Channing Tatum Talks ‘G.I. Joe’ Roles & Tons Of CGI

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gi joe duke Channing Tatum Talks G.I. Joe Roles & Tons Of CGI

We all know that Channing “Step Up” Tatum is playing the character of Duke in the upcoming toy/cartoon-to-movie adaptation G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. But what you might not know is that Duke wasn’t the character he had his eye on from the outset.

In an interview with MTV recently, Tatum revealed that he didn’t want to play Duke at first, and instead had another character/role as his first choice. Here’s what he had to say:

“I wanted to play Snake Eyes,” laughed Tatum, “I wanted so badly to play Snake Eyes.”

The role ultimately went to Darth Maul and Toad (from the first X-Men) himself Ray Park, but Tatum says: “Snake Eyes remains the coolest of the Joes simply because he never says word.” He went on to talk about how he feels about doing big blockbusters like G.I. Joe compared to smaller films, and how he thinks the success of the film depends on what they do after shooting is complete:

Tatum compared “Joe” to work on films like “Fighting” and says that, as much fun as big blockbusters are to do, there’s a greater satisfaction coming off a smaller film simply because you have a better idea of what the end result will be. He says that the success of “Joe” hangs on what happens in post.

“I haven’t seen it yet. Doing those films you have no idea. They’re over half digital.. I’d say almost 75% digital because you’re doing all this stuff, but the way they create the world is all in the computer. I knew what ‘Fighting’ was going to be a thousand times more than ‘GI Joe’. You never know. You’re looking at a green screen and you’re sitting in a chair and you’re having to imagine that you’re flying around the arctic under the polar ice caps. You have no idea what that looks like so they just shout things like, ‘There’s an explosion to your right! There’s an explosion to your left! Someone’s shooting at you and you duck down!’ It’s like the grown-up version of make-believe.”

I realize that films like G.I. Joe have a lot put into the post-production side of things, but is it just me or does 75% seem a bit high? I mean, we all want the best out of the movie using what they have technology-wise, but at the same time we don’t want it all to be computer generated imagery.

I think the real reason Tatum had his eye on Snake Eyes at first was because (and correct me if you think I’m wrong here) he’s one of the characters who gets to do some of the most kick-ass things. Tatum was probably just fantasizing but not really expecting the role to swing his way, because Snake Eyes needs an agile, almost acrobatic style actor to play him, and Tatum just doesn’t come across like that.

This film looks like a disaster waiting to be thrust upon the audience come August, but who knows, that perception may just be the result of crappy marketing, and this thing could turn out to be kick-ass.

But it’s not looking all that promising, now is it…?

Do you think Tatum would have made a good Snake Eyes? And what do you think of the film apparently being 75% digitally created?

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is to be released on August 7th this year.

Source: MTV News

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  1. im not really liking the idea of the mojority of the film is digital, but who knows, i wish they would give us a new trailer sooner or later

  2. When is a trailer for this thing gonna finally be out? I’m guessing it’ll premiere in the previews of one of these upcoming may movies, most likely Star Trek since that seems like it will earn the most money from early reports. Why do so many seem to think it’s gonna be a crappy movie? I mean, it doesn’t seem great, it seems like it’ll most likely be one of those movies that has barely passable acting, a simple but alright plot with a lot of cgi’d action to make up for it. And although you’d like every summer action movie to be like The Dark Knight, it’s simply not possible. I don’t know much of anything about this movie, but I think it will be ok and probably rake a profit.

  3. @ stephen, there was a trailer that aired during the super bowl, a quick google search should help you find it. If you’re looking for a full length trailer, Star Trek would probably be the best bet.

    Compared to Oscar films, yeah this film will probably be awful. But it’ll be the summer blockbuster, turn off your mind, enjoy the sights and sounds and have a little fun. I am a little excited for it.

  4. Not bustin’ your chops, Stephen, but profit doesn’t equal good. Sure, it may make money, but so did “Star Wars: Episode I”… The real problem is that Stephen Sommers has such a shaky success rate, given the fact that he’s only directed six films so far. “The Mummy” was loud popcorn fare, and I enjoyed it, but I gotta admit I mostly enjoyed it for the oddball charm of Brendan Fraser. BUT… he also directed “The Jungle Book” and “Van Helsing”, so…

    I’m actually less interested in “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” being the next “The Dark Knight” as I am in hoping it can compare favorably with — say — “True Lies”.

  5. Stephen:

    The teaser was mediocre? :)

    I agree that we haven’t seen enough actual footage to truly judge the full merit of the movie. Marketing hasn’t ramped up yet, given that the movie won’t be out for months yet.

    What does “G.I. Joe” have going for it? “The Mummy”-era Stephen Sommers. What does it have against it? “Van Helsing”-Stephen Sommers.

    I enjoy Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Eccleston, Jonathan Price and Arnold Vosloo. Not so sure about any Wayanseses. My reaction to the teaser was indifference. I didn’t see anything to excite me, nor did I see anything that riled me — wait, actually, I thought the rent-a-center Solid Snake sneaking suits were off-putting. Sure, the Village People look of the cartoon would have been HILARIOUS onscreen, but couldn’t there have been a better compromise than the now-ubiquitious off-the-rack “X-Men” bondage pleather? Where was I? Right, the best I could say about the teaser was that it… existed. And that’s kinda sad. I don’t think “G.I. Joe”‘s gonna suck, I think from all the updates I’ve read around that it’s just gonna be, for me, a guilty Netflix viewing — sandwiched between “Ivan’s Childhood” and “Zardoz”.

  6. Well I thought it was mediocre too, but I am not sure if we should really be judging it at all with 30 seconds of film to go off on lol, but I guess that’s just me. I haven’t seen any of this director’s movies except The Mummy and I agree that Frasier’s charm was part the reason I liked it, but this movie is still very “up in the air” for me. I usually judge stuff on the trailers some critique’s who I agree with and if it doesn’t look good I’ll listen to word of mouth from people I trust to either confirm or disprove my thoughts about it. So, I guess I’m still waiting for the trailer. ;)

  7. It’s Stephen Sommers!!! Nobody really expects this to be any good. When news first broke that he was directing this film my hopes for this movie dropped. He has not made one single movie that I think is actually good. It’s all poor CGI garbage. Sommers is the king of taking a good concept and burying it under a load of crappy special effects.

    I have absolutely no hope for this movie. Maybe that’s the only way I can end up enjoying it a little, but those damn suits the Joes wear in this movie have completely missed the mark of what GI Joe is and should be.

  8. The thing that makes me think this movie is gonna bite is the casting choices, Tatum, I like him but the dude can’t really act for crap, Marlon Wayans……….I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t this guy seriously at all, I realize Ripcord is like the funny guy but he has to kick ass sometime. I do think they struck gold with Ray Park though, his acting isn’t that great but Snake Eyes doesn’t talk so no need to worry.

  9. hearing Tatum yell Yo Joe on screen is gonna be hilarious. They must have the battlecry. Probably won’t pay for it though

    No- not download. I’ll wait until it’s on cable or netflix :-)

  10. I’m looking forward to it.
    Call me crazy if you want, but I go to the movies to be entertained. If I’m entertained I am happy and I hope to be entertained. For this same reason i am looking forward to Dragonball this weekend.

  11. If the marketing people were smart they’d give us a 30 second clip of SnakeEyes and Storm Shadow fighting in the commercial and we’d be runnign to see the movie!

  12. Looks like me and INK are the only ones on SR looking forward to this one. Sure, the suits don’t look like military but are we really expecting a real-world type situation here? I thought the teaser look good and like INK said, I want action and special effects; if I get good acting, that’s icing on the cake. I’m really looking forward to this one.

  13. Also, how many of us first gave Terminator: Salvation thumbs down because we found out McG was directing it? And how many of those same people are stoked about it after the trailers?

  14. @ Kahless

    Referring to your first comment, I have the same mindset for this movie and that’s why I am also looking forward to it. Sometimes I just want a simple action movie to waste some of the summer boredom.

  15. My brother and I use movies for fun and entertainment and a chance to get out of the house by ourselves, with our wives permission of course. :)

    But seriously during the summer we hit the theater every Thursday night and see two movies. It’s kind of been a tradition now for the past couple years.

  16. There are exactly two castings in this film that I don’t feel were an utter mistake: Ray Park as Snake Eyes(dude’s got way too much talent to be unknown anymore) and Brendan Fraser as whoever the hell he is in this movie. Character? Doesn’t matter. I’d rather have him as Duke than that kid from Step Up(beginning to feature him as a legitimate actor is one of several reasons that Hollywood is stupid, shallow, and brainless. Why not remake the Karate kid with Will Smith’s son while you’re at it? Oh wait…)

  17. Next they’ll probably make a pac-man live-action movie starring Will Smith’s left testicle because it sounds marketable: “That way we’ll have the name-recognition of the classic gaming franchise, and the box office draw of Will Smith!”

  18. I didn’t know Brendan Fraser was going to be in the movie. I checked on imdb and it says his role is uncredited so I guess it’s just a cameo.

  19. Brendan Fraser is supposed to play Gung-Ho.

  20. Channing Tatum as Snake Eyes = HELL NO. I still have issues with Snake Eyes holding/using a gun(if he does use one in film) because his character was against using guns to accomplish his tasks. I think it will be decent, definitely not the blockbuster of the summer, but decent. Im looking forwad to the film being an 80s child myself and growing up watching/having GIJoes, I just know it will be a bit campy. i wonder if Snake Eyes will have his wolf in the film?

  21. @ bigDog and anyone else that can’t take Marlon Wayans seriously for this role

    You guys really need to check out Requim For a Dream. THE GUY CAN ACT, and can pull off drama. I know that you guys can’t take him serious because he’s primarily a comedic actor, but if Robin Williams can make the crossover then so can he.

  22. The words “Ray Park” are the only words I need to get my ass in that seat…. if he were in my third grade class, I’d be the dude sitting behind him, fists to my cheeks thinking “He’s so dreamy, I hope he beats the crap out of me later”.

    Wait….. what did I just say!?!

  23. No offense but what made Channing think he could play Snake Eyes?