CBS Plans ‘Criminal Minds’ Spinoff

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criminal minds logo CBS Plans Criminal Minds Spinoff

Are you a fan of Criminal Minds but don’t get your fill of stories from the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit)? You’re in luck, as CBS is looking to take the show in way of CSI, JAG and recently, NCIS with a spinoff planned for next fall.

If you’re one of the 15 million viewers that tune into Criminal Minds each week, one shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that they’re trying to cash in on the shows success by replicating their already popular formula.

As with JAG and NCIS, the new show will not feature any current stars from the current show, but focus on a completely new team of agents that, in like fashion, we will be introduced to in a special crossover episode of Criminal Minds, slated to air next year. Current Minds writers/producers, Ed Bernero and Chris Mundy are expected to head the new show.

This news comes a week after their new spin off, NCIS: LA, premiered to 18.7 million viewers, making it the highest-rated new drama this season.

As a fan of Criminal Minds, I don’t know how to feel about this. I’m worried that the over-saturation could hurt the franchise overall. Sure, the CSI spinoffs are successful, but having caught just a portion of the new NCIS:LA, I can already tell that it’s not going to be something I consistently watch. The things I loved about the original NCIS (characters, relationships, character development) cannot simply be replicated by any actors.

But, what do I know… I was a fan of Crystal Pepsi.

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s Criminal Minds episode:

When a disturbed man kills several people at a pharmacy, the BAU must figure out what triggered his actions before he hurts anyone else.

Would you been interested in a Criminal Minds spin-off? Who would you like to see lead the new team? How many more franchises do you think we’ll see? Possibly a Numb3rs spin off: LettErs?

Catch Criminal Minds Wednesdays at 9PM on CBS

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I really like Criminal Minds so I would be interested in a spinoff. The stories are great that they do so it will be interesting to see how they do with a new crew.

  2. At this stage, I’d say it depends on the premise of the spin-off. I agree that NCIS:LA has more of a buddy-cop show feel to it and less of an NCIS-theme …. so far. If the runners are respectful of Criminal Minds I think it will be worthwhile. Also, as CSI is now in its 10th season, how much longer will it continue to churn out fresh episodes or extend its franchise?

    Since Criminal Minds is filmed by ABC television, does this mean that the spin-off will be shopped around or will it stay on CBS? Also, how much of an overlap is possible? I suppose there are too many possibilities right now to rule anything out.

  3. the question is another team of agents doing WHAT?
    the premise will have a lot to with my decision to watch or not.
    I watched NCIS :L.A.Last night.
    At the end they gave a clip for nextweek that was just a bunch of action shots that said nothing about the story for the next episode.
    Not even 3 episodes in and they are already taking their audience for granted !

  4. Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI, L&O… Shows I stay far away from. The networks should cancel a lot of the spin off shows, not start another one.

  5. No offense to any fans of the show, but I can’t believe people continue to support these cop dramas. There’s so much more out there then the “who killed this guy of the week” shows…

    Tv in general has never been so creative and so bland and stale at the same time. Why I don’t watch broadcast tv at all,,,

  6. I was thinking that Bill Pullman would make an interesting choice in team leader. He has a wide range as an actor but he’s mysterious about ever revealing too much of himself. Surround him with three or four promising supporting actors and it could be fun to see what he’d do with a theme like Criminal Minds.

  7. How about Michael Ironside, very gruff but would make an interesting leader, like when he was the commander in SEAQUEST, loved the part when he threw one of the crew out of his chair?

  8. i think that the 100th episode of criminal minds was one of the best i have seen. I am a true fan of the show. like the others i did cry when hotch and is ex wife were saying there goodbyes.

    i also heard that they were planning a spinoff of criminal minds. i really hope they done sometime when they do that it gets watered down. i lose tend to lose interest in that. i use to watch CSI. Until all the spinoffs and i lost interest. most of the shows plots were repeating. so i stop watching. that is my opinion but if they can make a spin off and keep the regular show just as interesting then more power to them.

  9. Having not seen the ‘Elephant’s Memory’ episode until after I posted the previous comment, it seems Michael Ironside would be an excellent choice, as he played the character, Bob, I think was his name, in an episode.

    If you remember he is the character that gives Reid his coin, when they are attending a support group meeting, and he is apparently someone high up in the BAU, or some other force as Reid new him.

    Hope so!!!

  10. Just checked the character’s name was John, not Bob, my mistake.

  11. I love Criminal Minds, but the thing I love about it is the characters and their relationships with one another. I don’t think that a spin-off would be very sucessful because it would seem like they were using the same characters with different actors if they tried to recreate everything.

  12. Just read the proposed characters for the spinoff, and I still think that Michael Ironside would make an excellent leader, could be as they only mention a last name, no first name.

    Can’t wait!!!

  13. I agree. I'm not a fan of all of these spin-off shows. As soon as the original NCIS ends, I leave the room so my family can watch NCIS LA and then I come back for The Good Wife. I hardly watch any of the CSI shows anymore. I seriously don't see how they can replicate all of the things I like about Criminal Minds.

  14. YES I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!! WOO WOO… also looking fwd to CM coming back!!!!!

  15. YES I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!! WOO WOO… also looking fwd to CM coming back!!!!!

  16. Criminal minds is the best show on TV hands down. I think Liam Neeson would have been a great choice. After watching the piolot, Forest Whitaker done a good job !

  17. I watched the most recent episode that led me to search for a possible spin-off. I liked the team they were working with. Their unusual backgrounds should make for a good story line. I am anxious to see what CBS plans to do with this.

  18. i just watched the cross over episode for the spin off characters and i don't think the new team works at all. there is so much extra drama in the new characters that aren't present in the original such as one guy being from brittian and another having spent time in prision. There nothing like criminal minds. they should just start a new show and let it be its own thing.

  19. WHAT?!?! another spin-off from CBS? Come on use your head its a STUPID idea!

  20. I AM a huge.huge fan of criminal minds!!! I HAVE ran my mouth so MUCH about it, and if the folks I spoke with wasn’t fans before, they are now. I even pull out my seasons dvds If they haven’t seen the show. I make sure there a fan by the tIme I’m done with em. And I think a spin off would be great! After all who better to lead then Forest WHITAKER . Huge Fan in IN, Janice

  21. Another thing as im a huge fan of criminal minds and you could ask me anything about it and i would give you the correct answer they usually get a spin-off of a show on death row or right before they are discontinued.=( Watch more of the original not the rip-off!

    • I agree!

  22. I LOVE Criminal Minds. It’s my obsession. I watch the reruns on A&E whenever they’re on. But, I’m unsure about the spin-off. I’ll probably check it out, but I can’t imagine a cast replicating what Hotch & Spencer Reid & Garcia & all the others have brought. The chemistry is awesome between them. They are why I watch.

  23. i totally agree. i love Reid hes my favorite character!CBS should focus on the good things they have like their characters. or at least have the characters from criminal minds IN the spin-off. oh and totally off topic who things they should bring Amber Heard (Lila Archer from ‘somebodys watching’ season 1) back for a second episode of criminal minds?

    • I would LOVE if they brought Lila back! Dr. Reid needs a little love in his life! ;)

      When I first heard about the spin-off, I did think it was going to be following one of the characters from the original cast, then I realized they are just doing what they’ve done w/ CSI and all the other cops shows.

  24. Spin-offs are never as good as the original shows. Thats because you get used to the original cast and then end up with actors not nearly as good and CBS wonders “whats wrong with this show? Why arent people watching this?” They should focus on making criminal minds better not working on a 2nd one.

  25. I wonder if the spin-off will at least guest star the original BAU cast.

  26. I won’t watch the stupid spin-off because it cost the ORIGINAL criminal minds to cut aj and paget. I think it’s also ridiculous to replace them. i bet they’ll make her beautiful and seem “interesting” to get the viewers to forgive their dumb decision but i will not. just my dedication to the awesomeness the girls brought to the show…

  27. i only heard they were cutting JJ and that wasnt due to the spin-off (now know as minds 2.0) but anyway im practically about to go in to the set of minds 2.0 and protest for it to be cancelled! (i HHHHHAAAAATTTTEEEEE the idea)

  28. I am hoping it won’t last long because I did not care for the cast at all.

  29. i wish that they had and would put A.J. Cook back as J.J. and please don’t get rid of Paget, she is a whole hell of a lot better than Elle was. Why mess up what doesn’t need to be fix. Keep the ladies and let us all be happy.