Channing Tatum On Board to Play X-Men’s Gambit in Solo Movie

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Channing Tatum starring as Gambit in X Men Movie Channing Tatum On Board to Play X Mens Gambit in Solo Movie

This is pretty much X-Men movie news week, starting with big reveals for X-Men: Days of Future Past (which are explained in the video down below), but also looking well beyond Fox’s pivotal (and risky) entry into the shared movie universe model, which is earning billions in box office revenue for Marvel Studios.

If you haven’t caught up, check out our full X-Men movie coverage, but even if you’re new to this geek party, this news will probably raise your eyebrow: X-Men movie producer Lauren Shuler is teasing that she has none other than Channing Tatum in the bag to play Gambit, in a solo movie presumably set within the expanded X-Men universe.

Empire has been rolling out the X-Men movie headlines all week, so it makes sense that the magazine has this explosive quote from Shuler:

“I’m dying to do a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum. That doesn’t have to be a great big movie. It’s a thief in New Orleans, it’s a whole different story. He’s on board, and I have to get the studio on board. How can anyone resist Channing? He’s such a sweetheart.”

Channing Tatum as Gambit Channing Tatum On Board to Play X Mens Gambit in Solo Movie

Tatum has previously gone on record to say he’d love to play Gambit, and since he is probably THE hot leading man of the moment, it makes sense that Shuler would listen.

For all the continued (and by now, baffling) hate that he gets, Tatum has practically acted his way all across the board – drama, romance, action, thriller, comedy, man-beef erotica – and surprised critics almost every time. So while at first it may be hard for a cynical mind to imagine Duke from G.I. Joe rockin’ a Cajun accent, it could done, I guess..

Tatum is about to crash the sci-fi/geek genre in a big way with this year’s Jupiter Ascending, the new film from The Wachowskis (Matrix Trilogy), so provided he surprises again, he could be in just the right place for a big X-Men movie debut. The question now is: When would we get this Gambit movie?

Days of Future Past hits theaters this summer, then X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in 2016; X-Force and other projects (like Deadpool) are still on deck, so if Fox follows the Marvel model and releases multiple films per year in the X universe, then it all really depends on scheduling with Tatum.

Gambit Movie Assassins Guild Channing Tatum On Board to Play X Mens Gambit in Solo Movie

It’s a good sign that Shuler is talking a smaller scale of film. Tatum has done plenty of that (see: Haywire) and really, Gambit’s story of coming up in the world of Thieves Guild vs. Assassin’s Guild rivalry is probably something you could do in the style and budget of Haywire ($23million) – with the added inflation of all those mutant powers and such (so let’s say… $50 million). Who knows? with a headlining actor, modest budget and a different (darker?) sort of tone… maybe this safer bet would provide way for Deadpool to finally get his day?

Of course, the presence of Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine would mean yet another continuity snag to clean up. Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg better pull off some time travel acrobatics in Days of Future Past in order to get this all straightened out.

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Look for X-Men: Days of Future Past when it opens in 2D and 3D theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: Empire

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  1. Good for them, Tatum is the second highest paid actor in Hollywood right now (behind RDJ) so he can definitely fill in some seats, I agree with what Clay said that with long hair Tatum doesn’t look that cool, but I think he’ll be fine in the role he certainly seems excited about it so sure I’m all in. :)

    • Actually, the highest paid actor in Hollywood right now is The Rock, followed by RDJ then Johnny Depp but I see your point.

  2. Why?????????????????????????

    I thought Taylor Kitsch was a great Gambit. Tatum will not do well in this role.

    He doesn’t do well in any role… Except maybe Step Up… the man can dance, no question bout that.

    • Taylor was a terrible lil b**** of a Gambit- mostly due to writing and direction, but Channing would totally kill this role! And I believe he’d dedicate himself to an appropriate accent.

    • Then you should see 21 Jump Street if you think he doesn’t do well in any role.

      • I know that’s a killer then there’s the 22 jump street movie coming up

  3. Nothing against Tatum, and I’m sure he’ll be great in it, but I quite liked Taylor Kitsch as Gambit – after John Carter flopped I say give the guy a break and give him another shot.

  4. I prefer Taylor Kitsch, he was decent in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  5. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Gambit is one of my favorite characters, why in the hell would they ruin him by casting that walking plank of wood?!?!

  6. I’m a huge Gambit fan, and I would support this. I hated his appearance in Origins, because they literally just threw him aside as Wolverine and Sabertooth fought… but I still think the character is salvageable. X-men has re-cast multiple character several times, so Tatum replacing Kitsch wouldn’t be too far fetched. In fact it makes sense, Tatum is a much more bankable star, and from interviews he’s done its clear he actually likes Gambit and would put the effort into making portrayal better.

    I personally think THIS is what X-men movies need to shift forwards. When X-force was first announced, there was a sense that all X-men movies needed to be “Team” movies. I really think the franchise would be better served if they did lower budget sole movies of X-men characters, and then possibly bringing them into the “Team” movies. Focussing on getting 1 character right would do fox well. Gambit is arguably one of the most popular X-men, and he has a pretty good history to base a movie off of. The conflict between his Thieves guild and the Assassins, his relationship with Bella Donna could factor into it, but the ultimate villain of the movie would need to be Sinister. And that could all fit together well, and could very easily tie into Apocalypse, as he and Sinister are cohorts at times.

    This is surprising to see Lauren Shuler-Donner confirm that Tatum is on board, maybe they are planning out a few years ahead.

  7. I’m surprised people want Kitsch back as Gambit because if he returns to this role, we won’t get to see him playing Nightwing in a future Batman movie.

  8. Absolutely not. I am a cajun from South Louisiana. Gambit is a favorite of mine bacause he was the most relatable superhero to me. Channing playing gambit makes me really sad. Channing Tatum is the kind of guy that would be on the receiving end of “52 pick up” where as gambit would definatly be the one playing the joke. Mais, c’est quelque chose.

  9. Josh Holloway should be Gambit. No one else.

  10. Why is it that so many people do not realize that Taylor Kitsch is a movie killer? John Tucker Must Die, Snakes On A Plane, X-Men Origins, John Carter, Battleship, Savages….and this is whom you want to place your faith in for a X-Men franchise?

    “But what about Lone Survivor”…if you think that movie is great because of TK, you’re mistaken. Sadly, sadly mistaken.

    I’m gonna assume that no one wants this to fail. I’m also gonna assume that people would be expecting this to merge with the overall universe. Sooo you’re gonna need someone with some star power to A) draw in the casual (non comic book) fan, 2) be able to carry a movie/sequel/franchise, and !!!) have a track record of movies that are not failures/panned by critics and fans.

    “But what about G.I. Joe & White House Down”… yeaaa, those movies still made money.

    I guess what it comes down to is, do you want Gambit to be apart of something larger, or just a one shot?

    • Taylor Kitsch had no accent what so ever but Tatum did say he could pull it off because he grew up in Louisiana and was constantly around Cajuns with that accent.

    • Of all those movies you listed, only in 3 was he the main char. And heres the problems with most of them.

      John Tucker Must Die: Bad writing in addition to Who The Hell Cares.

      Snakes On A Plane: Stupid disaster movie built around one line.

      X Men Origins: Writing and too many side characters that got very little screen time. Also, Barakapool.

      John Carter: Bad advertising, and no one knew who John Carter was.

      Battleship: Transformers lite garbage.

      Don’t know about Savages.

      But I don’t think its Kitsch ruining these, it’s bad movies ruining him. (I really liked John Carter btw)

      • Hey, I liked John Carter as well and just took it as it was. But Hollywood types see John Carter as toxic hell.

        • John Carter was a fantastic film. Savages is an “ok” watch.

    • but he was the best in origins, playing gambit.

    • The Kitsch of Death…..

  11. NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Like in the poll, I´d have to say again: NOOOOO!!!

  13. Actually , I support Tatum all the way. He was in an Interview a while back and he said gambit was his favorite hero ever. He said he wanted to play as him ever since CBMs started to make their box office debut! Go you!

    • I thought Taylor Kitsch was great as Gambit in a terrible movie, Wolverine: Origins. Perhaps his best work ever, and I thought the closest to an actor walking “off the pages of the comics into a role”, right there with RDJ as Stark and Christopher Reeve as Superman.

      Tatum is stiff, thick, and doesn’t appear to fit the character. I know Kitsch has had his problems in movies, but this was NOT one of them. Even the details – cards, staff, body shape – were Gambit right off the page. Too bad Fox won’t listen, and will make another dumb choice…

  14. Umm, NO! I’m sorry, but ladies falling for Tatum’s looks and paying to see his films does not constitute a good actor, but nothing, NOTHING I’ve seen from him could be considered high caliber acting aside from 21 jump street, but a monkey could have played that dimwitted character. If someone could tell me what role put Tatum on the side of “A” list quality actor please share and I will eat my words, but until a role of his can generate some form of emotion in me besides nausea (not an emotion and I’m not counting laughter from 21 jump st.) I will never take him seriously as an actor especially a leading role in a genre that is constantly evolving itself and becoming more and more creditable as real cinematic art, I say keep him to character acting and ensemble flicks (I guess chick flicks too, so the ladies can drool) until he pulls a Jonah Hill and makes a legitimate leap into “A” list status by actually proving his acting chops not just being a pretty face.

  15. I prefer Taylor Kitsch again.

  16. Also where in this entire article does it say that “Channing Tatum On Board to Play X-Men’s Gambit in Solo Movie”? Can you point out HIS quote saying “I’d love to play that character in a movie”..

    No where in your article does Channing Tatum state that he wants to play Gambit, only producer Lauren Shuler states she “wants” him to play the role.

    Your title is misleading, and should be changed to:

    “Producer Lauren Shuler Wants Channing Tatum to Play Gambit in a Solo Movie”.

    • @Nicholas

      Are you kidding dude?

      Producer said in her quote “he’s on board” and if you actually click the yellow text about Tatum loving to play the character it’s a link that’ll take you right to the article where he said that he would.

      Nor seeing your complaint here….

  17. If Channing were gambit-proportioned, that would be one thing, but he’s not even close. This is as ridiculous as trying to cast Gambit with Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hardy.

    Hell, I’d watch Hardy hulk around as Gambit before I’d go see Tatum.

  18. I agree with most of you, Taylor did alright as Gambit, I say no more snags/roadblocks, keep the continuity, I think it’s bad enough to replace Hulk and War machine’s character. Come on Hollywood/Marvel, all of you are rich, quit trying to go with whose in or has the most popularity, be smart and observe the Matrix and Lord of the rings Franchise…no replacements/changing characters like soap opras……..bla, bla, bla, blaaaaaaaaaaaaa…lol…

    1 question..Why do Fantasic 4 over???????

  19. Taylor Kitsch wasn’t the problem in any of his movies, but there is a stigma about having him headline a major movie, almost all of his movies have failed.

    Tatum is much more of a bankable star, even his bad movies make money. If you actually want to see a Gambit movie (and I really do) then someone else should be cast, Tatum may not be perfect, but if this gets a serious discussion about a Gambit movie rolling then I’ll be happy

  20. I don’t mind any other actor playing Gambit. As long as :
    A) that actor wears a brown wig
    B) they don’t change the ethnicity of the actor playing Gambit (I.e Michael B.Jordan as HumanTorch)
    C) the actor nails the Cajun accent ( Taylor Kitsch didn’t )
    D) a cameo from another character from the X universe

  21. it doesnt matter who plays him as long as the director and writer do right by the character…..taylor didnt act or look like gambit or even THROW cards …he just opened his hand and cards flew out like an automatic card dispensor …not his fault the director or writer did that

  22. Why not use the original actor who played Gambit? Tatum could work tho, throw in Rogue too and Iceman and we got a Twilight on our hand….heh heh heh

  23. I would love to see gambit taking center stage, he’s much deserving of some screen time. And it would totally be badass if they incorporate Anna Paquin’s Rogue as his love interest, and finally give her the chance to absorb Ms Marvel’s powers and gain full control over her abilities later…

    That would be SUPER!

  24. This could work if the producers are committed to coming up with an excellent story and determined to do a good quality film. The story has to be right and they have spend some time on producing it and creating a quality product. I liked him in the 1st G.I. Joe movie (I haven’t seen the 2nd one) and I think he’d do a great job.

    Hopefully the producers will not turn out anything as bad as X-Men The Last Stand, or X-Men Origins Wolverine.

  25. No loss they both (Channing Tatum/Taylor Kitsch) look about the same anyway. :/

  26. If he can get the accent down them I’m for it.

  27. Casting aside, is this going to be another situation where they are going to have to wipe out the characters first appearance and start over? And since I fell out of reading comics a long time ago is there enough story behind Gambit to have the character carry a movie ? I know there was the whole thief and assassin clan thing, but is that going to be enough to sell to casual fans, and is Fox going to get trigger happy like they always do and add totally unrelated characters that might be better known by fans.

  28. WTF!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Oh God, please no! He’s the worst actor I have ever seen. Whoever said it above was right, he’s a plank of wood.