Images of Main Characters & Bending Powers in The Last Airbender

Published 6 years ago by , Updated May 1st, 2012 at 6:30 pm,

The cast for The Last Airbender was initially announced last December but was quickly met with criticism for some alleged racist casting decisions. Later, some non-Caucasian actors were added to the film’s roster including Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel who is playing Prince Zuko.

Here are Aang and Katara:


Continue to see Jackson Rathbone as Sokka and Dev Patel as Zuko

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  1. My 7 yr old got me into this show and some of the action seens are good. Lets hope M. Night brings his SIXTH SENSE Magic.

  2. I like it so far. I’m confident Shamhammer know what he’s doing-

  3. None of these are doing it for me.
    Aang looks like he has the mumps.
    Katara and Sokka just look….white.
    Patel isn’t SO bad, I guess. His scar doesn’t seem very pronounced.
    And…his topknot is just on his helmet?

  4. Why does no one smile in this? I remember seeing adverts for the cartoon and everyone was smiling? These lot seem one step away from getting out the I-Pod and listening to My Chemical Romance

  5. this movie looks like crap! the series is awesome but shamalamadingdong should have stopped making movies a LONG time ago! this movie wreaks of camp and cheese. do we really need a repeat of Forbidden Kingdom or DragonBall Evolution? do yourselves a favor and stick to the cartoon!

  6. It does not look like crap. Get off your high horse and relax.

  7. None of the pictures really interest me so far, but that teaser trailer from a few weeks back blew me away. Looking forward to it.

  8. Is Prince Zuko a villain? I ask because he looks pretty evil in the picture. And what’s up with all this talk about a scar? Does it suppose to have some type of meaning?

    I’m with Will; the teaser looked great and I’m looking forward to this one.

  9. @EnglishGavz
    The problem with the very lite tone of the animated series is that it doesn’t mixes well in a live action multimillion dollar film. The animated series has perfect tone for to the nickelodeon aduience, but for a live action film, a darker tone would be more logical to have then a ton of humor with people being burned alive by the firebenders, the wind nomad nations and the southern water tribe benders being wiped-out not to mention a world war that has lasted for 100+ years. IMHO, the tone/mood of the film should be similar to the Harry Potter films or maybe similar to the ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ film if the movies is to be successful enough to become a franchise.

  10. @ John – his scar is more of an emotional plot device, not to spoil anything but it was from his father and the fact that his father despises Zuko so much spurs a lot of Zuko’s actions and why his character is so obsessed about regaining his honor at whatever cost. The scar is extremely pronounced in the show, disfiguring his eye and with a lot of discoloration and scar tissue on his face. It takes up like half of the left side of his face. I wish it were a little more obvious, personally, but it’s a live action movie not a cartoon. There’s only so much that can be done.

  11. @K
    Then I would agree with M. Night Shakeaholic to not have the scar as pronounced sice this is a non-animated film.

  12. Damn, I didn’t see them before Paramount cracked down.

  13. I wasn’t confident at all when M.Night said he was doing this movie in the beginning but now after seeing the trailer I have full confidence. You can tell Night is going for the darker more in depth story line which is right for the live action film. The things we’ve seen so far, like Zuko’s scar is more realistic than the cartoon – as it should be. I didn’t agree like a lot of people, with the casting but after seeing the trailer with Aang I am starting to change my mind. I thought Noah who will be playing Aang did some good acting from the moment he picked up his staff; you can see the real emotion of sadness and anger. This is what I want to see from the movie. I think the CGI looks awesome for early stages to. It’s going to be a convincing story line which has sadness and darkness to it like the Harry Potters and I can’t wait!

  14. I wasn’t that impress with the teaser but I guess it did the trick because a lot of people who didn’t have a clue of what Avatar was seemed pretty drawn in by it. I can understand the movie would need to have a darker feel to it. But I think finding the right mix just as the cartoon did will be the key to the film’s success. Taken into account the liberties that M Kinght has already taken for the transition to film seems to have taken away a small bit from the original material. I think that too dark a film will also take away from the original fan base.

  15. Day of the black sun was today do you think Shimsham took advantage of it?

  16. @Catrina
    I agree with you in that this film does need to be darker in order to work with the live action theme. I’m still a bit hairy on the casting choices, though I do think that the kid who plays Aang does look like him and can obviously do some pretty kick @ss moves.

    You’re quite right. How M. Sham decides to slice and dice the cannon of the cartoon with the movie will be what makes or breaks this film. Hopefully he finds a good medium between what was in TOS and what he’ll have to adapt for the live action.

  17. this is gonna be like the lord of the rings trilogy when it comes to the scale and epic but not a little bit dark

  18. Rom- you’re right it has potential to be on a LOTR type of scale if done right. It’s already a great flushed out story with surprisingly good character development over span of the whole adventure. But now I think about it to give it true justice I guess one would have to be able to give LOTR type time. Meaning 2-3hrs a film, and to be honest I’ll be shocked if they allowed M. Night that.

  19. You know I’m not so hung up with the whole Noah & them not being asian. As long as they don’t try to mix and match the nations. I hope that didn’t come out wrong. But what I mean by that is it would be a little off for say the next film they bring jet li in as Katara and Sokka’s father. But either way my point, I think the hardest casting is going to be Azula. Who ever gets that part must already come with some skills. “Now Looking for mid eastern, indian or arab looking female with extensive martial arts experience to play Female firebending Prodigy of the Fire Nation.” Yeah good luck with that one.

  20. My daughter and I are HUGE fans of the show, and we especially enjoyed the cultural elements and the specific martial arts choreography so….. I’m reserving my opinion for now, and wish them best of luck. I agree with whomever said Sokka and Katara just look white, but I’m noticing that all the nations seem to have been tampered with, except maybe the Air Nomads. I never noticed anything in the show that even hinted at the Fire Nation being Indian, and again the Water Tribe is definitely more Asian than these kids will ever look. But I suppose many things are subject to director’s interprtation. I just hope he remembers he’s only a couple of years out from the series finale and it was very very GOOD in the original form.

  21. I don’t understand why nationality is such an issue with this movie. My sister watches it all the time and she didn’t say anything about that when we saw the preview for it besides “it doesn’t really look like him”.

  22. i just don’t get how they could play both air and water nations as western. it’s fine if they want to go mideast for fire and fareast for earth.