Channing Tatum On Board to Play X-Men’s Gambit in Solo Movie

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Channing Tatum starring as Gambit in X Men Movie Channing Tatum On Board to Play X Mens Gambit in Solo Movie

This is pretty much X-Men movie news week, starting with big reveals for X-Men: Days of Future Past (which are explained in the video down below), but also looking well beyond Fox’s pivotal (and risky) entry into the shared movie universe model, which is earning billions in box office revenue for Marvel Studios.

If you haven’t caught up, check out our full X-Men movie coverage, but even if you’re new to this geek party, this news will probably raise your eyebrow: X-Men movie producer Lauren Shuler is teasing that she has none other than Channing Tatum in the bag to play Gambit, in a solo movie presumably set within the expanded X-Men universe.

Empire has been rolling out the X-Men movie headlines all week, so it makes sense that the magazine has this explosive quote from Shuler:

“I’m dying to do a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum. That doesn’t have to be a great big movie. It’s a thief in New Orleans, it’s a whole different story. He’s on board, and I have to get the studio on board. How can anyone resist Channing? He’s such a sweetheart.”

Channing Tatum as Gambit Channing Tatum On Board to Play X Mens Gambit in Solo Movie

Tatum has previously gone on record to say he’d love to play Gambit, and since he is probably THE hot leading man of the moment, it makes sense that Shuler would listen.

For all the continued (and by now, baffling) hate that he gets, Tatum has practically acted his way all across the board – drama, romance, action, thriller, comedy, man-beef erotica – and surprised critics almost every time. So while at first it may be hard for a cynical mind to imagine Duke from G.I. Joe rockin’ a Cajun accent, it could done, I guess..

Tatum is about to crash the sci-fi/geek genre in a big way with this year’s Jupiter Ascending, the new film from The Wachowskis (Matrix Trilogy), so provided he surprises again, he could be in just the right place for a big X-Men movie debut. The question now is: When would we get this Gambit movie?

Days of Future Past hits theaters this summer, then X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in 2016; X-Force and other projects (like Deadpool) are still on deck, so if Fox follows the Marvel model and releases multiple films per year in the X universe, then it all really depends on scheduling with Tatum.

Gambit Movie Assassins Guild Channing Tatum On Board to Play X Mens Gambit in Solo Movie

It’s a good sign that Shuler is talking a smaller scale of film. Tatum has done plenty of that (see: Haywire) and really, Gambit’s story of coming up in the world of Thieves Guild vs. Assassin’s Guild rivalry is probably something you could do in the style and budget of Haywire ($23million) – with the added inflation of all those mutant powers and such (so let’s say… $50 million). Who knows? with a headlining actor, modest budget and a different (darker?) sort of tone… maybe this safer bet would provide way for Deadpool to finally get his day?

Of course, the presence of Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine would mean yet another continuity snag to clean up. Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg better pull off some time travel acrobatics in Days of Future Past in order to get this all straightened out.

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Look for X-Men: Days of Future Past when it opens in 2D and 3D theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: Empire

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  1. he’s the reason I won’t see jupiter ascending…

    • +1

    • Thank you! I could not remember the name of that movie. It is the prime reason (besides an uber-authentic Cajun accent) that I cannot see Channing Tatum as Gambit.

      • He is from Louisiana and he can actually speak the Cajun language! He demonstrated it on Ellen. He is a very talented actor that can very well pull off the part of Gambit!

  2. I don’t read comics but I enjoy learning the stories. I think they should give Gambin the 2016 release date of apocalypse so that way they can have gambit in the apocalypse as a four horsemen. Isn’t he one of those? My limited knowledge comes from marvel alliance

  3. What a TERRIBLE idea!

    If you want me to NOT see a Gambit movie, cast this guy!
    (He DOES NOT have the chops to pull off a Cajun accent!!!)

  4. This dude is a terrible actor. I didn’t even like the fact that neither Rogue or Gambit had Cajun accents in the previous movies and there’s no way this lame could pull it off. I watch even the critically panned CBMs but I won’t waste my money if they cast him. Let’s get that Deadpool movie cracking already….

    • Caldecott, Mississippi is the fictional place Rogue is from, a southern accent not Cajun, Anna did a good job with it. But yes Gambit did not sound Cajun.

    • I agree 100% because unfortunately I don’t like channing tatums acting at all either. I’m so sorry to people who enjoy him but I do not, however I love Rogue. Anna Pac did an amazing job. Channing tatum has not ever shown me a wonderful performance except in this one movie where he is like a slave to this cannibal during the end of days. >.< That was the only time I was like Wow'd by him.

  5. if memory serves the only movie I’ve seen him acting ok is “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints”.

  6. Oh dear God, no.

    Thank you, Marvel Studios, for ruining a stand-alone movie for one of my favorite comic characters. Thank you. Really. I mean that. Because I didn’t actually WANT to see a movie based off of Gambit. So thanks for saving me 12 bucks. (probably $15 by the time 2016 rolls around)

    • The question is: why are you blaming Marvel Studios for this?

    • WHY are you blaming Marvel studios?? They have nothiing to do with this movie.

      • Tell me who I should be blaming then, and I will point my rage in their direction.

        • Fox. I’m lost now they want to do a dofp sequel based in the 80s, wolverine 3rd instalment, X Force, Mystique solo Deadpool solo and a Gambit solo. Dofp sequel comes out in 2016, Then wolverine, then Xforce, why are they already casting for Gambit it probably won’t come out for 15 years at the rate fox puts them out.

        • What’s with the solo movies? Why not just do smaller teams like X Force. They go from 55 mutants in one flick to 1 in the next?????????
          Deadpool dos not need his own movie, he bounces of other mutants that’s his thing, what’s it gunna be 100 minutes of Reynolds telling him self jokes.

        • What’s with the solo movies? Why not just do smaller teams like X Force. They go from 55 mutants in one flick to 1 in the

  7. bad idea

  8. No no no no, this is not happening. In my personal opinion Tatum has been way overrated in the film Industry. I think that not to judge on his past i think that this choice is sadly made out of his starpower. He obviously has more than Kitsch, but for me it is never on the starpower the actor has, but the talents and skills the person delivers, and Tatum do not have any of those skills.
    I strongly believe that this decision is only made because a potential gambit movie will get a strong reputation by the lead actor, who sadly will become Channing Tatum.
    Personally this was the worst that could happen. I am a fan favourite of the mutant, i actually think that taylor delivered some essense and person to the character, now my worst male actor gets the chance to steal the character away and give it some hollywood-mess. It could not get anymore worse than that. I understand that fox obviously are afraid that another falliure will come out of Kitsch, but they should trust there Crew and their stories and believe that in reality the only ones who are in position to get the movie great by its stories and partly characters are the writers and directors. Kitsch has been unlucky by that due to lack of stories in his past films and Tatum has been lucky because girls and women love a past stripper. By the end of the day it is all it comes down to and nothing more.

    • Dude Taylor Kitsch wasn’t very good in John Carter, Battleship, Wolverine Origins, and Savages. You can’t keep making the excuse that it is the movies fault. That excuse only flies for so long.

      Channing Tatum was good in 21 jump street, good in his GI Joe retaliation role even though the movie sucked. I haven’t seen Side Effects or Magic Mike but he received a lot of praise for those roles.

      • Good in GI Joe???? Either you’re a chick or you’re on meth. Or both.
        CT is going to destroy this movie. Sad day.

        • Either your reading skills are lacking or YOU are meth cause I didn’t say G.I.Joe.

          I said GI Joe Retaliation. Different movie. And yes, he did significantly better in that movie.

        • lmfao I agree.

  9. Fans are crying tears of blood to have Deadpool on the big screen in his own movie. Soooooo, Gambit? Good Luck!

  10. This is just my opnion but it feels like FOX realized they are not going to have Jackman forever. They will have to fade him out sooner than later.

    Meaning they need a “new” poster boy for the franchise. That is probably why they are tapping Tatum. He’s bankable and popular now.

    Also, Gambit could easily carry his weight in the X franchise as the poster boy. there have been A LOT of cool stories in the comics involving around him. That might be why they are saving Rogue for later. She may end up being more central to X men once Gambit steps center stage.

  11. David Tennant would make an awesome Gambit

    • You would probably say that about any role. I take it you are a big fan of his. Unfortunately I don’t think he would be a very good fit for Gambit, but I do hope he makes it to the big screen soon!

  12. I still think no one could do a better Gambit then Josh Holloway (Lost)…he was perfect, shady, charming & mischievous…none of which Channing Tatum possesses.

    I will admit looks department..Channing could pull off gambit (better then taylor kitch) but theres alot to be desired…and I think in a Gambit movie he should possess parkour skills, since thats the closest I can think to Gambits physical skill set.

    • great for mentioning parkour, great insight…definitely a skillset that the character must have in the movie.

  13. Gambit is one of those characters who has to follow the basic design: white, male; red and black eyes; Cajun accent is a must; purple costume with a brown trench coat. Once you have those things, fans will be appeased. We don’t need a big star, we just need a white guy with a cajun accent that’s not bulky, but not too lean, and can act. It’s very simple.

  14. Gambit and rouge have always been my favorite as a child. I have been anticipating a gambit centered movie for a long time. However if channing is cast I will not be seeing it. I can think of very few people who would be more inappropriate.

    • Iagree with the above post Josh holloway could do a good job!

  15. I just saw a pic of the futuristic looking Sentinel from Days of Futures Past. Why not go with a type of Nimrod design?

  16. make it simple. Gambit is cajun. you can find an actual actor with an actual cajun drawl.

    and probably the easiest to stay true to character.

    first you charge the card, then you blow it up!

  17. The X-Men franchise has been bad at their casting. I’m not surprised they’re considering this spectacle-over-substance actor who couldn’t even show leadership skills as Duke in G.I. Joe.

  18. Uhhhhmmmmm…no really, please, no..

  19. Man, why is this website so obsessed with Deadpool? He had his “day” in Origins… it lasted 10 minutes and both the character and the actor who played him suck, sucked, always will suck.

  20. I think Gambit should just be played by the original cast member: Taylor Kitsch. He did an amazing job in X-men original: Wolverine.

  21. I agree with using the original actor Taylor to play the part of gambit but if they end up using Channing Tatum.. i hope they can stay away from the long doofy hair cause he doesn’t look right.. just like in 21 jump street..

  22. no.


    I MEAN LOOK AT THIS EDIT I DID: jfc he is pERFECT sdkljdsklfn and he’s charming as hell and speaks french and i just-

    why. why?????

  23. eoin macken should be gambit.

    go ahead and google him.

    i’ll wait.

  24. yes, eoin macken (sir gwaine in merlin BBC series) can pull off the gambit look. i just don’t know if he can do the cajun accent. plus he’s a little short.

    but i love macken. he’s better gambit than tatum. but it’s just me.

  25. I didn’t even know Duke was the leader until I read one of the posts here, I even own the movie.

    He’s very bad with facial expressions matching what he’s saying and Taylor would of been better. He won’t be a believable Gambit.

    Il est tout regarde rien d’autre.

    Untitled Wolverine Sequel
    2016 X-Men: Apocalypse
    2016 X-Force
    Constantine 2
    Deadpool (Get Nolan North involved if you need scripting)

  26. I honestly can’t see Tatum playing Gambit. He may have the Cajun accent but, in my opinion, he doesn’t exactly have the look. I’d at least give the movie a chance and go see it, but I probably would have cast someone else as Gambit.

  27. HELL NO!!!
    i don’t hate Channing Tatum, but he’s no Gambit!!! Even though he actually speaks Cajun, his looks is ALL wrong!!! and his acting… why, WHY is he this popular?? Any actor can beef up to have a bod like his with the right training! I really don’t see anything else going for him!

  28. I hope a movie director see’s my comment. DO NOT employ channing tatum as gambit because he’s channing tatum. You and I both know he is not the guy to play gambit.

    Number 1) his chin is way to big to be sleek gambit
    number 2) no way this guy will ever pull of cajun

    but lets say he does theres still number 3 most of all

    3) Gambit is a sleek skinny acrobat not a football player look like tatum has
    4) Gambit has to look insidious, CHANNING TATUM WILL NEVER EVER EVER PULL THAT OFF

    THE MOVIE has potential to make MILLIONS!!!!$$$!!! If you get an evil looking sob with a cajun accent voice and an attitute thats never serious and always knocking you. that my friends will sell your movie. do not think you need some famous ahole like tatum. Of course tatum would LOVE to play gambit, who the fk wouldn’t??? Gambit is too good for tatum, if you cant see this by now throw your directing career in the can

  29. Eoin macken mixed with Christian Slater is what you need. Slater has that raspy voice for Gambit