..i jus love prince of persia…………even the game tooooooooooo

  21. PoP= FAIL

  22. I agree completely. Deadpool so called fans are going to be the death of this movie. I am a deadpool fan myself, but Wolverine is my favorite character, and this is a movie about him. So if the deadpool fans protest and complain about a movie about Wolverine, then they will kill the sales of this movie. These people should keep in mind that if this movie doesn’t do well, then it will severly weaken the chances of a solo deadpool movie. This is his debut, and they deffinitely made some strange changes with his character just for movie purposes. None of the movies have been exactly like the comic book. Why see a movie of a comic you already know unless there is going to be something slightly different about it? Characters are mostly changed with substitutions like Rogue from the first movie. It was Jubilee Wolverine was close to, not Rogue. In the other movies, Lady deathstrike never had a healing factor. She is a cyborg. Sabertooth wasn’t a mindless beast. Phoenix is not one of Jean Grey’s personalities. Deadpool wasn’t weopon XI( The ultimate mutant experiment with multiple mutants powers all in one). They even made Wolverine older than he was in the Origins comic.Approximently 86 years older. Spider-man’s web as a mutation is a movie idea that was later written into the comics. And these are the characters before the time they become heros. People actually care what Wade Wilson is wearing? And Ryan Renolds playing him is perfect. No one is more of a smart ass than Mr. Van Wilder himself. Listen, they made Wade Wilson a complete bad ass in this movie. He is chopping bullets with his swords like he is afro samurai when a lot of comics don’t have him move that fast. They compliment Wolverine’s character by saying he is such an incredible bad ass that they need a super mutant to fight him. Who better to combine the weopon XI character with than someone who is already a bad ass like Deadpool? In the weopon X experiment, he is mutated with Wolverine’s healing factor just so he can survive his cancer. So they will make a few changes from there. It’s just a movie. The side characters in every comic movie get messed around with for movie purposes. There have been many different writers for each other these character’s stories. Everyone has their own Version. Even Frank Miller. And speaking of the TV show lost. The co creator is the one that is remaking Wolverine versus the Hulk. It’s been 35 years since that comic, so I am glad someone is finally remaking it into a series. Listen everyone, this movie is called X-men Origins: Wolverine for a reason. Everyone else is just a cameo. Support for this movie will fund future solo debuts. Please stop complaining, and just go enjoy the movie for what it is. A crowd pleasure for the bulk of the movie goers. The teens

  23. I don’t know about anyone else that reads from this website, but to me, Ryan Reynolds is soooo hott..even if he doesn’t look that great in the picture above, but in the wolverine movie, he was amazing. Exept for the end, but i don’t want to give it away (if u didnt see the movie yet). I also love him from Just Friends. He is great.

  24. Jake G. should have been spiderman :( Would be nice to see deadpool have his own movie. however, he kinda close to wolverine isn’t he? would be too similar a movie.

  25. there is such a huge fuss over deadpool. Is he that badass in the movie? I’m a HUGE Xmen fan but I heard this movie sucked and that Reynolds was in it for like 5 minutes… Seems like a lot of fuss over something so small.

  26. previously i hope michael jackson as the actor,.. :D

  27. i think deadpool is one of the greatest marvel characters of all time and i think that reynolds is perfect for the part and i cant wait to see him in action.