CBS: ‘The Defenders’, ‘Mad Love’ & ‘$#*! My Dad Says’ Cancelled

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the defenders jim belushi jerry oconnell CBS: The Defenders, Mad Love & $#*! My Dad Says Cancelled

Amidst the flurry of announcements from all the major networks, CBS has finally let its cancellation plans be known. Comedies $#*! My Dad Says and Mad Love as well as courtroom drama The Defenders will not be returning in the fall.

So far in the 2011 pilot season, CBS has both added and subtracted the least amount of shows among the big four networks. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – CBS regularly leads the ratings race, and therefore has less reason to make the kind of sweeping changes that both Fox and NBC announced last week.

The Defenders is, or was, a courtroom comedy/drama starring comedy veteran Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell. The two are a pair of defense attorneys never lacking for clients in Sin City. The Defenders delivered a one-two punch of laughs and suspense that, apparently, viewers still managed to dodge. The last episode delivered just north of 8 million viewers (low by CBS’ standards), down 30% from the series premiere.

Mad Love featured  former Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke. Judy Greer (Archer‘s Cheryl), as well as Jason Biggs – and Tyler Labine rounded out a foursome of 30ish New York City chums looking for love in the Big Apple. Last week’s episode delivered 5.1 million viewers, a series low. The finale will air tonight at 8:30.

s my dad says 2010 fall television preview CBS: The Defenders, Mad Love & $#*! My Dad Says Cancelled

Easily the most puzzling of CBS’ cancelled shows is $#*! My Dad Says. While the William Shatner vehicle was no prize with the critics (and Screen Rant was no exception), it regularly scored high ratings to the tune of ten million viewers or more. Then again, the finale scored a mere 2.6 million in the 18-49 demo, oddly sliding away from the Twitter target audience.

To fill at least one empty spot in the lineup, CBS has ordered a new thriller from J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan and a Whitney Cummings comedy. Person of Interest will star James Caviezel, while Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings. Expect at least a few more shows to be picked up in the next week or so.


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  1. I’m very disappointed that The Defenders is canceled. I loved the show and looked forward to watching it every week.

  2. Unbelievable that they canceled The Defenders. Such great chemistry between the actors. I loved it!!!! This really sucks. I also liked Mad Love. I am sick to death of all reality shows and finally there was this nice lighthearted comedy. Please bring back The Defenders !!!!!!!

    • Very disappointed that The Defenders is canceled. It was original and I enjoyed it.

      • We are really disappointed about the Defenders and Mad Love being cancelled… great funny shows that we really looked forward to watching every week. :(

  3. im so pissed they cancelled mad love, my whole family loved that show, now they will only have four good shows to watch on certain dates… how i met, mike and molly, big bang and MAYBE. two and half… otherwise all crap… thanks CBS you screwed up AGAIN…

    • Why were these good shows cancelled? Don’t tell me more reality crap is coming on. Stop canceling shows with real actors already.

    • I am also pissed off. That show was doing well, I am a fan of William Shatner and the Star Trek legacy, as well as his move to comedy. So how come they can’t renew it?

  4. I agree that CBS has the best line up, but I am disappointed. These were all good shows, and I was looking forward to new episodes.

  5. Nooooo, as if they cancelled the show, I sooo wanted to know what happened next. This sucks! :’(

  6. Oh NOOOOOO!!!! I loved Mad Love!! At last Judy Greer had a decent character to show what a genious she really is. I just love Sarah Chalke too!! I am soooooo gonna miss Mad Love!!! :’(

  7. I am really disappointed in the cancelling of $#*! My Dad Says by CBS. My wife and I both thought it was hilarious and I feel it by far did well enough to earn a second season. With the networks going to so much “reality” crap, no wonder no one watches their stations anymore.

  8. I CANNOT believe they cancelled “bleep’my dad says”. That probably was one of my most favorite shows, next to “criminal minds”. C’mon CBS get with it. Don’t be so lame!

    • I agree great show and left with a cliffhanger never to be seen-Also liked The Defenders

      • I am very disappointed in CBS. My family loved the Defenders, Mad Love, and Bleep My Dad Said. I hate starting watching shows only to have the shows canceled. As the new season has started, I looked forward to these shows but find now they are not coming back. I will be very hesitant to watch shows put out on CBS this season.


  10. I can’t believe they canceled mad love. That show was so funny and I watched it every week. What are you thinking CBS. Stop taking away shows that people acually watch!!! You should cancel some of the “reality tv” shows!!

  11. Why would you cancel mad love!!!!! First show since arrested development that I’ve fallen in love with! Every monday night a show that’s actually funny and has good acting! Please bring it back!!!!!!

  12. I hate this! Defenders and @#K$ My Dad Says were two of my favorite shows last year! What is wrong with these damned networks? Ignorant crap reality poison stays on the air for years, but real comedy, real dramas, shows for people who THINK, get cancelled! Well, here’s what I think! Everyone at CBS cancelling my shows is a complete an utter frickin’ moron! People want QUALITY TELEVISION, not brainless garbage reality crap!

  13. Mad Love was a brilliant and hilarious show!! Who’s ignorant idea was it to end this one? It was fresh, and witty, and AWESOME. I am extremely, lividly disappointed.

  14. I am really upset Mad Love was cancelled this was a great comedy…Maybe you should focus on these shows and not so many reality shows. This was a great family show that actually put a smile on your face and it wasn’t full of “real life” drama.

  15. I just learned that Mad Love had been cancelled and was stunned. I do feel that the number of reality shows are beginning to choke out some well-written and cleverly-casted sitcoms. This comment comes from someone who is a huge fan of Big Brother and Amazing Race. I am very disppointed with this decision.

  16. I agree with everyone on the bleep my dad says.It is a great show.

  17. I cannot believe Mad Love was canceled. This was a great show with very funny actors. Please stop canceling these great shows and putting instead reality shows. Sometimes it is such a nice relief to sit down and watch a funny show and everyone keeps canceling the best funny ones with great actors. Huge disappointment :(

  18. they should have cancelled two and 1/2 men, since they let the funniest person on that show go, and are bringing in the dumbest. These they have cancelled were really good.

  19. Mad love was a crap show. Glad they cancelled that. But $*! my dad says was funny.

  20. Please bring back Mad Love!!!!!

  21. 2 1/2 men was a favorite. But enduring it over the years as Charlie Sheen’s character became so deplorable has made me uninterested in continuing to watch the show at all. Kutcher was a brilliant choice to possibly salvage the show. Jon Cryer’s comedic prowess has been underutilized with disgusting bathroom/bedroom antics. I can’t imagine what he has had to endure or why with his talent he has stayed on. Kutcher’s likeability certainly has the potential of pulling the level of the show up. I certainly hope Cryer’s character can go back to a higher level of humor. Then,the revamped show could easily be a better show than most of the years we’ve endured with Charlie Sheen as the “star” of the show. Personally, if I evengive this show a chance, it will be one cautious chance and I unfortunately do not have high expectations.

  22. well this sucks 3 shows i really liked, which were the defenders, mad love and %%$my dad says. then they keep 2 1/2 men which i hate and can’t understand why they keep, who ever is in charge of programming is retarded

  23. I cant believe you canceled bleep my dad says william shatner rocked. im so tired of networks canceling real good shows and replacing them with reality shows i hope thats not the case her cause if it is you would lose me as a viewer just like abc did when canceling there two soaps.

  24. Really liked Mad love! Well written and funny. CBS should give rights to another network and get out of TV Programming (You are just not good at it)!!!

  25. What is wrong with CBS. The Defenders was a GREAT SHOW. Swallow your pride CBS and bring the show BACK!!!!!!!

  26. What is wrong with CBS. The Defenders was a GREAT SHOW. I am sick and tired of all the Reality Crap!!!!! CBS swallow your pride and bring back THE DEFENDERS.

  27. super disappointed the defenders was cancelled loved that show and jim!!! one of my favs by far and now very missed. Mad love was a good one too just watched it all on pvr and was excited to c what was going to happen next guess i will never know :(

  28. I am so disappointed with cbs. Not everyone likes reality television and want to be entertained with good quality shows like the defenders and @#$% my dad says shame on you cbs for going all reality cause its cheap be proud of the other great entertainment you provide

  29. Cmon CBS The Defenders was a great show. You stuck it on Fridays at 8pm, guess what, ratings are going to be off from the pilot because no one is home then! People go out Fridays and Saturdays. You have a great show in Blue Bloods on Fridays, bring back The Defenders and give people a reason to lock into CBS for three straight hours on Fridays. Thanks