Completely CGI Thing Confirmed for Fantastic Four Reboot

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the thing suits Completely CGI Thing Confirmed for Fantastic Four Reboot

Both Fantastic Four movies had a multitude of issues – direction, story, most of the special FX, lighting, blah, blah, blah – but the one thing (pun intended) I enjoyed the most was Michael Chiklis’ performance as The Thing. It was too bad that he was covered in orange foam and makeup for most of both movies because he is, in my opinion, a fantastic actor.

Personal issues with the films aside, the biggest problem came in the form of the suit Chiklis wore to play The Thing. The suit in and of itself was actually a very good special FX job and it made for a great practical effect. That problem is that it stood out when compared to the other three CG-heavy super powers on screen.

Since there was no practical way to show a man stretching, a man on fire flying and a woman turning invisible those FX had to be done with CG. I can appreciate 20th Century Fox’s desire to make a practical effect but in this case I whole heartedly believe it was the wrong decision to make.

It would seem that the suits in charge of 20th Century Fox have heard the fans’ complaints because I have it from a source inside the Fox SFX department working on the Fantastic Four Reboot (officially titled Fantastic Four Reborn) that The Thing will officially be 100% CG.

This is excellent news because with all the advancements in CG technology, a properly done CG Thing will look absolutely fantastic! One of the major complaints about the 2nd Thing suit was the size ( I say 2nd because Roger Corman made the 1st suit in the 90s); Thing is supposed to be a big, hulking, rock monster type creature who is able to lift hundreds, if not thousands, of tons and dwarf everyone on his team in size. This just can’t be pulled off in a practical suit.

abomination hulk Completely CGI Thing Confirmed for Fantastic Four Reboot

A¬†few great examples of what a properly done, oversized person/beast/superhero done in CG look like would be Mr. Hyde from Van Helsing, Hulk from Ang Lee’s 2003 movie as well as the newer Hulk and Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. Now before you start bashing me that most of those films sucked, with the exception of The Incredible Hulk, they all represent what a properly done 100% CG large character can look like.

Another thing my source noted was that work on Fantastic Four Reborn has been put on the back burner until X-Men: First Class is in the can and shooting for that film doesn’t begin until September 21st, 2010. So it could be awhile before we see any images or graphics related to the Fantastic Four Reborn film.

On a personal side note – my proudest moment of Comic Con this year came when Michael Chiklis asked for me to take his picture with one of our Minimalist Superhero Posters that we were handing out at the Con.

What are your thoughts on a completely CG Thing clobberin’ up the screen?

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  1. can’t wait for the reboot btw…hope they do it like the original books.

  2. Just get a serious story and keep it consistent so it sounds realistic. And yes the Thing must be BIG

  3. Characteristics

    6′ 0″

    500 lbs (227 kg)


    No Hair


    Unusual Features
    The Thing’s body is covered with an orange, flexible, rock-like hide. The Thing has no apparent neck. He has only four fingers (including the thumb) on each hand and four toes on each foot. The increase in the volume of his fingers has not decreased his manual dexterity. His skin is apparently susceptible to “drying” or what in a normal human being would be called loss of skin oil, for his skin can be “chipped” under certain circumstances. The Thing has no outer ear structure.

    Adventurer; former construction worker, security guard, astronaut, test pilot, college football player, student, wrestler

    College graduate (State University), U.S. military pilot training, NASA astronaut training

    Not staying true to the comics is why we have crap these non affiliates (Fox, Sony, etc) are putting out.

    That and people that have no clue about the source material.

  4. Even the Kirby Hulk was small. But today we need a Thing that can give the Hulk a battle & Chikilis would have gotten his ass kicked.

  5. It blows my mind how everyone wanted a 10ft tall Hulk & now they want a 6ft Thing. Both the Hulk & Thing should never have been bigger them 8ft. The studios need to know if you make them too small or too big it just doesn’t work.

    • you just dont know hulk then the 1st movie had it right the first time the madder the hulk got the bigger and stronger he got but the first movie was dumb the 2nd was ok i didnt like the villin in the 1st movie and i didnt like the hulk in the 2nd movie i really dont like how they do any of the marvel or DC movies they should follow the comic story lines and keep it the same im a real big fan of dragonball and the movie they made for that was soooooooo stupid they were way off the story line people with money shouldnt make movies they just throw stuff together

      • wow dude lol. I’m sorry the period button on your keyboard stopped working :P

      • Incorrect. Transformed the Hulk is 7ft tall and weighs 1000lbs.

        After the initial transformation he just gets stronger as his anger increases with no known upper limit.

  6. While it would not be true to Kirby’s work, I could live with a Thing in the 7 foot tall range. Again, Wink in HB2 was that tall or taller – all accomplished with a practical suit – and he looked fine.

    The Thing could easily and successfully be done the same way.

    The major changes I would make in the make-up would be to move the nose up on the face, like in the comic. All the Who’s, the Grinch, and the Cat in the Hat had prosthetics that did that just fine. I would also give him a bigger brow, again easy to do with prosthetics. The only digital work I would do would be to cut the mouth corners wider than humanly possible – giving him that big “frog mouth” that he has in the books.

  7. I would also change the Hulk to look more like Kirby’s – both in size and design.

  8. are they going to rename him Jar jar Thing

  9. @greenknight that’s a hard one to answer. I honestly believe Batman is the greatest comic hero ever written sadly I find most of DC can’t compete with him. So while my all time top character is DC most of my faves are Marvel. That is of course if we are only talking heroes. In general I find over all marvel has more well written heroes while Dc has the better bad guys and the better stories. Not sure if that’s really an answer but it’s the best I can do.

  10. Mixed feelings on the whole idea. At best, the most solid the Hulk looked was during the rain scene (hanging out in the cave with Liv). And then he looked rubbery. Both movies made him too d@mn big. Chiklis’ Thing was the right size and the prosthetics looked decent up until he moved his arms. Then you would see the foam compress and it looked silly.

    If you go prosthetic, in either case, you get a guy like Del Toro in there who knows what he’s doing to direct the creative process. If you go CGI, it has to be WETA.

    And no sense in comparing Thing and Hulk on screen in terms of size – you’ll never see them together as long as Fox holds rights on FF.

  11. Still cannot understand the need for an FF: Reboot

  12. Do the Ultimate Thing, about 7 and a half feet and like 1500 pounds. I think cgi is the only way to go. Hulk was perfectly sized last time out, about 8 feet tall, the Thing would be just a bit smaller than that if they opt for the Ultimate version

    Some people are always going to hate cgi but I don’t think you can do some of these characters justice without it. Someone is always saying it looks plastic, rubbery or something else. But it’s still the best option

  13. The Hulk films CGI looks terrible. They look like rejects from a PS2 cut scene.

    If WETA is going to do the CGI, they have a shot of getting a character with soul. Gollum is the only CGI character that I complete cared about because of the expressions in the face and “life” in the eyes.

  14. According director LL the Hulk was 9ft in TIH. Which was too big IMO.

  15. Even though both FF Films have caught a lot of flack I always thought that Julian McMahon was great as Victor Von Doom

    • I thought he was the WORST casting decision for the whole movie, IMO. However, in general, I didn’t hate the FF films. They worked for what they were, eye candy in spandex w/SFX. I don’t think they were meant to be the same vein as TDK, X-Men (1&2) or the first 2 Superman films. The FF movies were meant to be summertime popcorn flicks that appealed to a wider audience. I think they did that.

  16. Wow Blue I don’t think anything you have ever said has shocked so much. I honestly though doom was horrible the absolute worst part of the entire film. Julian was the main reason I couldn’t even watch Nip Tuck he was such a bad actor. He really belongs in a day time soap and even then he’d be the worst on set.

    • “Imagine a CGI version of the muppets, it would look lifeless and fake…”

      In other words, like Yoda in the prequels; after all, he was voiced by Frank Oz, who manipulated/voiced the puppet version in TESB/ROTJ.

      In fact, I read somewhere that during the filming of a Luke/Yoda scene in Yoda’s hut, a comment was made about feelings…at which point, Yoda disappeared and Miss Piggy showed up, commenting, “I’LL show ya FEELINGS, fella!” and Hamill & Piggy broke into an a capella rendition of the Morris Albert song “Feelings”.

  17. I liked the FF movies because I knew not to expect too much. Chiklis, Evans and Gruffund were my absolute favorites in the movies. All three of those guys really became their characters. I did not like McMahon too much and really feel like I probably could have taken him (not scary at all). I think the practical suit would be fantastic (!!!) if a few adjustments were made.

    I did not like the CG Hulks at all, especially when he looked 50 feet tall. I would say that they were okay at best but I did sort of like Abom. Santa is right that Gollum was the best CG character to date. I love FF and I can see why they are doing a reboot but I’m not looking forward to the CG Thing. I am keeping an open mind about everything except this: there is no way they will ever find anyone who looks better in spandex than Chris Evans. Hahaha!

  18. Here’s an idea: NO FANTASTIC FOUR REBOOT!

  19. A CGI Thing is better, the Fantastic Four movies weren’t great, but their cast was. I still can’t figure out why the last two movies didn’t work.

  20. If no ones saw the Thor clip, Watch it here through the link. Notice at the end Agents of Sheild R confronting the Armor Odin made that was almost indistructable. Note the height and size of it, Right on par for a BIG show down with the Avengers. The size is comparable to that of the Hulk. Visualy this will be perfect as the two monsters bang it out for the PHYSICAL aspect of the battle.

  21. I am all for a CGI Thing. The real trick will be making a fantastic four people will want to see.

  22. Yes, CGI would be the way to go with Thing. Just as it would be the way to go with Superman. CGI can give us a more realistic Superman than any human actor could possibly portray.

    • ahemmmmm….2 words ( go watch it on big screen-ala theater screen not tv-real theater ) Christopher Reeve-S1 oh, btw….” SHAZAM ! “

  23. The main reason i think the FF movies failed to hit it off in a major way was down to ‘The Incredibles’ jumping in first & stealing all the ideas from the worlds best Superhero family! So when FF’s 1st movie came out, even with the light-comedy-theme,it was still in the Shadow of The Incredibles.
    I hated the take on Dr Doom – wrong actor!!! The Human torch was played brilliantly by Chris Evens as was The Thing…the main super duo of these films.
    Other than that , I loved these two FF movies , glad to hear that another new one’s being planned

  24. The reason FF didn’t work is Tim Story. There are plenty of ideas out there for FF. The Incedibles stole a portion of the FFs storyline from the CB but there was plenty of other things they could have done. vMaybe Marvel needs to look at the Incedibles & sat gee our CB storylines do work & not give us this Hollywood re-imaging crap we get all the time by these directors that are alway changing things They don’t like.

  25. I would not blame Tim Story too much, he was just doing what he was told by Fox. At least we got a Doom with a mask in the first movie – courtesy of Tim Story – the Fox guys wanted a metal skin on his face, like we were seeing on his arms, etc.
    A shame delToro passed on this one when offered to him before Story…

  26. Mr Hyde was LXG wasn’t it, it was frankensteins monster in Van Helsing

    • Hyde wasn’t CGI, he was done with prosthetics and forced perpective (like what was done in LotR).

  27. I think if they do a CGI thing they should try to use a technique similar to the Gollum technique from the LOTR movies…so that they could use both a real actor and CGI wedded together as they were able to use Andy Serkis together with CGI for Gollum. The Thing, unlike the Hulk, has to really act…he doesn’t just say ‘Hulk smash!’ and ‘Puny human!’. The Thing has to talk, argue, interact, emote in all kinds of ways that Hulk as Hulk never has to. I think they should get Chiklis to be the actor that they would use they way they did Serkis with Gollum, since his acting was great and he loves and fits the role.

    • @waw: I could not agree with you more.

  28. People fixate too much on height when we’re talking about size. Even if you look at Kirby’s relatively short thing, he has a width that can’t be matched with a suit. He needs longer than human arms and huge hands and feet and he needs to be able to move athletically.

    Because he isn’t 8 feet tall, that will work very well with CGI. Get a Doug jones or Andy Serkis (sp?) type mo-cap actor (but someone bigger and bulkier than either of those) and have the actor go through the motions on set (a different actor can do the voice and human Ben Grimm).

    I think something like that could be a big imprvovement and more faithful than the suit.